most relevant issues to bdsm, S/m and rope/rigging are low blood pressure, dehydration and if they fell, a spinal injury
This is a serious medical condition and requires emergency medical attention as it could be life threatening. Call 911.

## Signs and symptoms of shock

vary depending on circumstances and may include:

* Cool, clammy skin
* Pale or ashen skin
* Rapid pulse
* Rapid breathing
* Nausea or vomiting
* Enlarged pupils
* Weakness or fatigue
* Dizziness or fainting
* Changes in mental status or behavior, such as anxiousness or agitation
## Seek emergency medical care

If you suspect a person is in shock, call 911 or your local emergency number. Then immediately take the following steps:

* Lay the person down and elevate the legs and feet slightly, unless you think this may cause pain or further injury.
* Keep the person still and don’t move him or her unless necessary.
* Begin CPR if the person shows no signs of life, such as breathing, coughing or movement.
* Loosen tight clothing and, if needed, cover the person with a blanket to prevent chilling.
* Don’t let the person eat or drink anything.
* If you suspect that the person is having an allergic reaction, and you have access to an epinephrine autoinjector, use it according to its instructions.
* If the person is bleeding, hold pressure over the bleeding area, using a towel or sheet.
* If the person vomits or begins bleeding from the mouth, turn him or her onto a side to prevent choking, unless you suspect a spinal injury.


## and emotional distress:
It’s a subjective experience for the bottom/submissive, usually from feeling; isolated, alone, humiliated, unsupported, confused, threatened, ashamed/guilty
Recommended – to allow 24 hrs minimum for them to process and recover, then have a debriefing session of more than 2 hrs plus follow up. It’s important not to overpower them or deny their feelings.

## Cognitive:

* Intrusive thoughts of the event that may occur out of the blue
* Nightmares
* Visual images of the event
* Loss of memory and concentration abilities
* Disorientation
* Confusion
* Mood swings

## Behavioral:

* Avoidance of activities or places that trigger memories of the event
* Social isolation and withdrawal
* Lack of interest in previously-enjoyable activities

## Physical:

* Easily startled
* Tremendous fatigue and exhaustion
* Tachycardia
* Edginess
* Insomnia
* Chronic muscle patterns
* Sexual dysfunction
* Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
* Vague complaints of aches and pains throughout the body
* Extreme alertness; always on the lookout for warnings of potential danger

## Psychological:

* Overwhelming fear
* Obsessive and compulsive behaviors
* Detachment from other people and emotions
* Emotional numbing
* Depression
* Guilt – especially if one lived while others perished
* Shame
* Emotional shock
* Disbelief
* Irritability
* Anger
* Anxiety
* Panic attacks

## . . . . sources
**medical shock**
[medical shock][]
[first aid][]
[Mayo Clinic – shock][]
[NIH – cardiogenic shock][]
[what causes shock?][]
[what is shock?][]
## . . . .
**emotional shock**
[signs & symptoms of emotional trauma][]
[cause and effect][]
[first aid for emotional shock][]
[recovery from trauma][]
[web MD – 10 signs of an ailing mind][]

the twue dominant’s home








The Twue Dominant’s Home

He finally had his home set up just perfectly for his convenience. He loved the furniture so much and had it laid out so he could get to his favourite things easily and quickly. And he could be comfortable.
He loved to read and watch TV, so there was a cozy nook for each of these activities. Full of curvy furniture, that felt a bit weird, but it suited him.
He usually felt alone in his house, till he heard a giggle or a sneeze. And now and then a fart that HE didn’t pass. So he’d clear his throat, command-fully. And all would be quiet again. Back to just the furniture and him.
He’d eat at the table, read in a chair and watch TV on his divan. Which also doubled as his bed.
He had such a good life. Since he had worked hard to have all these nice things, he had a cleaner come in twice a week to take care of the pieces he had gathered in his home.
What a perfect life!
Now and then he had a few fellow dominants over to play cards, just so he could show off what he had worked so hard for. And since they always complimented him, he was proud of his home.
Yes, it was a very satisfying feeling indeed. He was a very content man.


human furnitureBeFunky Collage.jpg

stuffies (fiction)


