coming closer… ( a caution for on line relationships)

coming closer… ( a caution for on line relationships)

She had been perving the site’s men for a while and had followed a few crushes as well. The few women who were nice to her she friended with no qualms. She poured her heart and soul out to them. No discretion, no hold backs.
She was careful about who saw her face, having them set for friends only. She took all the precautions. And a while later, when she saw this profile, she figured she knew all about internet safety. But he got around all of them…
He had a female profile, with a female nick and pictures. He used the pix of his ex. Ones she had no idea he had. So they were one woman’s face and body.
He had been around enough women that he could write text like a lot of his female friends and sisters did.
Over the course of time, he made a few casual female friends on the site and talked them into being his sisters on the page. He was set.
That’s when he saw her. She was perfect for what he wanted. She lived close enough to him that he could get there within an hour by car. He quickly switched his home to Antarctica, told his sisters he had had trouble with a guy and not to tell anyone new where he lived. They rallied protectively as women on line do.
When he was sure they’d cooperate, he went after her.
He wrote her a lovely note about some of their common interests and told her he lived on the other side of the country so she’d feel safe telling him what he wanted to know. He kept a note book on her. He copied every picture she posted and put a name to every public building that were in them. Pretty soon he had her neighbourhood down pat.
He followed her schedule too. When she went off line to sleep or was on breaks at work and logged on for a few minutes. He would ask for a selfie when she was out and about so he could see what neighbourhoods she frequented.
He never posted on her wall and asked her not to post on his either. He said an ex was watching his page and he was a very jealous person. She became very protective and followed that direction. So it looked like all he was was a wall lurker. A very casual friend. Nobody knew they were close.
He had her… Her face, her real name, her birthdate, her schedule, her family members, coworkers and friends’ names and her frequented places.
Then he began following her… To and from work, on and off lunch. He started dating a friend of hers casually so he could get into her inner circle. She had no idea it was her friend from on line. He was careful that he never cross contaminated the two identities.
She had no reason to be afraid. He was thrilled!
He made a few opportunities to have a private chat with her, so she got to know and like him.
On line he dug for her fears, hurts and dreams. He made careful note of her fetishes and hard limits. Like they were gospel.
And he found a place where he could keep her without anyone knowing they were there. He prepared the place.
One night, his date had a family emergency mid date. He drove her to her family’s place and stole her phone so no one could reach her. Then he called his target woman and said he wanted to confide in her. He wanted to take his date’s and his relationship to the next level and wanted her advice, if she would? She agreed. Anything for romance. He cautioned her not to tell anyone so he could surprise his date. She agreed happily.
Ready, set, go!
He picked her up at her apartment and they headed toward a coffee pub they had frequented before. Or so she thought…
His plan was to take her to the hideaway and expose her to every terror and humiliation she had ever faced. It was all set up…
He told her he had to drop off a package for work at a warehouse. She wasn’t worried at all.
They arrived at the warehouse and he offered her a chance to have a tour. He helped her out of the car, like a gentleman, and they entered the warehouse. As soon as he locked the door on entrance, his demeanour changed. He became her nightmare. He became the angel of death. No one found her body, no one connected him with her disappearance.

choker hold…… ( a caution for on line relationships)

choker hold…… ( a caution for on line relationships)

