pain during PIV sexual intercourse

Did you know that 3/4 women have pain during sexual intercourse?
For some, it’s a temporary issue. Easily treatable or manageable.
For some it takes some experimenting in sexual positions, some work on things like kegel exercises and exploring more foreplay. Beyond “oh she’s wet, let’s hit that”.
For some it’s emotional (ie rape) trauma, for some a lousy lover/partner and for some it’s a treatable medical condition.
But whatever it is, or isn’t, it shouldn’t be ignored.
Attached is some info on the medical conditions:
It is NOT about him being too big for her!
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plural noun: endorphins
any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.


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religous head gear and it’s context

I’m often surprised by the over focus on the hijab Muslim women wear. Mostly cuzz I grew up in an area wear Mennonite, and Amish women and men wore head dresses. And were covered from head to toe. Whatever the weather was.

Women and men from a few cultures and religions wear head coverings as mandated/ as signs of piety toward their god(s). It might have also begun as protection from the weather (ie desert sand storms) and also from pests (bugs).

[Malaria][] is an issue in most of the origin lands where head coverings are cultural.

Quite a few religions give life advice in their holy books to their faithful. What/how to eat,  what/how to dress, … So suggesting they’d be better off with a head dress isn’t outside that realm. And some of the faithful believe they should take these thing literally.

Same as religious practice among early people was to have totems for their tribes. And it was forbidden to eat that animal. To this day, there are those who still refuse to eat their cultural totems.

Some of the food restrictions could also be because the holy books were written before refrigeration and by people who lived  in deserts. So things like blood and scavenger animals brought a higher risk of death.

Also, when Christianity was being developed and advice was given to the followers, Paul mentioned food that pagans offered to their gods as sacrifices as being unwise for Christians to eat.

It’s in that context that the faithful decide whether or not they will wear the head gear.  Based on practices from 1000s of years ago.

So why is it there is such a focus on the hijab? I don’t get it.


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the words in feminism are changing

> It could be because some women are saying that feminism doesn’t include them

But feminism began to [give women the right to vote][] and to recognize us as people rather than chattel under the law, [so we can inherit and hold property.][]
That’s going well in North America and Europe, but is it world wide yet? Nope.

> It could be because feminazis have dirtied our rep.

Yeah well… there are extremists in every group.

> And it could be because there is more than one kind of oppression.

So in order to recognize what we go thru, we need to change the words now and then. Feminism was meant to support and include after all.

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[equity vs equality][]

## . . . . kyriarchy
coined by [Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza][üssler_Fiorenza]
in her 2001 book, Wisdom Ways: Introducing Feminist Biblical Interpretation.

## . . . . social bias
[social biases, prejudice and discrimination][]

## . . . . privilege
[Peggy McIntosh][]
[Peggy McIntosh’s essay on privilege][]
[forms of privilege][]
[pause for thought- an interesting “fun” test][]

## . . . .intersectionality
[Kimberle Williams Crenshaw][é_Williams_Crenshaw]
[Crenshaw’s Mapping the Margins-intersectionality][]

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