avatars of a god

It was like a reset button. Whenever a new age began, the god would send a teacher to humankind to show us what we were supposed to do. Give us a new mssg for this time and circumstance.

And each time a holy book was written for the people, So they would have an idea of what the god wanted from them. Rules to love by, rules to live by. The priests and monks and those that served the temples were all trained in how to rear the acolytes and supplicants.

And from those avatars came the next generation of sages and mystics. Those who would spread the word to the corners of the earth.  Whether it was thru trade or warcraft.

And the word of the gods went forth.

Was it ever to be taken out of that context? Out of that age? Probably not, because each time things changed, along came the next avatar, the next age, the next people.

There were people each age who refused to change. They wanted things to stay as they were. Because why change when they were the ones who had things good? They were greedy and selfish. They wanted more, whether or not they deserved it. Why give away what they valued?

As there were people every age who wanted to rush the change. Because they had a hard life. One they struggled with everyday.  And they were angry when things turned over so slowly. They became hostile and that probably made it worse for themselves.

Why?  Because the ultimate message the avatars put out into the world was one of peace. And how could such angry people be counted on to live in peace? To forward the message of peace to others?

They couldn’t.

So each age, the people found more fracturing at the time of change. And the avatars found it harder and harder to bring the people thru the transition.  The tomes got longer, more convaluted and complex.

The sages and mystics became weirder and weirder. Unable to connect with the people. Therefore unable to spread the god’s message.

At the end of the last age of humanity, the god decided there was no value in reseting humankind. No more babies were born, and eventually the people died out.

The animals didn’t really miss them.

There was no more trade or warcraft. No more science or magic.  Just animals living by the laws of nature. Animals who didn’t second guess the gods, and just followed the rules.

The gods were pleased by the animals. The people experiment was over. And peace reigned. The gods reigned.

the making of a mystic

The Making of a Mystic

Some people come by this in a natural way and others require years of study. Some fall somewhere in between.
Ultimately it’s about accessing a part of your brain that scientists haven’t figured out what it’s for yet. Whether it’s by having some kind of biological or spiritual change that triggers something in you and you see the world differently now.
Some come to the mystic state by almost dying, or being technically dead, having crossed over. They were ill, had a fever, seizures, or a brain trauma of some sort.
Some have some sort of traumatic event that causes super-human levels of stress and their brain overloads.
Some take drugs. Common ones that mystics take are peyote, opium, cannabis, mushrooms… Something that makes you see the world differently and changes the way your brain works. Causing some kind of hallucination or brain storm.
Some take the ordeal path and some go on a quest. Some dream or hope they have that is worth changing up their life and the people in it. To be alone with the god(s) for awhile. To find their holy city. Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, Shambalah… and commune among adepts and the faithful only. Away from the world.
And some are called by a god or demon, who teaches them their wisdom.
They could come as a child, innocent of the way most people would do things, or they come at some time when they are under horrible duress and decide they want to start over. Or renew their faith. Because what is going on now isn’t working for them.
It’s a hard path, as it requires much change and some isolation, at least at the beginning. And it requires something or someone to teach you what you don’t know. It requires concentration. To the point of being unable to hold down a job or maybe even a relationship.
And it at times can make the unlearned see you as having a mental disease or defect. Less so in the past than now. Mystics used to be revered, but nowadays they’re more likely to be medicated than followed. Mocked rather than respected.
The mystic sees the world and the spirit realm to be interchangeable and malleable. And nowadays that seems to be superstition. Which isn’t supported by many.
So it’s no surprise that there are fewer mystics than used to be.

