Father Time and NYE (bye bye 2019!)

father time collage


Father Time and NYE (bye bye 2019!)

What began as a baby has aged thru each season. Seeds begun early have now been reaped and stored as a full grown harvest. Creation has been destroyed, birth has become death, yet our souls live on. And we have starter plants and hoary spuds and tubers to plant next year left over. And the fields lie fallow for the winter here.

Each second has been counted in the hour glass of the master time keeper. And forgotten in the larger struggles of frustration and boredom. With a few moments of celebration and funeral thrown in to bless us out of the mundane. With a few life lessons thrown in for good measure. What would time be without maturity and growth? What would love be without knowing loss?

And if you lose hope, remember that each season has it’s purpose. Each stage of life and death has it’s purpose. As it is written, so mote it be.

And tomorrow will be why we cannot get too maudlin…for it is the day the baby is born and we start it all over again.

….Happy New Year!

song influences

The Byrds
Terry Jacks

(image description
left side “waving goodbye to this year – Father Time” –
right side top man with sickle in hand, center 2019 and hourglass, bottom a church bell)

Tis the Season of … Giving? (gift cards)


Tis the Season of … Giving? (gift cards)

Lately my email junk mail has gotten crazy. Which for me is about 20-30 emails a day trying to give me stuff I didn’t ask for and don’t want. Stores that are nowhere near me, and even if they were, I wouldn’t shop at are sending me gift cards. And even if they were near me etc, there is something they should know about me first, before they send me these gift cards…. drum roll here….

I fucking hate shopping!!

Yes I am a woman who hates shopping! lol loathe it, detest it, hate it!! If I must go into a store, it’s done and dusted in less than an hour and that is if the checkout takes time. If there is not waiting, it’s more likely to be half an hour. I’m in with a list and a mission. The military might like me, the store? lol Not so much. They like people to wander and see all the goodies and make impulse buys. That’s how they make their money after all. It’s why they do the whole product placement thingy they do. (Where they make their real money)

Saturday night my old mouse gave out and I had to go to Walmart. I was in and out of there in less than 10 minutes. Went straight to electronics and paid at their desk, instead of the main checkout aisles. It took me longer to get there, and longer to get home (even though I live less than 10 minutes away) than it did to shop. lol

My exceptions are music stores and used book stores. There you’ll find me sitting on the floor or asking for a chair. ūüėõ But nowhere else!

So will these gift cards ever be used? Not effing likely! Yeah cleared out of junk mail.

And all Mrs Claus sees today is detritus…. (a story/ish)

And all Mrs Claus sees today is detritus….

The presents are made, wrapped, and sent out. The kiddies around the world are playing with and breaking them already. Santa and the reindeer are napping, the elves are playing tag and other games on their first day of freedom in months.
And Mrs Claus? Today she is sweeping up the shop area, wiping down the kitchen. And vaccuuming up all the blasted pine needles. They get in e.ver.y.where!
She knows of all the expectations and wishes that were in the letters that were emotional and therefore nothing Santa had thought of a way to meet. No matter how many tears he shed.
And she was humming sad songs as she worked. Wondering if they had remained wishes?
Wondering if there was something anyone can do?
Finally she sat down for a cuppa tea and a cookie Santa had brought home from his travels and pondered why it was that in a world full of everything anyone could ever want, so many children went without?
And she found a song and a movie to cry along to, but could not answer this very important question either. Could anyone?

(On a personal note, I lost my father this summer, my last parent, so I am spending my holidays grieving for unmet wishes. Thinking of all the ways my life could have been better if love had filled his cup instead of alcohol.
I’m glad I was able to fill my world this year with people who wanted to be in it, only though. People who were safe to be around too. So time for the nap after the cleanup here as well as the North Pole. It was a better one than I thought it’d be this year. Peace out! Ms P)


Dear Santa Dommie ….

2 days left!

Dear Santa Dommie,

I want to get to know you, so I thought I’d ask you a few kagillion questions…
(Dommie Sighs)

1) what is your fave animal?

This time of year, it’s not reindeer or cats and dogs. Trust me on that. Do you know what a nuisance they are??

2) do you really like milk and cookies?

