Just Running Errands (a story)

Just Running Errands

It might have been my own fault. Or at least I had my own role in how I was there at the wrong time. I was procrastinating all week about getting my errands done. And left it till the last minute. So there I was, one of a large crowd of shoppers. Trying to keep my patience among squalling babies, shoving people, and the constant announcements over the intercom.

That is the perfect recipe for most people who hate shopping like I do, to get a migraine. That and the fluorescent lights. Whoever thought those up should be shot! And here I was on a weekend morning, wearing my bra and girdle out, when usually I lounged at home in PJs. Getting a serious hum and pound going in my head and my eyes were clouding up.

But even I noticed them…

The two guys that were hanging about at the bank, with no clear aim apparent to their movements. I thought for one second that maybe I had watched too many reality crime shows? Until I caught sight of a bulge in their pockets. I knew the bulges were placed wrong for them to be happy to see me.

And I started off away from that area.

But i didn’t make it out in time 😦

The doors slammed right in front of me and I was part of the news event of the year.

Where two gun men shot up a bank. And most of the people in it were killed. I think most of the squalling babies lived. Unless they caught a bullet ricocheting? It seems even rabid robbers pale at actively aiming inside prams?

One never knows their thoughts, does one? Did they think of first person shooter games? Pinball? Bowling? “Get down you fuckers, I wanna win!”

But as I lay dying, the oddest thought went thru my head…”Mama, you’ll be glad to know my corpse is properly attired. All my underkit properly in place for the coroner to think, what a lady I am… Hope I made you proud in my final moments?!”

HR Crossed Lovers? (a story)


HR Crossed Lovers?

Jack sent a flower to Steve’s desk everyday. Steve politely asked him to stop. They were just coworkers after all. So Jack sent a danish from a bakery down the road. Steve like danishes, right? Not the point, Steve said. He was happy to get his own danishes and didn’t want these gifts. They obv meant more to Jack than Steve. They were being used to woo Steve, and he wasn’t open to that from Jack.

Jack refused to stop… so Steve took the matter up with their boss and the HR desk. Both sent a note to Jack, saying that coworkers were not to fraternize. It was against company policy.

Which Jack took to mean that it was time to quit his job.

And did so immediately. Then found some cute chocolates to send Steve everyday. After security refused to let him in the building. He slowly ran out of shops that could get the gift past the security desk. Where it was returned though.

Steve was kind of creeped out by this. He had no idea what he had done to give Jack the idea that he was something more than a coworker. They hardly said more than “hi” in passing, after all.

But he left it up to security to deal with. They had his and his boss’ instructions and were following them.

Until the day when Jack showed up outside Steve’s apt building with a ring and went down on one knee. Steve made a dash for the door and had the doorman help him by calling the police. He texted his boss and HR as well. Not that they could do anything though, cuzz Jack no longer worked for them.

What did the police do? Laughed a little, probably out of discomfort as much as anything. Told Jack to lay off and Steve to take the compliment. And left.

Steve wasn’t thrilled with this response. But what could he do? He had the boss and HR forward the file to the cop station. Which meant the police went around to Jack and told him seriously that he needed to move on to another crush. Steve wasn’t interested in him.

Which Jack took as he needed to buy a cute little cottage outside town. So the police had no jurisdiction over he and Steve being together. And found a card company that sent man-to-man cards to Steve at his home.

Steve contacted the mail service for his building and had those cards stopped at their offices and returned to Jack.

Which Jack took to mean that Steve had put in his quit lease notice and was going to be moving into the cottage with him soon.

And started planning their wedding. And each service he dealt with cced Steve with the arrangements that Jack had paid for.

Steve moved. And very few people had his new address.

Jack showed up in the parking lot at work everyday and serenaded Steve as he ran toward the office.

The police were called. And again they laughed and told Steve to tough it out. But by then, this had been going on for almost a year. So Steve went to the station and filed a detailed report. The desk sargeant sent an officer to Jack’s cottage and he had a chat with Jack about moving on.

