Who Built Canada?

Who Built Canada?

Canada has it’s own separate history in the greater one of how North America was found and settled. You may have heard of Christopher Columbus and 1492. And perhaps you heard of the Mayflower and Ellis Island. And maybe the war of 1812 and the tea tipped into the water to rebel against high taxes. But that is in fact the history of the United States. Our neighbours to the south of the 49th parallel.
Canada has it’s own identity. Unique to ourselves. And much as the USA tried and keeps trying, we’re not USA North, their annex.
We do have a similar history, which began with the crossing of the landbridge between Russia and Alaska. But tribes here evolved in their own ways, and different immigrant groups came after the lands were discovered. Re-discovered?
We’re a country that began with wars between the first peoples, Some of our own explorers, forts for soldiers, fur hunters and settlers, and farms founded mostly by poor immigrants given lottery lots to clear and build. And little villages of stores, banks, saloons, and whatever other services the people here were thought to need to survive and maybe have a few luxuries.
Then the railroads went up, the slaves and loyalists came north and the war of !812 was fought and won. Our side won and the USA still tries to enter Canada again, whether by trade or by art/media. They just can’t take no for an answer, can they?
Our borders tend to be more open than theirs do, for refugees and immigrants, and we don’t go to war every time they say they gotta be the world’s police or bully. I mean GOTTA!! You can thank our govt for that! Since we have our own and all.
Because of how we began, we have two nat’l languages and a province or two keeps threatening to split off and join the USA. So far, we’ve managed to smoothe over the turmoil. One time it took martial law as a matter of fact. We have civil conflicts/riots/rebellions, not civil war.
We are known around the world as a friend in need and in trade. And we go to lengths to be courteous and fair in our dealings. Unlike our neighbour to the south. Peoples like us!
We are a member of the Commonwealth Nations and the USA is not. All because we didn’t go to war to get our nappies taken off by the Queen. We just asked nice and all. We used our words. We’re known for that. It was an easy toilet training for us.
So that is the short version of Canada.
And me? Most (one exception?) of my family lines came here before Canada became even a Dominion. Something to be proud of.
If you want more info (are you a history buff or summat??), check below:


Vikings- L’Anse aux Meadows
French – Port Royal, Acadia
English – Cuper’s Cove, Nfld


New France
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick – United Empire Loyalists
the Canadas – Upper (Ontario) , Lower (Quebec)


Hudson’s Bay Company
North West Company


North West Mounted Police
Dominion Police


Chinese – railroads


American slaves – underground railroad
Queen’s Bush


Ireland, England – convicts to St John’s Nfld


Quebec Act 1774
Canada Act 1791
Dominion or Confederaton of Canada – 1867
federal union in which the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada joined together to form the Dominion of Canada — a new country.
the constitution Act of Canada- Pierre Elliott Trudeau – 1982


1867 Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

1870 Manitoba, Northwest Territories

1871 British Columbia

1873 Prince Edward Island

1898 Yukon

1905 Alberta, Saskatchewan

1949 Newfoundland and Labrador

1999 Nunavut

govt of Canada


Metis, Inuit, and S/NS “Indian” Canadians

Metis, Inuit, and S/NS “Indian” Canadians

Unless you refer to them by their band name, in Canada they are called

first nations

first peoples


or indigenous

Until you come to politics. Then they are divided into four groups (only some of whom are known as “Indians”):

…. 1

Original Métis were mixed heritage (from Cree, Saulteaux and Assiniboine Indigenous “Indian” tribes) and (Scot and French/European) From the Red River area of Manitoba who traded with the Hudson’s Bay Company..

Manitoba Treaties after Riel riots

…. 2

eight main Inuit ethnic groups: the Labradormiut (Labrador), Nunavimmiut (Ungava), Baffin Island, Iglulingmuit (Iglulik), Kivallirmiut (Caribou), Netsilingmiut (Netsilik), Inuinnait (Copper) and Invialuit or Western Arctic Inuit (who replaced the Mackenzie Inuit). also from Greenland, Alaska, Yukon and the northern territories of Canada.


