Happy Canada Day! yo mofo Cannucks!

Happy Canada Day! yo mofo Cannucks!

O Canada 152 yrs strong –

flag, anthem and beaver (the rodent, you perv!)

… flags

The Canadian Red Ensign was the flag of Canada until 1965,
current national flag. Red is symbolic of England and white of France,
Canada has been fought over by those countries all along, and is bilingual.
designed by – George Francis Gillman Stanley
George Francis Gillman Stanley
Born July 6, 1907
Died September 13, 2002

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… Hudson’s Bay Company

(where the significance of the Cdn symbol of the beaver came from)
– first post at Fort Charles 1668
2nd at Moose Factory 1672
3rd Fort Albany 1675 -79
near James Bay./ Hudson’s Bay
oldest Cdn co and one of world’s oldest

for a post on Canada day!  Happy Holiday to fellow Cannucks!

….. anthem

God Save the Queen
it’s provenance
much as some might rather sing the one by the Sex Pistols as we aren’t all Royalists or even descended from them. Canada is a diverse nation, after all.
The Maple Leaf Forever
“The Maple Leaf Forever” is a Canadian song written by Alexander Muir (1830–1906) in 1867, the year of Canada’s Confederation.
O Canada – French and English version
it’s provenance
updated version – O Canada


The Women of the Trail Take Revenge (erotica)

The Women of the Trail Take Revenge

– a re-imagined view of a Louis L’Amour classic.

There are only so many times we women tolerate someone targeting us before we take action. All the menfolk do is shoot em up. And that seems to make things worse, if anything.

So the ladies did what we do, which is put our heads together and show the raiders what they were doing in more practical terms.

We borrowed our husbands’ rifles and snuck into the village under cover of the night, after all the cooking fires were put out. There was one fire left at the village center. Just enough light left to be sure we didn’t bump into each other.

We went to the teepee of the Chief and listened to see if anything or anyone was stirring. Very careful to stay down wind of the dogs.

Little Missy (short for Melissa) led us into the teepee and covered the Chief’s face with a thick towel. A few of us sat on him till his hands and feet were tied. Then we wrapped him in a blanket and put another under that as a travois, so we could drag him out of the village more readily. Hopefully in a quieter way.

We managed to get the Chief to a field about a mile away from the village. And uncovered his face so he knew who had him now. He relaxed, foolishly thinking that a bunch of womenfolk would hardly be a risk to him. He should know better, considering he had a neighbouring chief who was a famous female warrior. But he thought of us settler women as weak. And we had to convince him otherwise. So he stopped sending his warriors out to capture us.

We removed his breechclout and teased him to hardness. And watched as his eyes lit up. He thought he was going to have a fun evening. But that would hardly be revenge, would it? It would hardly motivate him to leave us alone.

So no. He had another sort of attention coming to him.
Something none of his maidens would dare do to him…

Little Missy had a knife, and she kept nicking his balls and threatening to castrate him if he sent his warriors after us again. Then she used the knife, covered with a cloth remnant to anally rape him. He was no longer thinking this was all fun and games. He looked like he was afraid of actually leaving here without his manhood attached. And Little Missy was a farmer’s daughter, so she had had practice on the geldings on papa’s farm. He had too few sons, and too little money or his daughter wouldn’t have been let in the shed at such an indelicate time.

Chief was trying to stop himself from shaking so he couldn’t get cut by mistake. And tensing and cringing, to try and avoid the knife. But Little Missy was a determined wench when her mind was set on a task. Which none of the men in our wagon circle knew.

Except her father. He was quite sure his daughter could protect herself against unwanted attention. But little Missy’s best protection was acting like an idiot. She cooed till most men’s teeth were set and all they wanted was to get away from her. She cooed and held a knife under her skirts in case they decided to press the issue. But somehow they never did.

A few of us women were taking cues from her. The men were enjoying the time we spent in town, so they could be with the saloon women, more than they did trying things on with us. Good thing, because we weren’t big fans of their red neck, tough bristle ways. And who could possibly enjoy the stink of unwashed teeth and chewing tobacco and bootleg moonshine? They didn’t have a chance, unless the women had joined them in a glass or two of moonshine.

