Women in the Military: Times They are a Changing

Women in the Military: Times They are a Changing

Many people think that women serving their country, dying in service of their country, is a recent thing. And according to the “great Goddess google” it has been a recent thing that they can be in direct combat, and also conscripted as front line soldiers. (Yes it does exist. Yes it IS in the Western World. And yes, even in capitalist countries too!)


In all of our earth’s history, women have picked up weapons and protected their homes and villages against marauders and invading armies. They have stood between them and their children and the village elders. They have been raped, beaten, held hostage and killed for their daring.

And when their empire came calling, they also served as nurses, war camp aides, munition manufacturers, and even as pilots. And ended up dying for their country, their empire.

Some women cross-dressed as men to serve, and died along with their actual-male compatriots. As front line combatants.

As the war machine and the population grew, more people were needed. And the average “Joe Enlisted Soldier” (volunteering or conscripted) wasn’t enough. So in a day of feminism demanding to be included, recognized and respected, they started changing their views about women serving.


(I did try to find other countries’ honour walls (Ie UK and USA) but their legions and veterans’ associations don’t post them online for general viewing, but Canada does. so I’ve included ours)


Canada has served as allies to other countries, but since the USA tried to take us over by crossing our border (1812-1815) , we haven’t been invaded. And technically have not really been first in, last out ever since we became a country. . Though we have served for the UN, NATO, USA, and the Commonwealth/UK. So our numbers are reflective of that status.


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compulsory, conscripted service for women as well as men.


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Persian Gulf War (Desert Shield & Storm )

Dates: August 1990 – April 1991
Where: Iraq and Kuwait
How It Ended: After a four-day ground war, an American-led coalition declared victory. A cease-fire agreement was signed on April 9, 1991.
American Casualties: 148 (approx.)
Service worldwide 2,322,000; Sent to Gulf 694,550; battle deaths 147; Other deaths 1,825 (theater & non theater)

War on Terrorism

Dates: Oct. 7, 2001 (War begins with U.S.-led Operation Enduring Freedom, in Afghanistan, after the terrorist attacks against the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. Approximately 3,000 civilians and members of the military died as a result of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.) – Conflict continues…
Where: An effort to combat terrorism world-wide begins in Afghanistan.
American Casualties in Afghanistan:
(Updated February 27, 2013)
Afghanistan Casualties

Iraq War

Dates: March 19, 2003 – December 15, 2011.
Where: Iraq
American Casualties:
Operation Iraqi Freedom:
(Updated February 27, 2013)
Iraqi Casualties

She’s So Sticky, Her Nick is “Caulobacter crescentus” (a story)

She’s So Sticky, Her Nick is “Caulobacter crescentus”


Caulobacter crescentus, if you didn’t check out the link is a bacterial secretion that is super, duper, super glue-like.

Doreen is one of those. If she sees you, she likes you. If she likes you, she latches on. If she hates you, she is forever aggrieved by you. No matter what you do.

And NO AMOUNT of scraping, shoving, threatening will get rid of her! She is stuck to your tail.

And no amount of pressure will get rid of her mouth, if she has a story to tell either. Can you imagine? Gossip falls before her, it is no competition to her mouth. An elephant doesn’t have the memory she has. She can tell you the family history of everyone she has ever known. If you want to know the power position of everyone in town, ask Doreen. If she doesn’t know, she’ll be on a mission to find out!

She is a kingmaker. But not based on talent, or intellect. Oh no! It was all about where you placed in the food chain of what she knew. She thinks of herself as having honesty, loyalty, and she thinks she’s the most moral person in town.

If you saw someone was close to Doreen, it didn’t serve you to be near to them. Or at least not too near.

And who was Doreen? Noone really. She was a bacterial secretion at the bottom of the ocean. Hence the nickname she got from her nerdy detractors. Who else would come up with that?? But ti was a very apt description of her. Secreting verbal sludge that really noone should know!