NO gawds no! I’m lactose intolerant, and in more than a travelling the earth by my farts kind of way. Same with gluten!

3) Are you really that fat all year?

My aren’t you just a lovely soul! Of all things to ask. Rude much?? Humph!

4) When you get home, after travelling round the world, do you want a bath and drink? Or to fuck the spouse?

Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?? Nosy parker!

5) Am I on your naughty list?

Damn straight after the last two questions!! No doubt about it! Bad girl !! LILDUMPLINSUBBIE!!

And that is all for that. Santa Dommie is gonna whip the subbie before going out so the reindeer don’t get sorer backs than they need to!

SantaDommie Peace out!!

Have you heard of Santa Claus? Really?

saint nick_santa-collage

Whether your origin is with :
the Greek Saint Nicholas ,
or his tailing punisher Krampus

The Dutch Sinterklaas
The English Father Christmas
or the Americas’¬†Santa Claus

Don’t go in debt to give gifts. It’s the spirit of love and peace that is meant to be the biggest gift under the tree!
You don’t have to follow the parade to¬†Macy’s

collage images –
on the left top Santa Claus
bottom left outside is Father Christmas
bottom left inside is Sinterklaas

on the right top inside Madonna and child
on the right top outside Jesus Christ holding the gospel
on the right bottom Saint Nicholas

Modern Songs for Celebrating Misrule

Modern Songs for Celebrating Misrule

Salve! (Latin greeting of “hello”)
They say time and circumstance have changed us as a people. But I think we still look for something to love and to worship. Whether or not we believe in the gods. So I gathered some modern songs that I think the gods of misrule would appreciate. Enjoy! Happy Saturnalia!

sing along

Earth, Wind and Fire

dance around

King Harvest
Martha and the Vandellas

Celebrate the Moon

Van Morrison
Cat Stevens

Service to others – children

Whitney Houston

freeing the oppressed

Tracy Chapman covers Bob Dylan’s song
Sam Cooke


Leonard Cohen
Ted Nugent


You gracious Gods: Saturnus, Consus, Ops,
accept our thanks and look on us with love.
And let us see that seed corn must be saved,
that we need light to bring our seeds to fruit.
As we have done this day, so every day!

Saturnalia – Festival of Misrule

Saturnalia – Festival of Misrule

A time of excitement, attitude shifts, parties and giving gifts of ornaments, white candles and clay statues to be hidden in the holly. When adult served child and master served slave. When nothing serious could take place. Sound like fun?

The crops are gathered and stored, the animals are brought in from the fields and the fires lit in the house for those colder nights. And the party begins! Praise be to the gods and goddesses for a bountiful year! And time to rebuild for a new year, a new life. Embrace the hunter god and the moon goddess.


Santa Claus as a Pagan Godform. Today’s Santa is a folk figure with multicultural roots. He embodies characteristics of Saturn (Roman agricultural god), Cronos (Greek god, also known as Father Time), the Holly King (Celtic god of the dying year), Father Ice/Grandfather Frost (Russian winter god), Thor (Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats), Odin/Wotan (Scandinavian/Teutonic All-Father who rides the sky on an eight-legged horse), Frey (Norse fertility god), and the Tomte (a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year). Santa’s reindeer can be viewed as forms of Herne, the Celtic Horned God. Decorate your home with Santa images that reflect His Pagan heritage.


Maybe we are more pagan today than they were then? But we are certainly more commercial than they were. So maybe we need to re-embrace Yule or Saturnalia?

Serve someone you know has less power than you and embrace the meaning behind misrule. And light your white candles. Then grab your neighbours and spill out into the street with songs and dancing! Nothing serious allowed!

Merry Yule!

Life and Love Advice From a Gambler – (Set to Music Ahem!)

Life and Love Advice From a Gambler – (Set to Music Ahem!)

I play a few casino games online. And some of my best friend memories involve card or pool games.
But you may be happy to know (or not) that I play for free. Mostly. So now and then i listen harder when words to the wise from gamblers come around. And there are a few classic songs that really give good senseable advice, for those willing to listen. Beyond the card game…or dice?

Every gambler knows
That the secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away
And knowin’ what to keep
Cause every hand’s a winner
And every hand’s a loser
And the best that you can hope for is to die
in your sleep Kenny Rogers

….. tip 1

be a good picker, in people and opportunities.

