Easter Desserts

Easter Desserts

I looked for more natural, healthier, simpler recipes that can make your dessert a bit fancier for this holiday. And I found a few things you can serve with fruit in or on, or stack a few of these ideas together and make something quite incredible. And this way, you know exactly what is in your food. Bonus for your family, right?
I did include a few chocolate thingies cuzz I have choco-holics around me… (pouts) But the last thing you want or need everyday is Death by Chocolate! (NOOOOO! I won’t include that recipe!) Have fun playing with your food!


top – All it takes is castor sugar, dark chocolate and cold water to make chocolate dirt which you can use to top a lot of delicious desserts.


For puff pastry , it takes flour, salt, cold unsalted butter and cold water


For strawberry drizzle , it takes sliced strawberries, sugar and lemon juice.


I’d go for slivers of almonds , rather than whole, then add cayenne pepper, kosher salt, honey and raw sugar.


For a no bake custard it takes the pulp of a mango, coconut milk and the juice of an orange


An almond flour cake with lemon has the usual fusses of egg, baking soda, sugar.. but can be made with almond flour and lemon rind for a change or if you need to all the time.


bottom – For chocolate crust , it takes sugar, flour, cocoa powder, salt and melted butter.


Ways to preserve fruit, without sugar or salt ,common substitutions in baking and different sweeteners if you need to revise things to make them work for your family.

the 🐰🐇 of the kink world (rope/emoticon erotica?)


the 🐰🐇 of the kink world

To keep out of the way of all the serious goings on of the day, it being a serious/high religious holiday for some people and all, the 🐰🐇 decided to have a play date of their own.

The 🐰🐇 decided to play cops and 🐰🐇 , cowboys and 🐰🐇 , and lasso the 🐰🐇 . Some of their fave games. But it was basically anything that got the 🐰🐇 tied up and spanked. All good in the world view of 🐰🐇 , #amiright?

The 🐰🐇 eagerly took their turn being the one that got tied up and spanked. They liked that far more than being the rigger. The riggers tried not to get any blood on the 🐰🐇 fluff. So they placed the ropes just right and didn’t spank too hard. It was just a tickle and tease game after all.

The 🐰🐇 had carrots and lettuce galore for munching while they waited, and believe it or not when they were being cuddle 🐰🐇 as they were given after care. All the 🐰🐇 loved cuddling!

The local news dept for the 🐰🐇 Gazette wrote an article and they were so entranced that the pictures and story of the 🐰🐇 play date made the first page of the evening edition.

The 🐰🐇 easter parade bunnies collage got a chance to say “Happy Easter!!” to the whole town. All in all, a good day for 🐰🐇 .


The Way the Seventh Day Really Went…


The Way the Seventh Day Really Went…

IDK how many of you believe the whole “rested” part. But I know how humans tinker when they think something is done… #amiright??

So he might have hoovered up the dust and loose stones; filled in a hole or two with putty; revised his plan on thinking about it; tested a few things out to see if they worked right; and just plain worried, right? And maybe he started from scratch over and over again, before he got sick of it?

Am I anthropomorphizing? Or did he? Is that the flaw in the design? He thought humanity would actually try to stay good forever?

And that is if he was the sole God, deity…

What if he had a wife? Goddess? Did she have things she wanted to see more of, less of, none of? Did they have fights over the design? Did she remind him that, if left to their own devices, humans will be more like petulent children in need of a meal or nap than adults? No matter how old they are?

Did she say that he had to put his toys away before dinner?
Did she say, “what do you mean a snake will cause women an eternity of pain??”

Somehow I don’t think the seventh day was very restful… do you?

Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden

In my eyes, indisposed
In disguises no one knows
Hides the face, lies the snake
The sun in my disgrace
Boiling heat, summer stench
‘Neath the black the sky looks dead
Call my name through the cream
And I’ll hear you scream again

galaxy collage framed 154899756131513216

the philosophy of the bootstrap

the philosophy of the bootstrap

Everything will be alright if you just…

  • change your thinking,
  • put a smile on your face
  • put your best foot forward…

There is something to be said for having a positive attitude. And in so far as that goes, it’s good advice. If you always think the worst, you’ll expect the worst and eventually the worst will hunt you down.

And you do sometimes have to train yourself to think that way. Yes, you can reinforce good thoughts and yes you should work at it. It can’t be done in a day though, can it?
Because for a good long while, every thought you have has to be replaced. Demon voice says nay, angel voice has to say yay. Every. time. That takes will and work.

And there are moments minimum when saying that to someone is cruel. like if they are standing by their child’s casket.

Or if they just found out they’re going to be paralyzed for the rest of their life.

And there are people who just have never known what good is, so they need lots of TLC and models first.