The nickname didn’t earn them any favours from Doreen. But it did get them some serious laughter from even some of her friends. Because they all knew her for what she was. You have to wonder WHAT possessed them. People like her will turn on you someday. And it doesn’t even take a tsunami to do it either. Just the right word in her ear, from the right person. And Doreen’s eyes turn on you.

And when they do, they’re stuck on you. This lady is no squirrel. And neither is her mind. Call it obsession, narcissism, delusion… she was on you, like white on rice.

In fact, I’m a little scared to tell you about her. I fear reprisal. And just for listening, you might face it also. I’m shaking, just thinking about her. Um I have to go wee! BRB!

Yes well …. Dear Doreen is an older lady. Aren’t the best gossips? And she seems wise, but what she knows (though it might fill a book) can only be told in a salacious tale of her town. And that book will NEVER be sold!! Too many important people would be brought down by it.

You’d think that’d buy her…. something? But though it gets her a seat in any public place, she’s rarely invited into anyone’s homes. Who’d want her checking thru their garbage, or their bathroom cabinet? (I mean who does that, really?? DOREEN that’s who! Which is why she’s no longer invited.)

She thinks she’s doing everyone a favour by spreading her knowledge about. She thinks she’s a moral compass. LMFAO! Apparently someone forgot to tell her that spreading dirty stuff like that is rude and uncaring! So vile to spread words about people’s sex life. So horrid to tell things that belong in someone’s home. And if she has a tale for the criminal records, isn’t spreading it to the town the worst peossible thing to do? It’s never just a friend or two she trusts. It’s anyone who cares to listen to Doreen. And frankly, sadly far too many people listen to Doreen. With no proof that what she says is wise or true. Isn’t that undermining justice? Yet isn’t that what she claims to serve?

I’m sure most small towns and churches have a Doreen. Though maybe not so pernicious? I don’t know. I’ve only met Doreen, and I barely survived the experience.

I’ll never discount her influence again! Yeah I need another pee break! Don’t forget about Doreen! (I say, running out the door for the nearest toilet.)

Yeah I can’t say anymore. I’m too scared!

Press Re-set (a story)

Press Re-set

Kim and Terry adored each other. They had passion, excitement and love in abundance. They were all over each other. And maybe that was the problem?

They were full on.

Anyone who has had that kind of relationship will tell you that it can’t be sustained. You need some sense of self. Of autonomy, independence, some may even call it selfishness. Goals you set for yourself, rather than for just you as part of a couple. Being great for your partner is wonderful, but sometimes you need to stand up for yourself too.

Or one day down the road, one of you will walk away. No matter how much it hurts.

And you may keep trying to come back. You may try again and again. Because the love, the passion and the excitement haven’t gone away. You just cannot handle the conflict anymore. You’re not bored, you’re just depleted.

So why do you return? Because you’re convinced that something has changed? They haven’t, and neither have the stresses you as a couple face. So after the honeymoon is over, and it will be someday soon, you’re going to be back in the same trench again.

And Kim and Terry knew this. Because this wasn’t their first time trying to get back together. The dark side of passion, is temper, impatience. The diark side of excitement is fatigue. And the dark side of love, is apathy.

One day Kim and Terry knew that they’d stop caring. They’d stop trying. But it just wasn’t today.

They hoped they’d know when the day was on the horizon, instead of waiting for it to be long gone. They were hoarding just enough love to walk out the door with a bit of grace.

…… song influences

Mouth & MacNeal – How do you do
Peaches & Herb – Reunited
THE STYLISTICS – Break Up to Make Up
Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

When Anon Hookup Becomes…. More (a story)

When Anon Hookup Becomes…. More

How do you go from sitting in a bar one night, trying to feed or drown your sorrows, you look up … and there are the eyes you cannot resist. You have nobody at home who cares anymore, but it’s more than the walls that keep you inside it’s vows.

You feel lonely, scared of the future, and angry that you’ve been left in the dirt. While your spouse seems happy… enough?

But a few beers, or shots and you go back to shuffle thru your life.

That’s where Tony was. He had been grimly managing his life, day by day. And wishing on a star.

