doll stories

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Story Elements

it’s as innocent or as naughty as you make it. It could be a woman playing with her dolls. Being child-like. Or it could include the following:

  • dollification
  • bimboification
  • gimping
  • bdsm
  • sadomasochism
  • cosplay
  • sissification
  • forced regression
  • forced bi
  • consensual-non consent
  • hypnosis
  • magicks
  • body modification

dolls’ choice

When we first met, the dolls were asked some questions about what they wanted from me besides being a doll. How extreme did they want the experience to be? They were given a series of options and asked to put a card in a sealed envelope and sign their name and date it. I told them that at some point, they would be giving their control away and we would have a CNC relationship.  The card would then tell me to what degree they were willing to go. I expected them to be a little nervous about their choice. But who knows, maybe they’re the type who go all in to things?

The day came and I asked them if they wanted to change the card…

Having gotten to know them (or thought I did?), I was pretty sure everyone would survive the relationship. There would be no [corpse]  to deal with. Considering how health/fitness focused the dolls were, I was also pretty sure none were [cannibals] either.

There had been no jealousy among the dolls (what a blessing!!), but I think that might have changed if they were treated as [cuckolds] by me. I had nothing but intuition to go on, but that’s what I thought.

We were mostly non-sexual too… So I was pretty sure their choice would involve chastity, but the devices I had picked involved pain elements. Either they picked the

[chastity device with a TENS attachment]  or the [urethral sound chastity device] if they wanted pain.

I knew dungeon doll would be ok with that, but wasn’t sure about the others.

There was one last option… how permanently feminine did the dolls want to be?

They could use the [condom catheter] and tuck and tape any dangly bits.  Or they could be [castrated] and work on getting the inside plumbing done. But that would change the type of [catheter] to a foley.

So today was the day I brought the cards out…

Based on their personalities, what we had done together on our journey, and our relationships, I was pretty sure I knew who would make what choice…

When I brought the cards out, the dolls all gasped. After all, no matter what, it was their last choice if they wanted to remain in my house.  To be with me and their sisters. Which choice had they made? And what would it mean to our house?

–  the end of the doll series  – hope you liked it?

dungeon doll

**sex kitten

The men at the dungeon loved to see Dungeon Doll coming on stripper-theme night at the local dungeon. She was the life of the party. They loved getting lap dances from her. All they needed to do was play her fave songs and she was cued in to what they wanted. A bump and grind on their laps to the tune of:

  • Cliff Richard – Living Doll

  • or Hole – Doll Parts
I’d place her on their laps and turn the key on her back and she was their sex kitten. I was pretty sure some of the men got off by the end of the song. And it seemed like Dungeon Doll was enjoying herself as well. Her eyes were shiny and her cheeks were flushed.
Some of the men liked brushing or tugging on her tail and that made her squirm till I kissed her forehead to calm her down.
Some of the men liked tugging her long tresses or running their fingers thru it.
Occasionally, a man would get out of hand with her, but I always had a DM on standby when she was giving lap dances. The guy was usually new and didn’t realize what the ground rules were. Too bad for them, because they got a shorter night for their troubles. Or he had had a few and wasn’t thinking with his big head. He’d get a coffee and a warning before he was sent home in a taxi.
It was really exciting to watch her make her rounds and by the end, I was pretty excited too. I liked thinking of her as my surrogate. With some of the men that seemed to be true as well. They looked at me the whole time, like they wanted to do me on the dungeon floor. Right then and there.
But all they could do was let my doll dance on their lap…
It was at moments like that that I felt powerful. And oh so hot.
It never failed that when we got home, I had to go straight to bed. Ahem.

**in the traces

She was so excited when I told her what the theme of the night would be at the dungeon on the weekend. She had been looking for something harder in our activities, so she couldn’t wait. She started to practice her gait between the rods of the carriage that would carry me. Then she carried heavier and heavier things on the seat till she was sure it would be safe to carry me. But first came the dolls. Just to be sure she had her gait right.
Finally we practiced our entrance to the club.

She did me proud and I made sure she knew it with my smile. The crowd clapped as she pulled the cart in with me riding in a jockey’s outfit. Tapping her shoulders with the cat just so she felt it and got into the right mood for the show. She beamed.
All night, she got acolades from the dungeon members and she just soaked them up. All night, I got compliments on my doll and I beamed too.
It was a perfect night for us. A great opening for a new form of play for us. I knew she could handle it now.

