‘Rolling Thunder’ Rally in Ottawa this weekend

‘Rolling Thunder’ Rally in Ottawa this weekend

Convoy 2.0?

  • Some of the same leaders
  • Some of the same outsiders’ funding
  • Some of the same participants
  • Carrying some of the same flags
  • Some of the same beefs (PH restrictions) and justifications for their actions
  • Some of the same racist orgs involved (including Chris Sky)
  • Some still hassling Ottawa citizens day 1
  • Some of the same cops supporting the group
  • with the support of some of the Conservative and PPC party leaders again

We have found out so much about the virus that has caused this pandemic in the past 3 yrs, (long covid kids with heart, liver disease and diabetes and more dying with the Omicron variants) and it’s frustrating that there are still protestors claiming the PH authorities and govt overstepped. And despite the fact no court challenges have succeeded (Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or Criminal and Public Health Codes), and charges have been filed against the convoy leaders and some of the participants, these people keep gathering and impeding the freedoms they claim they’re fighting for.

It’ll be fun to see if the association of bikers will make a difference between how citizens and police handle this. These aren’t hard workers who are getting their jobs curtailed. There are Canadian bike gangs and the police have had a long history of tussles with them over time.

Maybe they haven’t threatened Trudeau (yet?) this time but they’re still claiming the govt has done something wrong in trying to protect the people of Canada.

So yah, not impressed with this one either.

Q – Where Do you Fall on the Morality Scope?

Q – Where Do you Fall on the Morality Scope?

Do you act as you do because you have a feeling inside you, an instinct that tells you to behave a certain way? Is it because you’re religious? Is it your cultural or familial view that teaches you to behave a certain way? Is it something you ponder a lot? Or are you a wing and prayer kind of person?

Do you act as you do because certain people are around you? Perhaps you want to impress them? Or at least not upset them?

Is it different between a parent or sibling, an SO or a one-nighter?

Where does the concept of what is right or wrong lie? Is it in the intention to act, the act or the consequences of the act? Is it being able to stop yourself from misbehaving?

Is it more important to you that you would be excommunicated from your faith group, disowned by family or that you would go to prison if found out?

Most people fall somewhere within these many choices. Depending on who is watching and also how serious the issue at hand is. But we all test boundaries, right? So when does that leave being a natural thing we all do or a person who has no self control and needs to be reined in?

Consequentialism refers to those moral theories which hold that the consequences of a particular action form the basis for any valid moral judgment about that action (or create a structure for judgment. From a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right action is one that produces a good outcome, or consequence. This view is often expressed as the aphorism, The ends justify the means .

The Priest, Soldier, Philosopher, Businessman and Lawyer Walk into a Bank (no it’s not a joke! I swear!)

The Priest, Soldier, Philosopher, Businessman and Lawyer Walk into a Bank (no it’s not a joke! I swear!)

Have you ever noticed that when you look at political and economic theory, you see an odd collection of theorists espousing their beliefs in what people need? Theorists who have hardly ever spoken to the people in question. And theorists who are discussing things as gospel that have never succeeded, yet they continue to chat about it in the lounge at the university. Theorists who call you insane or stupid if you dare say ‘but they tried that already, and it didn’t work!’ Or say ‘ but you can’t do that, it’s too easily corrupted!’?

Or they talk about a theorist that never intended their work to become a political system and would be horrified by what was done in their name as if it’s their Bible set to life. What it is is an aberration of what they said. Used wrongly. Used long past it’s sell by date.

Use money in the market and I’m a fan. It’s much better than weighing furs or ore nuggets. You have an equal weight of measure. Those who have enough can purchase the item. Or haggle the seller down.

Live together to protect yourself from wild animals, to work together to make and use goods and resources well, to pair bond and raise your kids. Awesome! Just make sure it stays the size of a hamlet or small village. So you can see someone if they have an urgent need and support them. And you shift between groups now and then so the bloodlines don’t get too incestuous.

Have a small group of leaders who actually show caring for the community and have a skill the group needs. Nobody who really wants power or influence though. Not even someone who wants a larger share of the pie. They just have the right skills. Including communication and good decision-making. But they walk among the group everyday.

That is the basic collective need. Not some lobstrocity larger than all the people-groups put together! That roars and grunts and threatens to destroy everyone just by rolling over in it’s sleep. Or hiccupping. Nothing of actual violence.

I think that’s where all the theories fail though. It’s all a magic show, flash and it can’t sustain itself when it comes to practicality. If you look at global or national patterns, the leaders fail by focusing on pride and threats of violence rather than taking care of their people’s needs. Or even taking care of the earth.

So here we are. People getting in the way of each other and calling it enlightenment, progress and freedom, when it’s no such damn thing. Yet is there any way to undo all this garbage and start over again?

Well…. is there??

On a day of transition – Social Media

On a day of transition – Social Media

the biggest faces of social media

Jack Dorsey/Net worth
7.3 billion USD


Elon Musk/Net worth
264.6 billion USD


Mark Zuckerberg/Net worth
75.2 billion USD


Whoever is at the top (whichever nerdling billionaire that is) how do you see things really changing?