He thought he was the only one who felt that way. Till he met Eva. At his bar. She had come in to use the phone when her car broke down. And of course her cell phone was at home, so she couldn’t use it.

While she waited for CAA, she sat down and ordered a drink. He remembered it being something with an umbrella. And she started looking around. Until their eyes connected. If they had been outside in a thunderstorm, there couldn’t have been more electricity. They both got up and met in the middle. And started talking before they sat down together.

And every time since, they’d pick up the chatter exactly from where they’d left off. Like it was a minute break. No longer.

Tony and Eva fell in love. They were in lust. But neither could bear the thought of destroying their lives. So they were ever so careful. They moved their meeting to a place where noone they knew went. Away from work and home. They made elaborate plans and excuses for their behaviour. And they started the lie. They started the love.

It’s not like their spouses really cared. They hadn’t really talked in years, And sex was off the table. For no good reason. It had just fizzled out, as they got busier and just never been replaced. How many times do you ask for what you need and get refused, without being hurt more?

So how could they say they cared anymore? Pride maybe? Marked territory? Maybe, but.

They left a needy spouse… One who didn’t ask anymore.

One who gave up. And was ready for … those eyes. Those eyes that were now looking at them.

song influences

Third Rate Romance – Sammy Kershaw
Chicago – No Tell Lover
Me and Mrs Jones – Billy Paul

Fighting Fair in A Relationship: How to Get What You Need and Stay Close While You Do It

Fighting Fair in A Relationship: How to Get What You Need and Stay Close While You Do It

I saw this online and thought it was worth a share.
source page

Don’t fear conflict.

Conflict is an opportunity for growth. When you intimately share your life with someone there are going to be disagreements. Sometimes a lot of them. Conflict is normal. healthy and sometimes necessary when there is something important at stake for one or both of you. It isn’t always easy to do, but receiving conflict well or raising a difficult issue sensitively will provide the opportunity to see each other, notice each other and learn from each other.

Attack the issue, not each other.

Don’t name call or bring the other person down to get on top of the argument. The potential to cause scars is enormous.
It’s too easy to say things that can’t be taken about.

Stay with the issue at hand.

Don’t bring in irrelevant details just to prove your point. It’s so tempting to confirm your ‘rightness’ by highlighting the other person’s ‘wrongness’, but don’t. It’s the quickest way to send an argument off track and land you in a place where you forget what you were fighting for.

Don’t confuse the topics with the issue.

If you keep fighting over different things but you always seem to end up on the same issue (e.g. money or the night he/you came home late), that issue is actually where your work needs to be. Something about that issue is unresolved and the topics – the little things that start the arguments (e.g. the towels on the floor) – are just the way the issue calls you both back to the plate to deal with it. The topics aren’t the problem. The issue is. Find out exactly what it is (though you will probably already have a fair idea!) and deal with it. Give what’s needed for the issue to let go of the grip it has on your relationship, whether that’s air time, validation, acknowledgement, an apology or reassurance.

Don’t downplay the issue.

For an issue to be an issue it only takes one of you to believe it is.
You don’t need to agree but you do need to listen. Let your partner know you’ve heard them and that you understand. People don’t stop feeling a certain way just because they’re told to stop. (Would be nice if it was that simple though!) If an issue is ignored it won’t go away. Needs always push for completion – it’s just the way it is. If feelings or needs aren’t resolved, they will come out through other topics (that fiery argument about being ten minutes late to dinner isn’t really about dinner), or they’ll brew. Sometimes all it takes is validation or acknowledgement. ‘I know how important this is to you, I’m just really stuck with what to do about it.’

Don’t withdraw. Or chase.

This is different to taking time out to cool down and get your thoughts together. People withdraw when they feel attacked, bored or disinterested and will pull back in an attempt to maintain autonomy, control and distance. Research has found a direct association between withdrawal and lower relationship satisfaction. If the silent treatment is your typical response, it will do damage. If you’re feeling attacked, try to find a way to discuss this without going on the attack yourself. If you’re bored or disinterested, is it with the issue or the relationship? What is it about either that is making you want to pull back?
If your partner is withdrawing, is it possible that he or she feels attacked? One way to change that is to name your contribution to the issue, however small. ‘I know I probably haven’t helped things by …’ or, ‘I know I upset you when I …’ This makes it easier for your partner to trust that you aren’t only out for blood.

