Prancing For the Crowd (a story)

Prancing For the Crowd

Georgie was a card. He loved to show off and everywhere he went, he danced. He’d hop to the left and jig to the right. He loved it when he caught people watching. And bowed if they clapped. He practiced day and night, in front of a mirror. Prancing down the street. Over and over, he did the same steps. Looking for any sign of improvement.

Till he caught someone in the crowd doing the same step; Then any hope of him getting better at the step was gone. He stopped doing that step.

You might ask why, and that would be a fair question. Georgie wanted to be an ORIGINAL, ya know?

Whether his follower was good or bad at the step, whether Georgie liked them or not, that step was done and Georgie never did it again.

Sometimes people forgot that Georgie was the FIRST. And Georgie was ok with that. The follower could have the glory. He no longer wanted to be associated with the step.

Maybe Georgie was irrational, but he was scared their reputations would be aligned. Then what would happen if the follower was a beast as a human? Then Georgie would forever be associated with a beast and he couldn’t have that.

So it was gone, and Georgie danced with one less step. And maybe one less fan?

Georgie also wasn’t a joiner. There were cool dance clubs in his area. He’d go in once or twice to see who was there and what kind of dances they did. Then he was done with the place. He carefully made note of anything he did that might be thought of in their light. And changed his routine. He didn’t want to be committed to their style, so he was cruel in his elimination of their style.

And now and then, Georgie would have someone approach him for lessons. Georgie refused. He said he didn’t want to teach someone his own bad habits. He’d feel like he was responsible for them if he took them on.

Georgie was a radical. And finally it caught up with him. When he got accused of being a plagiarist, no one knew or cared enough about him to defend him. But Georgie didn’t care. Since he wasn’t invested in anyone, he just danced on down the road. And waited for the next opportunity to prance on his own, whether they watched him or not.

And now he had an experience to add to his thought. That you just cannot do the same as anyone else. Even if it seemed like they were the one following.

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