the ordeal path

Why would anyone intentionally harm themselves? Or be motivated to harm another? Because… there are trials in life that are helped by going on the ordeal path, either before or after it. To prepare or to heal from the trial. To feel in control. And because they honestly believe it’s valued by their god(s) and/or society.
So who would go on such a journey? A warrior, a priest, a shaman, and their mentor or acolyte. A prisoner and their guard, a heretic and their inquisitor, a victim and their guide, a master and their slave. But they would only go if the person who asked them to had gone before them. Or would take the journey with them.
They don’t just suddenly go either. They take time and preparation to get into the right headspace. To make peace with their god(s), to say goodbye in case things go wrong, and to prepare their estate. They will be gone for awhile, if they survive at all.
They need to pre-learn some tools to endure as well. How to survive and take care of themselves in harsh conditions. Many schools ask them to endure heat and cold, pain, imprisonment, burial, drowning and fire. How to do without food and water. How to control their body functions, even their breathing. And to do without the creature comforts of the world as well as the people they usually rely on for succor or support. To rely solely on themselves or their partner in the journey.
They need to learn good decision-making and priorities as well. So when they get to the ordeal, they can be relied on to move smart and well. Which mnimizes their risks wherever they go. Till their practice comes to the point of intuition. Till their every action is a matter of faith.

## . . . .
The Eightfold Path consists of eight practices: right view, right resolve, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right samadhi (‘meditative absorption or union’). … The Noble Eightfold Path is one of the principal teachings of Theravada Buddhism, taught to lead to Arhatship.
Noble Eightfold Path –
[Buddha 101][https://www.buddha101.com/p_path.htm]
## . . . .

And at the end, they make a choice how far the path will take them. Will they become chaste, or a eunuch? Most who begin the journey have failed or been harmed in some way. They no longer want to be ruled by sensuality and all it’s traps. And they want to become their own master, or at least be in the hands of someone they trust with their life. Because that person has proved they can be trusted. By going on the ordeal path with them. And succeeding.



the ballad of Lo Si – on manipulation

The Ballad of Lo Si – on manipulation

I’ve been re-watching the show Kung Fu: The Legend Continues this week, because I’m a huge David Carradine fan. I love the way he drew on myth and history and put them back into martial arts. His death was a huge loss to martial arts and their image on tv and in the movies IMO.

In the show, the back story of father and son reunion is heart wrenching as well. A family brought back together after adversity pulled them asunder.
Nine times out of ten though, there is someone who is at the bottom of their separations. Lo Si. He let Peter and Kwai Chang think the other was dead for 15 years. And let Kwai Chang think he had lost the love of his life and Peter his mom for almost 30 years.

Lo Si was a charming and funny character, but that level of manipulation really didn’t sit well with me. If someone did that in my life, he wouldn’t be a good friend or mentor in anything that is moral based either.

It begs the question, what level of manipulation is tolerable in the name of “good intentions”? Lo Si was a caring and moral man, but he did serious grievance to people he claimed to care about. Is that ever ok? And under what terms? If that had been done to me, Lo Si would be a dead man.

placid love (a story)

Placid Love

They went to the same school. They grew up in the same community. A land of farmers and church goers. Old Bible thumpers. Two virgin hearts coming together.
And they felt a bit like misfits. They were taught the same way to be and to do things, Even how to rebel the same way. When their friendship and understanding came together, they found young love. From that moment on, they learned to work together on whatever came their way. They agreed that life went a certain way and worked to have it.
That didn’t mean it came easily though… His parents needed extra care. Their sons found learning to be difficult. And their youngest had cancer visit his door. Yet when most couples might have buckled under the pressure, they did not.
They clasped hands and struggled thru the turmoil together.
Maybe because her family always told them they couldn’t succeed. That was their biggest act of rebellion. To stick to their love, no matter what. They also weren’t the grass is greener type. Or the party type. They had their little treats and projects, their hobbies and fun times. And their biggest dream was to spend their life together. Each supported each other. She loved his cars in the garage because she got to drive her cool little MG that he rebuilt. And he loved her sewing and cooking. She counted on his eating at least three plates full, plus dessert. They learned about sex in the pages of his porn collection he went to another country to collect. They learned about love from her romances. I can’t imagine (nor do I want to!) what that entailed.
Maybe they had no imagination of their own. Or maybe they were realists, even in life and love. Maybe they never grew up from the teenagers in love stage. Or maybe they had found the other half of their soul the first time out the door. And they had no reason to let it go.. Who knows?
It just turned out to be that all their nay-sayers broke on the rocky shores of life and love. While they remained steadfast, no matter how many times they were slammed against the rocks. They squabbled, but didn’t slay each other in their
Those who refused to go to church and were called sinners had kids who given the choice were raised in the church. Not by parental force. So the years went by and they built a deeper love. A deeper union. And their marriage was just between them two.
They had a good life, a good love. One they both counted on.

