Blue Chattel

Blue Chattel (a story)

She called him sache, thing.
He called her Patroa, female boss.
Out in the world, sache presented the same as any other man did around him. He had a job, a car, nice clothes, pocket money… and a swanky address. He belonged to all the right clubs. They were good for business contacts. He played racket ball and golf. Those were the games successful people, esp men, played.
He walked with confidence and a macho swagger.
You would never know, unless you were his secretary or ISP that he called or texted his mother every time he had to make a decision.
You wouldn’t know that she shopped for his clothes, his food, every need he had in his life.
It wasn’t because he lacked intelligence or drive. It was because he had always had it that way. Or else.
Patroa collected his pay packet, paid his bills, and gave him a small allowance. I’m talking about a bubble gum or two a week. Yet he had a six figure income. He had a credit card to pay for any wandering needs, like taxis or town cars, when he had to entertain for work and drink. . Or to pick up lunch if he had a business lunch. But he had to call her to use it. If there was ever a bill on the account that she didn’t know about, he lost privileges the following week.
She also paid for an escort agency to send a hostess or date if he needed a woman for business dealings. Someone to play his girlfriend when he needed to entertain. He looked them over and sighed. They didn’t much interest him. They were his mother’s idea of what a woman should be, not his. They were svelt and wore a tea dress or a power suit well. He liked curves on a woman. They had shoulder length hair that they could easily put into a chignon. He hated chignons. They wore pearl chokers. He hated pearl chokers on a woman. And they made up their faces in the latest fashion. He didn’t like make up on a woman.
He was given no money to date women he liked.
Every week, he went to his mother’s house. They had a meeting in which he was called to the carpet for the length of his hair, fingernails, whether he was shaved properly. In otherwords, he was inspected. If he passed muster, he got dessert. If he did not, he barely got soup and toast. He learned to eat before he got there, because he hardly ever passed muster.
If he ever disagreed or second-guessed her decision, his brother suddenly showed up and took over his day’s bookings and told him to go home to Patroa. She was waiting.
He was barely in the door when she was already hitting him. She was smart enough to hit him where his clothes covered. It was the same treatment he got every time he got a bad grade in school, which to her was anything lower than an A-.
Patroa controlled sache’s life. She always had.
He had no way of breaking free of her. Or so he thought. And that is all that counts. It was the life he knew. He was sache after all.
Where was dad in all this? Long gone. He had knocked up a one night stand, or at least that was his POV. And all his life, sache paid for that. His mother wanted him brought up “right”. So she made all his decisions for him. And he mostly complied. What was the option? He didn’t know anything else.

Dommie Chats

Dommie Chats

  • with an angel

(having lit a candle and gathered my thoughts, I make my approach)

I call an angel to my side
to hear my supplication

  • with a demon

(having drawn a pentagram, laid a circle of salt and lit my candles)

I call a demon to my feet
to obey the laws of nature and order

  • with a beast

(having gathered a leash and a mouthguard)

Here beastie, come beastie!

< here’s your treat, beastie!

  • with a chattel

(having gathered my toys and tools, I call my property and command obedience)

Come now, thing # 1
Today we’re working on obedience training

  • with a friend

(having called and chatted for awhile, to catch up)

I invite you to come over to my place
Would you like a cuppa and cake?

  • with a lover

(having dressed to be sexy and mimic availability)

I invite you to be intimate with me
Come closer, if you wish to make love to me?

These are all conversations. All wanting my attention, my time and possibly even their own level of intimacy. But how would it work if I said and did the same thing, every time I engaged? I’d be in a heap of trouble, and be seen as a bossy lady. Don’t you think?

realistic negotiations

Realistic Negotiation & Possible Places to Call Stop/Red

Maybe we need to review some things, because even experienced players are getting caught up in CVs and that isn’t cool.
NB – This POV is in terms of prevention of misunderstanding, not an afterwards assessment of what someone might or might not have done right or wrong.

So at the beginning…

  • Someone being attracted to you is not a bad thing. You aren’t responsible for their feelings. and you have no control over them.
  • Someone having fantasies about you is also not yours to control.
  • Someone complimenting generally about what they like about you is also not a bad thing.

Egs of appropriate compliments for a non-sexual relationship might be:
(I’m open to correction, but this is my comfort zone) Rule of thumb is if you won’t say it to your famly member, don’t say it to a non-lover.

You look lovely tonight. Did you do something different with your hair? Is that a new outfit? What lovely shoes! You’re beaming! It’s good to see you looking happy and in good health. I hope that’s the case. That’s a good colour on you. Your hairdo really compliments your eyes/face shape

egs appropriate compliments for a sexual relationship
(again my comfort zone)

Your clothes are hot tonight. They suit your body really well. That colour lipstick is so sexy. You know I love it when you leave your hair loose so I can grab you with it. You look fit today. Have you been working out? Dieting? You look amazing.

humiliation words like:

bitch get over here and drop to your knees. I wanna fuck you/choke you till you pass out, whose my toy, what a cunt you are!