Go down gamblin’
Say it when you’re running low
Go down gamblin’
You may never have to go, no Blood, Sweat and Tears

…… Tip 2

try and keep trying
the only loser is the one who doesn’t try (Didn’t Yoda say something about that?)

When you’re hot, you’re hot
And when you’re not, you’re not
Put all the money in and let’s roll ’em again
When you’re hot, you’re hot¬†Jerry Reed

tip 3

It’s the game, the playing that counts. Not the score or the ups and downs.
Don’t sweat the turn of the card or dice. It’ll come round again.

And then there is my tip, no song I found says it. But it works just as well and is important too. No scheme or lucky system you have for winning works every time.
So all that you can really do at the end is beg, pray and grin when you win or lose.
And sing along to the wish

Stick with me, baby, I’m the fellow you came in with
Luck be a lady tonight! Frank Loesser

Chillax! It’s a game. Never bet more than you’re able/willing to lose! And have fun!

dear Santa dommie – sissytommy

Dear Santa Dommie ….

(a week away!)

Dear Santa Dommie,

I am crazy mad for lingerie! I adore the feel of it, the hug of it, the look of it… I mean, I spend hours on the internet and in stores looking for just the right piece for my trousseau.

And then when I’m done the window shopping and dreaming part? I sit and cry. Because in my head, everything is perfect. But IRL, I have a scrapbook and a PINTEREST (several K followers!! ) page. No one to show it to. No love to wear them for. And no drawer or closet full of yummies I can try on and parade or masturbate in. Now that is something to cry over, right?

What do I do, Santa Dommie?
signed, SissyTommy.

Dear SissyTommy,

Awww! Lingerie has so many expectations attached, doesn’t it? And it is gorgeous and feels so sexy. I love mine!

What should you do? I think you should stop building the wish list and be your own sugar mommy. Get yourself a few of your fave sets and wear them! Don’t go crazy! Just a few! Then maybe you’ll at least feel like you don’t have to cry about it while you wait. Enjoy them!

SantaDommie, peace out!

Gender “Play” or Gender-Bending as Part of Femdom

Gender “Play” or Gender-Bending as Part of Femdom

The first rule of this is that, like most features and dynamics of kink and BDSM, what comes of it is between the people in it. So YMMV for sure.

But there are some common factors:


They may or may not be someone who is confused or someone who is non-binary and want to explore their feminine states. So they seek out a dominant who will help this process. They set goals and boundaries and work together to find the person’s place in the world as a woman.

  • b) they may or may not have a sexual relationship
  • c) they may or may not be “forced” or humiliated into it.
  • d) they may or may not be public or in groups of people who engage in this and support each other.
  • e) they may or may not make money as a show “gurl”.
  • f) they may or may not go to extremes like surgery.


They vary how they interact with their dominant and/or their world as a:


  • a) They may be a sensualist who loves fabrics and female bits and bobs like makeup and nylons, lingeries and jewelry.
  • b) They may be a performance artist who has female characters they want to portray. And they want a woman to teach them the how-to. (wear makeup, walk, talk, dance, flirt….)
  • c) or they may want to be shamed for being a man, for being a misogynist


  • a) they may or may not want to explore bisexual or homosexual behaviour.
  • b) they may or may not want to be shamed for being hetero or being curious about sex with men.
  • c) they may or may not have small penises.


they may or may not engage in chastity, cuckoldry, or castration (fantasy or otherwise)
and it may be self-directed, with the dominant female as more of a guide or a support than a harsh mistress who commands them.

I think I caught the most significant variations? But like any other kink or role. there are real people driving, and some of them have issues that are well beyond “play” and might impact what choices they make. But it shouldn’t tar the whole group.
#notallgenderplay is based on bigotry or misandry.

So yes, someone who wanted help with transitioning, or getting comfortable when driving their new “look” could find someone who helps them pull it together. And be quite happy with how they turn out. So it doesn’t¬†exclude¬†transgender people, but it isn’t specifically¬†for¬†their needs either.

So communicate, know yourself, and what your goals are and set the boundaries with anyone involved, and you can have a LOT of fun.