She started out so cool. Became a friend, they flirted. She waited for him to ask if he might serve her. She said she would think about it…
After a few weeks he asked again. She said, "Oh yeah! Oh sure we can try. You’ve been a good boy."
She gave him her skype account and told him to make his own and contact her once it was done. She gave him times of the day when she would be available and then went about her business.
She was unavailable at first, but apologized often enough to keep him pursuing her and still be friendly. "Busy at work, you know."
Finally they had their first session. She checked to see if he knew the slave positions and watched him edge himself. She kept smiling at him and licking her lips. He got to see her nipple because he didn’t come. He was grinning.
She called her friend and said, "I think we have him."
The sessions were confined to just chatting for a few. She said she had company coming soon and didn’t want to get all heated up. He understood. But he was disheartened.
Then she let him put a cock ring on, a butt plug in and bind himself. When the chat was over, she asked him to wear her chastity. He said he would be glad to. And grinned. She said she would send him a device if he gave her a post office address. So he set it up. Now she knew where his town really was. The package was registered, so he had to sign for it and prove it was him. So she had his real name.
She asked if she could kik and text him each day to give instructions. He gave her the numbers. She had his phone contacts and ran a reverse directory. She had his address. With this information, she went thru the web and found his foot print. The sites he was signed onto with those variables. And she used a few fake profiles to follow and friend him. She gathered every picture he posted and made friends with his friends. She asked a few inane questions about him. To see if he was "safe" to be friends with. She was told he was. One of the good guys. She wondered if they knew about his kink profiles. She ran image searches to see if he was posting his face on kink sites. He was.
With their sessions going well, she started to wean him off and make him desperate for her attention. Then she asked for a tribute or two. He gave them to her. She kept the receipts, marked with dates.
After a while, she asked to be able to see his accounts on the kink sites they were on together, so she could see if he was telling her the truth. He hesitated and she began to log out like she was unhappy with him. He shouted yes and gave it to her.
She went thru his PMs and copied them. But most of all, she got his email address and credit card info. He was a paid member of course.
She followed him long enough to find out his family’s names, where he went to school, where he worked and who his real life friends were who were on the web with him. By that, she had a pretty good idea what his credit card passwords might be and she kept trying till she found the right one.
Then she went thru his accounts and started taking small amounts out for cash.
The perfect time came for her to act, when he went to his parents’ place for a family wedding. He would be busy for a few days and not likely to be paying for his own way. He also wouldn’t be able to skype or kik with her. She’d have a few days head start then. She emptied his accounts and closed all her other accounts except the closest to him that her knew of. The last one or two.
She moved her address and closed her bank accounts.
When he came back on line, he told her he had been robbed and didn’t know how. She commiserated with him. They continued to skype and kik for a few months. Then she weaned him off. She referred him to a friend. Along with the referral, she also gave her friend all the pictures she had of him and the skype logs and stills she had taken of him. Her friend was known for blackmailing her slaves. And she walked away from all his avenues to her.

lures for slaves……. ( a caution for on line relationships)

lures for slaves……. ( a caution for on line relationships)

The head of the white slave trade ring asked their top tech guy to set up a really cool kinky chat room that specialized in dark fantasies. The profiles were really young, attractive women (19-25) and older men (30-60) who were into Master/slave relationships, CNC and rape play, humiliation and edge play and bukaki groups. They put their chat room onto all the search engines and made a profile on a few social sites to interact with the world of web. To send traffic their way. The ring was moving into the 21st century.
Even in the site, they stacked the deck to include male power cues. Female sexuality was to be had by the participants, if they said the right thing.
The male profiles had the right things on offer. Girls of that age wanted bad boys, or daddies to teach them what they had no way of learning on their own. Girls of that age wanted to take risks. With life, sex and love. They were looking for their prince. So he had to be successful, heading toward money, power and influence.
He might wear a business suit, but wear his hair a bit longer and have some ink. He might have five o’clock shadow or a trimmed look. He had a fast car, or a motorbike and flashed pix of him sitting in fancy inns and restaurants. With a few women hanging on his arm. He went to dungeons and had pix of himself playing there.
Didn’t he? Were they real?
The lure was set…
They added really dirty, hard core fantasies and the young girls started collecting to the site. A couple of the profiles published on line blogs and sold vanity press "books" of their fantasies. To draw even more girls. They created drama with feuds and the full court press was on. What girl can resist drama?
The site finished it off with contests for photographs, modeling opportunities, trips to win and writing contests with a publishing contract. The whole site was a honey trap for the right girl. And they came. In droves.

With all the safeguards these girls were taking to keep their vanilla and kink life separate, they were setting up the ring’s alibi for them. How could they possible know this sweet, innocent young thing? Just the hint of it getting back to their families and school or job was enough to make the girls scared enough to cooperate with the ring. That was the girl they wanted. And that was the girl they got. The vulnerable girl who was isolated by her own design.