Or they’re in the midst of a major clinical depression and maybe they need meds and therapy first.

That is where our empathy needs to come in. And TBH not many people have all that much. Or that much time either.

Which is why we have therapists… isn’t it?

Not many friends can take all the gunk you have to shovel off before you can see the seed of good that was buried. Some fertilizer and dirt are good for plant growth. One seed cannot go thru a hill of it though. Can it?

And it presumes it was there to begin with.

I think times have changed from the bootstrap mindset. At least I hope it has. But we do still have to do the work ourselves if we want people to stick around thru the hellmounds life sometimes puts us thru.

After all, nobody can do it but us. Not so it sticks anyways. Can they?

It’s lickable, so lickable! (erotica)

It’s lickable, so lickable!

…. her

I can’t get enough of his tongue all over my skin. It makes me squirm at the deliciousness of the soft, velvet-ty feeling. And the warm, wet silken arousal he brings to the table. It makes me drool just thinking about it and him. I cannot believe that I fantasize about him. I blush when he says he thinks of me when he wanks. Just because of a picture I posted. He said he printed it and is looking for the perfect frame now. I’m not sure how I feel about that…


She was surprised by my blunt admission that I can’t stop wanking over her. But I adore every cell on her that she lets my tongue on. I bathe her lasciviously with my tongue. And I obsess about the smell of her, the silky texture of her body. Inch by inch. Tongue stroke by lick. She is endlessly arousing to me. I cannot get enough of her!


I know he says he obsesses about my picture more than I do, but it must be in a different way. I love the way I look. He says he does too, but his eyes always close when he’s licking and sucking, so how can it be about the look? About me?

…. him

I love every fold, and every valley on her and work my tongue around each of them, teasing myself far more than her. Till I’m moaning and have to close my eyes so I don’t cum too soon. I shake along with her, when my tongue hits a particularily good spot. I can’t imagine it if she said I could never touch or lick her again. It’d break my heart! And the picture comforts me till I can get my tongue on her again.

for a story

So what did you think i was talking about? 😛

So too are the days of surfing kink… BDSM definitions

So too are the days of surfing kink… BDSM definitions

The topic of what bdsm is is making the rounds again and we’re discussing what it is to us… (as many things as it is people). But don’t you think there might be some commonalities? And the POVs are within them?

the D is in charge

Yes you do negotiate, and yes you do have to agree to do what gets done. The contract may be verbal, but trust me it is still a commitment to each other. (and sorry not sorry some of you domly male doms need to hear that we ladies are also in the driver’s seat now! Maybe not in your home, but surely and for certain in ours!)

But just like dancing, it kinda sorta has to be a bit specific unless you want to end up doing something you hate, right?

Or unless you’re willing to learn together?

For eg: I’m using the dancing metaphor because I love to dance. I’m actually pretty damn good ( in some ways better when younger and more agile, in other ways better now in experience and staying current with trend, just like D/s) but not a pro at it. Modern dance; not classical, folk or ballet. I shuck and jive, I twist and turn, I get dipped and swing. Stuff like that. And I’ve been dirty dancing longer than Patrick Swazye was filmed doing it. I got kicked out of a club once…But that is a story for another day (Maybe?)

If a sub came to me and asked me to dance, I’d say sure and go full hog. If they meant ballet, I’d be standing there, not even able to do a Plié. He’d (yes there are male subs!) be looking at me like i’m a dufus instead of appreciating my jive! We’d both be unsatisfied, wouldn’t we? He might go around saying that I don’t know shit. I might say he’s a do-me sub (or unclear or a flake) and get full domme support. Maybe even some doms would hop on the rant. He might get some other subs’ and slaves’ support. It’d be a thing! Depending how noticed we are on the site, it might become a bandwagon and burning of witches might ensue. (Not that I’m noticed to that degree lol)


it’s not just subs and slaves who serve

If we are in a relationship that is based on D/s, we both have our areas of things we must be and do for the other. If we don’t do them, then the relationship fails.
Which is where the negotiation comes in. You have to know where the other person is at to be able to meet their needs minimum.

for eg. if you walk into a store, do you go up to the counter and ask for something they don’t sell? Do you insist on coverage they don’t offer? Do you make a fuss if they don’t run and get what you want and call them names for not doing so? (Most people don’t j.s)

The first person I serve is myself. I go and get educated in the things that interest me.

Then I find a sub to do them with who thinks that is a cool common goal or sexy thing to do and we work on it together.

I make sure we are as safe as we can be and look out for their interests as well as mine. Isn’t that service to them?
Esp as I become more and more of an expert, or (if I were) a pro, a Master or a teacher/presentor/mentor at the task/fun thing.

