Santa’s Troubles 2 – As things morphed and grew (a story)

Santa’s Troubles 2 – As things morphed and grew

There were the three groups of elves, the orphanages and work houses where the children lived, and authority was the govt, bank, church and the union in the first story……

And Santa’s enterprise seemed more like a charity in many ways. His workers did volunteer, but they also received adequate housing, food, clothing and had no debt. Neither did Santa. Whatever their level of training, the elves also seemed to have an equal interest in the enterprise. Which lets out most business structures, except maybe a cooperative?

So far, Santa has focused on trade, solely. But what if he decided to add an element? What could he do? And does he have the needed reputation to draw and sustain any other side enterprise and keep the current one running at capacity?

It seems he may have come up with an idea. Santa is good at ideas, but he often needs help and/or money to bring them to light.

This time, Santa thought of arranging tours thru the growing village. He sat the elves down and asked if this was ok and if it was, how could they do it?

The misfit elves offered to make extra toys and man the booths where the visitors could play games and buy momentos and gifts to celebrate their days. They signed up a work roster and went off to start planning a surprise for Santa. Santa thought that might be a yes.

The grunt elves in uniforms thought they could build a visitors center where the people could come and relax between tours and maybe have some cookies and milk. They did a quick sketch to show Santa what they were thinking. And when he smiled, they ran off to collect materials and some goats, sheep and llamas for milks. And a few nuts for those who couldn’t drink from an animal, or didn’t want to. Santa took that as a yes.

The guild elves in tam hats and ties sat and pondered about things like reputation, incentives, price indexes, who their target audience was and what that person might look like, and what their themes and insignia were, their brands. And gave Santa a few sheets to read. Santa was duly impressed and also thought that was a yes.

A few of the guild elves put together a few ads they could post and wrote a catchy jingle that they thought people might like and hum. And did everything they could to make it into an earworm.

Officially each elf group said yes when they saw all the others were ready to work on the new project and Santa took the ads into town.

He went to the govt, the bank, the union and the church for money again. This time they at least knew his name. But they still laughed when he asked for money.

And they came to inspect his progress in a few weeks. They saw the center, the new toys, sampled the cookies and milk and rested by the fire. They watched the misfit elves’ little show for the visitors, the surprise for Santa and clapped. But they still said Santa had nothing to offer them of value. He was still counting heads. And there just weren’t enough heads.

A year down the road, people had come and gone, there were high traffic days and low ones, storm days and holidays, Days that cost more than they took in to keep open and others that practically made a year’s worth in one day. And sometimes Santa just said the elves needed a break and they all went to the beach. One guild elf kept a note.

The govt, the bank, the union and the church came back and told Santa that he had to pay insurance for all those visitors, and had to protect the elves from threats, like pandemics, terrorists and accidents.

Santa said he had no money, cuzz most people paid in groceries or traded their toy for a day at the village and Santa let them. So he asked if he could borrow the cost. Each gave him a dollar and took it back again. And they left.

So nothing much had changed between morning and evening that day. Which Santa was thrilled to see. He also learned a very important lesson…. Don’t invite authority to your business or village if you want to keep a few dollars in your pocket and your self esteem.

After all, Santa, the elves and the visitors all thought they had a good thing going. But to authority, it was nothing much at all. Santa sighed.

Anti-Vaxxers & SARS CoV2/Covid 19 – Why are they refusing to take the vaccines?

Anti-Vaxxers & SARS CoV2/Covid 19 – Why are they refusing to take the vaccines?

It may seem really simple to you…. There is a pandemic on and public health is telling us to get a vaccine. So we should, right? (Or is that you being privileged, thinking it’s that easy?)


what if all your life you’ve been taught that authority isn’t something you can trust, esp not the govt? Your family has bought guns, stockpiled food and other provisions, keep money in non-traceable savings, like gold or jewels, home school the kids, stuff like that. Would you think this person would run out and get a vaccine?


What if the person has no insurance, are currently unemployed, have no vehicle to get to the doctor or clinic that is giving the vaccines, or pay for their kid’s sitter who is too young to get the vaccine? Stuff like that. How can you make this available to them?


What if their boss is a slave-driver who works you dawn to dusk and tells you they can’t let you take time off and if you try, they’ll fire you. You’ve seen them do it before over asking for a MDss appt. So you believe it. How can you cover them so they don’t lose their much needed job?

then they hear…..