So it began.

Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden

**meets my sadista self

I love little pains, little tortures. Unless they have a particular phobia, most people can get thru the early stages fine. So they are great for dolls. They might flinch or start on the first one. So long as I don’t over take their pain threshold, they can stay pretty still too. Especially if they focus on their telos.
But the pain builds as you get higher in the number of little pains you give. Yet you have changed nothing. It is as little a pain as the first one going in or on. So what is it? Fatigue? It’s not fear anymore. That should be gone by the first few. They know how it feels, they know what will happen.
I like the artistry too of the small pains I choose.  They look pretty when they are placed right. There is a symmetry to the patterns you can make and they are so personal in the graphic choices the sadist makes as they place them. And I like symmetry. I like unique. Even the same sadist, no matter how hard they try, cannot exactly repeat their own work. Not sure they’d want to either. Then they’d be dealing with caloused skin. What’s the point of that?
Dungeon dolly is a great maso, and I really enjoy our time together. She is developing quite the tolerance though, so we might have to come up with another little pain type. I also let a few friends try her, so she got different patterns and that did slow down her tolerance curve. Sometimes you just have to change things up. No matter how good a sadist you are.

**wrapped in leather

At the very beginning of my journey, a boyfriend showed me how to get out of every knot he put me in. He wanted me to feel safe and give me confidence.
When I went to bind others, I chose leather cuffs and bindings to keep those in my charge safe(r). For someone new, they are a better bet. In my opinion. And if you care for leather, it can last till you have grandkids. So that was the choice I made.
Plus, I was all about restraining the dolls. Making them gimps. By degree. I was never going to be a rigger. No one was going to fly at the end of my rope. And they looked kind of cute, especially with a matching cape. We could walk down a street and no one thought anything of their attire. Unless they were really in the know. And we could tell who they were by the grins on their lips.
At the dungeon or home, a bit of tightening and we could do advanced breath play. If we were careful there wouldn’t even be bruises.
Neither dungeon doll or I was into flogging and should she ever be in trouble, a quick rip of the velcro and she was out. Done by me if she was in crisis or her if someone was threatening her or she felt unsafe. She was bound only because she wanted to be in the cuffs.
And dungeon doll had her own unique service to me. To care for the cuffs. She seemed to find a lot of peace in that task.
**and I volunteer at the dungeon
Like any gathering, there was a lack of volunteers for big events at the dungeon. So I volunteered to be a dungeon master for some evenings. I took classes and followed a senior member for a few weeks. They gave me more authority each time, so they were pretty sure I could handle it when I soloed.
Dungeon doll volunteered to be a server in the juice bar. She and I went shopping to get her outfit together and she looked so cute. So adorable, no one paid attention to me. It was her shining moment and I was proud of her. She didn’t drop any trays and kept her cool. No matter how rude or fresh the members got with her. Perfect comportment at all times. It was like watching a girl go thru finishing school. She was the star graduate. So when we were on our way home, I picked up a cake and her sisters and I cheered for her success. She was very proud of herself too.

Dainty Doll

**high tea

Dainty doll had been such a good dollie, I had promised her a reward. She wanted to wear a pretty pink outfit and go for high tea at the fancy hotel downtown. I thought it was a great idea! We did ask vampy and dungeon dolls but they weren’t interested. So this would be a bonding thing for dainty doll, her teddie and I.
We were escorted into the tea room and seated in a very courtly way by the waiter. Dainty doll blushed as he put a napkin on her lap and winked at her. He kindly put one on her teddy’s lap as well. Dainty doll really liked that.
We ordered tea sandwiches, scones and cream and tea of course. Cucumber, fish salad, egg salad and a pesto one as well. I had a blueberry scone, teddy had a strawberry jam one, and dainty doll had a chocolate chip one. We were very happy nibbling thru our repast. We felt very high tonne. I could see that dainty doll desperately wanted to giggle but she was being a good dollie and I was proud of her.
The hotel had a nail salon, so we went there next to get a manicure. I chose a copper colour and dainty doll wanted pink to go with her dress. She wanted an apron over the dress so there would be no spills. She was pampered and fussed over and her eyes just sparkled with all the attention she got. Teddy didn’t want his claws painted. So he just watched quietly.
She behaved so well that as we left I bought dainty doll a pink rose and told her how to press it in her diary as a reminder of today. She was really pleased that she had met my expectations for the day and her behaviour. She was also a bit sleepy as we headed for home. She looked so cute as she tried to stifle her yawns.
She was happy to lay down for a nap with teddy when we got home. But first she took off the dress so it wouldn’t be creased or get sweaty as she napped. What a good girl she was! I could see she was proud of herself too. I kissed her forehead and she dropped off to sleep, cuddling her stuffie. So I tiptoed out.

