life isn’t a bowl of cherries… (life advice)

Life isn’t a bowl of cherries… (life advice)

If you get even half way decent at things to do with food, you learn a few important lessons:

  • if you want sweet to taste good, there has to be a bitter off-set. Like lemon rind, coffee, ginger, chilis… Because just sweet can be really cloying. It’s more likely to make you puke than go yum.
  • if you want a food to come together, then you have to add a dash of salt. Whether the food is sweet or sour. For me, the best sweets are salted caramel and licorice. I’ll eat chocolate if there are salted nuts on it. But I won’t on it’s own.
  • To make a savoury with that bliss experience, you have to layer the flavour, make things pop out and surprise you. Something sweet, bitter, tart/sour, salty and just a bit of heat. So you get flavour that comes in little pops. Then you can shovel even the most ordinary food into your mouth for days, and you won’t get bored.
  • Never serve something the first time to guests. And never adhere to the recipe like it came from the holy Bible. Make it your own. Vary it or you get bored with food and your appetite for life decreases.
  • Children and aged people have a smaller range of taste available. So don’t serve them something you’d feed to an adult.

I know you think now that I’m talking about food, and I am. But the rules apply well beyond the dinner table, if you think about it. Bon appetite!


The story of Osiris – the weight of a soul

The story of Osiris – the weight of a soul

weighing the worth of a life –

I love the Egyptian story of the dead soul who comes to the gates of the land of the dead to be judged and has his/her heart weighed against the
feather of Maat . And undergoes the
judgment of Osiris carried out ny Osiris or the
protector of the dead – Anubis using
the wisdom of Thoth to determine if they are worthy of paradise.
The judgment is based on more than one factor.

Declaration of Innocence

‘Behold, I have come to You,

Bringing Justice to You,

Repelling evil for you.

I have not done evil against men.

I have not improvished my associates.

I have not acted crookedly in the Place of Justice.


I have not defiled a god.

I have not worsened the lot of an orphan.

I have not done what the gods detest.

I have not calumniated a servant to his master.

I have not caused either pain or hunger.

I have not brought forth tears.

I have not killed.

I have not commanded to kill.

I have not caused anyone sorrow.


Which leads to deep philosophical questions about the weight of a soul or value of a person’s life.

  • If you could go back in time and kill Hitler or Stalin, should you? Their deeds were evil, but many good things came out of their evil. Could they have been had otherwise?
  • do you save a friend or a group of strangers? Which child do you save if both are in danger?
  • Are the rich or poor of more value to society?
  • What about the talented/stupid, sick, old, criminal, misfit? If we allow that they have varying worth, do we want homogeneity/conformity to such a degree? That we are willing to kill to get it? When do you not fit into the narrower box of what should be?


in the words of Martin Niemoeller


  • And if you do make such life/death assessments of others, how could you not be affected by that? Would you become more evil if you took this decision upon yourself?
  • Are you a hero or a villain if you take a life to save another’s or your own? Is it really black or white?
  • Can a word, a name be responsible for someone’s life loss, if you didn’t know how vulnerable they were? Are you responsible or are they?
  • And if you do it or allow it to be done in your stead, who is the guilty party? Is it not you?

Bottomline, when you judge the one person you are angry or ashamed about and find them wanting, how soon is it before you get judged and found lacking?
And how do you judge their life when you don’t see inside of it? Like a god/dess can?


For me? I think I’ll leave it to Osiris.

This series of questions is just something to consider. I honestly don’t expect answers. But a discussion would be cool, … if not related to any particular thing.

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the ________ one of all? (sic)

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the ________ one of all? (sic)

I often see a competition or feud, rather than people offering wisdom or heart in our exchanges. It’s frustrating, really.

The “other” is given power every time we battle with them. And it’s not them who loses. When we act badly, it’s our bad behaviour. No matter what they do, if we act wrongly, it’s us who wears it, We are only responsible for how we act.

Maybe we need to remember the first rule of domination. In order to master others, first we must master ourselves.

William Carleton

Strong feelings do not necessarily make a strong character. The strength of a man is to be measured by the power of the feelings he subdues not by the power of those which subdue him.

So next time you try to claim that someone is leading you around by the ring in your nose, remember they have done nothing. You lost your own sense of self control. You defeated yourself. Because you tried to control them before you had yourself mastered.