Some story of people who get sick worse than if they’d just had the virus.

Or that the govt has put something in the vaccine to track them or control them.

Or that the vaccine has aborted fetal cells (and they’re Catholic or another religion that is anti-abortion) or a live virus in it.

Or that herd immunity is the best way to go for young healthy people. Vaccinate the elderly and sick so they don’t die. And the rest buckle down and ride it out. What they don’t hear is that young people are taking months to get better.


How will you change their concern to actually getting that vaccine?

Because that is who you have to convince.

What is your tactic to get them the vaccine?

Those are the people on social media who are discussing their concerns. It’s not just Trumpsters, though they sure are resisting as well. Even though the REPs are getting vaccinated online to show it’s safe, after all their hoax claims, some of their followers are still concerned.

Some people suggest…..

making travel, work or school linked to whether they have the vaccine or not. Do you think that would work? Some of these people have shown us what asking them to wear a mask in a store is like. And the protests are still going on for that.

the hospitals and congregate care/living centers.

It always comes back to how the frail and the people who care for them will cope. And with strains that are worse than wave one, they require more care, which means that more staff and centers are getting used. And they get full quicker. People get neglected more. So people die, and not necessarily of the virus. So how do we keep these safe(r)?

What is the answer?

Ask the person what their concern is, and see if you can address it.

Santa’s Troubles – The Source of His ‘Wonderful’ Economics (a story)

Santa’s Troubles – The Source of His ‘Wonderful’ Economics

It had taken a lot of years for Santa to be … well Santa.

His parents named him and raised him. And called his name in glee and in sadness, in terror and pride. So he grew up thinking that Santa meant many things. But ultimately he became his own Santa. Complete with a good and bad Santa on his shoulders that guided his actions.

Because of the way his parents raised him, he thought authority was a good thing. Some kind of good and gentle force, that meant the best for him. That would help him if he was ever in need.

So when it was time for him to be his own man, this is who went forth.

Santa first went to the govt. And said, ‘I am Santa! I want a dollar from you and a place to do my work.’ The govt laughed and said ‘And who is Santa!’ Santa walked away in sadness.

Santa next went to the bank. And said, ‘I am Santa! I want a dollar from you and a place to do my work.’ The bank laughed and said ‘And who is Santa!’ Santa walked away in sadness.

Santa then went to the church. And said, ‘I am Santa! I want a dollar from you and a place to do my work.’ The church laughed and said ‘And who is Santa!’ Santa walked away in sadness.

Lastly Santa went to the union. And said, ‘I am Santa! I want a dollar from you and a place to do my work.’ The union laughed and said ‘And who is Santa!’ Santa walked away in sadness.

Saddened by all this rejection, Santa went into the woods and sat by the river. Throwing stones into the river, he kept muttering, ‘but I am Santa!’ to himself.

At first it was a whisper outside his own head, then the voice got louder, and there was no confusion or doubt any longer. So Santa looked around for this person or people who kept saying, ‘Yes, you are Santa!’ And he found a group of misfit elves. Then another group of uniformed elves. And a last group of elves that wore ties and tam hats.

Santa asked why they were dressed as they were. The misfits said they’d never been taught anything in school or in church and no one cared about them.
The uniformed elves said they had always done grunt work and no one cared for them. They had just been taught to follow orders.
The elves in tie and hat said they had been to the best of guilds and were brothers and sisters in practice and community. Only they cared about each other.

Santa asked them what they were doing in the woods. All of the elves said they had needs that were really very simple. Food, shelter, clothes and a purpose so they wanted to get out of bed everyday.

Santa said, ‘I have no money and no place, but I do have purpose! Maybe together we can come up with the rest.’

The woods were unclaimed, so the elves went to work clearing the land and building some huts and a work shed. They gathered the fruits and nuts and any loose twigs. They dug out any stumps that were not yet rotten. And Santa asked them to make toys and candy after they had eaten their fill and covered their bodies with leaves and spider webs.

The elves were happy to do this, since it meant they had a purpose. And they were free to come and go as they felt.
Soon the work shed was full and they started building storage sheds.

Santa found orphanages and poor houses where there were children in desperate need and left toys and candy behind for the children to share. When he told the elves about the children, they stopped working and went hunting for fruit and nuts to put in the children’s stockings so they’d have something to eat as well.
Soon the children and the elves were thriving.