Which Jack took to mean, he had to move further afield. The police were too close to his dream life with Steve.

And with a new address, he was able to start the cards up again, and the chocolates to work as well.

That was it! Steve quit his job and moved out of town. Jack had no way to find him now. And he was left heart broken.

The world and authority had conspired to keep Jack and Steve apart.

So Jack ODed on drugs and booze one night. And left a love letter for Steve about their star-crossed love affair. It was posted in the paper, so a friend “kindly” sent it to Steve.

Steve was horrifed. And it took him some months to process all of Jack’s actions. But at least he felt safe now. Jack was a nuisance that was gone now.

Though SteveΒ didΒ make sure to keep his head down at work. No one’d ever get the idea that he was open to even being a friend, let alone more, again.

The Originals (TV show)

The Originals (TV show)

Since it was a spin-off of
The Vampire Diaries, which I didn’t like the first episode of so didn’t bother watching, I was pleasantly surprised by
The Originals
Maybe because it had older actors, the themes behind the series were more historic/philosophical/quasi-scientific, which struck me as more mature than a teen lovers’ triad gone supernatural. I’m not exactly sure. And the first time I watched it, I couldn’t catch the whole series. Which is often the advantage to streaming over watching on a network’s schedule.

There are a LOT of characters running about, though. You do need a playlist so you don’t lose track. IMO:

werewolves – Crescent Pack –

originators of the werewolf curse. Cast in revenge as the elders killed the “hollow” and her power was divided and sent in several directions with one of her bones

Kenner Family

Jackson was of this family

The Labonair Family

both Hayley and Niklaus are of this family


vampires – The Mikaelson family

”Mikael (a Viking warrior) and Esther Mikaelson (a witch) , their children – Freya, Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikaelson,
Esther’s child Niklaus with a werewolf Ansel, after Freya was taken.
Hayley Marshall (a werewolf hybrid) and Niklaus had Hope (a tribrid).
Esther turned the younger children into vampires so they couldn’t have children, after her sister Dahlia took Freya from her, and said she’d come for every first born. Dahlia tried to take Hope too.
Listen forΒ Kol’s roleΒ in the making of the lore and the dark objects. He seems like a minor character, but lore-wize? He’s quite important to the structure.
And Henrik, Dahlia, Mikael and Esther are pivotal for motive. But Henrik is hardly on screen in this spin-off. Hardly even spoken of.

And Marcellus Gerard – the slave boy that Niklaus adopted/turned when he saw him being beaten by his owner.

the witch covens –

what their powers are, which family lines of witches are within it/ancestors, who they are allied with, and where they live in the city. The witches aren’t literally able to live beyond human years, but they can re-enter a witch’s body and live again (reincarnation, or step in)
Run by a Regent Witch. Such as Davina Claire and Vincent Griffith who both begin hating the Mikaelsons, and slowly become enmeshed into the family.

  • Balcoin Coven
  • Chamberlain Coven
  • The Hollow’s Coven
  • Treme Coven
  • Garden District Coven
  • Algiers Coven
    *Gentilly Coven
  • Obeah Coven
  • Gemini Coven
    & the Strix’ (Elijah’s sire line) “lost souls” witches

eugenics and supremacy

The war between the four breeds: the wolves, vampires, witches and human faction. Each set on being the one with self-determination minimum. Better yet, by having control over the others, at least to the point of restricting their access to other breeds’ homes. How was this determined? By who had the most power. And they were usually in the current favour of the Mikaelsons. Which made some sense, since they did “found” the city of New Orleans, when they got tired of running from their parents.

warp drive family drama

They didn’t just have bickering at the dinner table. They even went beyond soap opera level of sleeping with each other’s partners. Or at least trying to. There were curses, feuds, crusades and wars, staking each other and walling them up behind bricks, and trying to kill each others’ immortal souls.
But in all that was the promise of “Always and Forever”. (On a personal note, family like that should be estranged… j/s) They were supernaturally co-dependent. Till the end.

or is it the end?