Nunuvit treaty

….. 3

status (card as proof of lineage), treaty and band “Indians’

attached to ancestral lands and “reserves” by “treaty”


covered by the Indian Act’s band list

…. 4

non-status “Indians”. Of Aboriginal blood lines, but not attached to a band or treaty as yet. Treaties and ancestral lands are still under negotiation with the applicable govts..

The Delgamuukw Test: Demonstrating Aboriginal Title beyond oral history.

Non-status Indians have no more rights than any other Canadian. They are covered by the Cdn laws as any other citizen would be.

Treaty rights are really important for such issues as hunting, fishing, logging, which to the First nations are survival tools as well as ancestral/cultural rites.

…. residential schools

1800s project by the govt of the Canadas and the churches to assimilate the children into European culture. Or to annihilate them as in the case of the Beothuk tribe of Newfoundland for eg.

….. Origin story

The current theory seems to be that the “Indian” people came from south west Asia and Polynesia. Some came over the land bridge between Russia and Alaska. And some came thru the Polynesian Islands and by boat over the Pacific Ocean.

Early trade routes may have extended the populations some. ie The Silk Road (c. @BC- to @1500 AD) which some say the maritime route went thru the Pacific Islands and was joined at Central and South America. Most say it went from Rome to China. Some also extend it thru Europe to the UK islands.

Which explains the variance in the Genotype studies of the First Nations’ people.

historical alliances

Some tribes alligned with the Colonist Nations , some sided with Britain in the battle with the USA and some sided North or South in the Civil war of the USA. Some remained independent or fought against all comers. So some may have found it easier to get land rights and status honoured.

And Canada is a bilingual nation due to our history of being held by France and England. No doubt that had impact on which tribes were given priority, when the British Empire took the realm.

current political status reports

INAC – Royal Commission Report

UN -review of Canada

Writing – Smashing the Rules Down

Writing – Smashing the Rules Down

A lot of people on here comment about other writers and their styles and tell us that they do it so wrong, they’re a lousy writer. People who obv haven’t studied the history of literature though. Because it is the rule breakers who change literature in profound ways.
Let me give you some examples:
Dead Souls – N. Gogol
Crime and Punishment – F. Dostoevsky
War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy
Oliver Twist – C. Dickens
Naked Lunch – Wm. S. Burroughs
On the Road – J Kerouac

They did something unique that changed the way we look at writing; created movements in art, politics, religion, philosophy; changed the system. And did it, not because they didn’t know the rules, but because they wanted to be creative. I mean what exactly is the point of writing what everyone else does? Isn’t that called plagiarism?
Wm. S. Burroughs wrote the Naked Lunch when he was out of his head/high. It happens to be a very special book. I guess he was looking beyond laced up by rules, huh?
The rules we make now haven’t been this way for long. Language has changed many times. Even spelling has changed. So what are the rules going to be in 100 years from now? And who will be speaking for us?
Have you ever thought that when you critique someone on the web by what you know to be the rules, that you might be silencing an important voice?

Mata Hari, Lucretia Borgia and Lizzie Borden

Mata Hari, Lucretia Borgia, and Lizzie Borden

Famous or Infamous Women we still talk about today as if they were something more than the product of their time, family and circumstance. Women shamed, without proof for hundreds of years. Were they innocent or guilty though?