No matter who dances in the top offices, they still have to do business in many countries around the world that limit what can be said or done in their borders.

There are nations that run govt ads and propaganda basically, so what exactly is it that ‘free speech’ or ‘expression’ means there?

I mean they might get some blowback from the USA about their guys not getting treated right, when the globalists meet….? But considering what else they have to talk about, would that matter? Wars, refugee camps, human rights violations, starving people….

…… if Right Wing Extremist is needed?

Why not put more funding into sites like Parler or Gab? Or give almost broke buddy Trump some coin for Truth Social (snicker)?

……. people be making tracks

Twitterites are posting their other sites today in case it goes private, asks for confirmation ID or Musk charges user fees….. But having just announced today? Yeah I’m sure they’ll need some time to do the paperwork.

The Many Ways to Govern the People and Society – Morality & Law

The Many Ways to Govern the People and Society – Morality & Law

………………………We the People!………………..

Aren’t the leaders meant to be serving the people? Whether king, priest, lawyer, or businessman?

When you think about law, the first question is: who is being served by it? It’s supposed to be the people, or the community. But it doesn’t always seem that way, does it?

In a land of many groups, many religions, with many purposes, which one is the primary? Most would say the majority. Or the dominant. But often it seems like the few with big wallets get the attention and services they need. Should we blame Thatcher (UK) and Reagan (USA)? Or does it go back further? The knight (military) served the lord or king, the police served the govt. So isn’t capitalism as we know it now feudalism 2.0? All meant to guard and separate the ruler from the stranger and the poor.

Do the countries that call themselves ‘republics’ change their way of doing things? Not much actually. Instead of the king/queen, it’s the president or emperor, that’s all. Does it matter then who holds the paper it’s all written on if you’re poor or not of the predominant race, religion? Not really.

………………where the power lies………..

  • Is where the money flows from. Which in a global world is trade and tourism.
  • In a modern world, media/communication is key.
  • In an industrial world, technology.
  • When you need to support your country, use and sell resources, get people back and forth to work, engineers.

If you work in these industries, are you valued more by society or your boss? Are the laws written to serve your needs more than others?

………. where faith and culture lie …………

  • Is the national language the one of the majority of the people? Or the governing crown?
  • Is the prayer spoken in the halls of governance the same as the people who serve in it?
  • Which are the national media sources in?

Do they represent the people of your country? Or another that has the money to trade into your airspace?

……. are you stewards of your land? …….

,,,,,,,,, are you caretakers of your people? ……..

Will the people be sustained thru war and peace? Thru ease and hardship? Is it safe to live in urban or rural areas of your country?
Will you support families, frail people and elders of your communities?


This is the way laws are intended to flow. In theory at least. But what should be and what is don’t often seem to coincide, do they?

So how do we get the larger principles of law and governance back in the halls of governance? I’m not sure we can, not and keep what we have now.

Are there changes you would be willing to make to see that society actually reflects the needs of the people?

Crime – What if Instead of it Being an Action You Took, it Was Something You DIDN’T Do?

Crime – What if Instead of it Being an Action You Took, it Was Something You DIDN’T Do?

Are you always a cautious person? Do you think thru all possibilities and outcomes? Are you always alert? Do you always care?

Of course not! And sometimes that means that either you or someone you are in charge of can get hurt. So how responsible are you for their safety? For their stress?

How reasonable is it that they could be in danger? How predictable is it? Would the average person see this thing coming?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you intended harm. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you didn’t act.

Do you want examples?

Most parents and teachers know that kids don’t always listen. That they test things to see why you make the rules they have to listen to. I think every parent has experienced this.

  • So you forgot to lock the door one night before bed. And the toddler got out.
  • You were at the mall and turned your back on them for one second.

Could you have predicted it? Yes. Kids do those things.
Could you have prevented it? Locked the door. Confined the kid when at the mall if you had to turn your back.
Would a reasonable person be able to see these aspects and conclusions? Yes

Which means if something happens to the kid, you are culpable. Whether or not you got charged. And you will get blamed for it, by yourself at least. Maybe by their other parent.

Besides being charged, you might end up getting divorced. Or worse.

So how do you deal with all the variables of life? Do your best and pray. I guess?

Liability vs Responsibility Under the Law – Citizen Joe, Jane or Ji Goes for a Drive

Liability vs Responsibility Under the Law – Citizen Joe, Jane or Ji Goes for a Drive


How many ways can you look at someone who is just driving to the store for some staples for their family?

