Lady’s Night Out

They loved to gather together to be pampered. They showered and got into the club’s robes and went to get a soak first. Long chats in the whirlpool then a sit in the sauna. Till their skin was gently flushed and puckered. Then they had a mani and pedi while their nails were quite pliable. Massages followed. Full body ones that often seemed more like torture than any curative or restive aid. The ladies could ask for a happy ending or not, as they chose.
All the while they chatted about life, love and sex…
In the other half of the club, was a gentleman’s club. With the infamous glory holes and lap dancers. With a twist. The lips that were serving them were as male as their own, little did they realize. The ladies in the club were loaning or prostituting out their slaves and subs while they were there getting their bodies cared for.
Why you might ask?
While they were being tended, they were watching the men’s activity due to the well placed and well hidden cameras. Every once in a while, someone rich or famous was being serviced and the camera began to record the event. If there was ever a need the men could help with, they were supplied with a picture of both sides of the curtain of the glory hole with time and date stamps. Obviously this couldn’t be done often. So it had to be of critical need

There was a small stage in the meeting room, where the ladies happily gathered. They had one of their subs or slaves put on demos of what they had learned that week. The more experienced ones were a joy to watch as they went thru their paces. Often they found they had a happy audience who clapped at their stellar performances. The new ones often found themselves heckled. It didn’t take long before they were practicing for weeks on any new skills and taking notes when the more experienced ones performed. Which made their dominant happy and proud.
The stage was also used by some of the artistic subs and slaves for erotic dancing. Some were of a burlesque style and some were more Eastern.
And the stage also had some rope work for the ladies to enjoy. A few of them enjoyed just watching, but a few were avid ropers themselves.
But for some the best act was when their sub or slave was paired with another male to engage in sexual acts. There were some delicious moments and many a robe was shifted so the ladies could take care of their excitement discretely. These sexual entanglements were filmed on the sly, in case the sub or slave was ever let go due to disobedience. It didn’t happen often. The men were well vetted, but occasionally a bad fit slipped thru.

The ladies who practiced their knots often liked to humiliate their subs or slaves by leaving them in unsafe places. Where being bound and helpless could result in being used against their will by those who found them. The men were not made aware that all exits and entrances were guarded, so the only people who got near them, were in fact vetted.
Or they were bound in ways that could risk their life or limb if the dominant erred. For these, the ladies would work as pairs, junior and senior mentor.
Here the men were well aware of the security cameras and the fact they were recording. It was part of the agreement that the tapes would be posted on the club’s website as porn. SO everyone in them wore masks. Each had their special decorations on the mask. So to be sure the ladies had ammo, they found a moment or two somewhere early in their relationship to get pictures of the sub or slave donning the mask. Again, for the disobedient who needed a reminder not to discuss the club after they left.

When the ladies wanted a mall date, they put a shock collar on their sub or slave. Every time they received a charge, they were to rub up against a stranger near them. Only the newbies were allowed to make it appear accidental. They were eventually supposed to make it appear flirtatious, but not creepy. So the dominants practiced with them first. Finding a smaller space and a woman or man who seemed interested in them was more key, if it appeared purposeful. Narrow halls or aisles and crowds were turned into opportunities. So busy mall days were turned into fun.

The ladies brought their pets on leash to put them thru their paces and reward them for what they learned. They learned obedience and were put on show. There was a circuit for them to walk around, games to play that taught them obedience and manners, a circus and finally a parade where the proud owners had a chance to display their pet’s good behaviour. The owners were beaming and even the pets smiled.
A fun day was had by all.

The subs and slaves were paired by size and ability, then disrobed and made to fight each other. The head dominant played referee. The ladies seemed to be more vicious than the fighters. In fact, some fights broke out in the audience. The head dominant had to threaten them with being barred if they continued to comport themselves in such a fashion. She was really angry and the ladies knew it.
Again the subs and slaves wore masks, but they were filmed putting them on.
At the end of the fights, the final man standing was given his choice of defeated to have anal sex with. The ladies were happy to watch, of course.

In the basement of the club was a dungeon. It had small cells to hold the naked subs and slaves that weren’t being brutalized at the time. There were spanking benches, St Andrew’s crosses, some stretching benches, a few milkers and some hooks and pullies in the ceiling. Plus coils of rope and tools and floggers for the dominants to use. There were a few quiet areas too for the dominants to relax in and the subs and slaves to be comforted in.
The dungeon would have made the priests of old tremble with excitement.

bdsm code of conduct


Core Values

Definitions of the core values for guidance and informational purpose are as follows:

    • Loyalty – Bearing allegiance and faith in someone or something, and devoting yourself to that end.