Everything was going well, and Santa was starting to hear his name bandied about in the towns near the orphanages and work houses. He said, ‘Yes I am Santa! Now people besides my parents know my name.’

The govt, the bank, the union and the church came to their little camp and looked around. Asking for their share of the thriving industry. Santa said, ” I have no money. Not even the dollar I first asked you for. I’d have to borrow from you to pay you.’ Seeing that he had property, they each gave him a dollar.

The bank asked him what the toys were worth, and Santa said, ‘That pile over there take one elf with no training five minutes to make. This pile take two trained elves a day to make. It may be an elf doing these things, but I think their time is worth something.’

The bank laughed and said, ‘No we’re talking about the materials. What are they worth?’ Santa said, ‘We found them in the woods, so they were free.’ In that case the bank said they were worth nothing. Not even the smiles on the faces of the children. Not even Santa’s name. ‘Who was Santa?’

The poor elves and Santa were heart-broken over this assessment.

The govt assessed the land and the buildings and told Santa they were worth something and told him there were taxes owing, since it was in their state. And took back the dollar they had given.

The union counted the elves’ heads and told Santa that he needed to protect them. They outlined their needs for safety and respite, for insurance and pride, And took back the dollar they had given Santa. They gave the elves a dime of that dollar and wandered off, never to be heard from again.

And the church said, ‘Santa you must protect their souls! Tithe to us and we shall pray for them!’ And they took back the dollar they had given him. And went off to buy candles. Never to be heard from again.

Each year the bank and the govt came and gave Santa a dollar, only to take it back again.

And Santa and the elves kept making toys and candy and gathering nuts and fruit for the children at the orphanages and work houses. Their fame spreading around the world.

All that Santa and the elves ever saw of money was the day the bank and govt came and gave and took that dollar.

But they were happy and content. They had all their needs met, including a higher purpose and a community like no other. Maybe that is the true magic behind their reputation?

All that had changed for Santa’s soul was a knowledge that authority wasn’t always a good thing. Sometimes they practiced usury and offered nothing of value. He could live with that one day of the year.

Holiday Commercialism vs Actual Gifts – Shopping without Going in a Store

Holiday Commercialism vs Actual Gifts – Shopping without Going in a Store

Holidays this year are a mix of horror, grief and trying to overcome that to spread a little joy to those you can still love.

Without spending money you don’t have, or seeing them face to face. Without hunting thru store after store and putting your life at risk, and maybe theirs too, if you still can see them.

So 2020 is the year to let all your creative juices fly, isn’t it?

If you do have a little money, go online and get your hobby and crafters gift cards to their fave supply places. They know they will have the chance to pick out exactly what they want. When it’s safe to do so.

Or in the spirit of giving twice, make a donation to a charity you know they’d appreciate and put it in their name.

This year esp that charity could be a foodbank or religious org that you know gives out food and clothing hampers. Just be sure it’s one that actually puts their money into the consumers rather than admin. And again, in the name of the person you want to give a gift to.

If they are on paid sites on the web, and you are too, gift them membership fees for that site. It may mean you can spend time online with them as well.

If you know they’ll want to support their community’s businesses, then find little boutique or mom & pop stores in their town that are now under lockdown and get gift certificates for your loved one thru them, Again in their name. The store gets money to tide them over and your loved one gets a gift.

There are endless e-card sites where you can find something you think they’ll like.

For your avid readers who are missing their libraries, get them an online account for e-reading, like kindle. That way they can get whichever books and authors they enjoy.

Download their fave movies and songs and put together a playlist for them.


If you know they’re facing hardship this year and you’re in a position to help, get them grocery cards at a store near them that delivers. They can shop online.


And if you’re the one who lacks funds, there are free sites where you can practice your design skills and make them a card or sing them a song. Something to acknowledge the holiday with.


Whether it’s facebook messenger, skype or zoom, you can still interact with your loved ones and not feel like you or they are alone. And you’ll all be safe! Now that is a holiday worth having in 2020.
You can even turn this into a feast by ordering a meal from a locked down restaurant, and either pick up curbside or have it delivered. So you can eat while you visit.