mercurial love (A story)

Mercurial Love

It was just like the movies. Or a romance book. One look and we were in love.
Well, lust really, but that is looking back in time. We thought it was love then.
the first time ever I saw your face
We couldn’t get enough of each other. Everything seemed to be aligned in fate. We were meant to be together. Or so it seemed. It was perfect. We knew what the other was thinking before we spoke. Our touch burnt up the sheets. We moved in together, the first night we met. After talking for hours. And hours. It was like we were in sync. And for the first six months, it was heaven.
the main event
Then things became harder. I’m not sure who was at fault. Or if we coould have done anything differently. But we were fighting more and more. And the makeup sex was amazing. So was the mad sex. It was like two animals rutting. Unitl the bruises were one too many, the fights took more time up than the love did. So we broke up and went our separate ways.
But it was too hard living without each other. We missed the good stuff and time erased the bad stuff’s impact. So we got back together.
We were like two animals circling each other, to test each other’s limits and endurance. Checking to see who would back down. But neither did. It was a pattern of being together one week and broken up the next one. Our friends were sick of hearing each of us cry and scream. Then softly moan that we missed each other. Because the good was heaven, the bad was hell. Our story was insane.
love bites
We had been friends, we had been lovers. But all we were now was a TV drama and we were heading closer and closer to one of us lying cold in a grave.
So we were pulled apart by friends, who saw where we were heading. And taken away from each other. Till the heat was gone and we had our lives built up to include more than a love that was so distructive.
I don’t know where he is today, but i still miss him.
He is unforgotten, He is unforgiven. He is lost and so am I.
the unforgiven

adult games (a story)

Blind Man’s Buff at the orgy

Sometimes when their group got together, they wanted to create a playful atmosphere, rather than just sex. Not that sex isn’t fun, but… ya know?
Tonight was one of those nights.
A new member shouted out the idea of a tag game he knew and liked from his chldhood days. And those who knew it cheered, so the rest agreed to give it a shot. But they upgraded it to an adult version.
The first variance was that everyone took their clothes off. Then the person who was “it” was allowed to frisk or rub the person they tagged. A few people muttered that they just might be trying harder to get caught, than to stay away from that person. There was obv some giggling.
The game began by one of the members being blindfolded and everyone else picking a place to stand until he found them. Waiting… Shuffling… till they were caught and frisked or rubbed.
It didn’t take long for the temperature to rise in the room. Some of the people waiting started to pair off and were necking as they waited. Anticipation can make some people become overcome until they have to act. And if the game isn’t near them, they make their own entertainment.
As you can imagine, the game was often interupted by the orgy, once things got going. But somehow every person had a chance to be “it”. Just because sometimes changing their sensual experiences can be fun.
What do you think? Does that sound like fun?

Simon Says … at the sub training school

There was a new group of trainees at the school and the doms were trying to teach them to obey without thought. As reflex. So they came up with the idea of using Simon Says as a training tool.
First they made the new subs strip to their undies and gagged themselves. They had to obey without protest.
Then the dom leader put them thru their paces. They were made to touch the sub beside them. They were made to work together to keep a ball in their necks by working together. They were made to pass a spoon with an egg on it without dropping the egg. They had three legged races. And they were made to help each other squat without falling. They had to trust each other and follow directions. It sounds a lot easier than it was. And it was interesting for the dom leader to watch since they were almost nude. He didn’t mind the game at all.
Every time they succeeded the dom called out for hugs and kisses. He didn’t really care if it was lips or cheek. Just so long as they hugged full frontal.
By the time the game was over, one team of subs had completed every task and were flying high. The winners got a new teddy bear. And the dom leader was hard and ready. So he called his sub over for a blow job.
I think the new subs got the point of the object lesson, don’t you? Anyone want to play Simon Says?

cyberstalking in CANADA

To get advice, don’t listen to someone from another country. Even if they’re a lawyer, or even if they have been stalked.