Be open about what you need. Nobody can read your mind.

Conflicts in which one person expects another to know what is wrong without being told are more likely to end with anger or negative communication. Research has shown that people who expect a partner to mind read are more likely to feel anxious or neglected.

Find the real emotion beneath the anger.

It can be hard not to turn away when someone is angry with you (I may have done it once or twice or too many times myself) but anger is a secondary emotion – it never exists on its own and always has another emotion beneath it.

The common culprits are sadness, hurt, insecurity, jealousy or frustration. If you can notice the real emotion you’ll have a better chance of responding to the real issue. Don’t turn your back, look away or pretend you’re doing something important while your partner is spilling himself or herself to you – you might miss something important that clues you in on what’s really going on. Few things deepen a connection more than being seen.

Be attentive.

Unless your teen is face-timing you from the tattoo parlour with a short list and it’s the first you’ve heard of any of it, don’t look at your phone, or anything else that will take you away from the heat. If your body shows up to the plate but your mind is on what to have for dinner, a couple of things could happen – none of them good. One is that the argument will keep going until your attention is turned to face. Another is that the argument will stop being about the issue at hand and will become about the way you ‘never listen’, or ‘don’t care’ – or anything else that fits your process. Avoid the fallout by being attentive.

Don’t yell.

Start yelling and before you know it, you’ll be arguing about arguing. If the argument is at yelling point, nobody is being heard because nobody is listening. At this point, someone needs to be the hero and calm it all down. ‘I’m trying to understand what you want but we have to stop yelling first.’ Otherwise, suggest you both take a break but make sure that you name a time to come back to it. Don’t let it get swept under the rug. Rugs don’t tend to fade issues into nothingness – they hide the detail but not the fact that something is in the way.

Stay away from ‘you always’ or ‘you never’.

Make a generalisation and you can bet that what will come next is an explanation of the exception. Use specific examples or if your partner is doing the generalising, ask for specific examples. Nobody is ‘always’ or ‘never’ anything and using these words will just inflame.

Be curious.

Ask for more details. It’s tempting to launch into a defence when there’s a hint of attack but this is rarely helpful and usually

escalates the argument. It also means that while the other person is speaking, you are probably formulating your response rather than listening. Slow things down and ask for details. This shows that you’re open to getting things sorted out.

Fully and honestly accept that nobody is perfect. Seriously. Nobody.

Be open to accepting criticism. Is it the feedback that’s difficult to stomach or the way it’s delivered. Try to hear the message, even if it is being delivered in a way that is hard to hear. If you are the one with the wise words, say it in a way that can be heard by being generous in the delivery. ‘I know you probably didn’t mean it the way it came across but when you …’ or ‘I miss you when we fight. Can we talk about it?’

Watch out for the passive-aggressive.

Know that if you have to say, ‘I’m just being honest …’, or ‘I’m not criticising you but …’ or ‘You’re probably not going to like hearing this but …’ – you’re in no way softening the blow. You’re also not fooling anyone – all of these statements generally come just before an accusation. In fact, you’ll probably feel your partner bracing for the next round before the final word has left your mouth.

If you’re wrong, apologise.

Be humble. Be honest. Fullstop.

If you’re going around in circles, stop.

Cycles become vicious ones before you know it. If you or your partner are repeating the same things, you’re stuck in a loop. People repeat things because they don’t feel heard. Slow things down and communicate to your partner your understanding of their side of things. Then hopefully they will slow down to hear yours. If you’re the one who isn’t feeling heard, try finding a different way to say it and check you aren’t too much on the attack. You have nothing to lose – cycles are breeders and they tend to make uglier ones. Stop them before they spin out of control.

Find the common ground.