Teddy Bear

He was sitting on the shelf, where his little girl had left him for a long time. Crying. So sad, so lonely.
He tried to play with the dollies she liked so much, but they kept kicking his shins at the tea table. It appears teddies don’t have good table manners, according to dollies. Well he did have more jam on him than in his tummy. He had needed a bath.
He tried playing with the soldiers her brother collected, but all they wanted to do was march and practice war games’ strategy. Whenever a teddy marches, he falls down on his rump. And the soldiers laughed at him, till he hung his head and went back to the shelf.
He tried playing with the other stuffies, but they didn’t seem to have as much to say as his little girl did. So he couldn’t do his favourite thing, which was to listen. He missed his little girl’s voice so much.
He had tried to listen to her brother, but he had lost an arm in the attempt. He had a new one sewn back on by their mother.
Teddy bear’s heart got darker and darker as he got sadder and lonelier without her talking to him. The few times a year she could be bothered paying attention to him now, he snarled at her. Till he got used to being in her arms again.
But one night, she came and he had nothing for her but snarls.
She called him a bad bear and put him on the shelf again. How was it his fault?
He reached behind himself and turned off the battery. No point being on, if there was nothing for him in this big mean world.


She was a gifted giver, she was. Even among unicorn stuffies. She had plenty of goodies to share and it seemed like there was always more being made. So she never thought of a day when she didn’t have enough.
Until she met this one little boy and girl…
If she gave a hug or a candy treat to one, she had to give two to the other. But that didn’t work because then the other was upset. Yet if she gave none to either, then they were both upset. (so was she) It just seemed like they were both starving for candy and hugs.
Being constantly on demand though, reduced her sugar supply for the candy and her love supply for the hugs. She became a darker unicorn. She stomped her feet and neighed in rage. Like a very wild stallion.
She began to regret agreeing to be their unicorn stuffie…
What could she do?
She asked her mother for ideas. But she had never heard of such a thing as a unicorn drying up. So she thought she’d come along and try her more mature hand at candy and hugs. It did no good. Mother unicorn was stumped and exhausted by the end of the day.
She asked her father. He had no advice either. He thought maybe a masculine touch was needed. So he came along for a day and came away feeling exhausted as well.
The unicorn family went to the unicorn elders and asked for advice.
The elders held a meeting. One of them had heard of this before. It was something called “jealousy”. She came along to sniff it out and see the signs for herself. So she could report back to the other elders.
Yes, it seemed that’s what it was. A severe case of jealousy.
After the report, the elders came to meet the little boy and girl, to see if they could help. They handed out treats and hugs till among all the unicorns, there was not one left.
Yet the little boy and girl were still starving… Like they had a black hole in their soul.
Worried for the young unicorn, the elders broke their agreement where she was their stuffie and took the unicorn with them.
All they could do was pray for the little boy and girl. They had to take care of their own. So in a special place in the unicorn library, there is a book about “jealousy” and it’s affects on unicorns. How it’s best just to walk away when you find it. For the sake of the unicorns.
The young unicorn was kept with the elders till she healed from this hurt, then sent back home with her mom and dad. She never went out to the human world again.


She was a good pup, really. But such an excitable creature. She’d go from scattering around yipping, to splayed out on the floor whining.
And he would go around chasing his tail, humping on any people’s legs and bothering her with his attention. And she’d lay there afterwards, crying like her heart broke. He’d look at her like she had kicked him in the nuts and join her crying. Till his tail caught his interest again and the cycle began again.
Only interrupted by eating, sleeping for short spurts and walkies. Their owner took them out in a doll carriage for long walkies. It was fun sitting in the carriage, looking at the sky and all the people who were close by. He wanted to get out and hump their legs, but their owner had tied him too carefully.
Whether it was at their home, or their day kreche, the stuffies spent their day, and half their night, living the exact same way. And were mostly happy. I mean they were stuffies after all! What else would you expect them to want or need?
Now and then they woke up from a puppy dream… running on the beach; chasing rabbits thru the woods; sniffing people’s buttholes and crotches to identify them. And attacking a great big, tubular steak as a treat. Even in their dreams, they were happy, mostly.
Except she had nightmares of a big puppy or cat chasing her down and paying her too much attention, leaving her crying. He’d hold her afterwards, tell her she was safe, then pay her attention. She’d howl and shriek at him and he’d go whining away from her.
And his nightmares were about a pack of stuffies circling him and biting and paying him attention. She’d comfort him and he’d pay her attenton so he knew he liked girl stuffies. And she’d wander off crying. He was always after her, no matter how she treated him! And she got sick of it one day and wandered away when the kreche lady wan’t looking.
Her owner and him looked high and low. The kreche lady called the cops. But she had found a good hiding place and didn’t come out till she realized she was hungry and didn’t have a way to get food on her own. Yeah she guessed the attention was the cost of her meal. And she let him sniff her to make sure that she was okay. The owner petted and chided her for wandering away. She just hung her head and went back to her normal day. A bit wiser, a bit sadder from now on. It was the life of a girl puppy stuffie after all. It was all she had known.