See the difference?

. . . .

  • flirting is a cool opener to an adult relationship. I’m a flirt for eg. But when I flirt, we both know what our relationship expectations are. It could just be playing, or it could be a preclude to sex. Just be clear.
  • Someone saying they’d be open to a sexual relationship with you, if you are up for it is also not a bad thing. If it’s in civil language.

ie I’d like to explore an intimate relationship with you. I’d like to be your lover. Are you open to that? Can we discuss our expectations of what that would mean for us?

I’d like to explore a D/s, M/s relationship with you. I’d like to be under consideration as your …………..

(IMO whether or not you have sex, this is a sexual or min intimate dynamic.)

. . . .

this is a stop/red point. If only one person is interested in a sexual contact, or relationship, or heading in that direction, walk away. Do not engage further in situations where you are in a sexually hot zone. Or in a play situation where you cannot walk out freely at anytime. Be fair to them. Might want to be clothed when they’re around. You could even insist on chaperones. Who you trust, who will step in if any sexual advances are made. . Do not agree to be bound by a person who has expressed sexual iinterest in you, if you’re not into them. Don’t get high when you’re alone with them.
(again, my comfort zone)

. . . .

You don’t have to be so specific there is no spontaneity in your relationship. You don’t even have to have an ongoing conversation.
But you can and should specify what activity you are willing to engage with them in. BEFORE you initiate the intimacy. There are types of sexual acts (kissing, petting, oral, genital, anal) that are very different and nothing to do with each other. They have their own stopping points. And consent for one doesn’t imply consent for another. IMO
Other than a kiss on the cheek or a hug from the side and holding a hand, affection can be an integrative area. Affection by itself doesn’t imply consent to sexual acts. You need to have that chat first.

. . . .

Another stop/red point
If you aren’t able to say the words so they can understand you, you probably shouldn’t be having sex with them.

. . . .

A second stop/red point here
Their arousal doesn’t imply any obligation to you. If you aren’t interested or willing to follow thru, then stop. Be nice, but firm. And on the other side, don’t whine! Seriously!

. . . .

Having given consent, you are able to withdraw it at any and all points.
For whatever reason too. It’s not the greatest feeling in the world to be hot and going for bear when your partner withdraws, but take it like an adult and stop. You might get another chance if you respect their boundaries. If you show genuine concern for them. Pretty sure you won’t get another chance if you don’t though.
Reasons why someone might want to stop:

Feeling unwell; the activity hurting you in a way that distracts rather than enhances the sensuality of the sex; something is interupting you; your attention is scattered; a memory of abuse has interfered with your enjoyment of this partner. And frankly, you realized you’re not grooving the way you should be is legit as well. Sorry, but closing your eyes and thinking of home aint sex these days.

. . . .

Talk about what language means check in with me, or a full do not continue. If you cannot communcate, you probably shouldn’t be having sex. Or engagng in any adult play. IMO def should not be!
egs of things to say that tell your partner you aren’t into that particular touch or they should check in now!!:

ouch! Ugh not a fan of that. Could we try this instead? That hurts, gawd that’s embarrassing! Could we do something else?

. . . .

and RED! Still talking? That’s a good sign.
But before you engage, go away and think about why YOU want this. Why with this person. Take a cold shower! Yes I mean it!

  • are you hot for them or are you people pleasing?
  • would you both win if you kept going? I mean cuzz it’s not just about you!

Think about if the two of you are coming from the same place. If you aren’t then WALK AWAY!!!

. . . .

and lastly. You are adults… are you willing to live with and deal with the consequences of engaging with them?

  • have you asked if they have been tested?
  • have you asked aobut birth control? Or shared parenting? Or abortion policies? Or have you agreed peter aint getting near vagay?

. . . .

1rst events do not mean 2nd events which do not mean 3rd events etc.Your larger consents are in play, usually, but specific consent is still required. BY LAW!! (at least here in Canada)

. . . .

There! I can’t think of anything else… can you?

So there should be no more CVs, right?

at the fringes of feminism (notes)

The word REAL is an acronym which means Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life.

Equality for Women
Most women agree with the concept of equality for women, but there are different approaches to achieving equality.  REAL Women believes the social and economic problems of women can be resolved only by considering the effects on family life and society as a whole.  We believe the family is the basic unit in society, it is the ideal model to nurture the young, protect the vulnerable and care for the elderly.

