Theories Reshaping History in the Americas – PreClovis and Clovis

Theories Reshaping History in the Americas – PreClovis and Clovis

In comparison to the idea that the Americans were full of savage people, that had to be taught everything by the European overlords, settlers and priests, we now know that there were towns, cities, civilizations that may actually be older than any found in the ‘old countries’.

How did they get here?

Many have thought that they crossed the Beringia strait by foot.
Now they think they might have come earlier by boat. But from where?

  • maybe thru Beringia
  • there are connections between Mexico and South America and old Pacific island civilizations. Like the Samoans, the Rapa Nui.

How did they survive?

The earliest civilizations were mostly coastal. They went inland enough to find fresh water and fished.
As they developed more tools, they started to hunt and farm. And settle down. They painted walls of rock and in caves. (Sound familiar?)
The creatures they hunted sound an awful lot like ‘Flintstones’ Woolly mammoths, sabre toothed tigers and buffalo/bison. Bigger things than most of us have seen.

what is a civilization?

A society that has it’s own govt, law, religion, arts, languages, fashion trends and ways of occupying their day, keeping themselves safe and protecting and educating their young.

How were these things documented?

Besides listening to the oral history of the peoples, custom & language analysis, mitochondria testing of the peoples, scat testing, ruins and artifacts, carbon dating, and now ground penetrating radar.

Monte Verde, Chili

the deal breaker?
Cool pix of the site. Monte Verde changed how archaeologists looked at a few things. Like the time line, how they travelled, and where from. It also predates any known town or city in the world. Now isn’t that interesting!


(there are some really cool maps in the sources. Even if you aren’t interested in the material, I think the maps are worth a look.)

science org
researchgate 2
peachstate AS
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Growing Up Fundie – The 3 Ds That Get You in TROUBLE!!

Growing Up Fundie – The 3 Ds That Get You in TROUBLE!!

It’s a challenge when all your childhood you get told that there is only one God, one truth, one way to worship…. or you will be kicked out into the evil world. That means there are some things that you just cannot do:


God has a plan for you. Sounds pretty fatalistic, doesn’t it? That usually gets said to you when life is turning sideways too. And it’s all you can do to believe God exists, let alone that it will all turn out ok. I mean, look at the world, right? The response though is that the sinners are getting punished. Response two is that there’s a lesson or blessing that will come of this if we’re patient and trust God. Mostly the lesson is that people are going to die and there’s nothing you can do about it. (Depression)


The Bible is the word of God. So what if there are thousands of Christian sects, always at war. So what if the Bible argues against itself. The liberals say don’t take it literally, the fundies say every word is God’s law. Live it all or you’ll go to hell. God would do that to his beloved children?? (Anxiety)

…. Disobedience

You have to behave and do what your God, preacher, elders, and parents tell you to do. Or you’re a bad kid. Does it matter if they’re following God’s law? Nope. Does it matter if they’re worthy of honour and respect? Nope. (Frustration, rage)


  • So how do you hold on to the faith when that dark night of the soul comes along?
    Well it helps if you don’t know there’s another option.
  • But today, it’s a really isolated kid who isn’t aware that other POVs exist, and some of them offer a different God. One that may not be as hard to follow.
  • So now what?


The now what for me was leaving the church. Which caused trouble with the family of course. Because one thing fundies do is excommunicate ‘the fallen’. I wasn’t technically a member of the church, as in not baptized, but my family have generations of preachers in it. So it didn’t sit well. And even though they weren’t living up to the teachings of God, Bible or the church, the fact I wasn’t attending caused issues. Esp when I had my daughter.


I couldn’t sit in a pew with them and make like they were who they were pretending to be. I couldn’t stay in a church of mostly relatives that knew what was going on in my home and did nothing. I couldn’t stay with people who were not showing my kid and I the love they were supposed to be. So I left.

The church and my family. My family kept trying to bend/break my will. Like I was the one who had the problem(s). I didn’t even go back to bury my dad or step mom. There was no way I could, after they had forced me to chew my foot off to get away.


I still believe in the tenets I grew up with: community, family, stewardship of the earth, peace. But now the arch faith is paganism vs being a fundie.

My family would say it’s my lack of faith. But that’s a tough sell, when they were the ones shoving me out the door. At every turn. And when I still have faith. Just not theirs.


What brought this post on?

I’m watching the show ‘Saving Grace’ and it’s poking at all my fundie bruises in a big way. I really identify with Grace. I’m hoping that at the end of the show (after I bawl one last time) it will bring healing.

….. What about you?

Do you have similar faith/childhood issues you find triggering when you watch media or get into discussions?

Languages –

Languages –

I started out my life speaking another language than English. And when I was in Gr 4, I started learning French. Then in HS, I learned Latin and German. Boyfriends and friends taught me smatterings of other European languages. I have a good ear and can mimic people quite easily. When I go on vacation, it takes me a bit to come back to my usual way of talking.

Which explains my love of languages.

So much of what we consider a culture is based on language. And you have to wonder how many there were in times before history was written. Which language came first? If evolution theory is correct, it was prob an African dialect. But where did it go then? What shaped it’s changes and growth? The environment, the people, new tools, an army coming thru…..