Mata Hari

the Atomic Fireballs
the lyrics
the story


Lucretia Borgia

Blood Sweat and Tears
the song lyrics
the story

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one

the story

the chatty hooker has rules (a story)

The Chatty Hooker has Rules

Brandy’s clients came from a lot of professional fields and some highly paid blue collar or trade people as well. And it didn’t take long before she started noticing that she had certain rules she had to follow with most of them. They had some concerns, esp in the early days about the possibility of being blackmailed. So the less that she knew? The better about how to track them down IRL.
Very few wanted to talk about their job or career. They might have anecdotes about people they knew. But nothing identifiable. It took quite a lot of trust before that changed. And usually only for her regulars.
And they didn’t talk about their family. Not about their interests or routines. They might occasionally say their wife or GF never let them do some thing they wanted to try or that they weren’t having sex like they used to. But really that was about it. Brandy never was the one who raised the topic.
They didn’t want to talk about contentious topics, like politics or religion. But they usually had a book on the go, or magazines they followed. And Brandy started reading them as well, to give them something to discuss.
Some of the men were into sports or exercise and Brandy started to pay attention to where their fave teams were in season. So she knew whether or not to congratulate them or cheer them up when they got together. Sometimes she even went to a game with them. “As a friend” of course.
They often discussed arts and media. And occasionally she went along to a show or concert with them as well. Brandy made sure to have their fave music in her playlist. And she even noticed there were a lot of commonalities. Maybe cuzz of their age range and what was popular when they were young? Nostalgia was a huge influence when it came to art and music.
Even though she was a sure thing if she had accepted them as a client and agreed to a booking, the men didn’t always want to have sex. They wanted what a lot of her colleagues called “the girlfriend experience”. Or even a flirty chatty new acquaintance atmosphere. Something fun and light. Something passionate and relaxing. Without conflict or strife.
Often they were affectionate, but more it was about the attention from a woman. Someone who was there, just for them. Who acted like they liked them. And seemed sincere.
And that place of conflict-free relations where the man wasn’t bound or obliged to her, but just found pleasure in her company, meant Brandy was more likely to be safe as well. They only gave what they wanted, and she never argued with them about it. Win, win.
So that was what Brandy provided for them. And they kept coming back again. Now Brandy’s booking journal was full. She had as many clients as she wanted.
Occasionally, a new hooker would ask her for advice on how to be safe and a success as a prostitute and she gave them her rules. Because they worked for Brandy.

historical view of gender

Historical View of Gender

Today a web friend of mine and I were discussing one of my favourite episodes of The Nature of Things with Dr David Suzuki. It’s about a gay man who looks for his place in evolution and the world and finds out about a concept beyond the binary gender thought we have now.

This concept is one accepted by many nations around the world. Where gender goes beyond the penis/vagina poles. And sees the in-between options; where gender is about social roles, dress, who you are attracted to, as well as what body parts you have (including intersex or asexual traits) . And goes beyond not demonizing the different, but revering them to the point where they become leaders of the tribe, the culture (ie shamans). Where they are more to the world than a traded sexual commodity.

It leaves you to wonder when things changed? The current theory is that colonization and Christianization changed the world view of gender.
It’s interesting for me to note that the origins/cultures that created and translated the Bible accepted and revered gender variance. Yet the Bible does not, nor does the Christian church. So how and why did that change? I don’t know…


Christianization – Roman Empire- Constantine
In 313 AD, the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which accepted Christianity: 10 years later, it had become the official religion of the Roman Empire.
colonization Spain and Portugal partitioned the world by signing the Treaty of Tordesillas on 7 June 1494,

….3-6 genders accepted/revered @the world


Yugoslavia and Albania, Greece -3
Bugis of Indonesia -5

Native Americas 3-4

African 3

multi-cultural map of gender view
click the tags on the map for the stories

voluntary eunuchs
China, Persia, Roman and Ottoman Empires – as harem guards, singers and political advisors.

fulfilling his fantasy (erotica)

