the he magnet

Somehow love has become an excuse, a justification for getting away with things just because he asks you to. Or he did something and now he deserves what you do in return.
Do you have any idea how many women in prisons and forensic hospitals on court remand begin their story with “WELL HE!!”

He was abusive…
so I killed him.
I abused his kids
I killed his kids
I did what he asked so he’d stop hurting me for a bit.
So I robbed a bank.
I kidnapped kids for him to harm.
I drove the get away car.
I ran the game
I sold myself so we could eat

He was charming…
So I wanted to please him.
I stripped
I slept with his friends
I whored
I raped and murdered my sister for him
I watched while he raped my kids
or joined him in the rape
I beat the kids cuzz they took his eyes off me
all so I could keep him.

He was so sexy…
I killed a woman cuzz she was coming on to him
I took drugs
I sold drugs

and here I am now, incarcerated!

WAIT!! WTF?? When do women actually begin to think enough is enough??


The biggest building contained the dream of her career.
She had been heading toward the life she always wanted. Would have made more money than all of her enemies put together. That’s why they were jealous. All of their “concerns” began when she seemed to really be succeeding. Climbing the ladders of academia better, stronger than anyone else of the group had. It got harder for them to claim she was so stupid and lazy as she got closer to wearing a gown. So they pulled the building down.

The next one was for her family and friends.
Every time they saw her gaining love and acceptance, they sent out the demons to tear these things down. How could she succeed when they had told her all her life that she was unlovable? No one would ever ever like her that much.

The next was her reputation.
They kept saying she was a black sheep and a ne’er-do-well. They started that song and dance when she was actually an innocent kid. The only people who believed them were their own delusional selves. Till they brought down her buildings all at once. There was the proof, they cried out. She can’t keep anything!

Next came her sobriety.
She barely looked at the party life, barely self medicated. But they poked and prodded, till she was inches away from using again just so they could say she was the one with the addictions. Not them.

Next came her safety and her health.
She could barely move, yet they refused her succor. They refused her proper care. They lied till nobody would come near her and she almost died. More than once.

Next came her self concept.
She thought she was one of them. Till she learned the truth. Then she understood why they hated her so. No matter what they tried, she wouldn’t become their clone. She couldn’t after all.

They tried to storm the fortresses of her body and her mind. They were so up inside her business, it was incestuous. It was like she was the one masturbating.

Finally she saw the necropolis they had created from her dreams and goals.
Instead of proving their claims that she was crazy as a whistle blower should be seen, she just looked around and walked away. And those near by finally got the point. These people were sure willing to go a long long way!

When the truth was known, she crawled into a corner well away from their touch to heal.

Then she came back one last time to raze all the new growth and show them all just what the rage they claimed she had really looked like. And she took them down in a hellfire never before seen. At the last second, she smiled so bright. She had become a demon of their creation. But they’d be joining her in the devil’s domain.

At that moment they realized, none of this had to be. And they screamed! For all of eternity.

doing without

She was alone. The new kid at school. Same at home too. She’d spend hours (it felt like days) waiting for her parents to call even or to come home. Latch key kids do get lonely and in her case it made her ripe pickings.
She craved attention and affection. She wanted validation. There were so many nights she fell asleep with tears on her face. Something scared her, but she had no one to call. She felt worried about school and making friends, but there was no one to reassure her. She felt lonely, from missing her friends at her old school. And she was home alone, so the loneliness grew day by day,
She was pushed around by a couple girls from her gym class. Teased for being… well not like them. It didn’t really matter whether she was pretty or they were. It just mattered that they were a them and she was a one. It also mattered that for days, they were the only ones talking to her who weren’t teachers or parents.
The girls were checking to see if she told on them. But she really had no one to tell.
Next stage, one of the girls befriended her. When she was separate from the others. It seemed to be a secret. She was fine with that, because at least she had one voice in the void. Part time friends were better than nothing. No one.
The group added themselves, one by one. It felt like a push and shove too. Some days they liked her, some days they were bullies. Sometimes physical, sometimes name calling. But they sweetly apologized and let her in a bit more. She started to trust them more and more.
Finally the bullying stopped and they treated her like their own.
Then they started the next phase. They took her to the mall and had her steal things for them. She was a bit hesitant at first. But the last thing she wanted to do was lose her new friends. She finally felt accepted.
Then they had her help them pick on their target girls. She didn’t like that, but better them than her.
Till one day, she baulked and the girls turned on her. They beat her, kicked her, kneed her. Till she couldn’t get up. So they left her there.
About an hour later, she managed to drag herself home and get into bed. She passed out…
She was alone when she died of her internal bleeding. No one even called for hours. Her parents went to bed when they got home without checking on her. In the morning, finally, they knocked on her door because she hadn’t started to make her usual getting ready for school noises or come for breakfast. In a rush for the door, they yelled but she didn’t answer. Her mom went in and shook her. And shook her. Then she felt her cheek, Her neck, She was stone cold. Her mother looked at her dad at the door and he came to check her himself. Then he called 911.
Three days later, she was lowered into the grave, to spend the rest of eternity…alone.