Nostradamus and the Prophecy of the Last Pope

Nostradamus and the Prophecy of the Last Pope

Once upon a day ago, I got hooked on reading the quatrains of Nostradamus. Esp when I was reading a lot of mystical tomes at the time, they took on a power and voice, that I’m certainly not alone in. Even the Holy See has listened to what he has to say.

But right now, in possibly the next few years, we have a critical one. The prophecy has come forward that we are in the time of the last pope and the fall of the entire church of Christ. And the beginning of WWIII.

Hey even Isaac Newton went within this time with his guestimate! He says our world will crash and burn c2060. Interesting, huh?

St Malachy




some of the prophecies

At the time of the Revelation, five world empires had come and gone—Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece—one (Rome) existed, and one (Antichrist’s world empire) had not yet come.

could this be referring to the Commonwealth? Of which the Crown of England is the titular head? Will it be lead by the House of Windsor?

“Peter the Roman

does this mean the last pope will be from Rome?

the leader will chase his nephew from Rome

So does the last pope have a nephew who is in the Vatican or the monarchy of Italy/ Rome?

the whore of Babylon, a woman at the head/ on the seat of power.

Well we can be pretty certain it won’t be a female pope, archbishop or priest. BUT there have been very influential pope-making families from Rome/Italy… do we look for the female head there?

the anti-christ, the denier

the one who says that Christ is not divine, from God Is not God made flesh. More likely to be a secular leader than one from Christendom. The one who will assassinate or topple the last pope and the Christian church as a whole. Which will begin WWIII that will last 27 years and be fought between two superpowers.

the conflict that began in France will extend to the middle east

Could that refer to the Crusades? And what is the secret sign lost that will end the conflict finally?

the pope will be the first “black one”

Does this imply race? Or is it in reference to the current Pope who is the first Jesuit/black robe to be the head of the church?

a 2nd sun

could this be a comet, a planet like Planet X behind the sun or an actual star such as the sun? curious astro

St Malachy’s list of popes 112 references one left to go.

caution about prophecies

St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross

Nostradamus and St Malachy

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Wants and Needs in a Mate

Wants and Needs in a Mate

It depends on what part of you is doing the looking, that determines the things you are looking for. Is it your civilized brain that looks for what your group thinks you need? Or is it your groin that determines who you think is hot that makes your decision for you?

Well, that is where most people talk about mating dances. But there is more to it than that. IMO

I think human beings are made of more parts than just their groin and brain. Deeper relationship needs that control you on an esoteric level.

Here is my list… YMMV

  • the beast –

The primordial part of us that looks for a mate to dance and nest with. To search for food and pretty baubles to feather our nest with. To protect each other and our young. And to have sex with when we have energy to burn. And someone who has our back when the predator comes to the door.

  • the social being –

Someone our friends and family get along with. Who fits the gang and understands their interests and goals as well as beliefs. Who we enjoy spending time with.

  • the creator and destroyer

Call them gods, angels and/or demons, or whatever, we have divine elements to us that seek to control our world and the people within it. And we seek a mate who emulates our dance within the ether.

  • the xenophobe and altruist

Pushing someone away because they’re different (a bigot) and you’re afraid, or loving them no matter who they are (agape love) ?

  • the child and the elder

The innocent and the wise. The playful and the goal-oriented one. The new and awestruck and the jaded and calm one who reviews life and helps us to set our paths.

And somewhere within that frame, we find someone who fleshes out who we are, supports us in our relationship…

Or do we? Because we still seem to fail a lot at life and love. So what is it that we get wrong? Are we looking for someone who is like us (a clone, a drone) or someone who challenges us and excites us by being different?

Part of the difference may be in how we look at people as well.

  • Some people prefer to look inside (intrinsic) when they take directions about life and love. Some take their cues from others (extrinsic).
  • Some are people-pleasers and some are control freaks who want their way over all. And will cut you down if you try to change their life or mind.
  • Some are headed to self love (narcissists) and some to other love (dependent). Most aren’t at clinical levels and find a medial ground, unless they’re really teed off.


And that is before they even get into the relationship where new and bored fluxes and life stresses happen. And everyone wants what they want. And get frustrated when they don’t get it.

I guess that is why we never get the handle over love? We just muggle thru the best we can. Living the part of us that suits our life the best we can.

Oh well! Just some thinky thoughts lol Hope you got something out of V-day that you needed. 🙂

you know you’re bored when…. (a mystical story)

You Know You’re Bored When …

As Stephen King would say…

Hell is repetition!

