how to step-parent IME

How to be a step-parent IME

my experience on this topic-

I grew up in a household where I had a step-monster and deceased mom. My dad was an addict, and step was his enabler. Stuff was not pretty.
I’ve also been in relationships with men who had kids.
So I saw a few things along the way…. Maybe they can help someone else?


the rules of the house – you and parent live together, so you and parent determine what they are. And you and parent enforce those rules.

But primary should be that you and parent run the show as a mutual respect zone.

you are the not-the-parent person. So mom and dad make the rules for the kid and you listen and enforce them. If you disagree, then bring it up away from the kid. Almost like an older sibling to the kid.

If there is a custodial or visitation order, you are legally bound to adhere to it. You don’t want to go to jail for trying to sabotage it. If there is a fight, it’s between the parents and the court. Not you.

to the kid – you are their tribe. Someone they can go to if someone is causing them hurt or fear. You are their safety zone.

You are the friendLY (not friend) of the kid. You can do fun things with them as long as mom and dad agree.

And you’re backup or support to mom and dad. If mom and dad are arguing, unless it infringes on your rights, butt out. Exception being if you think it endangers the child to remain silent. Or if it impacts your relationship with the parent, you get to put in your POV. (with your partner only)

This role may include being chauffeur, babysitter, and cook. But not slave. The parents are the primary guardians of the kid. You are the fallback plan. Not the one who stays home with their kid while they get to live their lives.

You are not there to take over the place of the parent. And as person-of-authority, you can and should ask for and get respect in your own home and there should be consequences if you don’t get that. You get to be heard.

IMO it’s really rude and hurtful to the other parent to get called parent-names by the child. So think of a name that says loved, respected one who lives in house but isn’t the parent that you, parents and kid like. Maybe not aunt/uncle either though? You could do the Southern thing and be Mr or Miss first-name. How does kid introduce you? My parent’s live-in partner. Or my step-parent.

You are not the enemy camp, or messenger between warring parents. Nor the whipping post of either parents or kid.

Once those boundaries are in place, have fun with kid and parents. Build like and love will come. Unless you’re an ogre?


How to blend a family, where one has kids, other has kids and you two have kids? If it’s house rules of mutual respect and parents of child make the rules, then there won’t be too much variance between the kids. Plan activities that include all the household when possible to create a cooperative and cohesive unit. Be thoughtful of each other and the individual kids should all feel valued. And so will the adults.


How to be a step if the other parent dies – Be sensitive to the fact that there will always be a person-sized hole in their hearts and family, that you cannot fill. And that is in no way your fault or your duty to do so. Give them alone time to focus on the deceased parent, without your presence. Or at least be discreet, in the background. And let them talk about the deceased without feeling like they owe you more than them.

Please feel free to add from your own experience. ūüôā

the etiology of Wm Shakespeare

the etiology of Wm Shakespeare

I adore William Shakespeare!

He is my fave writer of all time. I have read a LOT of his writings; most of his poems, most of his comedies. I’ve tried chipping away at his political stuff as well. I’m still reading. I have his complete works!

I have read enough on Shakespeare to have a good idea of his influences and styles. And I’m pretty good at reading and understanding his idiom/dialect. It helped so much to have taken Latin, German and French in HS.

In my off-the-web writings, I practice how to get a sonnet just so, how to use iambic pentameter, and even how to write in the English of Shakespeare’s time. I have even written¬†fan fiction¬†of minor characters and stories or plays and poems with his “feel” and themes.

Stuff I probably will never publish.(How likely is it that I’d be published for anything, except by me anyway?) It’s basically a student’s notes. A true amateur’s love for their fave author. And everything I have found to be a love of his, I have read. Every author or poem or play I could lay my hands on. I can see where his stuff came from.

You could call me obsessed. ūüėõ

And even having heard that my William didn’t write it((????!!!), I still adore the work. And the journey I went into to find his story… and my own.

I’m just glad that there is no conclusive proof that he didn’t. Just theories. (phew!!)

Would I re-think my position on his writing? Probably not. All you would change of this quest for me is the name of the writer.

I understand the history of the art world and it’s schools and styles and influences…

and I’ll leave you with these quotes. and the links to the debate of whether Shakespeare is the author or not. You can decide for yourself. Or just be an adoring fan or hater like most people chose to be. Up to you!