The girls ended up disappearing voluntarily, so few were looked for. Girls that age did that. And they were adults after all. They could come and go as they pleased. The ring placed them in hell’s version of what they had asked for and fantasized about. Very few made it out alive. Yet somehow, this was never connected to that chat room. Why? Because as soon as the male profile had the girls hooked, they asked them to switch to another communication method. Kik, skype, text, or a vanilla chat method. So maybe 6 months to a year before they were exploring their fantasies on a dark site. While interesting, what did that have to do with them going missing? Who knows?

who dunit! – mayhem

The young couple walked into the house, expecting to see a tidy and decent starter home when they went to look at the property with the realtor. The first sign of trouble was the look of shock and horror on her face.
Scanning the hall and great room, they saw paint all over the walls, scat on the couch that the realtor had gone to great lengths to find for the viewings, and smut magazines all over the floor. What a waste!
They walked further, into the kitchen and saw the fridge and stove doors were missing and all of the cupboard doors had been taken off and painted in black and orange. Hallowe’en had come early.
Further in, they saw a bathroom where the toilet and pedestal sink had been smashed to bits.
Somebody had gotten creative on the bedroom wall. They had painted a stunning, large silhouette of a nude woman over the bed and slit the mattress open.
The back hall looked like someone had upset a science lab. Broken glass everywhere.
The realtor stuttered “Oh my God! Who, who would do this?? I promise it was gorgeous yesterday”
They tried to reassure her, but what could you say? They weren’t interested in buying it in this condition obviously.
The realtor called the police. She had tears sliding down her cheeks as she talked with them.
When the officers came, they asked who she thought might have done this:

Suspect # 1 -++
The owners of the house had gone bankrupt and had been heart-broken when the sheriff came to evict them. Did they or their teenage sons return to reek havoc?

Suspect # 2 – ++
there was a drug house a couple lots over. Maybe they thought they could spread out if this house remained empty too?

Suspect # 3 –
one of the juniour realtors had been fired last week. She hadn’t been the draw her cute good looks and toadying manner should have been to customers. Had she been more upset, and frankly more intelligent, than they had thought?

Suspect # 4 – ++
there was a school on the next block. The previous owners’ kids had gone there. Were some of their friends showing their “support”?

Who do you think did it?

rapacious who dunit

He was lying in his bed, sleeping in the nude. The first sign of trouble was a really bitter taste in his mouth (viagra) and some cloth shoved into what had been his snoring mouth.
For some odd reason, before he could even struggle, he heard a tape of his own voice then…
"Be quiet and cooperate or your family will die. My friends have them bound and have guns on them in their rooms. Nod if you understand"
He nodded and started to shake.
The tape began again. "If you do as asked you all will survive. Understand?"
He nodded. He gulped and the shaking slowed down a little. How had they gotten a tape of his voice??
"Turn over onto your stomach" .He did.
Medium sized hands started touching his back and buttocks. Squeezing, pinching, and prodding into the crevice between his butt cheeks.
"Relax, it will hurt less."
He felt something at least plastic covered begin to penetrate his rectum. He wanted so badly to clench, but he had to cooperate. He felt a tear slide down his face. More followed as the thing entered.
"Lift up your bottom". He did and a pillow was put under his lower abdomen. Another hand started to play with his genitals and he arose to the occasion. Much to his embarrassment.
The rest is about who did it. I’m sure you know the mechanics from here. While it continued, he kept his mind busy thinking how they got his voice on tape, saying those specific words and who would do this?

Suspect # 1
His ex girlfriend had vowed she would humiliate him for refusing to marry her when she got pregnant. She was just bitch enough that she would be this cruel and he planned on asking her some hard questions.

Suspect # 2
He had a rival on the football team who kept giving him the hairy eyeball. He got every single medal and goal he tried for, plus kept up good grades. And had all the cheerleaders chasing after him as well.

Suspect # 3
One of the coaches kept making creepy moves on him. He tried to be civil, but he was pretty sure the coach saw the disgust in his eyes when he said no.

Suspect # 4
It could be a stranger! He suddenly remembered a speech he had posted on facebook a couple weeks ago. He had been standing in front of his house, with his letterman sweater on. OMG had they tracked him down?

When it was done and he was sure whomever had left, he went to check on his family. They all were sleeping. So it had been an empty threat.
The next morning, he logged onto facebook to check the speech and found pictures of a gloved hand using a dildo on his ass on his page. Sick people were liking it. He took them down and checked the speech. Yes, all the words were there.