  • Well if they go there and return safely, all is well. It doesn’t technically matter if they speed a little/or drive under though both are considered less safe, are on their cell phone, or distracted by a fight with their SO or unruly kids. It doesn’t even technically matter if they smoked a bit of weed or had a few shots. Nothing happened, right? They’re not liable cuzz nothing happened. But they are responsible for their behaviour. They’re at home, and they know these things are bad driving behaviour. Srsly, pull over if you cannot control the car or the people in it! And don’t get in the car to drive if you aren’t stone cold sober.
  • But what if they were in a foreign country and weren’t familiar with the laws there? They are meant to become familiar enough with the laws of the country to handle the roads and traffic. Before they drive. Ignorance of the law is not a defence. Though again, if they go there and return safely, all is well. Isn’t it?
  • How much are they responsible for or liable for another driver’s behaviour?

a) If the driver is in your car, quite a bit actually. Never go in a car where you don’t know or trust the driver! Even a passenger is liable if there are guns or drugs in the car, or if the driver is impaired. I suppose it’s ok if nothing happens though? Isn’t it?

b) If the driver is sharing a lane with you, you should create a buffer zone between your car and theirs. Weather should determine how great a distance that buffer zone is. And you are also responsible/liable for behaviour you could reasonably expect, like slowing down or stopping in a school zone. Like going slower on residential streets, or kids playing on or near the road, and someone having to screech to a halt.


That’s the kind of thinking that you have to do as a defensive driver. And whether or not you are ready to face the consequences for your actions. even if they aren’t technically illegal. If you yourself did nothing wrong.

  • Are you responsible? Were you doing the best you could at taking precautions? Were you moving with the traffic? Were you in control?
  • Are you liable? Will you face consequences if things went wrong? And what will that be? It could be a ticket, or even a time in a cell, depending how bad things got. Your insurance may go up or you might lose your license. And in some cases, you might lose your life. If there was a police chase, a car crash. Or in some countries, drugs can result in a death sentence. (No, I’m not kidding)

So how bad did you need that bread and cheese for a meal anyways? Or can you walk to the store?


This is obv just an example, and just some of the possibilities. But it’s also the WAY adults have to think about Liability andd Responsibility Under the Law

Equally Applied to All – just/fair, functional, common sense – some questions

Equally Applied to All – just/fair, functional, common sense – some questions

It’s hard to live out this principle in relationships/families. People like different things and have different talents. And one person might be a better follower and the other a better leader.


  • So how do you share resources in such a way that everyone is happy and supported?
  • So the resources actually work for the group or couple?
  • So the resources are renewable?


  • Do you have a tally sheet?
  • Or do you figure it’ll come out in the wash if y’all love each other?
  • Do you have a buffer zone in case one member has a sudden or prolonged higher need?


  • Is one person more responsible as the gatherer? One as the preparer?
  • Or do you take turns?


  • What do you do if a resource(s) is no longer available? Or lesser available?
  • Is one member meant to leave the group/couple? And if so, how do you decide which member?


I guess one has to ask if there really is such a thing as true equality? Or am I asking for the wrong thing?

Command, Motivate, Suggest, Manipulate, Coerce, Expect, Empower

Command, Motivate, Suggest, Manipulate, Coerce, Expect, Empower

Command Motivate Suggest Manipulate Coerce Expect Empower …..

Words that mean you are trying to guide or dominate someone else’s behaviour. Words that have negative and positive connotations. Words that are used in law, parenting and in BDSM.

And often the difference between those meanings and the results are how much autonomy the person you are trying to guide or dominate is left with. And how much you can rely on them doing as you ask when you’re out of sight. Whether they accept that there is good reason for your suggestion of how they should act. Whether it actually makes sense for their life.

Or if they give up hope and just do as you say. Become your automaton.

So the first thing you have to decide is how much you want them to actually think and feel for themselves. From there you find the tone you need to take in your handling of them and your relationship.

It isn’t easy, or quick. And it can be messed up. And before you use any of these, or some dance of all of them, there are two people you need to get to know: you and the person you need to guide or dominate. So the step you take before you find your groove is

…. to listen.

It Takes All kinds of Chicks in a Hen House (Since it’s Easter Sunday, a hen house tale seems on theme)

It Takes All kinds of Chicks in a Hen House

There once was a hen in a hen house on a farm owned by Farmer John. She wasn’t that young anymore and Farmer John had been thinking she was done laying 🥚🥚 s when he walked in one morning to a surprise.

Soon after he met her young ones:
🐤 ❣
🐤 💯
🐤 💭

and Farmer John praised the hen and gave her extra corn.

Though the 🐤🐤 s looked a lot alike, Farmer John could soon tell them apart as well as their mother could. Two kind of laid back 🐤 💭 , 🐤 ❣ and let the world come to them, and at first hid behind their mother. Two were already at the mesh of the coop
🐤 💯 ,🐤📢 waiting for him when he opened the barn door. Happy to engage with him and let their siblings know that everything was fine. With their mother’s encouragement, they slowly learned to trust Farmer John.

And Farmer John gave them corn whenever they came up to him. So soon enough they realized the hen house was a safe place to be. In the hands of Farmer John.

And as 🐤🐤 s do they grew and grew. Those who were bold 🐤 💯 ,🐤📢 were bold. Those who were shy 🐤 💭 , 🐤 ❣ were still shy. Each new experience taught Farmer John a little more about them and their personalities. So he gave each of them a name.

🐤 💯 Intrepid
🐤📢 Claxon
🐤 💭 Posit
🐤 ❣ Earnest

And the hen house was a happy place, and between their mother and Farmer John, the 🐤🐤 s had a happy life at the farm.