## . . . .

types of men’s rights activists:

Broadly speaking, they fall into three categories:

  • The weekend-warrior, drum-circle, pass-around-this-wooden-phallus-and-talk-about-your-dad movement, popularized by poet and author Robert Bly. Known as the mythopoetic men’s movement, these groups tend to focus inward, on interpersonal issues around their own manhood.
  • The pro-feminist Men’s Studies guys, who like to question and re-imagine standards of masculinity and gender roles. Their conclusions have often led them to take political positions, but their focus is primarily intellectual and academic.
  • And the men’s and fathers’ rights activists, who believe that men have been oppressed since, well, a really long time ago. They focus on political, legislative, and cultural reformation, from the unjust family court system to entrenched media bias. It’s these guys—the MRAs—who are making the most noise these days. (The “A” in MRA can also stand for “advocate,” depending on which MRA you talk to.)

## . . . .

feminazi or radical feminist

“I’m a Little Teapot” Kind of Charity Munch

“I’m a Little Teapot” Kind of Charity Munch

Our local munch had a really cool idea for a fund raiser. A Victorian tea service.  One of the submissives was battling a health issue and needed some financial help. So their dominant approached the munch leader. They came up with the theme together, because this person was into fine china and loved the Victorian era. So the theme was born.

Some of the high protocol slaves and submissives eagerly signed up to serve the tea. Esp when they learned what they would be wearing.  (It’s a surprise.  You have to wait till the end  😛 They didn’t even tell their masters or dominants before the day)

The servers got together and practiced how to serve a proper English tea. (It’s not that easy  j/s) All the bowing, scraping, and yes sirring was hard enough, without adding proper English tea. They even had an English old mum give them lessons in how to make a good cuppa. And all the courtesies of serving from the left or right, how to set the table for a high tea. Even the difference between a high tea and just a cuppa.

The day came…

The servers were giggling as they got dressed. Even though they’d be covered from head to toe, it seemed weird for them to be going in to serve a formal, high protocol event in this gear. Somehow they managed to get a serene, poised look on their faces before they entered the room. Which they struggled to hold when they saw the members’ startled reactions.

The tea was served, with all the pomp and circumstance due high tea.

Until the middle of the event, when the servers broke out into the song, [I’m a little tea pot][]

> I’m a little teapot
> Short and stouts
> Here is my handle
> Here is my spout
> When
 I get all steamed up
> I just shout
> Tip
 me over and pour me out

> I’m a very special pot
> It’s true
> Here’s an example of what I can do
> I can turn my handle into a spout
> Tip me over and
 pour me out

> I’m a little teapot
> Short and stouts
> Here is
 my handle
> Here is my spout
> When I get all steamed up
> I just shout
> Tip me over and pour me out

> I’m a very special pot
> It’s true
> Here’s an example of what I can do
> I can turn my handle into a spout
> Tip me over and pour me out

 then collected the donations for the member in need. It was really cute, esp considering their outfits.
The hostess happened to notice that every now and then a server disappeared into the bushes outside the club, where the tea was being held. But they always returned and it didn’t seem to be affecting the service. So she let it go.  (Maybe when you see their outfit, you’ll figure out what they were up to?

The servers came back wearing silly grins, which quickly were erased as they took up their warmed pots and plates of cakes and sandwiches.

The hostess began to have her suspicions about what was going on when she noticed that their partners weren’t at their tables when their particular server went missing. Aha!  Well then, she laughed. Either they were getting a spanking or having a quickie in a corner of the garden. Well, maybe both!

Finally the event was over.

The servers helped clean up and the hostess counted the cash. They had met their goal!  And there was even a bit extra for a card and gift for the person they were going to present the money to. The hostess smiled. And went to share the news.

There were cheers and clapping.

She pulled one of the servers aside and had her suspicions confirmed about what had been going on in the garden. They laughngly wondered if the Victorians have ever had those “asides” during a tea?

Well the outfit was a bit risque. Suggestive? But even though it was underwear, they were **far** from nude…

A King, a Prophet and God’s Son

A King, a Prophet and God’s Son… (a true story)

There once was a place so magical it drew the eye of many religions. It was nothing but a hill, in the center of an old city. But everyone seemed to want it for theirs. Wars were fought over it, quests were run because of it, religions were begun because of it, and the world would end because of it. Light and dark fought over it. For the souls of all humanity.
It became a story of self-fulfilling prophecy. Humanity worked to build the very thing that would destroy it.
Piece by piece, it all came together. And all that could be done was delay the inevitable.
Some fought to save the relics of their hope and faith. Some fought to prove that their faith was the most worthy of the many. And some worked to bring about the end, the darkness. Perhaps they were looking to create a place for good by ending humanity’s reign? Who knows.
Myth and history worked together to mystify the hill in the old city and the voice of reason was helpless in the rage and obsession of the many. All that was left was to let light and dark battle for the hill, in the old city.
And they would not be denied their day.