You may want to ask Hope and watchΒ LegaciesΒ as she goes to school established by Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes in Mystic Falls. Which will it be closer to? Vampire Diaries or the Originals? And who will come visiting? Time will tell!

Or it could stand

on it’s own? It began and ended in quite nice places and let you in on some of the history. If you can keep the people straight? There is a large cast!

Q – Competition with Others? Or personal growth and team work?

Q – Competition with Others? Or personal growth and team work?

Yesterday, I wroteΒ a storyΒ about two guys who were frenemies and it ended badly. Because they were taught to be rivals, rather than act as team members. Or achieve to improve themselves.

I think promoting rivalry in sports and games tends to encourage jealousy and frustration. And is counter to good sportsmanship and team work. Especially with children.

I think your best competitor in life is who you were yesterday and who you want to be tomorrow.

But there may be some variance in that, due to the fact that not everyone has an internal locus of control. Some people need the “other” to motivate them. And i’m not sure how that could be mitigated to lessen rivalry.

I think this discussion is applicable to D/s, M/s relations and might be applicable to poly-cues as well. What do you think?

Leap Frog Days (a story)

Leap Frog Days

Bill and George had been frenemies forever. They should be friends, but really… they had so many of the same talents and interests, they were too alike to be friends. Does that seem strange? But their biggest same thing was their competitiveness. At least they respected their rivalry. But they took every opportunity to best the other.

Bill was a straight-shooter. But George was not. George did everything he could to sabotage Bill. And Bill knew that. But it didn’t change who he was, except to make him aware that George couldn’t be trusted. So he had to protect himself by not being accessible to George’s friends or George himself. Esp just before any games or sports they played in together.

And it got harder and harder for George to cheat as a result. Which made him more and more frustrated. And more creative too. He started paying people Bill wouldn’t recognize as George’s agents to do the tricks and deceptions that were intended to defeat Bill. Bill found it harder and harder to trust anyone soon enough.

It was like a game of leap frog. Hopping over each other and whatever was last done to win. George by any means, and Bill fair and square. Bill’s ways led him to feel isolated and lacking in trust. George’s led to him feeling angry and frustrated. They had lost a lot of their early friendly-ish attitudes and behaviours. And were often on the cusp of having a brawl.

It didn’t help any that some of their friends were playing their own games to come between Bill and George. Causing trouble and placing bets on who would get most upset. On who would overcome the trials and win the game or sport regardless.

Till one day George snapped. (It had to be him, right?) He went after Bill in such a violent way that Bill had to defend himself. Even though he felt like shit for doing it. But this was the one thing that George was better at. He’d had more practice, after all. And even if he hadn’t been better, accidents can happen and Bill was badly hurt. Nobody knew if it was by design, Not for sure. And George left him, ran from him. Not even checking to see if he was breathing still.

Looking Thru the Window (erotica/ish)

Looking Thru the Window

A new neighbour had moved in across the courtyard. And he was such a delish dish that I had to see more. So I dug into my storage cupboard and found my binoculars. Luckily for me, he took some time buying curtains. Maybe he had to save up first? Or he was an exhibitionist? But I had a good time watching his daily activities. I don’t think that man enjoyed pants much. And he had a love/hate relationship with underwear too. Awesome for me!

So I bought a camera… And took some lovely shots of him lazing about on the couch, the bed, He loved to cook with no clothes on, mostly for brekkie. I did notice he hardly ever made bacon lol. And the door on the bathroom opened directly to his shower. Sometimes builders don’t fog the glass enough for privacy. So I got some good shots, till the steam covered him.

And now and then, I caught him masturbating. His motions enough to loosen the blankets or sheets and I saw his cock erupting all over his stomach. And wondered what he was thinking of.