….. quotes

nothing new – Ecclesiates1:9

everything passes away- Marcus Aurelius

Socrates and the “art of midwifery”

…the influences

of time, country, philosophy/religion, language, and style

artistic influence- meaning, symbols, objects, era, and school
iambic pentameter
Elizabethan language
[Latin, Greek, and French/Belgian influences on a Germanic language
Latin and Greek, German and French poets who influenced the Elizabethan era
poetic schools
Ottoman influence on poets
Japan, Cambodia, China and India -influence on English plays and poetic sagas/epochs
the Elizabethan Bard as a tool of the sovereign’s political and religious bias in exchange for their sponsorship


the Beat poets go back to the waters that influenced the Elizabethan bards, and instead of romantic views. they are realistic. IMO

… the authorship question

variance in artistic attribution
definition of plagiarism
the authorship question of Shakespeare’s work
was the authorship collaborative?

William Shakespeare;

was it indeed Shakespeare?

Sir Francis Bacon;

was it Bacon?

Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford;

was it De Vere?

Christopher Marlowe;

was it Marlowe?


William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby.
was it Stanley?

the spectre of immigration to Canada

The Spectre of Immigration to Canada

the spook story

Wherever there had been a boot or an oar laid; wherever there had been a tear shed in hope, fear, mourning or celebration; wherever there had been a family brought together again or destroyed forever… in the name of immigration, in the name of those who succeeded and the bones of the dead, the spectre remembered them. Whether the world did or not.

Laruam gathered the dust of their wrecks, the germs in their dying breaths and their tears of joy and despair and gave himself energy to raise the storms of the sea around him.

He wanted revenge for the slaves and indentured who were given no choice. The journey was such a hardship, such a risk, that he felt their pain that they had died without hope or blessing.

Laruam felt the anger and shame of the women whose bodies became a trade for food or clean water. Out of coercion, force and manipulation. For the women who in their horror threw themselves over the side of the boat. And lost their place in heaven due to their shame.

He gathered the unshriven babies and their mothers who died in the filth of the boats, neglected by the sailors in their most desperate hour. When there should have been tears of celebration, there were screams of mourning. Women ullulating and men bellowing in their fear and sorrow.

All this he gathered. All this he pulled into himself and drew himself up in his rage.

And the next boat that came by with a greedy captain, looking for a buck more than the safety of his passengers, Laruam lifted and smashed it to smithereens. Making sure the captain was mangled in the crash. Tortured in his death.

Over and over again, till a sea tale grew about this large, black creature that was stories tall that took hold of boats and shook them till they were dust. But how would they know? If they had been there, they’d have been dead as well. Yet this is the tale that made the rounds. This creature smashed the boats of greedy captains. And only their ruins talked to spread this story. But it did spread.

Thru the centuries, thru the lands, and thru the families left behind. And each time it was told, the captains shivered. Cuzz sailors are a very superstitious lot. They tried going in a more southern route. Because northern would have killed them. Not that southern was much better. But till Laruam was raised, at least they stood a chance.
And Laruam followed their boats. Nothing held him to the sites of the past. From sea to shore and back, he followed the smell of greed and killed those who saw profit over life. Made their last moments so torturous, they would remember them for eternity. It would be their hell loop.

And Laruam was satisfied with his work. What spirit of revenge wouldn’t feel satisfaction when they achieved just what they had wanted?

Somehow the sailors learned his name and chanted dirges about their friends and colleagues. Somehow the mourning families learned his name and chanted it in supplication when another boat went down , in the name of greed.

And with this adoration, Laruam grew even taller.

Till the day the piers that had welcomed the ships were turned into museums for the dead. Then he spread himself over the seas. Became part of their texture…Till the day ever came that he was needed again.

the reality, the history

Pier 2- Halifax, Nova Scotia – 1880- 1939
Halifax explosion – 1917
Grosse Ile -quarantine island -near Quebec city- in the St Lawrence River- 1832-1937
Grosse Ile
Pier 21- Halifax, Nova Scotia-1928 – 1971


conditions on the boats
Gull/ Ellis Island -1630 – 1954
USA- quarantine islands of New York


It was not the romantic illusion of the story of the Titanic, nor the family pride, status story of the Mayflower, but due to filth, unclean water, and lack of good adequate food, people were horribly ill and many died. All for a dream of making enough money and buying land back home. Returning home a hero to their family.