When we were done with the Chief. we intended to leave him with a memory, but nothing that would shame him before the braves. Or they’d replace him. The Chief had to be the best of the best. We’d be losing ground if that was taken way. So we just showed him what real sexual fear was like. Then we let him go. And ran for the wagons, before he could gather help.

The rest of the night, we took turns watching the horizon for raiders. But they seemed to bypass us for the rest of our time there. The Chief was redirecting them to other wagon groups than ours.

Our lesson had worked. And we could breathe a sigh of collective relief. And made note of the fact that even chiefs didn’t like being tortured and raped by women.

Good to know!

Personal Taste in Whiskey, Wine, Coffee, Milks and Kink

Personal Taste in Whiskey, Wine, Coffee, Milks and Kink

Some people would much rather we were all clones, right? Do it their way, or don’t call yourself what they do, right?

All whiskey fans should just drink the same bottle of hooch and get over themselves? Same with wine, and coffee? All milks must be dairy or it’s just not milk? You have to make it yourself, cuzz that store bought is just crap, ya know? (who has the effing time!! Besides Martha Stewart maybe?)

Must it be a “tradition”. a “label”? (Who has reviewed and recommended it to you?) Or can it be an impudent new stock none of your friends have heard of yet?

Let’s see:


What makes a whiskey fan go rabid? Is it the company, the nationality, the country, the grain, the barrel choice, the availability at their local pub, the taste notes of things like vanilla, honey…?
The Whiskey Variance –
countries are mostly Ireland, Scotland, USA and Canada
common barrels are hickory , maple wood, different oaks, redwood, walnut, cherry, and chestnut.
grains are barley, corn, rye and wheat – single malt to blended

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… wine

And what makes a wine fan go ballistic? Country, family vinyard or farm, the fruit or recipe and the flavour. Of course the name, again right? I mean some people are just brand loyal.
The wine variance –
fruits of wine –
Apples, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Grapes, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Strawberries and rice

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…. coffee

And coffee? Must it be French-pressed? Or espresso? Do you boil the milk before adding it? Or is milk sacrilege? Must it be from Arabia? Or Colombia? Must it be shat out by a bird or beastie before you’ll drink it? (Yeah I’ll give that a hard limit!!)

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….. milk

must your milk come from an animal, must it be bovine, or can it be from a goat or sheep? Some might add a mare or a camel. Or can it come from a seed or nut?

for a post

….. kink

And now we come to BDSM, fetishes and kinks. Like the samples above, we all have our favourites, our must haves for everything to be right in the world. In our world at least. And some of us, are very hard core. Some are laissez-faire. Those who are hard core tend toward the high protocol, historic, spiritual/temple aspects. Some are riggers or rope addicts, and some are floggers. Some follow the latest fiction that has hit the bookshelves.

We will argue about which is best for us, but most people will prefer to 1) get laid, 2) satisfy themselves and their partner. (order may or may not be reversed YMMV) THEN worry about whether or not they get to play their way. But there is always that one in the crowd, right? They would rather masturbate to that video or written story of their thing than “people-please”.

Like the samples above, legislation and cultural standards play a large part in what we’re willing to do, whether we believe that or not. Unless you’re a total anarchist?

A lot of this is due to your first exposures to love and sexuality, where in the gender continuum you are, where you are on the orientation wheel. It’s what makes you feel good in your body, and how willing and able you are to explore.

It’s also about your emotional maturity at the time of first contact. And whether or not it was with free will, or force/manipulation. And whether that led you to shame and/or anger about yourself and your body.

And it’s about your self esteem. Do you feel sexy and attractive? Do you think you have value? To you and society? Do you feel loved?

….. personal taste

So when someone comes along and says, sex and kink come like this, and if you refuse to listen to me, you’re a dufus and/or abuser, tell them to SHADUP!

Cuzz you like fine rye whiskey, grape wine, coffee must be espresso blends, and yes nuts and seeds do make delicious milks. Oh and dear man, bend over and pull your skirt up! Hmmm oh wait, that’s me? ! Ooops! Oh well find your own place of feel good.