Tandem Snakes

a he and she that worked, played, slept, and ate together as a unit. They had been together all their lives and loved each other. They purred and bickered, but it was no big thing. Because they also massaged and rubbed each other in many special ways. They might have been separate beings, wild beings, but they were also a domesticated unit.
What worked best was the fact they never lost sight that they were a danger to each other. So they tred lightly when dealing with each other. Their respect was based partly on fear. They trusted, but only till verified. They loved, but only as long as they were treated right. And they knew they could not survive without the other. So there were limits and boundaries in their relationship.
Limits and boundaries only a snake would need. They didn’t treat each other like cats, just because they purred. They didn’t treat each other like humans, even though they bickered. They were snakes.
And though they loved to get dressed up, with their dry skin all lotioned up properly, they also understood their wild side needed to be let out often. Or their raging emotions and passions would explode.
If one stopped eating, the other stopped letting them cuddle. Because snakes stop eating when they are gauging the size of a new meal. That snake was kept at a very healthy distance till it started eating again.
If a mother had a nest of baby snakes, she kept the father back a bit from the nest. He was the hunter, not the nurturer. They were her eggs. So he protected her and the eggs.
They were a unit against the world. If there was a threat, either would lay their lives down for the other. They would support and protect each other against outsiders. They had a healthy respect/fear for outsiders.
Occasionally, they would join a nest of snakes like them, but it was usually if there was a threat. Otherwise they preferred to have their own little rock basin. Just for them.
Such was the life of a snake. Just being a snake. And by living thus, they were able to last for many generations. Never daring to believe that they were rulers of the world or other species. But just being good snakes.

consent factors – revoking after the fact

## fight flight freeze/tonic immobility feed or fuck


**1) can consent be revoked after the fact?** – I say yes, because there are varying levels of awareness during the event. And if he took unnegotiated advantage, then it might take awhile for awareness to return fully so she knew what had occurred.
**2) why would a victim stay in the relationship?** Because she has ambiguous feelings. Because she’s new and doesn’t understand fully how this was wrong. Because she feels coerced. Because there are other things to consider, besides her safety. It’s common for victims to take time and effort to exit a toxic relationship.
## it in no way implies consent!!
**3) in what way would a rope bunny be unable to fully understand what was occuring immediately?** Because she is spacey, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or dissociates due to the trauma.

## …pro sources
Bottom line, their brain is not functioning at full capacity.

primary stress organs of brain –
[amygdala][] intense emotion -aggression and fear
[hypocampus][] long term memory- facts and events processing

pregnancy and post partum
[brain changes][]

Her hormones surge as her body undergoes a massive physical transformation, and the changes don’t end there. A study published Monday in Nature Neuroscience reveals that during pregnancy women undergo significant brain remodeling that persists for at least two years after birth.

the trials of youth –
[eating disorders][]
The eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, respectively, affect 0.5 percent and 2-3 percent of women over their lifetime. The most common age of onset is between 12-25. Although much more common in females, 10 percent of cases detected are in males.
[addictions – binging][]
Youth transitioning into adulthood have some of the highest rates of alcohol and substance abuse. For instance, rates of binge drinking (drinking five or more drinks on a single occasion) in 2014 were:
28.5% for people ages 18 to 20
43.3% for people ages 21 to 25

[alcohol][] affects the neurotransmittors

poppers –


Nitrates: Cyclohexyl nitrite, isoamyl (amyl) nitrite, isobutyl (butyl) nitrite; sold under the name of “poppers,” or found in certain room deodorizing sprays.