So who do you think did it?

thief! thief! a robbery who dunit

They had a party in their new home. To be neighbourly, they dropped off invitations to everyone on their cul de sac. They wanted to be seen to be trying to fit in and be nice to everyone. They also realized that in some ways, their security would depend on their neighbours as well.
They also invited some of their old neighbours, so they could see how they had fared when they sold out and relocated.
They also invited a few people from their offices and a few long term friends.

Their house wasn’t THAT ornate, but it was well built and in an up and coming neighbourhood. You can take that to mean gentrified if you want. City council was trying to mix the neighbourhood to reduce the crime rate and make some of the slum lords take note that times were changing and they had to step up their game.

It was almost funny, in a way. Within a country block, there was a drug den, a tenement, a gang house, old mom and pop stores, a high end gallery and a few boutiques, a public and private school. Plus a few nice houses on their cul de sac. What a mishmash!

The day after the party, they went to work and left the cleaning to their maid service. The woman who came had done their old place for years, so they trusted her on her own. They were glad to have her.

When they came home, they found the doors wide open, the living room was trashed, the bed was stabbed and the mattress was ruined. A few cheaper paintings were slashed and some of the better quality ones were taken. Either someone had a good eye, or they lucked out. Do you believe in luck? I don’t. Her jewelry box was empty and their small safe was gone. There were a few stocks and bonds in and their insurance papers. That wouldn’t be worth anything to the robbers. Hey, they even took their kinky toy box! There was a lock on it so the kids didn’t go looking in it. Maybe the thieves thought there was something expensive in it?

They called the police…

Suspect # 1
the maid’s teen age son was looked at by the police. He was taking art classes at the school and might have known which paintings were worth the risk. But why now? He had always been a good and helpful kid at their old place. But recently his grades were declining and the cops thought he might be changing for the worse.

Suspect # 2
one of their new neighbours was having some business problems and was known to gamble. The cops figured he might have gotten worried about paying off his debts and robbed them. He had no known criminal history though. Didn’t run with any known criminals either. He had taken art history in college.

Suspect # 3
the husband was having some business problems too. So he was getting the hairy eyeball too. The family had moved because they were downsizing. The wife had refused to sell the very paintings that were stolen. SHE was even looking askance at him. But why would he bother with the toy box? Unless it was to throw off suspicion?

Suspect(s) # 4
the gang moved higher end stuff and yes art was part of what they moved. Anything really that could be turned into coin.

Soooo… who do you think trashed their place?

the next time the neighbour (suspect # 2) ran into the wife, he made a pass at her. But when asked about, it turned out he was a letch. So yay or nay? Was this relevant? Had he seen what was in the toy box?

Who dunit? – murder

A woman’s body is found in a park, close to her house. She is naked, posed delicately in a funereal pose and covered with a blanket. But she has bruises all over her body, When her body is xrayed by the pathologist, they find she has a lot of broken bones in varying states of repair. This woman has been badly battered… Her engagement and wedding rings are missing.

Suspect #1
her husband of course – It stands to reason, doesn’t it? Plenty of people could have told stories about spousal conflict. Or how often he was seen drinking. The cops also discovered he was seeing someone else. So was the victim…Jealousy is a good motive, one of the best. So was it him?

now we have Suspects # 2 & 3
the people they were sleeping with… Did he think they had something so great she would leave her husband? get violent when she broke it off? Did she think if the wife was out if the way, he would come to her?

Suspect # 4
a serial rapist/killer was known to be in the area. On examination, she had been penetrated vaginally and anally like this suspect was known to do. But why would a serial killer cover her like he regretted his actions? And stranger danger isn’t really that common a story, is it? Especially when the victim has been battered so badly and for so long…But you could hardly rule him out, could you? Not every batterer kills their target, do they?

Suspect # 5
A neighbourhood man had an unrequited crush on the victim. He was so distressed about her “horrible life” as he saw it, that he had been trying to find ways to cheer her up and protect her, He sent her flowers candy, cute cards. He called the police every time the couple had an argument. He seemed to be watching really really closely. The cops had had a few “friendly chats” with him about his interest in her. She had signed an RO against him. Had he decided the only way to solve this situation was to kill her?

Any one of these suspects had a story that could have been the cause of her death. Only two were unlikely to feel remorse enough to cover her. It was unlikely the female suspect would take her clothes off, unless it was to deflect blame from her.

Soooo who dunit? Do you have a guess? And if so, why?