Fulfilling His Fantasy

Lady Kate was ready for her next sub to enter the room. She didn’t really like them coming in when she was preparing things. She wanted to be in the right head space. Esp when they were new to her. She wanted them to get the full experience.
Lady Kate picked the guys who had fantasies she could at least tolerate, but she gave preference to the ones she was turned on by as well. She farmed the rest out to her colleagues. Usually between them they got thru the list. But now and then there was one that nobody could do without gagging. Lady Kate gave them a refund and sent them packing. With a list of other places where they might get it fulfilled. It wasn’t her responsibility to get every guy off.
Tonight, the new guy wanted to be tied to the rafters naked. With clips on his nipples, his ball sac tied till they were blue, and a butt plug inserted.
Then he wanted to be teased with a cat-of-9-tails then have it snapped on his butt and balls.
He didn’t want anything done to his face or lower arms since he had to work at a conservative job. He had an excuse for being uncomfortable in his seat. He had fallen off a ladder when cleaning the eaves this past weekend. And he had purchased a donut to sit on.
When Lady Kate was ready, she rang the bell that told her assistant to let him enter.
He walked thru the door of her rooms and fell to his knees.
She told him to strip and he did. Then her assistant tied him to the rafters. And the session began. Just as he had requested. And he was in the zone quickly.
So was Lady Kate. It was a good night.

not guilty (a story)

Not Guilty …

While he went around the world saying he was so cruelly used, so innocent of any wrong doing, his kids were remembering how it was for them.

  • His kids were home the day the police busted in and arrested their dad. They were screaming and crying, but nobody listened. They saw him taken away in cuffs, in the back of a cop car. Like he was some hardened criminal.
  • Their mom was crying and seemed like a zombie more days than not. The usually strong woman seemed confused and afraid for what she and her kids would face now, with daddy taken away, She was taking pills to sleep and drinking thru the day. Nobody thought about the kids who had night terrors now. His oldest son started sneaking booze after his mom went to bed.
  • The media were making a tent city outside their driveway and they couldn’t go to school or any of their usual activities without getting their name called and getting asked a bunch of things. Only half of which they understood. And often they saw flashes when they happened to pass by a window. They could no longer wear PJs or run from the bedroom to the bathroom or back in just a towel. They were afraid that would be the shot that made it into today’s paper. They no longer could play or just hang outside.
  • When they went to the jail and prison to visit their dad, they were shouted at by guards. Crude things were said to them by the inmates and their visitors. They were “patted down” and threatened with strip search if they brought in something called “contraband”. They were told they couldn’t touch their dad. The oldest son was kind of glad cuzz he didn’t want to be there, let alone look at him. He was so mad his mom made him come, that he felt more like slapping her and punching his dad than hugging anyone.
  • The police and social workers were barraging the kids with questions about whether or not their dad had ever done things to them. And no matter how often they said no, they weren’t really believed. Till they started to question every hug or cuddle, every slap on the back, every forehead kiss… Wondering what things their dad had been thinking about. And feeling really dirty, though they hadn’t done anything wrong.
  • Their friends at school started teasing them, even though they had been sort of popular before. Their friends were told they weren’t allowed to hang around with them anymore. And the oldest son was always refused by the girls he asked to go out with him now. But he’d never done anything wrong.
  • They were no longer allowed to go to the church they had all been baptized at.
  • His sons were questioned about sexual thoughts they had barely gotten a handle on and made to feel ashamed of themselves for being teenage boys. When they hadn’t done anything. They were told they should get therapy so they didn’t end up like him.Yet they hadn’t done anything wrong.
  • His daughters were told the age of the girl and started to feel really sick of their own body and wore looser clothes, no make up and one cut her arms and legs. And the other one’s weight started ballooning. They didn’t want men doing dirty things to them. They hadn’t realized before that such things existed as him.

And that was just the first year after his arrest. The day their world was ripped apart. Their mom read the things he had posted online. The admissions he made at first, then afterwards when his view changed and he became defensive.
And was sure enough that the accusations were true that she hired a divorce lawyer. And now she refused to call him their father or dad. He was that dirty rat-bastard ex. She no longer supported half of their DNA. Which was kind of ok cuzz neither did they. And mom moved them far enough away that the media and police couldn’t find them and changed their names.