Now quit harshing my buzz, or as they say these days, quit yucking my yum with all your arguing!! And get off my lawn! I’m going for a nap!

How a Vampire Travels (a story)

How a Vampire Travels

Remember the good old days?

Well a lot of people say that, but these days are much better for my travels than a coach and four, or a boat ever will be. Cars eat up the distance, and for a while there, we had the Concord. You could get to another continent in a day.

And black drapes didn’t work as well then as tinted glass does now. Cloth is always porous.

Shops are absolutely everywhere! I mean, why pack your own trunks? When you can go to a mall and get most anything your heart desires.

It’s much nicer for us vampires now. We can visit our shrines, then travel between our sires and our children. Lovely! Mostly in a day!

There are so many gatherings of vampires now. I get to see all my friends and nobody is the wiser that there is basically a convention of the undead in town. Imagine!

And because of that, my staff don’t have to be spelled to deal with coffins of earth from the homeland. Nor do they need to get assistance from the locals, wherever we go. We can be there, spend a few days, and home within a week! Only the youngest of vampires cannot manage that, without their sire to assist their powers.

So we go to the biggest metropolises and have a hunting party, then go home. And only the most skilled hunters or wizards could track us. Or TBH even know that we were there! Some cities have a crime wave so bad, that they put our hunting parties to shame. And humanity call us predators? lol

Times have certainly changed for us. Very few vampires would disagree. Just the newest of the new and the oldest of the old. Those who cannot tolerate change.

I’d Like You to Meet My Daywalkers (a story)

I’d Like You to Meet My Daywalkers

I am one of the oldest vampires in existence. One of the rarer female ones. And most of how I have managed this is due to having daywalkers I can trust around me. And staying in my ancestral home, where I can manage those around me.

I can also change my appearance spell, so I can be my own niece, daughter, grandaughter even, when I walk in the village. They are quite happy that my family lives near there and patronizes the villages, rather than going to lands far off for our wares. So if they did suspect something was off, they’d put it down to us being blue-blood eccentrics. And laugh it off.

So let me introduce you to my daywalkers:

bedroom I have a lady who is blind to see to my baths and lotions. It’s easier for her, when she cannot see the blood or gore going down the drain.

And a deaf brute who carries my husks out when I am done with them. He is fiercely loyal to me and not that bright. So between my lady’s maid and I, we direct his every movement. He mostly sits outside my bedroom door, biding his time, till he is called for. There is a buzzer on his collar. He has been spelled to believe that the husks are “dollies” I play with. He’s not far away from the truth.

office I have a mute. Who transcribes my notes and takes messages, as well as attending all my meetings and keeping my schedules. He is quite strong and often acts as my security as well. For show more than anything. Nobody would suspect me of being able to outfight, out run most men and women. And if all else fails, I can “spell” them. It’s rare he has to step in, but he is a protective sort.

doorperson I hired someone unobtrusive to the household, whose sole job is to answer the door. So she sits in a chair there, because she has no legs. She wears long skirts to hide this from company. Her room is right beside the main door of my house. She has no reason or ability to come upstairs to my bedroom.

the rest of the staff families have been with my family for centuries. But they have no reason to associate with me to get their chores done. They work in the kitchen, which is in a separate building from the mainhouse. Or they work in the garden or fields. They have a shed for their ablutions and gather there for tea and chat when they want a break or company. As they never come into the house, they have no need to be spellbound or sensory deprived as my household staff mostly are.

the nearby villages have a few helpful friends who inform me when there is a weirdo who can’t be contained in the group, or a new person venturing into the village. Someone who can safely drop off the radar, with little upset.

the house has a receiving area far separated from my quarters. So there is no earthly reason why a guest would get that far unnoticed and redirected. There is even a bathhouse and bedroom for those who don’t know their own limits or take ill suddenly.

So I can play with my husks and my daywalkers rarely interact with guests. I hire a few villagers to serve when I have a party for the locals. It builds good will with the villagers.