Then my time is at a premium. But I still need to keep up my skills or I may loose reputation points from my colleagues and future subs.

There comes a point where I become a commodity. And that can take over who you are as a person, if you let it. Then you get almost an assembly line factor of subs wanting you, just you. (Ugh!) Trust me, at that point, it’s not the sub serving, is it?

And that is the place where pros begin. Where they choose what they want to offer, but the assembly line comes for them and often tries to push for more than they’re willing to give out, even for money or trade of some kind.And sometimes refusing can get someone to try to take it by force. Then it’s def not them serving, is it?

But that is the real world, isn’t it? So saying only subs and slaves serve is diminishing our experience. (Yes dom/mes can get used, abused and raped!)


topping from the bottom is a thing

But it isn’t called negotiation prior to doing something together, And it’s also not standing up for your safety and your rights. Nor is it reaching out for help if you feel unsafe. It’s not even saying if you feel you need to stop now. Esp if you have medical issues!!

Doing those things doesn’t make you less sub or slave-like. What they make you is a reliable sub or slave IMO. I mean why would i want someone in my charge who doesn’t know what they want, is weak willed, and may have a death wish? (not sure whether to run or shudder here). That tends to be more the predator’s wish than the wish of a dominant or master/mistress. j/s

I’m not sure how to use an analogy for this aspect, at the macro level anyway.

But for the micro try this:

oral sex

So we agree that you like oral sex and I’m ok giving it, so we start. If it’s the first time or two, I might even take a few directions in what specifically you like while I’m doing it. But usually it’s better to do that before or after. If every single time, we do something, the sub gives me directions, it’s sounding like I’ve lost my dominant role.
Which might be ok if you’ve agreed that they are teaching you something, or you have said you want to understand their role better and cede control for the session. But if it’s a constant thing, then IMO it’s topping from the bottom. So micromanaging is topping from the bottom unless the dominant has ceded control for the session.


Is being a brat or a princess dominating in the relationship?

I think that is mostly a degree issue…but in theory it certainly can be, Even in a funishment dynamic.

Because you may not be asking for control, but you are being manipulative. Which isn’t always a bad thing. But conversations need to be had about the limits and occasions when this pushing is tolerable. If at all.


is bdsm fun or a study/work experience to be taken seriously?

I guess that depends what you want out of it…
But think about how many games you play that you have spent hours practicing at. Does that mean it’s less fun when you win? Does it mean that you no longer enjoy the companionship and challenge of the game? Can you not become a master at chess, or tennis for eg?

Why does it have to be either/or?


does bdsm have to be done in public to be “real”?

If you bring it into a relationship, a sexual dynamic, then it’s pretty intimate to share. Isn’t it?

And from what i hear, there are a lot of dungeons, munches and play parties that don’t allow sexual acts. So if sex comes with the kink for you, then half your experience is gone, isn’t it?

But a lot of people do separate the two aspects. Just like they separate the study and the spirituality of sex and kink (ie sex magicks).

So if it were a game of tennis, and someone said you can’t use a racket and birdie for your game, would you still think it’s tennis?


Anyways that is my thinky thoughts re: the current discussions I’ve seen. What do you think?

True Crime – The Opposition of Love

True Crime – The Opposition of Love

You can blame this post on my addiction to serial shows, books and movies about crime. Fiction and true crime. If you’ve ever heard of Max Haines , you know the difference. Though since he was Canadian, you may not know him.

Most people if asked what the opposite of love is will point you in the direction of either hate ( a way of processing the frustration and anger that grows in any relationship; a way of distancing yourself so you can leave) or apathy (the absence of feeling).

In fiction, when a crime occurs you have more of a romantic view of crime. So it’s all about the emotion. The motive: jealousy, greed, revenge… And sex and money are top of the list. There is a common expression in fiction: follow the money. So who gains? The relationship: Who has access to you? Who do you trust enough to get close with a weapon? Who can access your food or drink to poison you? Who else would be that angry with you? Who do you have a history with? What type of character is most likely to hurt someone with this method? Is it an intimate crime?

But when you look at true crime again, the most common offenders are family, dates, friends. Someone who you should know and trust. And most people on that list eliminate sex (hopefully) and most people aren’t rich. So how much money is worth a life? Just who are fiction writers writing about?

When someone wants to deflect blame, they tend to talk about the stranger, someone who no one knows or cares about. Or the other person is the misfit, who has always been a problem to the community or family. Because claiming it’s them solves more than one problem. Doesn’t it? And those that get along, can continue to do so. And the scapegoat. The enemy, the person no one will miss if they’re gone. Someone who has always rubbed you the wrong way.

