But It’s your own culture….. (points to ponder only)

But It’s your own culture….. (points to ponder only)

I know you’ve grown up on the inside of whatever group you belong to, but what do you know of the history of your group? Do you know the place of origin for your practices and languages? Were there any times when your people were targeted or martyred? Did the faith of your people change? Did your people come to the land where you now live of their own free will? Because they wanted to discover new lands? Or as part of a diaspora due to war or persecution?


Do you speak your mother tongue? Or wear the traditional dress? Do you cook traditional foods, at least on feast days? Do you go to your temple? Who in your family is the keeper of the traditions?


It’s so important to look at whether or not you’ve been assimilated now and then. And to what degree.


In my family, I’m the only one who can still speak, read and write in the languages of my culture. I don’t wear the clothing but I do eat the foods. Which isn’t that hard, considering the makings can be found in most grocery stores, even if the end product isn’t. I have taken courses about the history and have read a biography of the main leaders. I know when and why we left our place of origin. Which in my family would make me the keeper. If I were still in touch with my siblings anyways.


Why am I thinking of this? Cultures, people and religions change for many reasons thru time. How we arrive here is often a really interesting story. But it’s often one of pain and terror. And many of these stories are coming to light in the hands of researchers. Or are they? Do you know if the story of your people is being told fairly? I guess I’m one of the lucky ones in that. I think it’s mostly true,

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