But it was tattooed on their brain that their father was a criminal. No matter if he said he was innocent. And they wondered if some day, they would become just like him. It was no longer cute when the oldest one remembered he had been called mini-me by his dad. It gave him the creeps now.

The man in question? Well he used to brag about being a stud muffin to the young girls. But now he bragged about how he’d gotten away with it all. That he’d proved he was innocent. And anyone who said otherwise was a bloody liar.

But people’s memories are way too long. They just waited for the day when it all began again. They were sure he’d do it again, but some were worried if it would also be his sons’ fate.

Q – is caregiving a dominant or submissive act?

Q – is caregiving a dominant or submissive act?

There are ways in which caregiving can be a dominant or a submissive act. I think it’s more about the way you do it, the choices you make, and most of all, the head space you’re in.
But there are things in caregiving that require translatable skills. Which is why some aspects of caregiving can actually make it into practical college courses, esp in health care and/or counselling.
I know that having worked as an aide in a nursing home really helped me when I went back to school. When I took psychology at univ. I had a deeper understanding of what people are like when they’re scared, hurt, or grieving than most of the students did.. Stuff they can’t teach you, you have to experience. First hand.
Learning to listen and anticipate what someone needs in those mindsets helps a lot in many fields. And it makes you better as a partner/lover. Whichever side of the slash you’re on.

From my own experience, I know that it takes stern stuff to get patients and/or kids to listen to directions, to follow treatment regimes. Esp when they hurt and are scary. And when you feel like crap, but the only way to get better is to do the exercises, or eat a meal that you’re pretty sure will be in the toilet within five minutes. And taking a medicine that has all kinds of scary side effects, and you aren’t sure will even work. But it’s your one shot at life. Or having a surgery that you have no idea will work, and may leave you worse off if it doesn’t. Trying to find a way over that hump of trust to let the amazing doctors take care of you, who have been training for this for years.
Or you die.
And convincing someone to keep trying after things have indeed gone sideways. To recover ground. And try trust again. Because it’s their only shot.
Or to redefine their new self when they don’t regain that ground.
Things like that take levels of persuasion and communication/negotiation that are very dominant, yet are also serving the needs of someone else over your own. Which some people say is solely a submissive skill. I don’t agree. I think both sides of the slash need to serve and care for each other or the dynamic gets abusive or negligent and becomes toxic. Intolerable. Maybe even life threatening.

Adhering to the policies and procedures of the institution, the field of care, your training, your contract to your employer and union, and the protocol of the disease type seems submissive as well. But being a master of your self first is a dominant skill as well. And even with all those things to follow, not everyone can or will. Sadly you’d think that people who can’t or won’t would quickly be weeded out of caregiving roles, but things like bureaucracy can get in the way of that. Things like seniority and shortage of staff. Which is why I feel that mastering yourself is the first rule of a good caregiver as well as of a good dominant. Before you jump on me, a submissive who wishes to improve their skills also needs to master themselves. Because few dominants want a truly infantile submissive that they have to oversee and micromanage every minute of every day. From those I know anyway, none do.

And when caregiving is an occupation, not solely a familial role, then you may also find you need to be a leader of a team, or train new staff in your role. Even as an aide in a nursing home at 16 years old, I was quickly asked to train new recruits. Within weeks of being on the job. Some level of leadership, patience and teaching skills come in handy there as well. Plus the negotiation and communication of dealing with overseers and underlings on a daily basis. Of asking for and getting your needs met and the needs of the patient as well. Because when it comes to life and death demands, you C.A.N. N.O.T. F.A.I.L.

Because if you do, someone dies. Even if you do everything right, someone can die anyways. And then you have to deal with your grief and master yourself to keep trying, to recover. To sort how much blame is actually yours and be mature enough to own it. To ameliorate it. To look for lessons so you can do better for the next patient. Being resilient gets harder when you’re in some of the fields and patient prototypes. And you might have 5 minutes till you have to deal with the next patient who needs you at the same level of care, or better. So you learn to compartmentalize your feelings and develop the patience to deal with them later. And you also have to learn when you have to ask for help. I work in a really high burnout placement. So succeeding at it, long term, is a serious test of mastery. I think I’m about at the end of my sojourn here and plan to go for a different job soon. Some things you just cannot do forever and you have to know your limitations. Or trust someone else to see them for you and heed their warning.