Only to find themselves in peril from travel conditions, raids by “savages”, dying their first winter because they had never seen a blizzard before, let alone knew what to do to survive it. Temperatures from 50C below freezing to sweltering ones of 45C

And those were the ones that wanted to come of their own accord. Prisons and work houses were emptied and swarms of them were put onto boats for the new lands, never to be provided for again.

It was mostly the poor and destitute who came. And Europe and the UK were glad to be rid of them. I mean if you had a castle or manor, a title and privilege, and resources for you and your family, why would you leave? Why would you take the risks?


Has immigration changed much?

Now they mostly travel on planes and go to the major cities’ airports across the provinces, work three jobs and pile a bunch of their family and friends into tiny apts to send a bit of money home to their family there. Every cent extra they can, because at least in Canada they can walk freely down the street. Mostly without a bomb going off or a police or military raid gathering those up who speak against the govt. Those here know how lucky they are. Many are terrorized when they hear news from back home. And the only reason they’d return home is to see their family. If they can. Some would be killed if they set foot there again. Canada becomes their second home. They try to make themselves comfortable.

And they see Canada as a better alternative than our neighbour to the south of the 49th. Our borders aren’t as harsh or closed as theirs.

It was in this time that a lot of the lines of my family came to Canada.

risk of death from

typhoid fever, dysentery
cholera, typhus, small pox, measles,

scarlet fever/scarlatina, yellow fever

childbirth at sea,

and women promised extra rations for themselves and their family if they submitted their bodies to the sailors.

6-14 weeks from England to East Coast of N Am of sea-sickness and filth min. If the boat managed to cross, without hitting an iceberg or getting swept away in a storm

in remembrance of the dead

Decimated Promises (a story)

Decimated Promises

Melody walked up to Osiris, prepared to be judged and found wanting as she had been all her life. By even herself. Feeling sure she would be punished for her crimes of never measuring up to anyone’s standards of what a woman should be; as a girl, a daughter, a friend, a lover and even as a mother considering what she had done for him.

Instead, Osiris took one look in her eyes, and held out his arms to her. Gave her the biggest comforting hug he had in him. He thought it was well past time that she felt safe and loved, and a tear ran down his cheek. Mourning the life this poor woman had had.

Then he told her the truth about the people who had failed and used her…

He told her that there was a common story that she had never known before, that it was the Name of the Game . Those who asked for honesty and respect were greeted with shams and false promises. And blamed themselves, instead of their villain. That this began and failed to end for generations.

And he could see the scream building in her eyes. Osiris covered his ears and said, “Let her rip!”

And at the top of her scream, he heard other women’s voices join in.

Those who were used sang out, till the halls of the afterlife rang out,¬†You Ougtta Know!¬†with her and she felt heard. You could see it growing in her eyes, knowing now that she wasn’t the only one.

Those who had been harmed as a child, by someone who was supposed to care for them and instead took advantage chose to sing¬†Janie’s Got a Gun¬†and the anthem of retribution rang out. There were some male souls singing with the women. And Osiris saw the acknowlegement build in her eyes again, that she wasn’t at fault. That she wasn’t alone.

And thru the halls of heaven and hell rose the song Independence Day for the horror of watching their mother fight for her life, then let desperation and horror take over and prepare a final solution. And in one fell swoop, losing their childhood. Everything they ever knew or loved taken away. But the worst cost was their innocense.

Melody heard the chorus of mothers who had given up their right to be a mother; wives who gave up their right to be a wife; women who gave up their right to be a woman of strength and independence. Just for choosing the wrong man. And she sang along, in full and true harmony. Feeling every word in her soul. And as she hit the crecendo, she saw a beast made of flies forming… called¬†Mr Hurricane

I stopped bein’ the victim
But you weren’t there to see
I never felt bitter
Till you crippled me
I felt like a refugee from the pain
I had to wear that shroud with no shame
Deceit and lies
Were your crying game
I never fell in love so deeply in vain

Melody felt the flies go thru her heart and soul, then felt the relief of their absence. And her soul was mended as she met the parents she was meant to have, the man who was her soul mate and their children. And realized why she had agreed to this soul contract. And grew and grew. Into the woman she had been intended to be.