– Go to your local police dept,

– most law offices give a free 1/2 hr consultation to see if they can help you, before accepting the case,

– or if you have a local univ or law college call them up and ask to speak to a prof. Get their advice on what you should do to win the case,

If you can afford a PI or lawyer, let **them** collect the evidence.  As an officer of the court, a lawyer  can notorize it and knows the rules of evidence and chain of custody.

Most sites will work with you, so ask them what kind of proof they need that someone is bothering you. Be sure you have read the site’s behaviour guidelines. So you know what they consider to be over the line behaviour.

General advice in Canada:

1) keep a log of events. Time, date, site, link to the comments or PM,

2) screen shots themselves/alone are not admissible in court. You have to make a hard copy as well.  Take the original contact(s) online, the electronic copy and a hard copy (paper) to the police.

3) you can work with the site, the police dept, a law office or PI, or all/some of the above. If the site is uncooperative, the police and courts can enforce compliance. (ie subpoena) but they’ll only do that if there are tangible threats made to you.  Please remember that once something is on the internet, it’s there. A forensic audit can uncover a lot of tricks to obscure evidence. And tbh most tech people aren’t good enough to cover their tracks.

4) the best way to protect yourself is to keep your info private. To PREVENT stalking from going past an online nuisance.  Hurtful yes, But no offline danger.

5) not all local police have a cyber crime unit. So contact your provincial police, which in Ontario is the [OPP][https://www.opp.ca] or the federal police [RCMP][http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en] and ask them who to contact to best help you.


## … Cdn resources

[Cdn Bar Association][https://www.cba.org/Publications-Resources/CBA-Practice-Link/Young-Lawyers/2014/Collecting-and-authenticating-online-evidence]

[social safety.org][http://socialsafety.org/cyber-bullying/]

since it can somtimes be about/thru work

[Cdn Council of health and safety][ https://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/psychosocial/cyberbullying.html]

[Kingston Ontario Police Dept][https://www.kingstonpolice.ca/crime-prevention/abuse/cyber-stalking/]


how to begin

Is this the child who binds you to love and hope? Or the one that you break in the journey? As the world they grow up in, we hope you teach your children well
But many things can go wrong and often do.
One of their parents might die and they can be left destitute. Having to become an adult long before they should. Like patches . They might be sent out to survive on the mean streets and may or may not make good. Like fancy .
You might decide you hate something within them, or fear for them in a way you can’t imagine in your home. Like georgie . They might get them self in trouble and ask you to please papa don’t preach . Or take drastic measures to manage something they’re too young to cope with and they feel they can’t come to you. Like billie joe . We want them to have a good life, we want to do our best for them. Yet sometmes we hurt them, or the world does. We just know that hell is for children more often than not.


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the whys of aftercare choices 101

the whys of aftercare choices 101

You have spent a lot of energy and your endorphins have yoyoed for some time, so you need something to settle yourself down.

If you eat or drink. be sure it’s in tiny sips and nothing you have to consciously chew. In case you’re in shock, it’d be easier for you to (non consensually and not for fun) choke. Before you put anything in their/your mouth be sure you are fully conscious!!

  • chocolate (soft or milk) –

needed to replace your blood sugars and a quick energy for you

  • water –

to replace the water from sweat and tears

  • blanket –

Your body temp was up and a sudden decrease could make you ill, affect your consciousness (you could faint)

  • cuddles (skin to skin works best for body temp adjustment)-

& to remember that you are close to the person who was just mistreating you.

there are exceptions to every rule, and you do know yourself best. But some things said are sound advice from the POV of first aid.