Comms on Social Media – Calling Sooey to the Pigs!

Comms on Social Media – Calling Sooey to the Pigs!

I follow quite a few celebrities and politicians on social media. Some of whom are known for infamy more than any talent or stance on issues. And each time they put something onto their acct, they get that sooey response.

I am well aware such things like trolls exist. No really, I get that. But some of the comms people behind these accts seem to be looking for clicks in the stupidest fashion I’ve ever seen! As soon as I read the post I wince! I don’t need to read the comments to know just what I’ll see. Yet I do, cuzz I want to see if I’m right. I usually am.

The question is, are they doing it on purpose? Some people do want attention and negative attention is better than nothing. And it is how they got their fame. Notoriety. So if that is what they were trying for, good job and all!

But some of the people whose acct it is come back and respond. Like they’re hurt by what has happened. Ok, then dude, fire your comms team! Cuzz how stupid do they have to be to put that out there?!

And after getting all these comments after this kind of post, eventually you have to wonder, how stupid is the celebrity or politician?

For eg, since Erin O’Toole has been on Twitter (and prob his other SM pages too for all I know) he has buckled down on being a dunce. Made every stupid error there is going on his posts. J/s the people who vote for him have got to be just above brain dead. Yet he continues. Which means that his comms team let him continue.

POTUS 45 should have had his mouse taken from him by his comms team too. The Friday night rants were ridiculous!

Isn’t there a point where the comms team’s rep is on the line too? (Dude, you let him do that?? Well blow me a new one!!) Yeah no, I wouldn’t hire either agency if I wanted something done. Yet isn’t that kind of the point of taking on a client like that? To get more business? To gain prestige?

Sometimes I wonder if the comms team is working for the other party. Cuzz they are doing a brilliant job for them!

If what you are known for is notoriety, and you really want to rebrand yourself, then have a respectable agency do your comms. And rule #1 just might be: don’t recall that incident or relationship in your posts! Like ever!! Show how you have grown and changed for the better SINCE the event or relationship and most fair people will give you another chance.

I know I’m a voyeur online, not a pro at comms, but don’t the train wrecks in the comments give you a clue that something is wrong with your strategy? Like I said, yes there are trolls, they do exist. No denying that. But sometimes you have to look at what you’re putting out there too.

If you’re calling out ‘dinner!!’ to the piggies they will come for dinner.

The Highwayman – Lost in Time (a story)

The Highwayman – Lost in Time

Cedric was laying in the grass by the highway, waiting for a horse and buggy or stagecoach to come by on the road. They usually came by at this time of the day. But he had noticed they were running less and less often here these days. This road hadn’t been as popular as when his pappy and brothers had spent their time in the grass here waiting for some time now. Maybe he should change his spot. Had he out-used this hidey-hole?

Times were tough at home. His wife wasn’t able to get in washing from the big houses in town. They weren’t having many bairns either, so she couldn’t even get the dues of a midwife or nanny often.

His daughters couldn’t find many young ones to sit. And most of the big houses had their own staff. They weren’t putting on the big parties either. So there were no extra staff needed for those.

The town didn’t seem to draw as many visitors, so he and his sons weren’t getting time at the stables and blacksmith’s either.

Money and times were tight. He and his sons left the women folk to garden and can, and even let them sink their rods in the pond. While the menfolk went out hunting and checking the snares for small game. But the animals and fish seemed low these days as well. Their dinner table had more grubs and veg than meat these days. The meals were pretty meagre.

Which is why Cedric was here, waiting in the grass. He had to find some coin or jewels to feed his family. And all he had seen today was crazy metal things hurtling by him.

Good a shot as he was, there was no slowing them down. Was there?

Fringe Groups – Mobs, gangs, terrorists, survivalists, conspiracy theorist followers, cults, communes (a story/ish)

Fringe Groups – Mobs, gangs, terrorists, survivalists, conspiracy theorist followers, cults, communes

Here little dolly! Here my pet! Why are you hiding? Have you been bad again? I don’t know why you don’t listen to me. All my other pets obey me.

Oh cute! You’ve found friends! Are they nice to you? Will they obey me if I call their names out? Will they march or dance when I pull your strings? Will they wear the cute outfits pets should wear for their owners? The ones that look just like mine? I spent so much time and money getting them just right, ya know?

Will they play with the toys I bought? The ones that hurt their pride and promote greed? That break after they’ve been played with only a time or two? That kill our planet?

Will they eat the food we all do?