And if this holiday is the one where you are grieving for someone, like many are, esp this year, many blessings and condolescences to you. If it’s unbearable, please reach out to a help line. You can get support to get thru it. Here is Canada’s


See Doug Ford? Business AND citizens can all be safe. 🙂 Ontario citizens know exactly what I mean by this. 😋


The Fallacies of Capitalism – Marx is not the enemy.

The Fallacies of Capitalism – Marx is not the enemy.

Yes there has always been a division between classes, rich poor and working. But this is about capitalism in modern(ish) society. Written because it’s being incorrectly discussed on Twitter. Even by people who should know better. Like politicians. It’s being used to withhold funds from citizens and bailout billionaires and global corporations.


Many people swear up and down that capitalism is the best system for the people. But the first fallacy of capitalism is that it serves the people, that it gives everyone the same opportunities.

It doesn’t care if the people are poor, free, man or woman, or prisoner or child. It just cares about the fact you show up at work and put in as many hours as you can, for as few $$ as you can.

Capitalism also doesn’t care if your ideas or artistry and excellence would change the world. Or link the people of your culture. It cares if your idea will make a profit.

So things like workers’ and communities’ needs are only relevant if they impede profit.

Capitalism doesn’t even care which party is in power, or what type of govt it is, so long as they stay out of the way of their company and profits. They will pay minimal taxes, grease whatever wheels are necessary with bribes or party fund-driving to be elected. So long as they get their freedom.

And if that doesn’t work, they relocate their HQ and bank accounts so no govt can touch them. Even their franchises and factories are mobile enough that they can be moved if the govt is uncooperative with the company’s needs.

So even with unions today, your jobs are not protected. You are as replaceable as their office supplies. No matter how long you’ve worked for them.

Which doesn’t protect you if you cannot work, nor will it protect you if your job is unsafe and you become injured or ill.

Today the unions and insurance plans are so big it’s like dealing with three bosses instead of one. And unions more often side with the company now than the employees they’re meant to protect. Unions are not guilds that protect ‘the craft’ and it’s artisans and apprentices. And they never were meant to be. They serve capitalism.

Insurance firms often have policies where they bend over backwards to refuse your claim. It’s irrelevant what your need is, or how great it is.

There is some presumption that companies care for their customers. But not even that is necessary to stay in business. Their idea of safety is different than a person’s. Their risk analysis is based on whether the risk is lesser than it would cost to pay for lawsuits rather than if harm was done.

It comes down to the fact that capitalism and it’s servants are tied to $$, not people. Not any people. Money has no allegiance. And neither do it’s servants. Capitalists, the rich want to be protected from those their system fails. And if you want to defund the police and children’s aid, then the first system that has to go is capitalism. These systems were built to support the rich not having to see the poor and destitute. (ie work houses, alms houses, residential schools) And those that didn’t get that point were warehoused into jails (prisons are a form of modern slavery) and mental health facilities. Into ghettoes and reserves. Assimilation and working for the ‘man’ were key to a ‘civilized’ man’s freedom. And his ‘right’ to raise his own children.

It’s true that local franchises and mom and pop businesses are run differently than global ones. When you see your customer every week, or even everyday on the streets of town, it’s a different world for businesses than if their bank is in the Caymens and HQ isn’t even a hard, brick and mortar site.

We have to keep this in mind when politicians try to sell the idea that capitalism is a good system that has benefits for everyone. It is not and never will be the path to El Dorado. Not for you, nor for me.

Yet it is capitalism’s needs that determine where not only your taxes go, but also whether your community thrives and how your children get educated. Not your culture or your religion. And not your lives, actual or life quality.

If you want proof of that, just look around this week and see how many stores and companies are working at full tilt to drive consumerism, despite the fact there is a pandemic on. All they are this week and next are superspreaders. How is that showing caring in the season of giving and love? It isn’t.

……. definitions and resources

an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

“an era of free-market capitalism” – Oxford Languages


On one hand, capitalism is focused on the creation of wealth and ownership of capital and factors of production, whereas a free market system is focused on the exchange of wealth, or goods and services. investopedia

Free market, an unregulated system of economic exchange, in which taxes, quality controls, quotas, tariffs, and other forms of centralized economic interventions by government either do not exist or are minimal. britannica

laissez-faire, a French term that translates as “leave alone” (literally, “let you do”), is that the less the government is involved in the economy, the better off business will be—and by extension, society as a whole. Laissez-faire economics are a key part of free market capitalism. investopedia