All possible because I live in the Black Forest. I am a very contented vampire. and my daywalkers have a pretty nice life with me. So why would they try to change things? Even if they could?

The Musical Sounds Behind Web Comment Threads

The Musical Sounds Behind Web Comment Threads

Perhaps I’m a geek? Maybe just odd? (NO you don’t have to answer. No, really! I’m good with either :P)

I read a LOT in different discussion formats and this is what I hear when I’m reading. It makes it ever so much easier to keep my temper in check.

You have those who want to support their friend or someone who is going thru a rough patch. To them I give this sound .

There are people who, no matter how well you explain things, in the OP or comments, over and over, JUST. DON’T. GET. IT. #Amiright?? To them I dedicate this song

Some come in looking for a conflict and they deserve this song and a few sighs.

Some are on such a blue rage bent that no matter how positive the thread is they bring it down. Whine, cry, rant… so they get this song

And there are people who are just eternally in a sex mode. Like the tantric guy on SNL. I can’t find the sketch on youtube, sorry 😦 To them I assign this song

See it works, right? Are you still upset? 😛 Though sometimes it’s hard to get thru serious stuff without giggling. Cuzz on long threads, they ALL show up! :Pfft!

The Demon Suspicion (a story)

The Demon Suspicion

Everytime I looked in his eyes, I saw two things. His love for me and the insecurity he felt. Or at least that is how I read it then. Those I talked to about it were always saying how great his love for me was. Suspicions

I did notice that they treated me differently afterwards, so I stopped discussing it. The women made sure I was never alone with their men, and the men kept trying to get it on with me. And some required a well-placed knee to discourage them.

I wore different clothes, I dressed down, different hair, no makeup, no scents. I became a frump, because I thought it’d please him.

At least outside the house. In our bedroom he wanted the tart everyone seemed to think I was now. He wanted to own a tart.

You’d think a man would be proud to have a beauty on his arm. But not him!

Till one day it dawned on me…. I hadn’t done anything wrong. He was treating me as if I had already cheated. And I hadn’t!

So I started watching him. Because I realized maybe he was projecting? I checked his pockets, his phone, his PC, his phone list…

I was right! The little shit was cheating on me! And I was the one who was being treated like the town prozzie!
Well that was about to stop! Love doesn’t work with suspicious minds!

He was about to get his! Because when I looked in his eyes now, I saw the truth. He was a liar and a fraud.

He made the mistake of thinking that I was a One Man Woman . Oh no! I took my cues from the Banshee!

You were a fool to underestimate my ire! Now prepare to meet me at the top of my power!

I watched and saw a new look enter your eyes. You knew now you were about to die. It was time to sing your own “Requiem”

Don’t worry darling, I know it’s long, but you’ll be the one screaming thru each and every note. I will make that my last vow to you.

The Evolution of Humanity (a theory)

The Evolution of Humanity (a theory)

Maybe I watch too many sci fi and fantasy shows, or maybe I’m actually seeing something? But it’s like we have voices in our heads. One for each part of us. We used to think they were angels, demons or spirits. We used to think we are part beast, part civilized beings. Or possibly dissociated or hallucinating?

But now we tend to look at the future with an added voice. That of technology. How we will mesh our souls with that of the technical advances coming?

In the end, what we are looking for is some mesh of robot and human. We try harder and harder to find toys and tools that communicate with us, assist us, and guide us with greater and greater ease. Including as assistive devices.


1) when will artificial intelligence be smarter than humans? singularity

(a web-contact pointed me toward this theorist.}
Or have we already reached that point? And passed it? If/when they become smarter than us, will we let them rule us? Will they be kind to us or cruel? Could they see us as parasites who need to be exterminated?

2) At what point are we more robot than human? 20-50-70%?

When will laws and professional ethics catch up to these questions?