## . . . . the 8 Crusades’ origin


[Pope Urban II][]


[Clement III][]

## . . . . knights

[Knights of Templar][]

[Knights of Hospitallers][]

[Teutonic Knights][]

## . . . .  Solomon’s temple

[a mound divided][]

[Nebuchadrezzar II][] destroyed [Solomon’s first temple][]

[2nd temple][] destroyed by the Romans.

[3rd temple][]   to be desecrated by the Anti-Christ during the tribulation

[Masada][] was Herod’s castle, taken over by Jewish zealots rebelling against Roman occupation of Jerusalem. There is only one version of the story told and not by a credible source. 

[Freemasons and the temple][]

## . . . . 

Judaic priests/rabbis were descendents of Moses’ brother Aaron and Jacob’s son Levi

## . . . . relics

– Holy Sepulchre  – tomb of Christ.

– Angel’s Stone  – stone before the opening.

– Shroud of Turin (a linen cloth believed to be placed on Jesus Christ’s body before burial)
– parts of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. 
## . . . .  Holy Grail
[3 of King Arthur’s Knights’ quest][]

1. (in medieval legend) the cup or platter used by Jesus at the Last Supper, and in which Joseph of Arimathea received Christ’s blood at the Cross.

2. [blood of Christ][]  could also be his progeny, supposedly a line of descendents (the Merovingians) from his marriage with Mary of Magdalene. 

Looking for Devils and Heretics

Looking For Devils and Heretics (a true story)

Once upon a time ago (in the 16th C), there was a temple with many priests and soldiers working for it. The head guy was called a pope. They were getting along okay with the king of the country then. But it hadn’t always been so.
Some of the poorer people were getting upset with the pope and the king. It always seemed like they were picked on by the rich and those in power. But since it was all done “in the name of God”, it was pretty hard to refuse. And it’s not like the priests did things the way they said their people were supposed to. So the people were grumbling some. Saying things like power bred hypocrisy.
They thought they had it bad then, but…
One day, a young priest started studying and talking with friends and thought things should change, so he wrote up a statement and hung it on his church’s door. There were all kinds of ill feelings about it. All the way up to the king and the pope.
The people weren’t too sure that those in power had the right of it, but they didn’t want a war over it. And they sure didn’t want to be called witches or heretics in order to get some independence of thought and be able to read the book that ruled their lives for themselves. They didn’t want any more sin taxes or taxes that tolerated bad behaviour in those who could afford to pay for it. So they rose with some of the younger priests and fought to change the system.
And power came back at them. They were tortured for daring to change things. Some were martyred as well. Their religion was changed forever because of these days.
Those looking on shuddered. Those within grieved. From then on, the people were taught to read and the priests were made into monks.
The temple? It was forever fragmented.
What the light had called for in his name was forever changed. And time became the temple’s enemy. There would come a day when what was left would be the death of them all. Or so the prophets said. And now they wouldn’t be together to fight the devil’s son when he came to earth for his reign.
Families were broken apart, all thinking they were doing the right thing. Men and women looked at each other differently. And the priests became celibate… or did they? Well, on paper they were.

. . . .

## . . . .
[The Martyr’s Mirror][]

## . . . . significant voices of the reformation & counter

[Charles V –  holy roman emperor][]
[Pope Leo X][]

## . . . .
[Martin Luther][]

[Huldrych Zwingli][]

## . . . .

[John Calvin][]

[Felix Manz][,_Felix_(ca._1498-1527)]

beyond the moment bdsm

BDSM to me goes beyond the body and sexuality. It goes beyond a fun night at a play party and/or a dungeon/munch.

It’s about me growing as an individual.  Practicing the aspects that I am interested in learning.  Building the relationship(s) we need to have to have a healthy dynamic. Defining our goals so we can grow together.

And even beyond that, practicing sexual rites of worship. To open our minds, to create an intimate bond. Leaving the flogger and the sexuality in their rightful place as tools we use in conjunction with many others.  To create something respectful and intimate. As service, not only to each other, but also to our higher power/god(s)/community and each other.

BDSM in that context is about  lifetime goals and expressing our beliefs and cultural values. It is about our heart and souls. A place where you can’t just walk away at the end of the night, or the weekend. It’s more of a religion or a lifestyle than a play session. It defines who we are, better than bruises, punctures or burns do.  IMO

## . . . . influences

## . . . . moral code


## . . . . intimacy

[tantric sex][]

[sex magick][]

## . . . . bondage

## . . . . power


## . . . . ownership
## . . . . gender
## . . . . ritual

[collaring ceremony][]

[thoughtful or meditative service rituals][]