Inhalant abuse can damage areas of the brain involved in cognitive functions and produce symptoms ranging from mild impairment to dementia. Inhalant abuse can also damage brain areas responsible for movement and vision.

Permanent hearing loss and irreversible damage to nerves throughout the body can occur from using inhalants. Inhalants can cause hepatitis, liver failure, and muscle weakness. They also interfere with the production of red blood cells, which can result in a life-threatening condition known as aplastic anemia. A condition called “sudden sniffing death” may occur when inhaled fumes replace oxygen in the lungs and brain and cause suffocation. Finally, inhalants can interfere with heart rhythm, leading to a heart attack. This can occur from a single session of repeated inhalant use.

[eating disorders][] affects neurotransmittors- serotonin and dopamine


adrenaline leads to aggression – fight [HPA axis and amygdala][]

anxiety leads to fear – flight [panic][]

feel good leads to orgasm – [brain changes][] including areas of reason and executive decision making
but if neither is poss, then TI onset – dissociative state – freeze
animalistic response that humans have as well esp studied in rape trauma and extreme environ disasters. PTSD studies also.
It requires terror and dread, it only requires **the appearance** of threat to be activated.
Severely diminishes abilities to act, speak, rendered unconscious/faint…
[human freeze response][]
[victim response][]
[trauma and freeze response][]
[human tonic immobility][]

how to check in on your rope bunny

(orientation check)

When your doctor has concerns about your awareness, he does something called an orientation check. Really simple questions that anyone should know, until they have lost awareness. And no you don’t need to be a doc to ask.

Here are the questions: (time, place, person orientation)

  • what’s your name?
  • where are you?
  • who am I?
  • what’s today’s date?
  • how old are you?
  • do you know the time?

These questions tell you the person is alert and aware of their surroundings, But most of all, they tell you that the person is verbal.

If the person cannot respond and they are new to you, suspend play. Get them medical attention. Do not pass go or collect $200!

rigging and asphyxia

First, let me say that I’m not a rigger. But asphyxiation is a common problem/safety hazard with police, nursing, construction (my dad and brothers are gen contractors), and other health and emergency services. So I’ve looked up sources that are relevant to several to come up with common pointers.

## three types of asphyxiation that can and do result in death:
* gas exchange – oxygen and carbon monoxide
* compression
* Posture/position

A common injury/risk in [rigging][]

## Positional Asphyxia
A form of asphyxia which occurs when body position prevents adequate gas exchange, such as from upper airway obstruction or a limitation in chest wall expansion, e.g., due to steering wheel
* compression or limited neck expansion
* breathing -gas and room to breathe
* position
* force

## Signs and Symptoms of Asphyxia

Any of the following symptoms can lead to asphyxia.

* Difficulty and/ or noisy breathing, which may ultimately lead to cessation
* Rapid pulse
* High blood pressure (hypertension)
* Cyanosis of the face
* Swollen veins on the head and neck
* Convulsions
* Paralysis
* Slowly losing consciousness
* Complications from Asphyxia

Although there are only a few numbers of possible complications from asphyxia, they are, nonetheless, severe and sometimes, irreversible.

* Coma
* Brain death
* Death

## So knowing that…
CPR seems to be a necessary safety measure for a rigger.
And have your cell handy during rigging.

## Positions that leave one most vulnerable:
* face down
* prone with weight on back
* neck hyperflexed
* chest wall compressed
* neck area compromised
* enclosed/narrow space – mobility
* standing upright
* fully suspended ( no weight supporting you on the ground) vs partially (some weight supporting you on the ground)
* ropes around neck and chest vs a harnass style
* closed in area/room vs well ventilated area/ room

## positional asphyxia sources-
[first aid][]
[forensic -medical][]
[behaviour mgmt][]

## compression asphyxia source
[forensics -medical][]

hell’s tears (a story)