Bible Thumper Decoder – on sexuality

Bible Thumper Decoder – on sexuality

me –

I grew up in a very, very conservative group of backwater miscreants who called themselves Christians. I knew the Bible like it was breakfast toast. I had to memorize verses several times a week. For church, Sunday school, girls’ club or teens’ group.
I took courses in comparitive religion. And then it dawned, There was more than one way to worship God (+?).
I left the church I grew up in many years ago. Bout the same time I left my family. Sometimes you have to chew your foot off to get away.
But I still speak fluent Bible thumper. So I thought i’d help out with a decoder. Bottom line though, if a Christian says they are anti-gay based on the Bible’s teaching? They were looking for a reason to feel that way. Not the other way around. IMO

the context of religion and gender, sexuality.

We could go with the Biblical version that the earth was created about 6000 yrs ago, or we could presume they were discussing their version or their world. And being a little egocentric. Somewhat into magical thinking or superstition. If they don’t mention it, it didn’t exist. But didn’t all the holy books do that? If it was the “great other” it cannot be named in sacred texts. They could be calling greater powers down upon them and their own gods would be displeased. Some of those gods are very spiteful and jealous!
And what else did the empires and tiny temples of any religion need way back when but people in the pews? That was their greatest asset. They had to make babies and convert the heathen. It was the unifying rule of them all.


time line
early known religious texts


They wanted to outline the rules of daily life and worship. And mitigate the influence of their ignorant ancestors, while still worshipping their origins, They wanted to honour their own heroes in a time of flux and rebellion. They wanted to refute their weird neighbours

Dead Sea Scrolls
Nag Hammadi Scrolls or Gnostic Bible
Maccabean Revolt


They wanted to create a story, a mythology for them and future generations. I can’t think of a culture or religion that didn’t have a “Creation story”. So they gathered their mystics and had them dream; with drugs, dance and vision quests. And they handed the stories down till language was developed. Stories about angels, demons and nephilim. When the divine walked among us. And maybe didn’t act so divine?




You’d think with all that law, rite and cultural history, wars and conflicts would be a thing of the past. How could they not always agree? I mean they were brothers and sisters of the soul, right? Children of the same gods?
Well if they couldn’t keep their loved ones in the pews, how about them weird neighbours and heathen? But they’d send letters of support, caution and encouragement between them.


first Christians’ map


And in that context of trying to remain unified, without being close enough for fisticuffs and feuds, they made a list of all the ways they could remain close to each other and their gods. Food, water, child rearing, sexual practice…. But never you fear, they still feuded. Only by letter now.


With this context, I hope it’s understood that there are 5 whole places in the Bible that specifically mention homosexuality and nothing about transgender. Even though the Jewish culture in the Mishnah recognizes more than binary gender. And Jesus was a Jew, after all. So it’s not the Bible, it’s not Jesus, it;s not all of the old known world, it’s not what the Bible came from either. It’s the congregation if anything. Their interpretation. Besides the fact that every culture, empire and religion wants more members? Though we are at over 7 billion people on the planet as of now… Enough already?!

gender and Judaism
world view and gender



…. the Bible says… (NIV)

living out
Leviticus 18
Leviticus 20
I Corinthians
I Timothy


But before you get in a twist about what one congregation or sect of Christianity says, trust me, there is no single ideology within it’s doors or pews. So if you don’t agree with one, but think Jesus was a cool dude you might want to follow, check out how many sects there are…




In honour of PRIDE month – PFLAG

In honour of PRIDE month – PFLAG

In honour of PRIDE month –
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays –

Jeanne Manford
Started because parents got a call one night, saying their child was hurt. And an advocacy and education ball started to roll.


PFLAG – Canada
Rev Brent Hawkes
PFLAG Canada site
started because a gay teacher was falsely accused. And an advocacy and education ball started to roll.


some world chapters of PFLAG


Why June as PRIDE month?


It isn’t just the people who are not heterosexual who are affected by society’s narrow views of sexuality and gender. It’s also their families and friends. Who want the world and society to open their minds, hearts and laws to be more inclusive. We worry about the safety of our loved ones when society is so hostile. And we want to support and understand the struggle those we love face. And educate each other.
And we want to know…

how can we help?

how do we be that person you share your struggle with?
How do we feel safe enough to you that we are your safety number when dealing with cops and hospitals?
How would we be the one you tell when you’re ready to share your identity with someone?
How do we support you?