Will they speak the same as we do?

What do you mean no!!?

Well then, it’s us or them! You know our rules and rites. You can stay if you follow them. But your disobedient friends? Yeah they have to go!


What is it about society that causes it’s splintering?

  • Is it illegal to separate from the larger group because you don’t agree with how things go?
  • Does it make a difference if you are right and what your little group does is for the betterment of your group?
  • Does it make a difference if your actions that attack society are in self defence of your members?
  • Are you allowed to gather food and supplies for your group? Despite sanctions applied by society?
  • Are you allowed to gather and make money without being seen as the problem by society?
  • Or are you supposed to wither and die because your group finds society to be immoral? Even if it is?


These questions are timeless and the answer leaders and members who get along in society give is a resounding ‘no you cannot!’

You must comply, whether or not you agree. Because society is a demi-urge. You are judged as moral and sane only by compliance to society’s standards. If you stand alone, you will likely find yourself incarcerated in jail or in a mental health facility. It depends on the group whether an individual can be different, don’t ya know. But mostly no.

You find out in school, your religious group and in your childhood home that you must fit in. It’s imperative. The alternative is labels. Delayed, evil, disobedient, mentally ill…. It comes down to the same thing.

In order to justify their existence, you must be seen as the misfit.

If you return and ask for another chance, society will pat your head and let you in, conditionally. Some form of monitor and compliance with conditions of surrender will get you back in their good graces. They will make you their poster ‘child’ of redemption, of how good they are for letting you back in. Does it matter that they were what shoved you out in the first place? Nope. Will they ever completely trust you again? Nope.

That is the price of society seeing the majority as necessary to good governance and a healthy group. Assimilation.

And that means, dear folk, that society is the evil one.

Your Submission and Service ARE Gifts, But So is My Dominance & Leadership

Your Submission and Service ARE Gifts, But So is My Dominance & Leadership

The /s side of the slash is often written about on kink sites as the one that does the giving. And they do. But so do the D/’s in the relationship. We give our time, attention, support…our sexual and social skills and often our friendship and love. And we bear a LOT of the weight in the guilt when things go wrong or when the law gets involved. Have you ever heard of an /s facing charges? And it’s pretty rare when you see the /s get the flack on kink sites for a break up.

Bottom line, if both people in the relationship aren’t giving and taking, then the dynamic is abusive. It’s better if there is a balancing out, not a tally or score sheet.

At the beginning, the D/ & /s should negotiate then agree to the terms before the D/ takes the lead. From a place of trust and respect, and knowing what you want out of the exchange. Preferably from an equal strength position. Either you’re both fairly new and open to an educational journey together or at similar experience trying to explore a new aspect or trade advanced skills.

At least that’s my position…. Do you agree?

The Slaves, the Criminals and the Schools First – Waves of Colonialism. from Earth to the Skies (Branson, Bezos) – a story/ish

The Slaves, the Criminals and the Schools First – Waves of Colonialism. from Earth to the Skies (Branson, Bezos)

At the four corners of the earth, a holy woman stood. Listening to the voices of mothers and fathers crying over their children’s bodies. Listening to the screams of slaves, prisoners and school aged children as they were ‘taught’ to work, ‘taught’ to become what had never been wanted by them. Listening to the peoples who were lost in the veils of time, of the words that were never heard spoken again, of the customs lost to time.

And the wise women sang to each other, to soothe their broken hearts, to gain solace and hope for a better tomorrow. Even though they presumed there wouldn’t be any great change.

Desperate peoples had found each other and were in a timeless tussle for the earth that would only end if there was a new planet to conquer. Did that begin when they landed on the moon? July 20, 1969

Or would it begin now that the rich were busy gathering their clients for shuttles? (Branson July 11,21 / Bezos July 20, 21)

The wise women’s heads were spinning at all the possibilities. All the things that could have been so different for the people of the land if the faithful hadn’t spread their gods by their swords. If they had shown some sense in how many people had children and how many.

The wise women saw the dust gathering, wave after wave of plague, famine and drought crossing the planet. And they cried. Now might come the end. Unless the greedy learned their lesson? Or would colonialism spread to the universe now?


You can hear the feet of soldiers marching across lands that they wanted. the tides shoved onto land by the boats of trade, conquest and settlement, the chants of priests and settlers who came to escape persecution in their land of birth.

If the lands had been empty, things would have been so different. But no matter which way their prows turned, they found people there already. People with customs and culture, with language and families. That mattered at first, when the numbers were small, at home and in the new country. But that didn’t last long.