**bed time story

Once upon a time ago, there were three little dollies who lived with their owner in a small castle at the edge of an old growth forest. They played and ate until they became fat little dollies. So their owner told them a story about a big bad werewolf who liked eating fat dollies. The dollies giggled, but they did cut down a bit on their cupcakes and icecream. I mean fun is fun and all. But chocolate was their nemesis.
One day, they were playing near the edge of the forest and heard something snuffling. They looked at each other. These dollies had never had any reason to be scared, so they went to find out what the noise was.
First dungeon dolly was pounced on. She squealed for her sisters. But it was too late. She was bitten and turned into a were-dolly before their eyes! Her teeth grew and her well manicured finger and toe nails grew into claws. Her chin became scruffy and so did her eyebrows. Hideous!
Then vampy dolly was pounced on, before she could get away. She was bitten and turned into a were-dolly too.
Dainty dolly turned to run before that happened to her! She didn’t like the thought of having a scruffy face at all! Or having her nails that she spent so much time and energy buffing and polishing becoming claws. NONO! Not this dolly!
Dainty dolly could hear three padded sets of paws chasing after her so she ran into a cave. Hoping they couldn’t sense her there. But she heard them coming closer and closer… Till she could smell their fetid breath and sour sweat. HOW had her sisters gotten so stinky so quickly??
When she saw the werewolf’s eyes before her, she screamed for her owner … until she woke herself up. And her owner and sisters came running to see what the problem was. So she told them all about the nightmare. Especially the scruffy faces and claws. The dollies all shuddered at the thought, but giggled a bit too. I mean it was just a dream, scary or not.
Her owner kissed her forehead and laughed at the thought of her dollies with scruffy faces.
Everyone went back to their own beds and dainty doll settled down for a bit more sleep now that she was calm. Just as she was falling into somnolence, she heard a howl in the forest…
Dainty doll’s eyes snapped wide open. Did the werewolf exist afterall??

Metallica – Enter Sandman

**science fair

Dainty doll had a chance to take part in a science fair, so she was really excited and spent some time looking for an idea she could succeed at. She really loves robots, so she thought about something that would be relevant to them and came up with the topic of artificial intelligence. What could she do that would be realistic and yet pretty simple to do and people would understand?
Her question was: can a computer think?
Computers have no emotion and they can’t extrapolate beyond what either they know already or they can be shown by a human as they go. But they’d be waiting for the next step. They couldn’t even compare two similar skills to come up with a way to handle things.
So Dainty doll wanted to think of something that would show this. She thought of the game 52 pick up. It’s only works once on most humans.
You ask someone if they want to play 52 pick up and they say yes. So you flay out a deck of cards on the floor and tell them, then pick these up. Most people would just groan and walk away. They’d get the gag.
A computer would literally pick the cards up. If you consistently did that gag, they would comprehend that YOU do this when you say this. But that may not mean EVERYONE does it. It could be idiosyncratic to you. They would need a larger human sample to know if every human is likely to play this gag or even knows it. Whereas a human having seen the gag once, might assume that everyone does it. And say no they already know the game and don’t want to play it if asked again.
Dainty doll won a blue ribbon and was thrilled. She wanted to sleep with her ribbon that night. Her sister dolls and I were thrilled for her and she got a cupcake for her reward. She went to bed a very proud doll.


Dainty Doll was so excited about the prom.  She had been helping with some of the decorations and picking the music, so it wasn’t a total surprise to her.  But she was still really looking forward to it. Her current crush had asked her, so she was walking on air.

He asked her what her fave flower is, so he could please her.  She was thrilled. Such a thoughtful young man!

When they got to the prom, she looked at the huge picture of the Vegas strip and wanted to dance in the fountain there one day.  She doubted they allowed that though.

She and her date spent the evening talking to friends and dancing to the songs they both liked.  And they had a few nibbles along the way too.  All of the songs were by artists who had played Vegas.