They came to the river, at dusk. All they saw was fog and confusion. All they felt was rage, unable to separate it. Till they saw the man in the cloak rise with some [odd beast][] that looked like … maybe a dog??
They felt numb at first, like they were in shock, or was it disbelief? They felt nothing, when their world was ablaze. They felt nothing, when they should be screaming in pain.
Charon stepped forward and sang [ooh child][] and held out his hand to them. They shivered and stepped back. How do you believe a man who seems more fog or demon than a comforter? Yet he meant them no harm.
Charon lifted his hands again and set forth the healing mists of Lethe. For humans. shock and forgetfulness are healers. Till your mind can grasp the painful state, without breaking. He sang again, and they walked slowly toward him. He smiled.
As they came near him, they heard a choir [sing][] . Even in their shock they found a few tears to cry. The choir was the voices lost in Acheron.
Charon guided them to the boat, to cross the river Styx. It was the last line of humanity, where few could return without the blessings of the gods. They weren’t aware of that. They were wandering as if it was temporary, or a dream. With a look somewhere between terror and confusion on their faces. But when they were in the boat and he started to row, they soon became calm. The lapping of the waters had them feeling calm soon.
As they saw the other shore, they asked to be taken back, but Charon shook his head sadly. They searched their pockets and found nothing to offer. He just smiled calmly to reassure them.
Their faces fell and they [cried][] the tears of Cocytus.
Ahead they saw their fate. Which they now knew was unavoidable. They saw the [fire][] of Phlegethon and screamed.
It seemed like a second. It seemed like an eternity. All at once and yet waves of torture. With little seconds of respite within.
In that moment of clarity, they finally understood,… they had come to hell.


## . . . .
Cerberus often called the “hound of Hades”, is the monstrous multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving.
Charon was the son of the primordial Gods Erebus (God of Darkness) and Nyx (Goddess of Light).
Acheron was the river of lamentation.
Cocytus was the river of woe.
Lethe was the river of forgetfulness.
Phlegethon was the river of fire.
Styx was the river of unbreakable oath, by which the gods swore. It was also the river of hate.

The Prophecy of Death

The Prophecy of Death (story)

Out came the spinning wheel. It was time to get to work. The sisters knew they were hated by the humans, but they were just following orders.
Clotho spun the “thread” of human fate, making each thread strong and true. She incorporated each lie they would tell, each jealousy and greed they would feel, each rage they would spew and cackled over the trouble this soul would make in the world.
Clotho added the fear and sadness they would experience and felt a twinge for a moment about their pain. Then she added the joyous moments and felt better again. Yes life was hard, but it was a limited engagement. That was how she and her sisters were able to continue doing their job. Out of infinity, this soul would just shed a few tears. For some reason humans found that hard to understand. The rest of eternity, they would share love and peace. What’s so hard about that? The Elyssian fields were a beautiful place after all.

skin to skin
mother and father
came together to make the babe
and with a squall
they were glad it was done.

Lachesis dispensed it, putting the threads into a mesh screen. Where the soul intertwined and related to each other. Times of peace and war, times of liberty and slavery, times of conservative and libertarian views. And the occasional tatt when the world went to hell. And the gods had to step in and guide things back to their rightful place.

skin to skin
lovers were made
in dreams and in deeds
trying to become one
not liking alone

and Atropos cut the thread (thus determining the individual’s moment of death). Even though she knew that a wail was about to go up by those who loved the soul and glee was raised by those who hated them. Even the most pleasant of souls had haters, and even the most vile of souls had friends. As the last rites were performed, there was either a drunken brawl or a war broke out. Stories came to light about the soul that caused hurt feelings and praise was given for their good acts. But worldwide, each soul had that moment of remembrance. The friends remembered the good and the enemies the bad memories. It was just the way it was.

skin to skin
wrapped in their shrouds
their last gasp still felt
on their lips
as the family gathered

That was the way the gods had made it. And the fate sisters could see the logic of it all. So they had contracted to be the thread dealers. And actually, they enjoyed it all, except for the way the humans blamed them. It wasn’t their rules, it was the gods behind the screen.