There’s usually something you can find to agree on, even if it’s that you don’t want to fight. ‘So we both agree that …’ Anything that will help to get you both back on the same team is a good thing. It’s also a way to validate your partner and let them know you see them.

Give in or compromise on something – however small.

Finding something you can give on will help progress the situation along. Generally in a fight, the more one person pulls, the more the other pulls in the other direction. Take a step, however small, back to the middle ground by offering a compromise. Any small concession is the groundwork for bigger ones.

Don’t leave it unfinished.

Find a resolution, otherwise it will continue to press for closure.

And finally …

Fighting is inevitable and not all healthy couples fight fair all of the time.

Doors may get slammed. Things may be said. And plastic containers may get thrown across the room. Having know-how around fighting fair is a powerful thing. It will bring you closer to being able to get what you want and at the same time solidify your relationship. Anything that can bring you through to the other side of an argument still holding hands – or wanting to hold hands – is certainly worth the effort.

Erotic Mashup – Chakachas vs Stewart, Gaye and Exile


Mashup – Chakachas vs Stewart, Gaye and Exile

All he did was beg, and promise, something that may or may not come. Or is it cum?

Baby, open up and let me in
It’s getting stronger and stronger
Baby, open up and let me in
I can’t wait for you to operate
I can’t wait for you to operate, baby
I can’t wait for you to operate
Baby, open up and let me in
I can’t for you to operate Gaye

All she could do was make noises and beg, a bit. For more, for harder. No not like that. Oh no, not that! Oh give it to me, she said, over and over…

tell me give me

Chakachas – translation

He promises pleasure, he promises love. And she’s not sure whether to believe him or not. Cuzz whatever he is doing, it’s not enough

Come on angel my hearts on fire
Don’t deny your man’s desire
You’d be a fool to stop this tide
Spread your wings and let me come inside Stewart

Again she begs, but he thinks she wants to be stroked. Ahd what she really wants … is to be fed, to be stunned… to be hurt. And he’s not getting it.

tell me give me

Chakachas – translation

He’s got his own drive going and he seems to be deaf to her cries. She wants it harder, faster. but he thinks she wants sweet words and love.

I wanna kiss you all over, all over again
I wanna kiss you all over
Till the night closes in, till the night closes in
Stay with me, lay with me, holding me, loving me baby
Here with me, near with me, feeling you close to me baby Exile

The tears are falling down her cheeks, she is ready to scream. Ready to shake him, choke him He’s going to pay for this, sooner than he thinks

no no no no no noo!
too soft too soft!
tell me give me
mooooooore! Chakachas -sic

The Toast Master Went Shopping for Clones – O.o say what now?? (a story)


The Toast Master Went Shopping for Clones – O.o say what now??

Times were getting thin and Toast Master (TM) needed more butts in the pews, I mean seats. 😛 So he gave some thought to how he could do this:

If TM advertised, then JUST ANYONE might think they could get in the door. And GAWD KNOWS what might end up creeping or crawling inside HIS club!! (TM looked up the cost of exterminators)

But then again, his group had gotten so EFFING BORING, they had to wake up to go home at the end of a night. Not go home to go to bed. Sad times, sad times!

Newbies might shake things up. Make it exciting again. MAKE HIS CLUB GREAT AGAIN!

Yeah but they had to FIT IN once they GOT IN, #amiright??
(yes Toast Master, you’re always right. That is why you’re the TM!! yawns after saying the right answer. Only to earn a smack on the head from TM)

So who did he want more of?? 😛

TM thought and thought… and thought some more!
The cheerleaders were getting too many tassles in the closet. And all they were doing lately was collecting dust. Dust bunnies and cheerleaders only SOUND cute till you got a member with asthma. (TM had just gotten an insurance bill for members who kept ending up in respirology) NO GOOD! NO MORE CHEERLEADERS! CAP ON CHEERLEADERS!!

TM thought about more jocks. But they bored the SHIT out of everyone with their talk of medals and ribbons they once won and how many cheerleaders they banged behind the seats in the stadium or arena, depending how far up they’d gotten. Ah yes… their haydays. (yawn)

And the buggers kept giving unsympathetic advice to anyone who was 5 kilos over their BMI. People were getting effing MAAAAAD!! Nope NO MORE JOCKS! CAP ON JOCKS!