Even with kids who you know will challenge your authority and be non-compliant with your needs and often their own. Because they don’t fully understand the whys of parenting decisions. Because they’re kids.
So self mastery again comes into play.
And with kids, you have to parent in such a way that they become independent and fly on their own. So doing it right means knowing you will lose the love of your life at some point. But you cannot stunt them. So patience and attachment come at a cost.
I can’t imagine what it’s like to parent a child you know won’t see that independence. If they are disabled or will die before they achieve it. But i have had to work with some who have gone thru this and it’s heartbreaking. But somehow they find the inner strength to do it. They are my heroes. It makes me love my healthy kid that much more than if I had never seen that.

What were the translatable skills? What skills could be dominant or submissive? Patience, listening, advocating for the patient or your child, your team or partner, and yourself, self mastery of emotions, knowing your limitations, training self and other, time management of tasks, trust, respect, being realistic in your goals and intuition, communication and negotiation. Which can translate across fields and be either dominant or submissive as well. IMO.

Have I missed anything?

Q- is there a biological imperative that says “men are naturally dominant”?

Q- is there a biological imperative that says “men are naturally dominant?”

A lof of chauvinists say that the animal kingdom shows us that the male of the species is naturally dominant. They say we should look at animals and our own history to prove their claim.

I think the first reason they make this statement is because they confuse what dominance means with other similar definitions. And think that this means the same thing. It doesn’t. iMO




And they presume that being a brute equates with being dominant. It doesn’t do that either. We have to separate anger and aggression from leadership and collaboration over tasks and sharing of responsibilities and resources. By who is most capable of the task. By who finds the task easier/easiest. By if that person is forced or coerced into doing it or do it voluntarily. Or if they are doing it because they are a people-pleaser. And by who likes/enjoys doing the task most, so resentment and frustration don’t build up.

It’s to the advantage of the social unit to share tasks and responsibilities.

… aggression, dominance and submission

separating dominance and submission from aggression
separating passivity and passive-aggression
ability to be aggressive doesn’t equate to being aggressive
entre-nous and outsiders aggression


We also have to recognize that dominance has different outlets. It’s not simply used to control your partner’s or child’s behaviour or to lead your work crew. Which is another confused concept.

the variations of biological dominance

  • why is one gender bigger, more dominant in their roles than the other?:
  • territory patrol and protection
  • male combat- they fight each other for supremacy or mating rights
  • where the size is varied – female general, male genital
  • size relates to choice of self/other protection ie combat or poison/venom
  • biological needs for food – grazing vegetation or hunting, fishing –
  • protection of nest/offspring
  • power hierarchy of species/social roles
  • if they have venom/poison, they are smaller creatures regardless of gender, but females are often bigger than males – does that equate a higher toxicity level?
  • which lives longer, is healthier, adapts easiest across environ
  • purpose of aggression – ltd mates & resources/scarcity principle, displays as intimidation, sparring as practice and show-offs, self/other and territory protection, inner group hierarchy/supremacy, killing/hunting meat


There is also a presumption that both genders are needed to procreate across species, and that gender is a polar and inflexible state (binary) in all beings and that isn’t always true.

variation of reproduction

types of sexual reproduction in the animal kingdom:

sexual dimorphism
asexual breeding
(presuming the female actually bore/supplied the egg sac the progeny?)
heterosexual – requires male and female to impregnate and/or fertilize eggs.


So the next time a chauvinist says that women are submissive and men are dominant as a biological imperative, tell them you know that just isn’t true.

animal resources

sexual cannibalism
bio-social, human sexual reproduction
bonobo and chimp
98 % of our genetic make up