Save the Last Dance for Me   –  Tom Jones
For Your Eyes Only  –  Sheena Easton

Angie  –  Rolling Stones

Dream Baby  –  Wayne Newton

Almost at the end of the night, the committee chair got up on the stage to announce the king and queen of the prom.  Dainty Doll was all set to clap for whoever it was. It had been a lovely night and she wanted to have a kiss on the way home.

But just as she picked up her shawl, she heard her name announced. They were saying she and her date were the king and queen!!  She squealed and they headed up to the stage.  They were crowned to the song Immortality.
Celine Dion   and the Bee Gees

Dainty Doll knew she would never forget this night!
Her date did kiss her on the way home, and she was so pleased, she couldn’t stop blushing.  It was a night of perfect romance.


Vampy Doll

**biker chick

Vampy doll and I went to a biker themed party at a good friend and fellow doll owner’s place. They had beer and whiskey with some BBQ and wet tee shirt contests for the women. There were pool and dart tournaments and a good rock metal cover band for dancing.
There were couples making out in booths around the main room and tonight was orgies’ night. You could hear screams in the back rooms, even over the music.
I think they were stuck in the 80’s? That would explain why the lead singer had long blond tresses. Vampy doll looked a bit jealous when she saw him. I wasn’t sure she would ever forgive me for her present long black hair. But in my defense, it looked so cute with her outfit!
I entered vampy doll in the wet tee shirt contest. She is curvilicious afterall! I stayed to cheer her on. She got a ribbon for participation and a chance to return in a later contest.
Poor vampy doll was a bit sad. I hugged her and told her she was gorgeous. She bucked up, cuzz she believed I meant that.
We found a corner where another doll and owner joined us and spent some time with me petting her and playing with her hair. That usually calmed her and this night was no exception.
Finally the second contest began and vampy doll really hammed it up this time. She was so cute, and the audience saw what I saw when I first looked in her eyes.
And she won! I was grinning from ear to ear and vampy doll’s eyes were sparkling. She got a small medal and I got a gift certificate for a leatherworks shop. That was going to be so much fun to shop at. I wrote vampy doll’s name on the certificate, so I spent it on her. She did love leather afterall.
That was the climax of the night, so we went to an ice cream shop and had a treat, then headed home. Vampy doll wanted to tell the other dolls all about the night. And I wanted to take my boots off and put my feet up.
It was a fun night!

**steam punk

The circus was meant to be an homage to the victorian era, so we wore our steampunk outfits and prepared to have some fun.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a clown. One with great big red lips and just as red eyes. And a white face that covered whether the actor was actually white very well. This clown was a tumbler and did some hoop tricks as well. And he had some little poodles to help his shenanigans.

We went to the freak tent and saw the bearded lady, a couple sets of twins, the world’s smallest woman and people who were distorted in face or body. Anywhere else they would be pitied, but they put on quite an amusing show and few people would find laughing impossible.

We went to the science tent and saw the era’s idea of what was interesting and innovative. Now we’d see them more as mechanical than the wizardry of today. Steam was the theme of the day. And for some odd reason, so were mirrors. We were confused, till we looked into them and saw how we were distorted.

There was a war tent, where men scrappled with each other and they had a weapons cache. Can’t say it was my thing, but many found them interesting. I preferred the men wrestling to the weapons.

They had a tent where they had different people from different lands, dressed in their cultural dress. The spoils of war and poverty made the circus money. But they were still people, weren’t they?

There was a spirit tent. With tools of divination to look at and if you had money, you could get a reading or participate in a seance. We just watched.

In the big tent, they had a high wire act and some tumblers and dancers. In between, they had magicians do slight of hand tricks and some minor escapes. The high wire was the star of the night.

Our day was spoiled a bit, because vampy doll had her pocket picked. It’s a good thing it was her. They just got a few dollars for their trouble. She looked like she was about to cry, but I kissed her forehead and she calmed down immediately.

We filled up on treats like roasted nuts and popcorn. Neither of us were much into sweets, but we had a toffee apple for the chaser.

We were ready to go home and had seen all we wanted to. So we left the circus and made our way home.

It was a lovely day and we were glad we went.