The sluts and stoners sound fun, till you get the bill for upholstery cleaning…Has anyone EVER told them to lay an EFFING towel down before they sit on their spot? Cuzz nobody wants to sit there after them, do they?? TM shuddered and gagged. And admitted to throwing up a little in his mouth. And imagine how the germophobes feel! Nope, NO MORE SLUTS OR STONERS! CAP ON STONERS AND SLUTS! (TM looked up the price of scotchguarding upholstery vs plastic sleeving it.)

TM thought for a whole second about loners and wallflowers… but who’d they bring with them? He wouldn’t cap them, but he wouldn’t pursue them either!

Funnily enough ANYBODY, ANY RANDOM was looking prettier all the time. Then at least he didn’t have to worry about who he got.

TM’s assistant read his notes to see if she could help him think things thru… and added NO MORE TOAST MASTERS!! CUZZ ONE GALL DANG BLOW HARD IS ONE TOO MANY in a crowd. TM chased her and threatened to FIRE THAT STROPPY COW! (author admits to watching too much Corrie Street lately) But soon settled down, cuzz USUALLY she was a lot of help.

At the end of all his deliberations, TM went to the mall and left a notice for his club. It seems like people were just going to have to WORK THIS SHIT OUT FOR THEMSELVES. And he’d sit in his office and collect the BAGS OF GOLD with ear muffs on. WHO WANTS THE DRAMA LLAMAS ON FULL BLAST ANYWAYS??!!

Wait! TOAST MASTER TOAST MASTER! Have you mentioned your policy on SJWs and predators yet???

TM looked at narrator in his head with ABSOLUTE HORROR!! And dove under his desk!! TM called out, (to his assistant’s consternation)


Ahem, so that’s don’t ask, don’t tell then? TM failed to respond from under the desk. He was too busy shaking.

What a A Game of “Newb vs Master” Teaches the Master

What a A Game of “Newb vs Master” Teaches the Master

They call it beginners’s luck when someone challenges the house their first time there and wins. But is it?

Sometimes the house is so wrapped up in how they’ve always done things, they won’t change. It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t. Protocol, rules, procedure, … all amounting to bureaucracy. Fixed behaviour.

And then there are the rock stars of the house, or the masters. They get complacent. They won by doing what they now do. They got every prize they’ve ever had by doing it this way. Gone up the ladder faster than others because they did it this way.

So what motivates them to test themselves against a newb? Nothing. They won’t do it, unless something or someone forces or convinces them to. Or something unusual convinces them to. But they don’t want to.

So how does the newb win?

They don’t know the rules or protocol. So they find out enough to know the game and it’s moves.

eg. For chess, they find out where the pieces are allowed to move. They don’t know the cheats or gambits. They don’t know the master’s bad habits. (Every single person who has ever learned and excelled at something has bad habits). And they don’t know the usual sequences players who challenge this master use when facing them. Most people adapt to the master’s style of play, over their own. Because they are trying to learn it.

So master is sitting there losing to newb, and they are wondering wtf! And actually on the defense. Actually reacting vs planning. Playing catch up to a newb! And getting annoyed, which master most def is NOT used to. Master is now worried about losing and feeling ashamed in front of his peers. His students. The audience.

And newb is gaining confidence. Because newb began and ended with nothing to lose. Any win is gravy. Will newb be able to repeat this win? Not with this master. Not with any master watching either. They’ve gotten the memo now.
And also because the newb will never remember the steps they took to get the win. But the masters will. They memorize play schema all . the . time. Like any game or sports’ masters do.

Do you know what the exception is most likely to be?

Masters who teach newbs get to know how they think when starting out. Seeing the commonalities to learning, what their rough play looks like.

So these masters learn that sometimes the best way to keep the top rung on the ladder of success is to stay close to the newbs. Because all playing other masters does is make a lateral move. Not an upward one.