  • Maybe it was the conditions that led to the black death of
    1346 – 1352 or 1620?
  • Maybe it was the schism of the Christian church that began in the early 16th C?
    Does why matter when so many screams came after? When so many people are still dying due to colonialism and it’s attitudes?
    Is there a way for things to be healed, to really change what has been wrought in the name of God, king or queen, and conquest?

…. resources

(In 1415, the Portuguese Empire used convicts as part of an expeditionary force sent to conquer the Moroccan presidio (fort) of Ceuta in North Africa.)
slavetrade began in 15th C
(residential schools in Canada can be traced as far back as the 17th century)
Colonial America (1492-1763) European nations came to the Americas to increase their wealth and broaden their influence over world affairs. … Many of the people who settled in the New World came to escape religious persecution.
European thirst for global dominance began with the Portugese (1488) and Spanish (1492).

mind/matter – Quantum theories

mind/matter – Quantum theories

There is a battle over where things originate in humans:

  • Does our body sense what we experience? Or does our brain’s observer take note and pass on what it ‘sees’ to us?
  • At what level of consciousness do we interpret what the senses experience and make use of it?
  • Is what we sense really there, or a product of our brain’s journey?
  • How limited are our senses? And by what?
  • When we sort our day’s journey in our dreams, do we make note of things we didn’t notice when we were awake?
  • Can hypnosis bring out more of our experience?
  • Can we mitigate or manipulate our experience, esp in advance? Pre-condition what we notice?
  • If there is a place for the divine, where is it?

“The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me.” Gnostic Bible Gospel of Timothy (77)


It seems like the questions are very eastern in their philosophy, like something a yogi would ask. But these are also the type of questions that quantum theories are focusing on.


The discussion in the video is really cool. And it seems like a bunch of yogi are having a chat. Till you get to the end credits, and realize that most of the talking heads are people of science, quantum theorists and medical doctors talking about consciousness. (Don’t worry, it’s actually quite an entertaining and at places funny video, as well as thought-provoking.

Myer’s model of consciousness
Jung’s model of consciousness

Superstition –

Superstition –

  • You can’t do things differently or the god(s) will be angry.
  • A new person might be a devil or an angel. They might be a scout for an army. They might be carrying a disease.
  • Tried, tested and true. At least you know what it involves.
  • Curiosity killed the cat.
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Superstition is something that has dogged humanity since the beginning of time. It’s gone thru every institution, every human being. There is something you’re afraid of, and there is something you do/don’t do or say/don’t say that mitigates that fear for you. Like ‘step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back’. Avoid black cats. Don’t break a mirror…..

And if it turns out right, it’s because you listened. If it doesn’t, you didn’t do it right or the god(s) were too angry to give you what you needed.

There is always a search for something and there is always a method for how you do things.

In science, you clean your lab, follow the known rules of your field, write your observations down, have a colleague check your work.

In magic and religion you set the scene, light the candles, pray/chant, perform your ceremony and close it out with gratitude.

In technology, you draw what you want to make, test and retest the smaller components, then put it together and test and retest again till you’re sure it works.

And your faith is in what you know, what your teachers have taught you. What you have observed for yourself. What you know someone else can replicate. But not quite closely enough that they can break your patent. Just enough to prove your theory.

The unknown is scary, but so is status quo. Like sharks, you move or die. For a college or university, you publish or perish.

And under it all is this pervasive fear that you aren’t good enough to do this, that you shouldn’t be there. That everything will crash and burn and it’ll be your fault. You’ll lose your membership in your group. You’ll be left destitute.

Yet somehow you keep going in the tracks you stepped in yesterday. Or start over where you last had positive results. There is no new, and you can’t do the same thing too often or you’ll be mocked.

They call it panic now. Peer pressure is a killer. But over all time, it’s been seen as superstition. Because you work very hard to achieve perfection, knowing full well it doesn’t exist.

He Felt Like Geppetto (a story)

He Felt Like Geppetto

Every day Cal gathered his tools and sat at his work bench, putting together the wires and rods that made the ‘nervous’ system of the doll he was working on. Checking the charge when he finished each section. Hoping he didn’t have to do it over again, yet often finding something was wrong. At least initially. But each error fixed meant the next section went faster. Easier.

And in the back of his mind, he wondered if the shell should be plastic or metal. Either way he was sure he wanted it to look humanoid. Just not enough so people expected a real child. They’d know in a glance.