But finally the day came when he put up curtains…. I felt crushed. As if an affair was over. But he had gotten so used to not having them that he often forgot to close them. So our time together continued most days. And i was so relieved.

I did start to meet him in the communal areas of our building though. He always greeted me with a smile and a wink, So i wondered if he knew? Nah, I was careful not to have the lights on in the room, when I was watching him.

One day, he gave me a flower he had picked from the garden out back of the building we lived in. We laughed and joked about his thievery. So I got a chance to chat with him some.

And things built between us….

Till we were in and out of each other’s apts and beds.

I should have been more careful. I really should have.

He stumbled across my pictures of him one night, when i was sleeping, and I guess he had been restless and curious about my albums of photos.

I woke to find him gone. And from then on his curtains were closed.

The Story of 486 – 793 – 525 – 486

The Story of 486 – 793 – 525 – 486

(begging forgiveness if such a slave registration exists I will change it, but I checked and they seem to be 9 digits, usually?)

πŸ’πŸ–πŸ”- πŸ•πŸ—πŸ‘- πŸ“πŸπŸ“ – πŸ’πŸ–πŸ”
π–’π–Šπ–† π–›π–Žπ–™π–†,
π–—π–Šπ–˜ π–’π–Šπ–†
𝖆𝖒𝖔𝖗 π–’π–Šπ–šπ–˜ π–Žπ–“ π–˜π–Šπ–’π–•π–Žπ–™π–Šπ–—π–“π–šπ–’
(my life, my property, my forever love)

We had talked about what his tattoo would look like. Something that’d mean something to both of us and only those in the know would discern it’s meaning. If they saw it.

We both loved the Latin language. I had taken it in school and that was his family lineage. And we wanted it to reflect our relationship. To be just as meaningful when we died as when we lived and loved.

Something better than a ring. Something no one could steal from him. Something neither of us could toss away in a fit of rage. Maybe even make us pause if times were hard to reflect on it.

And if placed right, something only he and I could see. And we did several placements as temporary tatts, to see which was the best. For discretion’s sake. But there would be moments when he had to get medical care. So there was always that potential. So nothing that doctors’d usually wince over. Just a few words and a number.

The day came. And we went to the parlour for the final version, that’d be a permanent tattoo.

And he was such a champ. He had tears in his eyes at times. and winced a few others. But he sat thru it’s placement.

And I was never so proud. He was never so proud.

To finish it off, we each had a matching black dot put on our ring finger. We belonged. And always would.

Romance? Or death obsession?

Romance? Or death obsession?


Shakespeare has a lot to answer for. Even all these years later. Teens in coffins doesn’t sound romantic to me. Yet his story is one of the great romances of all time. Would it be tolerated today? Does it come with an idiot waiver? “Kids. don’t do this at home. Seek help and realize love is meant for the living”?


Thou detestable maw, thou womb of death,
Gorged with the dearest morsel of the earth,
Thus I enforce thy rotten jaws to open,
And, in despite, I’ll cram thee with more food!

Zeffirilli’s movie Romeo and Juliet –Β theme song

What is a youth?
Impetuous fire
What is a maid?
Ice and desire
The world wags on

A rose will bloom
It then will fade
So does a youth
So does the fairest maid

Comes a time when one sweet smile
Has its season for awhile
Then Love’s in love with me

Some may think only to marry
Others will tease and tarry
Mine is the very best parry
Cupid he rules us all

Caper the caper; sing me the song
Death will come soon to hush us along
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall
Love is a past time that never will pall
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall
Cupid he rules us all

(20-second flute interlude)

A rose will bloom, it then will fade
So does a youth
So does the fairest maid


Forty thousand men and women everyday
Like Romeo and Juliet
Forty thousand men and women everyday
Redefine happiness
Another Forty thousand coming everyday
We can be like they are

Romeo and Juliet
Are together in eternity

H.I.M (Don’t Fear) The Reaper


Why you die for love?
You can’t imagine what you don’t know
So here I am,
How’d I get so much in love
Led by my heart
And addicted to the thrill – oh
You come around say
You lost your love light
I’m breaking down,
Paying for my past life
Found out by all the pain that I feel

Hall & Oates – Romeo Is Bleeding

Star Child Met Earth’s Sages (a story)

Star Child Met Earth’s Sages

Star Child was wandering around the universe and came close to earth. So he thought he’d pop down and look around.