Innovation comes from having new experiences. And newbs excel at teaching masters those

From Inside to Outside the “Group” – What (or who) does that take? (a story)

From Inside to Outside the “Group” – What (or who) does that take?

I went into a group, expecting a hive mind. And found bees buzzing, with no clear drive or even leader. And I saw the gossip, I saw the hatred. I saw the fear. And knew even if I ever made it all the way inside the door, I’d never really be safe.

I could pick out the group, player by player. Yep they’re all there again!

There was the guy who came late, the one who was poor, lived on the wrong side of the tracks or river…. and gets blamed when things go belly up.

I think about my life gone by
And how it’s done me wrong
There’s no escape for me this time
All of my rescues are gone, long gone
I swear I left her by the river
I swear I left her safe and sound Marx

There is the one who people feel they can do anything to… maybe they are a coward, maybe life has taught them to be quiet. Till one day… their head blows off. And you really can’t blame them.

“I promised you, Dad, not to do the things you’ve done
I walk away from trouble when I can
Now please don’t think I’m weak, I didn’t turn the other cheek
And papa, I sure hope you understand
Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man”
Everyone considered him the coward of the county Rogers

There is the girl who walks to her own beat, and people aren’t so sure if she’s right in the head. But she has a good heart, so they mostly let her be. Some even kind of look out for her.

She don’t like slavery, she won’t sit and beg
But when I’m tired and lonely she sees me to bed
What set you free and brought you to be me babe
What set you free I need you here by me (sic – sp corrected) Idol

And there is the wannabe-lover who no matter how hard or often they try, they break hearts, or get their heart broken. And you really can’t figure it out. Because they’re so sweet, smart and engaging. Everyone adores them!

Foolish heart, hear me calling
Stop before you start falling
Foolish heart, heed my warning
You’ve been wrong before
Don’t be wrong anymore
Foolish heart
Oh foolish foolish heart
You’ve been wrong before Perry

You’d think a hive-mind of (as psychologists tell us most people don’t mature beyond teenage mentality) high schoolers’d come at these people the same way. But some bully them to mock, some to “help them grow”; some are the tea and sympathy crowd who “hear them and believe them”. Some ignore them, praying they’ll go away so the “party can go back to normal”. So. much. drama!

But somehow, much as they want it to, nothing much changes. Because it’s like the head of a hydra. If one of these players leaves, another replaces them.

So I wander in, look around and see the cheerleaders, the jocks, the nerds, geeks, wallflowers and loners. The brainiacs and the dimwits.

And I wonder again, is it really the inside-outsiders who need to change? Or the group? But it’s not like they’ll let people show them a new way.

Trying to Break into the “Group” – (a story)


Trying to Break into the “Group”

I want to come to your thing, your do, your team, your group. And I’m not sure how to get in. I’ve tried being nice and polite. I’m not that ugly, really! I’ve tried showing you all my tricks…

I want you to notice
When I’m not around
You’re so fuckin’ special
I wish I was special
But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here? Radiohead

I started talking to a girl, but her ex was over there snarling, ready to punch me, I swear! Yeah I asked her if she was sure. But I’m not going anywhere near him.

There’s a new kid in town. I don’t want to hear it.
There’s a new kid in town. I don’t want to hear it.
There’s a new kid in town. There’s a new kid in town.
There’s a new kid in town. Everybody’s talking
There’s a new kid in town. People started walking Eagles

I heard the whispering, behind my back. It started so mundane, just slagging me off. Maybe I shouldn’t have let it get to me. But I did! Colour me human, after all.

Jeremy spoke in class today
Jeremy spoke in class today
Clearly I remember
Pickin’ on the boy
Seemed a harmless little fuck
But we unleashed the lion Pearl Jam

I’m no idiot, no freak, no pervert, and

you don’t know anything about me, do you??

Restart, start over again. But it’ll have to be somewhere else, won’t it?

Hi, I’m the new one, the new kid trying to get in…. Pleased to meet you.

Over and over. Starting over gets harder and harder. Everytime I try.