He gave her the judgement seat for those who had hurt her, and their souls heard the decree::

“For all you’ve done, in the name of duty and responsibility, leaving me feeling ashamed and lonely, afraid and diminished by thee, I set myself free from your talons! You’ll never again have any part of me!”

Osiris joined in the chorus of celebration as he saw her full beauty and grace. And called for Isis to greet her as they sang Hallelujah together and watched Melody ascend to the heavens with tears on his face.

Piekla (a story about hellhounds)


Kundel and Suka were laying by their fave fire, having a nap, when Suka heard her name being called in the world. Someone was blaming a woman for doing what a man has done many times before and had put it to song. By the end of the song, Suka was awake and snarling, ready to hunt. Kundel perked an ear and slanted his eye at her and let her have her rant. Better the silly mortal than him. There was no need for him to be chivalrous. He knew she was a skilled huntress.

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od)
The woman was born to lie
Makes promises she can’t keep
With the wink on an eye

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od)
Brother, you’ve been deceived
It’s bound to change you mind
About all you believe

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od)
The bitch is in her smile
The lie is on her lips
Such an evil child


So Suka went off in a rage and hunted out the writer of such a song. And he was found the next morning, slain with something the coroner had never seen before. But it looked like a dog’s talon. Only there was no dog in the house, no wild canines nearby either. He put it in his odd file and went back to cases he could solve. And Suka went home, covered in blood. Kundel was happy to help her groom herself. It ended with them rutting beside the fire.

Another night Kundel and Suka were just relaxing, nuzzling each other and they heard a woman singing of heart break and being called names for standing up again and moving on. Suka snarled, but she was smiling too. Kundel was feeling all chivalrous, so he went on the hunt for the stupid man who didn’t see strength as an asset. And made a woman cry needlessly.

I know you’d like it if I stayed home and cried
But that ain’t gonna happen, here’s the reason why
When we did it, I’ll admit it, wasn’t satisfied
When the gun was loaded you were never on my side
I’m popping bottles that you can’t even afford
I’m throwing parties and you won’t get in the door
Said it, did it, loved it, hated it
I don’t care no more
Tell me how it feels to be ignored


Kundel found the man, skulking outside her house, making a nuisance of himself. So he taught him a lesson about male pride and honour. Before he slashed his leg and left him limping to the hospital for stitches. With a story that got him admitted to the psych ward for evaluaton. Hellhounds with fiery eyes and a gaping maw that was bigger than his head? Sure buddy!
Kundel went back to the fire and Suka nuzzled him until she was sure he knew she appreciated his values. He did like her tongue baths!

It seems the men had yet to learn, Suka thought. She had been patrolling the halls of hell when she heard her name being called again. So she told Kundel where she was going and why. He offered to come with her. Suka didn’t need him to, but sometimes hunting together was fun, so she agreed.

I entertain by picking brains
Sell my soul, by dropping names
I don’t like those! My God, what’s that!
Oh, it’s full of nasty habits when the bitch gets back.
I can bitch, I can bitch ’cause I’m better than you
It’s the way that I move, the things that I do oh

Elton John

They found the author of the song and chased him thru the park near his house. Making him scream and cry, before they slaughtered him right on the steps of his house. When he had thought he was almost to safety. The coroner noticed the talons again and made a call to a few friends to see if they knew of such a weapon. Suka and Kundel went back to their fire and groomed each other in satisfaction. They were thrilled by their night’s pursuit and had a frenzied rut in celebration.
They were glad they had taught the humans about words and their power once again.

trance (a story)