    • Duty – Fulfilling the obligations you make, or those that are placed upon you. Duty also means accomplishing tasks both individually and as part of a team.


    • Respect – Treating others as they should be treated. Affording others the station in life that they have earned by seniority, diligence and acquisition of life skills.


    • Service – Placing the welfare of others before your own. Being able to go further, endure longer, and look closer at how you may be able to add to the effort of others.


    • Honor – Acting, carrying out, and living the values of Respect, Duty, Loyalty, Service, Integrity and Courage in all that you do.


    • Integrity – Doing what is right, both legally and morally. Integrity is a quality one develops by adherence to moral principles. To do and say nothing that deceives others. For as integrity grows, so does the trust that others place in you.


  • Courage – Facing fear, adversity, and dangers with steadfast resolve. Courage builds by standing up for, and acting on, people and principles you know to be honorable.

A domme does more than flog you

She is also a teacher. Someone who helps you achieve your goals and learn how to serve her.
She is also a priestess, Someone who helps you find balance and direction.
She can also be a sorceress, if you are into sex magicks.
She is also a mother, a nurturer and counselor.
She might play the role of an alchemist, a witch, a shaman and a lady to your knight, a queen to your servant.
She helps you work on your self control in emotions and life decisions.
She helps you explore your senses and manners till you know the difference between civilized and primal.
Her interests are in feminism, female led relationships and the sacred feminine.
She may be into a Cybelian marriage dynamic.
You are hers to control and guide.

to initiate sex with a male virgin…

Do you remember what your first sex encounter was and with whom? Do you remember if it was voluntary, coerced due to peer pressure, or forced? Of course you do. It’s a big thing.

But the factors that are across all those boards are:
1) you feel shy about being naked
2) you are curious about seeing them naked
3) you feel awkward.
4) you may also have the idea that your body is not ok
5) your culture may tell you that sex is evil outside marriage
Sometimes you enjoy it. Sometimes you have an orgasm (no ejaculating is not an orgasm, did you know that?) But mostly you feel awkward and wonder if that’s it. Why does everyone push you into this?
And mostly it’s a 3 minute or less race to put a penis in a vagina.

But the longer you wait, the more nervous you get, and the bigger deal it becomes socially to be a virgin still. And your self esteem suffers as well.

So here are some tips in how to reduce some of the pressure, so you don’t feel like a shaking, nauseous, mess and try to bow out of the experience. But the biggest one is to not go for it all at once. Spread it out over dates, like most people do as teenagers. Don’t try to go from zero to hero in five minutes. That sets you up to fail.
1) how about making a game of some of the foreplay to relax you. Like strip poker or hide and seek.
2) How about doing a strip tease and erotic dancing?
3) Break the experience down into smaller activities. For example, dry humping and massage. It’s a way to get to know your partner’s body without going for the all or nothing of penis/vagina sex.
4) mutual masturbation also helps with that. You get to see your partner’s arousal faces and where they like to be touched, before you do it yourself. Every one is different.
5) oral sex (both partners give and get) first.

With men, especially those who have never had sex before, ejaculation can happen way too quickly. Like running when you have never run before, your skin and muscles are experiencing new sensations. They get all heated up and blow, because you have no other way of dealing with this new stimuli.
So here are a few tips for that:
1) numb the tip of the penis before you have sex. (I do NOT mean with a topical anaesthetic!!) Try ice. Or numb all of you, have a few drinks.
2) use two condoms so you aren’t as sensitive.
But remember, most men will recover their erection fairly quickly. Don’t stop playing with her and you’ll be back in form soon enough. So long as you don’t get upset or worried about it. (a real hard on killer)

If she has more experience (not a virgin too) then let her take the lead. Especially when you come to the point where you are going for entrance to the vagina. Man lays on his back and she sits on him slowly. This might take a couple times, if he ejaculates.

These tips should help 🙂 Have fun!!