Star Child took human form and walked down the street. First he came across a cauldron in a front door shop, where many herbs and elixirs were posed in the window. He was curious, so he went inside. The magician had a few moments between customers. so he gave a brief view of the world and all it’s elements. How mixing the right things could solve most problems and create new things.

Star Child nodded. And thought, “yeah sort of” And left the magician to serve his next customer.

Then he came to a temple and saw many supplicants on bended knee. He heard the priest talk about gods who were ruling humanity and we are the god’s favoured one. And we need to show our fealty to them. And only them or demons would track us down and take us to the land of the dead.

Star Child hmmmed and thought, “ok maybe…” And left the group to the privacy of their prayers and songs.

Next Star Child came to a laboratory, and saw some people in clean wear, nasks and overclothes, and working under hoods. He heard about the mixing of chemicals and the schools of thought of what was observed, and what was not. And how their field knew more than any other. And almost added his voice. But restrained himself since even star children have rules about evolution being autonomous and self-perpetuating.

So he left and thought, “well that’s a bit arrogant! It’s not quite that simple”.

And Star Child wandered off to a big building where there were many classes and lots of humans wandering about like ants in a colony. He found the professors’ lounge and heard the jokes about sex and body noises and fluids, and laughed along. He heard the lament about the regents and funding issues and almost cried. And he heard a few people debating about what was real and what was nonsense. And his face fell a bit.

Because Star Child knew they were only partially right, but he could say nothing to correct them. So he left.

And Star Child went back to the skies and thought for awhile about the state of humanitiy and their quest to be so divided. And worried for them. Until he remembered this song the star children often sung:

Once the humans were monkeys in the trees
Once humanity were fishes in the deep blue sea
Now they think they own everything their eye sees
And know of everything, including of me.

How Do I Dream?

How Do I Dream?

I hear most people dream about their daily life, finding a way to process it… But I’m not sure that I do. The only way I know I dreamt was if I wake up as a result of the dream. Then it depends how upset I am if I actually remember it when I wake for my day.

Memorable dreams that actually wake me:

  1. dreams that startle me and make me laugh. Eg: one night I saw a stallion in my dream and went from head to tail, slowly. It was a gorgeous stallion and I thought I’dΒ loveΒ to ride that. When I got to the tail, it lifted and out plopped do-do. Ok gross, but it gets worse/better? I heard my kid sister’s voice saying “yummy! Chocolate shake!” Out comes a straw and she starts sucking it up. I heard her voice saying “mom make it stop!” and step mom saying “AAAACH what do you want me to do?!” I came out of my dream laughing!
  2. dreams that confuse me. They have nothing to do with me or my life. It’s almost as if someone inserted the dream, besides me. I wake thinking “WTF??” I’ve ended up in weird places, met odd people and done things I’ve never done. And it’s not scary or bad, I just don’t know how I got there. Reincarnation? Seeing someone else’s dream? I don’t know. I just know they don’t belong to me.
  3. dreams that scare me. These come in two groups.

a) I do have night terrors. And wake screaming, not knowing why. Just a feeling of impending doom, really. I don’t remember these.

b) I also have nightmares. Some about an abusive ex. Usually that he found me again. And some about my childhood religion POV, that it’s the 2nd coming or the devil has found me. And when my kid was young, I used to dream that we fell off a high place or I dropped her. Never happened though. The high place was usually a really cool castle balcony or turret.

But otherwise, i sleep until a neighbour or landlord wakes me or I have to get up. With no memory of what I dreamt.

I wonder what Freud’d make of this? lol