Alexia had a headache all day and couldn’t concentrate on anything she tried to do. She kept twisting the taps in her house, because she heard water dripping. But she couldn’t find where it was coming from. No matter how many lights she had on, she felt like the room was dark. She felt sick, like she was coming down with the flu or had morning sickness. Um no, it wasn’t that! And she had trouble keeping her balance like she had an ear infection, or a concussion.
Alexia knew that something was wrong, but she couldn’t pin-point the source. So she tried to push it out of her head. But it was getting harder and harder. So she laid down to have a nap.
It was the worst, bar none, mistake she had made in a long time.
She felt like the weight of the world was on her and she could hardly breathe. And she hurt, like someone had beaten her half to death. And all she could hear was water, all she could feel was water. And she started to choke. Like she was drowning.
Alexia woke up in fear.
For days, that was Alexia’s experience, every time she laid down. She actually became scared to sleep. She ended up going to the doctor to see if there was something wrong. Blood tests and a chest xray later, she was told she was healthy. And given some pills to help her sleep.
The pills actually made it worse for her. She had the sensation that she was held down. Like she was trapped. And the nausea became worse, as did the dizzy, off-kilter feeling. She was even less sure of what was real. And her dreams became more intense. So she stopped taking them.
One day, she turned on the TV to get out of her head, and caught the announcer of the news mention a missing girl. And Alexia saw her little face and just knew it was her.
So Alexia went to a friend’s house and had her do a tarot reading to see if they could solve the mystery behind this girl’s disappearance. Then they got a divining stick out and a map and chanted till the stick doused for them. And they went to the place. Where they found a spigot that was dripping. A freshly dug hole that had been recovered. And was really wet ground.
They called the police and told them what they had found. Alexia said they had been walking and happened upon the site. The police weren’t sure what to think, but admitted it looked like something was wrong.
So the officers started digging, fairly quickly too.
And they found the girl from the TV.
The little girl was barely alive. They weren’t sure if she would survive, or if she’d want to. Alexia held her till the ambulance got there. Singing a lullaby to her to keep her calm and grounded in reality.
When the girl was in the ambulance, on her way to the hospital, Alexia broke down crying. She couldn’t imagine being the poor kid. She prayed to the mother goddess to carry the child in her arms. And thanked her for sharing the vision that saved the child’s life.

people pleasing

Q – when is people pleasing going too far?

Most people want to please the ones they love. They want to surprise them with gifts they know they’ll like and serve them in some way that makes the other person feel good. Like making them their fave dinner or washing them in the shower. These types of acts make both parties feel good and can lead to more intimacy. And greater intimacy is a good goal for relationships.
Feeling loved and valued is also a good goal for individuals and for couples.

So when does it become a bad thing?

  • When you feel threatened or coerced to giving something you don’t want to.
  • Or when you feel like your personhood is taken over by their desires or wishes and needs.
  • When you feel like they get more than you do out of the relationship.

Not every moment or day is about one of the people And unless you are caretaking someone who is dying, you expect reasonably to get something back from them. If you see yourself as two adults in the relationship.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being a people-pleaser. It makes the world a much nicer place to have people who enjoy giving to others. And relationships much easier if you have some level of give and take and fairness in that dichotomy within it.

But in order for you to have the energy to giive to others, the first person you have to care for and give to, is yourself. Or you both lose out.

Who Built Canada?

Who Built Canada?

Canada has it’s own separate history in the greater one of how North America was found and settled. You may have heard of Christopher Columbus and 1492. And perhaps you heard of the Mayflower and Ellis Island. And maybe the war of 1812 and the tea tipped into the water to rebel against high taxes. But that is in fact the history of the United States. Our neighbours to the south of the 49th parallel.
Canada has it’s own identity. Unique to ourselves. And much as the USA tried and keeps trying, we’re not USA North, their annex.
We do have a similar history, which began with the crossing of the landbridge between Russia and Alaska. But tribes here evolved in their own ways, and different immigrant groups came after the lands were discovered. Re-discovered?
We’re a country that began with wars between the first peoples, Some of our own explorers, forts for soldiers, fur hunters and settlers, and farms founded mostly by poor immigrants given lottery lots to clear and build. And little villages of stores, banks, saloons, and whatever other services the people here were thought to need to survive and maybe have a few luxuries.
Then the railroads went up, the slaves and loyalists came north and the war of !812 was fought and won. Our side won and the USA still tries to enter Canada again, whether by trade or by art/media. They just can’t take no for an answer, can they?
Our borders tend to be more open than theirs do, for refugees and immigrants, and we don’t go to war every time they say they gotta be the world’s police or bully. I mean GOTTA!! You can thank our govt for that! Since we have our own and all.
Because of how we began, we have two nat’l languages and a province or two keeps threatening to split off and join the USA. So far, we’ve managed to smoothe over the turmoil. One time it took martial law as a matter of fact. We have civil conflicts/riots/rebellions, not civil war.
We are known around the world as a friend in need and in trade. And we go to lengths to be courteous and fair in our dealings. Unlike our neighbour to the south. Peoples like us!
We are a member of the Commonwealth Nations and the USA is not. All because we didn’t go to war to get our nappies taken off by the Queen. We just asked nice and all. We used our words. We’re known for that. It was an easy toilet training for us.
So that is the short version of Canada.
And me? Most (one exception?) of my family lines came here before Canada became even a Dominion. Something to be proud of.
If you want more info (are you a history buff or summat??), check below:


Vikings- L’Anse aux Meadows
French – Port Royal, Acadia
English – Cuper’s Cove, Nfld


New France
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick – United Empire Loyalists
the Canadas – Upper (Ontario) , Lower (Quebec)


Hudson’s Bay Company
North West Company


North West Mounted Police
Dominion Police


Chinese – railroads


American slaves – underground railroad
Queen’s Bush


Ireland, England – convicts to St John’s Nfld


Quebec Act 1774
Canada Act 1791
Dominion or Confederaton of Canada – 1867
federal union in which the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada joined together to form the Dominion of Canada ‚ÄĒ a new country.
the constitution Act of Canada- Pierre Elliott Trudeau – 1982


1867 Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

1870 Manitoba, Northwest Territories

1871 British Columbia

1873 Prince Edward Island

1898 Yukon

1905 Alberta, Saskatchewan

1949 Newfoundland and Labrador

1999 Nunavut

govt of Canada

Metis, Inuit, and S/NS “Indian” Canadians

Metis, Inuit, and S/NS “Indian” Canadians

Unless you refer to them by their band name, in Canada they are called

first nations

first peoples


or indigenous

Until you come to politics. Then they are divided into four groups (only some of whom are known as “Indians”):

…. 1

Original M√©tis were mixed heritage (from Cree, Saulteaux and Assiniboine Indigenous “Indian” tribes) and (Scot and French/European) From the Red River area of Manitoba who traded with the Hudson’s Bay Company..

Manitoba Treaties after Riel riots

…. 2

eight main Inuit ethnic groups: the Labradormiut (Labrador), Nunavimmiut (Ungava), Baffin Island, Iglulingmuit (Iglulik), Kivallirmiut (Caribou), Netsilingmiut (Netsilik), Inuinnait (Copper) and Invialuit or Western Arctic Inuit (who replaced the Mackenzie Inuit). also from Greenland, Alaska, Yukon and the northern territories of Canada.


Nunuvit treaty

….. 3

status (card as proof of lineage), treaty and band “Indians’

attached to ancestral lands and “reserves” by “treaty”


covered by the Indian Act’s¬†band list

…. 4

non-status “Indians”. Of Aboriginal blood lines, but not attached to a band or treaty as yet. Treaties and ancestral lands are still under negotiation with the applicable govts..

The Delgamuukw Test: Demonstrating Aboriginal Title beyond oral history.

Non-status Indians have no more rights than any other Canadian. They are covered by the Cdn laws as any other citizen would be.

Treaty rights are really important for such issues as hunting, fishing, logging, which to the First nations are survival tools as well as ancestral/cultural rites.

…. residential schools

1800s project by the govt of the Canadas and the churches to assimilate the children into European culture. Or to annihilate them as in the case of the Beothuk tribe of Newfoundland for eg.

….. Origin story

The¬†current theory¬†seems to be that the “Indian” people came from south west Asia and Polynesia. Some came over the land bridge between Russia and Alaska. And some came thru the Polynesian Islands and by boat over the Pacific Ocean.

Early trade routes may have extended the populations some. ie The Silk Road (c. @BC- to @1500 AD) which some say the maritime route went thru the Pacific Islands and was joined at Central and South America. Most say it went from Rome to China. Some also extend it thru Europe to the UK islands.

Which explains the variance in the Genotype studies of the First Nations’ people.

historical alliances

Some tribes alligned with the Colonist Nations , some sided with Britain in the battle with the USA and some sided North or South in the Civil war of the USA. Some remained independent or fought against all comers. So some may have found it easier to get land rights and status honoured.

And Canada is a bilingual nation due to our history of being held by France and England. No doubt that had impact on which tribes were given priority, when the British Empire took the realm.

current political status reports

INAC – Royal Commission Report

UN -review of Canada