dancing out of lockstep

Dancing Out of Lockstep

ballet and tap battle – politics

tap and street/rock -tradition

I’m a huge fan of dance, dance contests and dance movies.
There might be a love story attached (star crossed, most likely) , or a misfit kid who wants to do something different. But sometimes, they go beyond that to actually make a statement. Which is why I love White Nights and Tap.
Even in that statement, you still see the same type of characters show up.
The artist who cannot be bound by tradition and has to find a way to break away. Usually by finding a compatible groove and mixing the two styles. These days, it’s often hiphop or rock. But it used to be jazz and classical.
The misfit who does their own thing and only appreciates the traditions when they are sooo good, you can’t not love them if you love dance.
The clown or jester who does silly little things that drive the traditionalists mad in their mockery of their old guard.
The gossip who back bites and tells stories about the new kids to be sure they don’t get into the group.
And the dissonant or trouble maker. Someone who makes waves, just because it’s fun for them. It challenges their mind.
Thing is, I see these people in many social circles and they make me laugh, because they cause such mayhem and they’re never corrected for or planned for. It’s only the strongest groups who withstand their chaotic behaviour. Only the strongest groups and traditions even want to. Mostly the group implodes. They have no choice! These characters are better than dynamite! Seriously!!
Imagine how many dance movies I’ve watched to see these characters wreak havoc or devastation. And then relate it to group dynamic, social entanglements or actor-network theory. (Sorry, my sociology dean would be proud though! I wonder if I’d get away with doing a dissertation on it ? Probably not :P). Those who love quantum theories as they relate to human dynamic theories will get a good nerd-gasm too.
But yeah, if you find yourself in a large group, look around and see if between the old guard and the newbs, you find these characters? You probably will! Or at least the patterns, if not the characters. Just before the group implodes. It might give you enough time to put a hazmat suit on, cuzz shit will be flying soon!


The primates are throwing shit again!!