Making a Perfect Male Subbie

She had an appointment with the subbie-maker a friend had recommended because she was so hard to please. He could hear her coming down the halls. Her dommie boots were awfully noisy on his tile floors. He would have to check later for divets.
Was she walking in slow-motion? Finally she came into his office.
He offered her a chair and sat, after he had seen her into it. She smiled at his small courtesy.
"Ok Domina, what is it you are looking for that you can’t find without my help?"
"I want someone who is eager to learn or has learned already but is still willing to grow," she said. "I’m tired of flakes with excuses or men who want a fetish delivery system. It’s all about them. I think they have it backwards."
"I understand, that’s a common problem. So specifically, what is it you want your sub to do for you, Domina?"
"I want service, good service. A gentleman, a domestic diva, a body slave and a masochistic toy wrapped up in one. Someone who wants to please me for a change. I hate feeling like I’m their slave!," she frowned. "Or that I’m a top. I want someone who puts the relationship first. Rather than the sexuality. I think they want a pro-domme, not a woman who is a bdsm afficianado. I’m not saying that’s wrong, it’s just not me. So I’ve been meeting bad fits."
"Of course, Domina. I understand completely," he smiled. And he did too. They took their leave and he had a good think about who would be on his list that would fit her criteria. She was absolutely right, it was a common issue.
First, a gentleman. Well he did have a few men who were into feudal relationships, like knight and lady. Some were much like Don Quixote. Just needing a firm hand. She seemed like she could do that. Or perhaps an ex-military type who was used to structure, chain of command and rules. She seemed right for that too. How about a reverse 1950’s house? She might like that as well. He jotted down some names from his roster. He’d interview them first.
Second, a domestic diva. Someone trained in culinary arts and house management. Secretarial skills, cleaning, budgeting… He knew a few who would be great for that and one who had actually been a manor butler for a very wealthy family. He jotted their names down.
Third, a body slave. Someone who was good at bathing, massaging, dressing and caring for her closet. He jotted their names down. He even had a raiki master and certified masseur.
Fourth, a masochistic toy. Oops he had forgotten to ask what her fantasies were. He jotted a note and had an assistant deliver it to her on the run. When the note was returned, he reviewed her wishes with a smile on his face. It made him wish he was free to accept her himself. High energy and variety and the maso would not be burnt out too quickly. That was a good sign. The only obstacle was the fit. He had quite a few options. He smiled.
And he had a new young man who was all stud and innocence. He would see what she felt about training from ground up, if the opportunity arose.
He sent the portfolios and pictures to the Domina to see what she thought and where her priorities really lay.
She sent back the ones that were all fluff and had nothing to offer but a good stiffie. She had passed his first test. She was telling the truth.
It took her a few days to short-list the candidates. Then he arranged a meet and greet. The Domina and a couple of her friends would attend and so would her best picks. She chatted, flirted and teased the men. And he began noticing who she spent the most time with. Funny as hell, but she was only presenting as a fluff. He smirked and suggested a topic to each of her favourites to see if they had similar views. He knew some of them were conservative and some were liberal. She started paying more attention to the liberals. Ok then. He weeded the conservatives away from the party. And brought things to a close.
He met with her for a few minutes and they discussed why she was making her choices. He asked for another night to have a few more candidates for her and she agreed.
The next event went off more smoothly. She was laughing and chatting it up. He suggested topics again and watched to see which side she went for in each discussion. Huh, she was leaning conservative tonight. What a woman. He drew her aside and asked if her views were left or right wing as he didn’t want to displease her. She said left, but she wanted the men to discuss the topics with her. To be intelligent and quick. So he left it to her discretion.
At the end of the night, she gave him 5 names she quite liked and asked him to check with the men. They were all willing to explore further. He arranged the dates with her.
After the dates, he met with the Domina again and heard glowing reports on the men’s manners and conversation. He was happy to hear that. He asked her if any of the five were of sufficient interest to continue to contract negotiations. She gave him her top two picks.
He approached the men and found the interest was mutual. Partly because dommes were harder to find than male subs. It was a buyers’ market, so to speak. But also because she was a fascinating woman and they seemed to hit it off, they thought. He made them aware of her interest and they agreed to negotiate. Awesome!
He contacted the Domina and provided her with the names of the subs’ advocates. And waited to hear…
After quite a lengthy wait, he heard back from the Domina that one had bowed out of the negotiations. Leaving one. She wasn’t particularly happy with that. He asked for the notes so he could see where they had broken down. On their arrival, he carefully reviewed them. It was a bad fit. Both had entered in and conducted themselves in a civil and open manner. He made a note on the sub’s file for future reference. And waited to hear about the second sub’s fate.
Finally, the Domina asked for a meeting. It seems the last one had bowed out as well. She brought the notes and he asked for a few moments to review them. Which she graciously gave.
Once again, both parties had been open and civil. And the negotiations had almost gone through. But there seemed to be a sticking point or two. He made notes on the sub’s file and turned to the Domina.
"You haven’t asked for anything impossible, Domina. And that is reassuring. This man does exist. Somewhere in the world. For that matter, if I were free, I think I would be such a man, such a fit for you. So my question for you to ponder is; do you want to continue searching for the real man? Or do you want to access our robotics department?"
He closed his mouth and waited for her to speak.
In a few moments, her eyes lit up and she said, "Robotics, please. I don’t wish to wait longer."