Trickle-down economics, or “trickle-down theory,” states that tax breaks and benefits for corporations and the wealthy will trickle down to everyone else. It argues for income and capital gains tax breaks or other financial benefits to large businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to stimulate economic growth. investopedia

A minority cannot rule a majority by force alone; it must convince its victims to submit or confuse them into paralysis. To accomplish this feat, the capitalist class presents itself, not as the scourge of humanity, but as its benefactor, even its saviour. Philanthropy is the key to this transformation. socialistreview

Unions by their very existence affirm and reinforce capitalist class society. As organizations which primarily negotiate wages, benefits, and working conditions with employers, unions only exist in relation to capitalists. This makes them almost by definition reformist institutions, designed to mitigate and manage the employment relationship, not transform it. jacobinmag

The invisible hand is a metaphor for the unseen forces that move the free market economy. … The constant interplay of individual pressures on market supply and demand causes the natural movement of prices and the flow of trade. The invisible hand is part of laissez-faire, meaning “let do/let go,” approach to the market investopedia

The Concept of Serving Your Community, Country, the World (esp in the upcoming holidays)

The Concept of Serving Your Community, Country, the World (esp in the upcoming holidays)

This year in our troubles, we have found that many people have found a way to serve each other. Whether that was stuck in a dead end job nobody thought you should strive for when you were in school (ie grocery clerk, health care aides) or as a neighbour checking to see each other had food or a couch to sleep on.

The servers stepped up to help when they were called. They found a way to do what needed to be done. With little fuss, even though they were scared.

And became the tireless heroes.

They never sought positions of glory, fame, money, power. They never thought they deserved more than a decent wage. So they could take care of themselves and their families.

They have put everything on the line , despite the fact they are taken for granted by society, despite the fact they often are from other countries and have been excluded often by the govt. And all the times they have been punched down by their bosses, customers/clients, the govt, sometimes their neighbours… they still pitched in. Even at risk of and sometimes the cost of their lives. (RIP)

Knowing that, I’m going to ask you to make an effort this holiday season to be extra gracious, patient and courteous to these people. If you think you’ve had a long year, imagine theirs. Just for a moment. Please.

“Not to be served, but to serve’. No one is too high to help when someone is in need, and no one too low to be of aid.

Be like Christ, if that is who you claim to believe in.

When Do a Sitting Govt Party’s Acts Become Seditious? Treasonous?

When Do a Sitting Govt Party’s Acts Become Seditious? Treasonous?

Maybe when it is unconstitutional? Maybe when it’s part of a plot to overturn democratic process? Like voting rights…. Maybe when some states try to overturn other states’ rights? Like a lawsuit….
Is anyone else keeping track of what the REPs have done to undermine this ‘free election’? Is anyone else keeping track of their bad acts to have a stranglehold on the USA?
If it were any other country doing this, they’d be facing sanctions. Maybe even war measures and invasions. The votes were certainly skewed, but not likely in the REP party’s favour. Which is why they were doing all of this, of course!

The REP party’s bad acts to undermine the 2020 election:

  • registry sites were flawed, crashing x R
  • DeJoy threw out ballots and boxes, REP donor
  • polls were closed early and fewer were open at all,
  • hours long line ups
  • areas where BIPOC lived were ‘less served’ by elections, voter rights, or not served at all.
  • entire groups of people were disenfranchised
  • counts were interfered with
  • workers were bullied and intimidated
  • SCOTUS nomination and acceptance in a rush to stack the vote if the election came before that court.
    And now this suit?

Tom Goldstein

SCOTUS – Dec 11, 2020]

The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.


Statement of Justice Alito, with whom Justice Thomas joins: In my view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. See Arizona v. California, 589 U. S. ___ (Feb. 24, 2020) (Thomas, J., dissenting). I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.

Diversion Programs – (Treat, Educate, Sober Up ) or Imprison

Diversion Programs – (Treat, Educate, Sober Up ) or Imprison

The conservative approach to law and order seems to be to lock everyone up who is fit to stand trial and has committed a crime. No matter what it costs. Which isn’t very money conscious.
Unless you’re looking for slave labour in a private prison?

The most liberal view is that people who come from good communities, that have support and treatment options available don’t produce people who end up in jail. But they do, they just have the advantage of a good lawyer. Because they’re middle class or rich.