skin to skin
mother and father
came together to make the babe
and with a squall
they were glad it was done.
skin to skin
lovers were made
in dreams and in deeds
trying to become one
not liking alone
skin to skin
wrapped in their shrouds
their last gasp still felt
on their lips
as the family gathered
As the skin came off
the light raise up
gathering itself
for eternity’s song
in Elyssian’s field


adult sex/porn worker story


I love my job!
I was the guy who spent their time in alleys, bushes, bathrooms and lanes, serving my crowd’s needs. I was the guy who got higher marks, better perks, better jobs, and all for putting a cock in my mouth. They thought they were the ones getting something for almost nothing, but nope, that was me. I loved having a cock in my mouth. It didn’t take much convincing to get what I wanted either.
I also kept my lips shut, when they weren’t wrapped around a cock. So they could trust me, while they had a main relationship, or were doing their downlow thing with me.
If I could have, I would have made a career of it. Oh wait! I did!
I would have gone on camera, but I wasn’t the look-of-the-day. As often as that turns over, you’d have thought I’d find a curve, but nope. I was cute and fit, but they tend to go for a more butch look. Well my bosses did anyway. Maybe I worked for the wrong company?
Oh well, they treated me right, and off camera work tends to be more secure than on, if you show up and do what you’re told. It averages out. You get paid more for being on camera, but you work more years off camera.
During the shoot, your whole job is to keep the star(s) hard. Sometimes, it’s all about blowing them between scenes, but sometimes it’s easier to tell them dirty stories into an earwig, when they’re doing the same shot for the umpteenth time.
I tell good stories! I have an amazing repertoire of stories. The director even listens and has threatened to introduce me to a ghost writer so I can write an erotic novel, or at least a script so he can shoot my stories.
But for the purpose of the stars, all I need to do is talk dirty about something to explain the sensations they feel, without being the same thing they see in front of them for the 100th time. To change their headspace from the scene.
I often bring in some of their fave fantasies to spice it up and have it be something they are into as well.
My day is about sex. My day is about the cock. And I am good at servicing the cock.

unintended outting at a wake

adult humour?


Unintended Outting at a Wake (fiction, maybe? lmao)

She had never told anyone that she was kinky and had died while away from home. So there were a few surprises when the wake she had always wanted was held at her home…

  • Like the person who went to get more TP and found where she put her butt plugs to dry instead. The poor man called his wife over and asked what they were. His wife blushed, stammered and said “tell you later hun!”
  • A dear old granny in midst of crying ” why didn’t God take me instead”, reached down to find out what was hurting her boney bum and found a pair of cuffs sticking up behind the cushion she sat on.
  • Someone logged onto her computer to get some pics from her facebook acct and found her fetlife page instead. Her fetishes included bukkake and being used as a human toilet. This poor person was a germophobe… I think she washed her hands 10 x before someone could stop her.

There was a buzz starting to go around the people assembled there.

  • A man, while trying to be a gentleman, reached for an umbrella to shade a lady’s head from the rain on her walk out to her car, and found canes of varying sizes in the umbrella stand instead. He huffed and learned a lesson about when being a gentleman might cost him again.
  • One of the kids found her nipple clamps and was parading around with them on their ears, till mom caught on and took them away. More than a few people blushed.
  • The pastor went to say prayers for her spirit and looked up to find himself standing under the ceiling rings where she was tied up. He asked his wife about macrame. She quickly redirected his position, while saying “no dear, that is NOT what those are for!” Later he had a long chat with her about how she knew that…

In one corner, there were a few people whispering and giggling. And in another were some who were praying for her soul. “The devil comes in many disguises!” was said. And something about “guarding your pure heart”. One of the gigglers overheard that and howled, crying so hard. She thought that “pure” day might have been long past!

  • So one dame who was well afronted, decided to get this evil stuff out of the house and have the house saged and cleansed. She found the toy box under the bed and almost fainted instead. She refused to touch anything without a new pair of thick cleaning gloves on.

Everything was gathered, and instead of a book burning, they had a bonfire for all her kinky stuff. The righteous ones were crying and praying over the soul of the departed. And a few friends were sneaking away toys that they had been wanting to have for a while, but couldn’t find anywhere in town. Kind of sad that she had never told them. Kind of giggling over the shock of the town prudes.

The wake was talked about in hushed tones among the adults of town for many years!