In the Time Before Time (a story)

In the Time Before Time

Monkey stood up and used the tools he’d been working on for awhile to make something more than a layer of leaves to make his tree naps nicer.

He laughed and joked with other monkeys as they worked. They spat in the clay, but that wasn’t enough. So they carefully gathered the wet clay from the edge of the water. Between laps of the tide. And ran screaming out of the area when the water got too high.

Sometimes their work took too long and they lay beside their lumps for a nap. And soon realized that these lumps were easier to work with. So they began using them and held them in place with the muck. That worked so much better.

The monkeys found it easy to climb up and down their walls so the building went well. They build walls that stood, then put a roof on them. Sure there was a slight slant to them. But it’s not like they had a miter or even a ruler to level them. Or the gained experience to change what they did and make it better. So mostly they just prayed to their gods that things would hold while they were under them. And they did.


Many years later, in the next time, the people found these odd structures in the tree lines. And they thought some animal had lucked out. They didn’t see the effort and practice it had taken to get one or more to stay standing. But they did think it was a good idea. So they took their levels and miters and made a structure that was a little better. A little higher and called it a temple. Because they had said many prayers while making them. And they wandered the earth, placing these temples everywhere they settled for awhile.


And in the next time, the people came to these first and second time structures and wondered about them. But thought they were a good idea. So they took their slaves and miters and made some buildings that were taller and straighter. And kept adding to them till there were cities in the oddest places. Places that would never survive if there was a disaster. They planned them for convenience and pretty views.


And along came the aliens in the after time. They looked at the ruins of these many buildings and found it hard to tell which had been made by monkeys and which had been made by people.

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