bit of strange gone wrong

He was in a different town, all on his own. Just there to do a few fun things, then go back home. Concerts, galleries and shows. All his ways to be grown up. So in that groove, he did one more thing when he met her. When she asked, he went to her place for a bit of strange. He’d be gone in a week, so why not?
He ended up staying with her for the weekend, having some wicked and wild sex. Like he’d never had before. Getting closer, talking about flirty stuff to real stuff in between bouts of sweat and sex.
Then she began her spiel. Had he known at the beginning she had thoughts like these, he would have banged her against the wall of the alley and run while he could. But he was caught up in her pheromones and in the right head space to give it a listen. A little dopey, a little sleepy, a little in crush. What harm could it do this once?
Famous last words…
For what she was chatting about was a cult. Telling him about how she felt so included, so safe, like they were family. How they spoke the truth, not like her hypocrite family. How they worked and played so hard together and just loved. How there was so much peace.
It got into his head a bit. He hadn’t known he was searching. Probably because he wasn’t really. And he’d always thought only dimwits and people with major psychoses went into a cult. But she made it sound so attractive, and she would be there… So he said he’d go.
In most cults, he’d probably be fine. Attend a few services, do a few chores, meet a few people…
But this cult was being investigated by the federal police for kidnapping, rape and murder. The body count attributed to the cult was piling up. And they weren’t neat corpses either. They looked like they had been tortured and denied food and water for weeks. They died in a high degree of shock.
Nobody would be looking for him. He hadn’t even told his boss his itinerary. Just that he was going on a much needed vacation. Nobody would be looking here for him. Even if they found his body, they’d have no way to link it to him.
She had found a perfect target. And the trap snapped shut on his neck as she led his willing soul to his own destruction. The leaders were pleased. She was the perfect lure. Time and again.

just a nasty piece of work

She invested so much in her role as the victim, but not many people believed her. It just didn’t add up…

There was the way that their marriage came to be. She blackmailed her dad into signing for the marriage when she was 17.
When her sisters told her that her husband was diddling them, she refused to believe them. She kept asking/insisting that her sisters babysit even though it was unsafe for them to be near him.
When siblings fought black and blue, she always sided with the one who started it and/or was most violent.
When she divorced her husband, it wasn’t because he was a child abusing freak, it was because she was bruised in ego. He embarrassed her in front of visitors and she walked out.
In the papers she served him, she said she was abused, but she left her minor kids with him.
She said it was all about her kids, but in the divorce, she took half of the equity of the house and their univ education away from them.
She and her mom lived kitty corner around the marital home, one at each entrance, so they could monitor the ex. But she didn’t even try for custody. I mean that would intrude on her dating now, wouldn’t it?
She signed up for several dating services, supposedly for a new husband, but couldn’t keep her legs closed. She got a name for herself and wife wasn’t it.
She stalked a guy who she was convinced would make the perfect new husband and tried her best to wreck his engagement.
She took some courses at the same time as her sister, and turned what could have been a bonding experience into a nightmare by gossiping about her sister. She was part of the reason her sister lost custody of her child. Well she did look good on paper, so she was believed.
Now does that sound like a victim?

Meeting of Minds (Two People Consent)

(what I wrote about consent previously was more about the ability of one person to give meaningful/mature consent.)

But as we know, unless you are masturbating, there are at least two people in the room. Two people who have to go from one speaking Greek and the other speaking Russian to finding a language and story in common so they can have sex together. We’ll use English.

“Meeting of the Minds” can get you married and it can get your marriage annulled too, so it’s a phrase many people know.

So… person A wants to hook up and person B is looking for a relationship. A wants that some day but maybe not with B. Nope, they aren’t looking for the same thing. Will they have sex? Probably… B is an eternal optimist and thinks sex is the way in to getting what they want. Manipulation? Kind of yep. But legal. Will B regret the sex if A goes on their merry way after sex? Probably. Even if a fun time was had by all. A won’t, but might be a bit sad that B’s fee fees were hurt.