And those are the thoughts before you consider if the person is actually mentally well or mature (within adult behaviours and mental acuity). If at the time they committed the crime they understood what they were doing and the full weight of the ramifications of their actions.

If their circumstance caused or contributed to their crime, if they were coerced by their associates, or if they were unwell needs to be considered. The stresses might be different in the life of wealth or poverty, but there are still stressors, addictions and other mental health issues. Rich parents might have the means to treat some of the issues or at least manage them though. And here is that good lawyer again.

The cost of the crime, and the cost to society are separable factors.

But whatever the individual is going thru, society still has the group of associates to deal with, who may have coerced this person to act as they did. Incarcerating one doesn’t resolve the group’s issues. Does it?

If you look at the cost to society, sending one to jail for the crime of the group doesn’t solve anything. And it costs unending funds.

Whereas if you send the one thru a diversion program, and keep them away from the group, you’re more likely not to see this particular person in prison again. And they will not be in congregant care as long. Therefore not costing society as much.

If managed properly, they are no longer a threat to society.

But society is formed of people. And the victim’s families may want to see the person punished, rather than just removed from their area for a little.

So is diversion an adequate response to their needs?

It depends on the weight of the crime: rape, murder or terrorism or something else. And whether this person acted alone, or was capable of completing the entire planning and execution by themselves. Because if they weren’t, then isn’t making them face all the anger and fear themselves just as much of a crime as the crime was? Does justice include scapegoating one person for the crimes of a group? In that case diversion might be the best option. Or even the only one.

When a community or a family is grieving though, they want heads to roll. In some countries, even literally. And diversion will then seem cruel to them.

So often the success of diversion is dependent on the context and community in which the crime took place. And TBH, cases of this weight shouldn’t be tried in the original community.
Otherwise they are looking for vengeance rather than justice. In that context, how do you get a fair hearing of the evidence?

It’s a tough discussion to have, even as just theory. Because too much emotion gets put into it.

But when you consider that justice is supposed to include fairness and mercy, then it’s one that needs to be had.

Otherwise you keep piling up bodies in the prison system who are there wrongly or too long, considering their actual culpability. And cost you a fortune in taxes to keep.


source – camh

Sticky Keys (a story/ish)

Sticky Keys

Everyone gets the exact same keys on their computer, don’t they?

We’re human boys or girls who have everything we need to go about living. Some keys help you with one thing, some with another. Seems simple.

They say if you have the keys you need and they all work, then you’re sane and can manage your life.

But some keys get used more than others, depending where you live. In most countries, the letter ‘u’ gets used more than in the USA. So on our keyboards, the ‘u’ would face more wear and tear than theirs. Right?

Then sometimes you spill things near by or crumbs get in. Life struggles make certain keys stick. And sometimes it’s just the making of the machine that causes that dysfunction. Or your dominant hand might press a bit more firmly than the other. So those keys face more wear and tear.

It’s not that the machine is broken, it’s just it gets harder to use. Right?


That’s the difference between being normalish, and not. Whatever that normalish is. Whatever that normal isn’t.

Ralph could walk down any street, he could talk to anyone about anything, and he could accomplish a lot of things in his week.
And if you didn’t know him well, you wouldn’t suspect a thing.
Even those who did know him well weren’t always sure they were right when they thought he was …. not using that keyboard quite right.

But everyone is a bit off in their own way, right? We have our own habits and obsessions, our own oddities. And life kind of leads us to use those keys more than any others.

Ralph wasn’t insane, or stupid and could make his way thru a LOT of tests that probably should have weeded him out. But didn’t,

He read the wrong books, listened to the wrong music, liked the wrong art. He put his foot in his mouth more often than most people did.

But most of all, Ralph felt a bone deep sense of being alone.

It led him to being misled, misused, conned by people. And each time his heart was bruised a little more.

Till he found that group. The ones who loved his books, his music, his art. And seemed to want him around. And he sunk into that feeling.

But there was that feeling of the shoe that might drop, any second now?

Everyone else was happy he’d found his people. And he thought he might have as well. He hoped he might have as well.

But had he? He just couldn’t shake that feeling. Was it prescience? Or a lifetime of having a bruised heart?


They say if you have the keys you need and they all work, then you’re sane and can manage your life.

We’re human boys or girls who have everything we need to go about living. Some keys help you with one thing, some with another. Seems simple.

Everyone gets the exact same keys on their computer, don’t they?