** goth

We went to a party that was a celebration of Edgar Allan Poe. So we had a clam bake and ate a bean casserole with corn muffins and ended it with a chocolate chip cookie and ice cream, We ate quietly while a piano and harp entertained us with songs about the seashore and jaunty tales about pirates and fishermen. Then a fledgling actor read The Tell-Tale Heart.
We held a seance and talked to the witches that were executed by the pilgrims. There was a pervasive feeling of sadness and anger. It was really poignant for us.
It took some time to shake that off. We found ourselves discussing the seance throughout the night. Little clusters kept forming in the middle of the party. You could see the cloud over their heads. And no it wasn’t just our black clothes.
Finally, we heard a reading about Poe’s love for Lenore and it sent a different mood thru the group. That put us in more of a play mood.
It was time for more modern music and a dance for those who didn’t go into the side rooms to get their kink on. Appropos to the evening, the dance began with
Bauhaus and Joy Division. But I was thrilled when Cliff Richard’s Devil Woman came on. It made the night for me.

**sex kitten

Vampy doll wanted a chance to go out with a bang, while she still had human in her. So she asked to do a performance at the next party. I agreed, so she practiced for weeks and performed a few times for the dolls and I. She did a strip tease, but burlesque style. Flashes of body here and there.

i’m too sexy

Then she posed and pranced like a model at a high end charity fashion show. Her looks reminded me of a spoof movie on fashion and it was all I could do not to laugh. But she was taking it so seriously, I couldn’t hurt her feelings.

you sexy thing
When the night came, she was nervous. So she and I did some deep breathing together and I reminded her to focus on her telos.
She was so cute and the audience fell for her and made her blush with all the praise they gave her. I was so pleased it went well for her. And so were her sisters. I gave her a box of chocolates in celebration.

Working on the dolls

**in masks

The next step with my dolls was to get them used to not being able to express themselves.  Facial cues are so integral in how we relate as human beings. But they were not human.  They were dolls.  Totally reliant on me to see to their needs and safety in social situations. With a little practice at home, they were more anonymous in their character. Except for their outfit and mask, they were what they wore now.
We started out with  fancy dress masks when all the people would be wearing them as well. So the doll didn’t feel so obvious. They loved the party atmosphere and being unknown in a crowd was fun as well. Then all that changed was where the party was and the type of crowd. Would they be teased or seduced? Or would they be expected to be proper and chaste?
Then we went to a fun or halloween costume party. Again, they weren’t the only one masked. So they were happy to wear it. And happy to be relaxed in them.
Lastly, we got out the dungeon mask. Their senses were reduced at my will and not everyone was masked when we went out in them. So they were a bit more nervous. But now they were pretty used to the mask concept.
At first it was just the mask to orient them, but then I blindfolded them so they were more reliant on me still. It was a really good trust exercise and not a day one activity, but it was so worth it. I was proud of my dolls and kept telling them that.


Note | 1 Loves It | 7 days ago

The dolls and I were having important visitors today. One of the visitors was going to entertain us. The dolls were so excited. But since they weren’t sure what to expect, they were a bit scared too. They trusted me and wanted to please me though. So when they entered the room, it was kind of like the ants song.
Ants go marching is a popular song loved by all kids. Here are the lyrics : The ants go marching One by one Hurrah.. hurrah.. the ants go marching one by one…

They came into the room to get out of the rain. And to stay near me.
Our special visitor was a huge fan of the Amazing Kreskin .and wanted to show us what it was like to be in the show.
Kreskin performs trick with a plastic duck, ball and cards and discusses hypnotism and the use of magnets- The power of suggestion’. The audience participate…

At first he had the dolls sit in chairs and one by one, he sat in front of them, like Mesmer would have. He sat across from them, gave them a drink, and held their arms and soothed them till they calmed. It was like he was feeding them his energy too.
Then he had them stare at their telos

like Braid would have and explained patiently why he was doing things this way. His voice was soothing as he told them he wanted their minds to be his for a while. and not just have them think they should be good dolls for me.
They weren’t too sure about that. How could a doll do anything that their owner would be unhappy about?
But eventually, they realized he had no malicious intent, so they lent their mind to him. Or so they thought.
And we all watched as they raised their arms or legs to his command, then did something I’d only seen on tv before or at Oktoberfest dances…

To the dolls, they were sitting waiting for my next instruction or for the show to be over. They didn’t seem to be aware that they were the show.
He had one command word he and I had discussed before for the dolls, then he “woke” them from their trance.
The dolls looked at me for instruction, then blushed as it all flooded in. I smiled and gave each of them a kiss on the forehead and they were instantly soothed. Just as the visitor and I had arranged.
The show was over, so we had some tea and shortbread cookies and then the guests went home.
It was a lovely day for us. I could swear I heard old music in my head though…