It took Cal months to get everything in working order, so he had plenty of time to make that decision. But in the mean time he hadn’t really considered if he needed insulation of some form. Though he supposed if it was for kids to play with, it’d last longer if they couldn’t break thru the shell so easily. To get poked, or sliced, or even get a slight jolt from the mild current that would make the doll come to life.

And at that point, he understood that the metal outside would be more durable.

Cal finally inserted the batteries and the ‘brain’ of the doll. And went for the supplies he needed to make the body. And the remote control, so the kids wouldn’t have to pick up the doll. Though they could if they wanted to as well. He even got the kids to record the doll’s voice. Simple words: yes, no, please, thank you, you’re welcome. And each of their names so the doll could ‘call’ them. And programmed the key pad for the names, words and basic doll movements. Though they didn’t know what they were doing.

Then Cal finally put the insulation and outer shell on the doll. And tested it repeatedly.

It was working!

So Cal wrapped the doll and left it in the playroom that night.

Cal was woken to squeals when they discovered the doll.

And went to make a coffee and watch them play. And waited for them to tell him what the doll’s name was. Though he was kind of hoping for something robotic or simple. You just never know what a kid will name a toy when you give them a chance.

Cal was just happy to see they were playing with it after all his work. Glad they had attached to it. The doll was even invited to the breakfast table and it was there that the name of the doll came to be.

And it was there that his wife surprised even him with her project once she knew of his. A trunk of clothes for the doll to wear as the kids went about their day. Saucy hats and boas, swimming trunks and poodle skirts. Ties and clown shoes. A pirate cape. Silly things really. But perfect for a kids’ doll.

And the doll became a bit more real to the kids, and even Cal’s wife and him. Which is when the doll became Mollie. For some reason?

What Does it Take to Be a Prophet? (a story)

What Does it Take to Be a Prophet?

Jenna thought prophets had to be men. She thought it was like the first rule.

Or maybe from an ancient family or culture? She was on new land to her family and none of the oldest lines had ever been here. Most of them had even died out.

She wasn’t Christian or Catholic, so didn’t expect or get stigmata.

She wasn’t practiced at magic either. Shouldn’t you at least follow the stars? Jenna couldn’t do a star chart or even read one to save her life.

Was a crystal ball the thing then?

And anyone who asked for advice from Jenna knew she was no sage.

Some said that the voices that Jenna heard were holy, meant to guide others to the true path, or maybe at least guide Jenna? But somehow there weren’t signs that the path was leading to a good place, or what Jenna was told would keep anyone safe.

So Jenna wondered if the voice was something she was meant to heed, as in a warning? An omen of what was to come, for good or bad?

But why would that be a prophetic voice? It didn’t seem like a divinity. At least to Jenna.

But she opened the book every time that the voice spoke and wrote what it said to. And had someone sign the book when they saw what was warned of come true.

When she wrote exactly what was said, it came true. Sometimes it took a little interpretation, but true nonetheless.

And slowly Jenna developed a reputation. Not for wise advice, not for knowing more than what was spoon fed to her. But for carrying this …. what do you call it? What was she? A vessel? A conduit?

It all came from the spirit, not from her. She was just a homespun girl that no one had taken seriously before. And yet that might be exactly what the spirit had been looking for.

A human tool.

Spiritualism, Seances and …..Wait Scientists??

Spiritualism, Seances and …..Wait Scientists??

While Harry Houdini the great magician spent his latter days investigating fraudulent spiritualists, there were scientists who believed in spiritualism/seances

While Houdini may have been looking for tricks and illusion, slight of hand and mood setting, group delusion, what were the scientists looking for?


  • if you believe that energy is perpetual, but just changes form, do you believe in a spirit that releases &/or changes form upon the body’s death?
  • If science in all it’s eons had looked for the soul in the body’s organs and not really found it, would that lead to a possibility of a collective ‘soul’ that joined all humans?
    Like the Taelons in Earth: Final Conflict?
    Maybe something along the lines of Jung’s theory?


Well, you may not be able to prove it…. not all practitioners have integrity….. but can you completely dispute it?


If God exists, and created our souls to be like His/Hers/It’s, then is it possible?


And if they do exist, why would they stick around?
Why be at the beck and call of humans with crystal balls and Ouija boards?


If humans have souls, do animals?
Does the collection of parts ‘create’ the soul or vice versa? And with that, if a cyborg or robot were made human-like, would they develop a soul? Data