Who could you ask? Which field has it right? Well these theorists seem to be fairly popular. If you’re interested? Take a peek!

….. resources

  • Bruner : interaction between children and their
  • Skinner: Operant Conditioning
  • Chomsky: Language Acquisition Device
  • Piaget: Assimilation and Accommodation
  • Vygotsky: Zone of Proximal Development
    source 1
    source 2


language families


changes – neighbours regularly trade with each other and empires march thru

(SCOTUS) Why there are protests – US & Forced Birthers Unpaid Labour – Brood Mares and Wet Nurses

(SCOTUS) Why there are protests – US & Forced Birthers Unpaid Labour – Brood Mares and Wet Nurses

I’d like you to check at your grocery store if you live in the USA. Is there enough baby formula on the shelves? I heard there’s a shortage. Do they keep it in stock reliably? What about diapers? Are they always there?

While the people who are rich can afford to relocate to get an abortion, or can fly in whatever supplies they need to care for babies, what about the poor birthers? Are they supposed to go thru all of this, then watch their baby starve to death? Without a roof over their head or diapers on their bottoms?

This is sounding more and more third world all the time. Isn’t the USA the richest, best nation in the world?

You’re going to need UNICEF or World Vision in to take care of things if this keeps up.

  • abortions and IUDs are ‘murder’
  • BC only available to some married couples
  • how does your state feel about anal and oral sex? Is that legal?

And adoption presumes the baby is well. Not many people would take the child if they were disabled, would they? Certainly not pay for that baby. So how much would that ‘domestic supply’ be reduced &/or de-valued then?

Using My Platforms

Using My Platforms

Since I started to use social media, I’ve tried to use my pages for what I can relate to and believe in. Some days that’s easier than others. As I’m sure you know. I often have to ask myself what I bring to each topic, how the roles I fill offline can be used to make what I say more mine. Rather than just parroting what I see others post. Even when we agree, there doesn’t seem to be any point in writing what they would. After all they can do that themselves.

Sometimes that narrows what I write about. Or at least the aspects of it. I don’t know what it’s like to be a man or a boy. I’ve never been married, but I have lived with men. I’ve had a child, but I’ve never co-parented. I have watched my dad and step mom do it, but frankly they sucked at it.

Most of my career has been in health care as has my education. (On and off line) But I also have dreams, so now and then I explore them. (Criminology – though it is a M/D field and I have studied some of it’s aspects). I like knowing that I can grow still, as I age. That means a lot to me.

And even in BDSM/kink, there are things I enjoy more and know more about than others. Esp where it combines my studies and my kink interests.

So someone looking thru all my writings on social media would see a lot about me, whether or not they understood how much I put out there. Which can be a little frightening at times. Esp after I was stalked on here. It’s why I don’t keep my private writings public for long, nor do I have many friends (usually @ 50.

Sometimes it’s also hard to think of things I haven’t said before or put things in a new way. The courses help some with that, and so do my endless indexes (lol). I don’t mean it as arrogance, just references so I’m not as repetitive(?).

It may not seem as if I see what the different sites offer or pay attention to what others are doing, but so much has changed on social media in the past few years. It just doesn’t seem as free as it used to be. And some of the best writers from when I began here have left because of that. Which is a real shame. I miss reading them. Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s not.

The contests we used to have were idea inducing and made us come up with different things to talk about. It was like we played off each other. I wish they’d begin again.

Oh well, I’m just a pipsqueak in the back woods you might see now and then. So why would you care? lol That’s just my thinky thoughts on this day.

I Love My Wish Mom (on Mother’s Day)

I Love My Wish Mom (on Mother’s Day)

I have a mom who is/was there when I needed her, held me when I cried, soothed me when I was scared. She taught me games and stories, and listened to my dreams. She was never too busy to answer a question or laugh at my silly faces. We talked about how I should be treated and what I could expect. She showed me how to be a woman, how to hold her grace when the world was going mad. And she showed me every day how much I was loved.

This mom was there every year of my life. Just not in any earthly form. She was a mom full of wishes, no substance.

  • When my real mom died I was 4. She had been sick for longer than I was alive.
  • my step mom was a shrew who never wanted a child. But she’s gone now too.

But my wish mom is still here. I think she’ll be with me to my grave.

I hope I gave my girl more of my wish mother than was given to me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

for the mothers and the children who feel deeply about this day.

United we stand, divided we fall…. (Electorate Strategy)

United we stand, divided we fall…. (Electorate Strategy)

The major strategy of any govt or their opponents is to divide the populace so we fight each other rather than actually organize to fight them. Which leads to real needs being unmet. Social and health needs that are life affirming, sustaining and leave real people at risk of death.

Women and girls are half the population of the world. How does it serve us to have govts in power that take away our rights? That threaten our very lives with their policies in health, gender care, work, study and family planning?

How many people in the world are LGBTQ+? Why is the model of hetero-normacy necessary to them and why is it tolerable to others when it’s imposed on them?

Christianity may be the largest world religion, but it’s far from the only one. Can we at least agree that we want to have control of our own rites and faith?