And… Person A is vanilla, person B is a kinky bastid. Person A is thrilled with some cuddles and might tolerate a sore bum, and some toys, but what’s that you have behind your back B? A whip? Ok that’s a bit too intense and A goes screaming off into the night. B is left looking startled and wondering why A agreed to a sore bum if they didn’t mean it?

Or… Person A and Person B are on the same side of the slash but think the other is super hot and want to bump uglies in the worst way. But like Adam and Lilith, they were juggling for the top position. And getting frustrated and cross with each other. Or waiting for the other person to make the first move and sitting there in their goo getting nowhere.

Then… Neither person A or B is very experienced, but they seem to want the same thing they saw in a porn video they watched together. So they try. Elbows and knees knock. B gets a muscle spasm in their back and A starts to shriek at a certain point because they have a flashback. B has no clue what they did wrong. Nothing, but they think they did.

Vs… Person A reads voraciously about all things kink but hasn’t really done much. Person B has experience up the wazoo, and says they will teach A all they know. Ok maybe, but B goes off book and A starts to panic. Now that B cannot deal with so just pushes thru thinking they are teaching A for the next time. For future enjoyment. Not so much. 😛

And… we finish with all the meaningful variances and subsets of sexual behaviour .

Gee wouldn’t it be easier just to masturbate?? (Hell yes!!) Would it surprise you that no one in these scenarios had consensual sex?

she fought a lion

After her prayers in the chapel, just outside the amphitheater, she lifted her head up in pride and walked onto the field. She could hear the roars of the caged beasts. A shiver ran down her spine. There were rumours going around that this would be the last night where women would be allowed onto the field, so she wanted to do her sisters proud. If she fell, it would be with a valiant effort. It would be with her last breath. It had to be, so her family was cared for. What else could they do for a heroine’s family? No amount of money would cover the shame if she chose to be a prostitute. Her family were zealous in their old ways. She would be disowned. Even in death.
She was strong, healthy and eager. Yet she could not catch a break at any role she tried. Denied the education of the rich, she could sell herself or fight the lions. So she chose the lions.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the gate rise and took up her opening stance. Bouncing on the balls of her feet, she waited till she was sure the lion saw her. Then she waved her hands in the air and screamed till the lion roared.
Her body tensed as the lion loped toward her. As it jumped, so did she. Their bodies bounced off each other with force, then they reconnected. They seemed to be hugging each other, so close were they wrestling. She felt the lion warning her with it’s teeth, So she returned the bites. She even shook her head as the lion did as it bit harder. Finally she got her arms around the lion’s neck, threw her body weight off center, and managed to snap the lion’s neck. Her trainer had taught her that way of killing the lion, so she would be safer if she could get into position for the move. Every step led up to it. And it worked. The lion managed to get a few more bites and scratches in as it died. It made her blood run cold, knowing the lion was fighting for it’s breath, even after it was gone.
The dead beast slid down her torso then laid down on the ground near her feet. She remembered to pose as her trainer had taught her and placed her foot on the lion’s neck and raise her arms. The crowd roared.
There she stood, the victor. Covered in her blood and the lion’s. With her clothes in tatters for just long enough to claim the victory. Then she passed out cold. Was it blood loss, or fatigue? Did it even matter why?
The next thing she knew, she was being carried off the field, to the small room where they stitched up her wounds. A small smile appeared on her lips as her trainer congratulated her for her victory. Her entire future rode on whether she could fight again, but at least after tonight, she knew if they allowed her to she at least could.…

she rode in a steeplechase

She was so excited…All she could feel was him between her legs. He was huffing and panting. His body was rippling as he strove to succeed. He wanted to please her and win. You’d think it was all about him, but she was guiding him with her knees and hips. Just a tender touch or two on the leather around his shoulder and neck. The last thing you should do is jerk the lead, or he might overshoot in his aim and ruin everything.
He weighed far more than her and she often wondered why he allowed her the control, but he did. It was so exciting. But with all the sweating and puffing they were both doing, neither had the spare energy to smile.
Both might fantasize about a longer time together, but it would just last minutes, no matter who bragged otherwise. It was pure adrenaline and so invigorating. So life affirming.
She could feel his every move, from her butt to her neck and it was driving her mad. She knew she would be sore tomorrow. There was no way she was skipping her shower tonight! If she had any hope of being able to walk tomorrow. Even though she was used to his energy and the way they rode together.
She was caught in a suspended time zone, where nothing else existed but the two of them. All she could hear was pounding. All she could feel was him moving between her legs. For just minutes…

Um you read the title, right? lol…