It’s rare that someone considers a parent or caregiver getting frustrated with their duties and the time and strength caregiving takes. Yet this type of crime occurs as well.

Then we come back to love…Is it skewed when they are willing to kill someone? Or have they run out of love? What has it taken to get to this point, because most people don’t kill. Not to leave the relationship and not to gain the estate either.

Yet it happens often enough that it’s a thing, doesn’t it?

So why is love permeable by this degree of passion? How can it be turned into something so evil? Some happen in a heat of passion and some are premeditated.

Some would say it’s a mental health issue, but most people who have mental illnesses aren’t violent. So how can we make that claim?

How do we blame love or it’s opposite, whichever you believe that is, for crime? Yet how do we discount it, when that is the largest group of incidents of crime?

It seems like love is a very complicated thing then. Doesn’t it?

Dommie’s Cam Spot (a story/ish)

Dommie’s Cam Spot

this is fiction. It’s not me, nor an invitation to cam with you …

Dommie turned on her laptop and found her usual prompts and invites. She yawned and clicked thru them looking for something she could live with doing today.

There were a few randoms who wanted to masturbate for her. She deleted those. I mean please!

There were a few who wanted her to instruct them like porn hub dommes did. She deleted those. Puh-leeease! Her voice would never stand up to screaming at some idiot. And it might be fun for them, but she just wasn’t like that at all.

There were a few who wanted to do their chores in women’s lingerie. And she wondered what they needed her for? Go ahead and do that! She deleted those.

And a few who wanted her to flash her whip and watch while they self-flagellated. Yeah again, what did they need her for? She deleted them.

Ok! Now this guy seemed interesting…Decent femdom cues in his pix, a respectful mssg and brief about him that wasn’t whining, ranting or sexing up the anonymous. And they seemed somewhat self-depricating and humourous. Good start. So she opened his video to see if she could tolerate him.

He was cute! Good start! It made things a LOT more enjoyable. At least that was till he started going thru the slave positions in the nude… Ugh! Ok cute ass and all, but srsly?? He was deleted too.

On to the next! This one was into the spiritual aspects of kink and bdsm. Ding ding ding! He sent her a meditation tape he liked using. A book link for the latest in gurus she had heard had something powerful to share. She ordered the book! Good sign. So she sent him a mssg. “Hello, thx for the links. What is your opinion of the book? Have you read it? I’ve been looking for someone who has done to share their review with me.”

And went back to scrolling thru her chat invites. This guy sent her some jokes he had got off a ribald site. Well they were funny, so she sent a laughing smiley.

At least there was something connecting them, but nothing to sink her teeth into. Yet.

Till she reached the bottom and opened the last guy’s mail. He introduced himself and gave a brief description of himself and his life. It was charming and she could relate to a lot of it. So she answered back. With her prepared points of connection. She put an asterix beside the ones he had mentioned about himself. Let’s see if he meant what he said.

Then she got to her regulars. Knowing there was unlikely to be a response from the randoms. Though dommes are a thing many men fantasize about…not many of them know how to deal with them to get a positive interaction going.

That’s why she kept her regulars. And they kept her. They connected as people first.

oh the good ole hockey game….! (a story)

Oh the good ole hockey game….!

Stompin’ Tom Connors

Mister Sven was a rabid hockey fan. Yes I do mean obsessed! The only song that played in his home was “The Hockey song”. The only thing that played on his TV was hockey. He watched only the games that had his hometown team in them. He knew all the players, all the coaches and mgmt/owners. Their names, birthdates, whether they had families, their fave candies.., and he wore clothes similar to his fave players. He wore a bandage if a team player was on the injured list. He wore a black arm band if a fave retired or was traded. He knew all their score averages. You know! Nuts!

If his team lost, he railed at the owners and coaches. He cried for a week if they didn’t go on to the next stage of the finals. There was no consoling him. His boss sent him home, just so the other workers at his factory didn’t get upset by his tears and swearing. Esp the women. Cuzz he had a foul!! mouth!!

He had a shrine to the team on his bedroom walls. His aunt who he roomed with was dispondant about her paint job underneath. But figured he was a decent lad, even if he was way OTT about hockey. He helped her out and paid his rent. So if he ever moved out, she’d make him paint first. But she was pretty sure the reason he would leave would never be about him getting married. She was pretty sure if he even masturbated, Tom’s voice would be on the stereo and hockey would be playing in the background. She wondered if he splattered his team jersey instead of a towel? So she made him do his own laundry!

Sven thought he was an average guy, but his family were pretty sure he had issues. They just figured as long as he worked, ate, showered… and kept his room neat, he was good enough.

The only thing that worried them was his threat to kill himself if the team was ever disbanded… They prayed for that day to never happen.