The ‘White’ race isn’t the only one. So why do they get the only power view?

There are far more poor and middle class (workers) than there are members of the corporatocracy. There are even far more people who’ve been injured or retired out of the workforce than there are members of the corporatocracy. We scare them. That is the basic fact. All it would take is one uprising where nobody went to work and their strangle hold over us is finished.


It isn’t about one group’s needs or the laws governing them either. It isn’t about the legitimacy of their needs either. It’s about playing chess with each other and having us see the illusion or distraction rather than their particular plan or actions in context that are the problem. And how do they avoid that? By continually raising issues that cause distress among us.

How do we deal with that? Recognize what they’re doing and stop reacting to the ‘show’.

What Rights Are you Losing? (SCOTUS) -Right to Privacy, to Bodily Autonomy, Safety and Integrity, to Health, to Life and Freedom

Bodily Autonomy, Safety and Integrity, to Health, to Life and Freedom

a female Rabbi speaks


Access to care is a critical issue – finance and geography – How quickly can you get the pregnancy confirmed by a physician? (rural, reservations, where family doctors are rare &/or expensive) How close is the nearest safe abortion clinic to you? Will your doctor give you Plan B or a medical means of abortion? (pills) Do you have a doctor? Can you get not only an abortion, but also a follow up  D&C?  Does the govt put a bounty on your head for neighbours, family and HCWs to report you to collect a reward? (Texas)

Discrimination – Funnily enough, it’s the poor and the BIPOC who are most often denied reproductive control for themselves and their families. Do you have to prove you are a documented citizen to get reproductive care?
(It’s of concern that BIPOC women are also exposed to coerced sterilization.)

Dignity – What kinds of questions are you asked to collect your ‘medical history’? How private is your data once it’s collected? How are you treated by clinic staff?

…… Who else do these same issues affect?

(reproductive rights, family planning, body autonomy)

  • Transgender transition care and health surveillance
  • Gay marriages and adoption
  • body mod – tattoos, scarification, branding, cultural ordeal trials
  • BDSM, kink, fetish community
  • birth control for hetero CIS couples

…… human rights vs ‘heart beat’ laws

UN, WHO, Amnesty Int’l and Int’l Red Cross forward the view that abortion is a human right. It goes beyond one nation’s laws.
Most religious groups have situations where abortion is necessary; safety of pregnant person, baby, where pregnancy occurred due to rape/incest

…. SAFE abortion

Because history has shown that people will go to back alley butchers or try home made solutions rather than remain pregnant.
And it’s shown that some people will kill themselves sooner than remain pregnant.

‘Rolling Thunder’ Rally in Ottawa this weekend

‘Rolling Thunder’ Rally in Ottawa this weekend

Convoy 2.0?

  • Some of the same leaders
  • Some of the same outsiders’ funding
  • Some of the same participants
  • Carrying some of the same flags
  • Some of the same beefs (PH restrictions) and justifications for their actions
  • Some of the same racist orgs involved (including Chris Sky)
  • Some still hassling Ottawa citizens day 1
  • Some of the same cops supporting the group
  • with the support of some of the Conservative and PPC party leaders again

We have found out so much about the virus that has caused this pandemic in the past 3 yrs, (long covid kids with heart, liver disease and diabetes and more dying with the Omicron variants) and it’s frustrating that there are still protestors claiming the PH authorities and govt overstepped. And despite the fact no court challenges have succeeded (Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or Criminal and Public Health Codes), and charges have been filed against the convoy leaders and some of the participants, these people keep gathering and impeding the freedoms they claim they’re fighting for.

It’ll be fun to see if the association of bikers will make a difference between how citizens and police handle this. These aren’t hard workers who are getting their jobs curtailed. There are Canadian bike gangs and the police have had a long history of tussles with them over time.

Maybe they haven’t threatened Trudeau (yet?) this time but they’re still claiming the govt has done something wrong in trying to protect the people of Canada.

So yah, not impressed with this one either.

Q – Where Do you Fall on the Morality Scope?

Q – Where Do you Fall on the Morality Scope?

Do you act as you do because you have a feeling inside you, an instinct that tells you to behave a certain way? Is it because you’re religious? Is it your cultural or familial view that teaches you to behave a certain way? Is it something you ponder a lot? Or are you a wing and prayer kind of person?

Do you act as you do because certain people are around you? Perhaps you want to impress them? Or at least not upset them?

Is it different between a parent or sibling, an SO or a one-nighter?

Where does the concept of what is right or wrong lie? Is it in the intention to act, the act or the consequences of the act? Is it being able to stop yourself from misbehaving?

Is it more important to you that you would be excommunicated from your faith group, disowned by family or that you would go to prison if found out?

Most people fall somewhere within these many choices. Depending on who is watching and also how serious the issue at hand is. But we all test boundaries, right? So when does that leave being a natural thing we all do or a person who has no self control and needs to be reined in?

Consequentialism refers to those moral theories which hold that the consequences of a particular action form the basis for any valid moral judgment about that action (or create a structure for judgment. From a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right action is one that produces a good outcome, or consequence. This view is often expressed as the aphorism, The ends justify the means .