Justin and Melissa were the couple everyone envied. They had a house, a white picket fence, 2.2 kids, careers they had bought and paid for. They should be happy, right?

But even their troubles were the same damn thing, every day. They squabbled about the same things every day. Nothing really happened, It was mercilessly grey. So routine!

Sometimes they each wondered if having an affair would make a difference? Then they’d wonder if they had the time. Between the kids’ school and extra curricular activities, all that driving, their jobs, and would they be able to keep up the time and lies an affair takes?

They thought about divorce as well. But they loved each other and the kids. And seriously! The money that would take would be ridiculous! So no.

But seriously, how do you get thru life well when every step feels like your feet are being sucked down into muck???

It was just grey! And nothing to look forward to but more grey!

This is a lot of people’s lives, so I could just leave it there. But that’s not me, right? If you’ve read my stuff before, you know that! Right? And I did say it was a mystical story, right? (Don’t you hate when the narrator intrudes on a story? ;P)

So where do we go to find the source of the issue? Into the ether! And in the ether we find a demon who likes to cloud the brains of his prey with boredom. Because Justin and Melissa have a good life most people would be grateful for, don’t they? They’re healthy, their kids are too. They have enough money to pay their bills and have a few frills too. So really, what is the problem?? Answer. There isn’t one.

Except the demon.

But who would know? And who could fix it? Got any ideas?

Pop psych, motivational speakers and life coaches…

Pop psych, motivational speakers and life coaches…

Most of them are people who think they have achieved something and want to share the wealth. Reach a hand back if you will. Which is fine if you want things that are tools to achieve what they achieved. Maybe even similar things.

Some go deeper and look at what kind of person you need to be to get where they are. They don’t really know the human principles, because they haven’t studied any human arts (psych, medicine, sociology etc). So their idea of life advice is almost always deeply about who they are and what they see as common sense. Which might be as far as they, their friends, even their culture might see it. But isn’t often generic. So it’s not likely to suit you. Or fit your circumstance.

Some might be in it for altruistic purposes, but honestly they have given away all other paying gigs and have chosen to do this one thing. They are putting all their eggs into this basket. So they’re not likely to hedge their bets or change their minds to suit your needs. They have at no time tried to understand your needs or wants. They have a formula they work from. And whether or not it will work for you, they must say it will so they can collect their wages. If it failed for you, you weren’t trying hard enough. Do as they say.

And some are bordering on dangerous. Because they haven’t really accomplished anything that will really help you, and probably haven’t used the tools they advocate for themselves either. Their life is a mess and now they’re telling you how to live yours? Hmmm….

And that is just the “professionals”. Those who might at least keep your confidence and learn who you are so they can apply things they know to you. But the amateurs tend to be gossipy old biddies who are trying to get your story, so they can have laugh with their mates.

So I guess you could call this a warning? In the end, you have to live thru whatever it is that you do. So be sure that you seek advice from the right people. Someone who has actually done what they have said and models the steps they advocate within their own lives.

Good luck!

the first puff up (a mystical story)

gibbons mates p02x5cwh


The First Puff Up

Lies, secrets, games, charm, seduction, broken promises, jusifications, gaslighting – let’s call it dating 101- bigging yourself up-

Everyone wants to look good to attract their potential mate, right? It’s cool when you think their shit doesn’t stink cuzz you’re all hot for them, that they can’t move wrong. But after they or you leave the relationship, suddenly you have other names for them. not hot or cute or sexy. Heavens no! Now the words you want to use are from the DSM V!

Now he’s more than Mr Big Stuff and he has to be in the wrong. He was a gibbon making noise in tenor or bass and you bought it, till that moment when you just couldn’t anymore. And don’t worry it’s normal, it’s part of the grieving process. We get it, we’ve all done it! Or have we?

Well Sheila sure thought so! And she spread his name like muck! She thought he was cute and shy and all that. Private, and he was only hers to know. Right? She felt special. Till she heard an ex describe him the same as he had finally disclosed to her.

Her eyes bugged out, her ears blew like a steam whistle and she finally iunderstood, it was all a game with him. Might have been fine if she had known The Name of the Game . But now she was out for blood. And he had really done nothing millions of others, even Sheila herself, wouldn’t have done.

He was just puffing himself up. For the mating ritual. To the absolute wrong woman though.

Sheila decided he needed to be taught a lesson. She pulled out her magic incantations book and bought all the items she needed, and her latest BF named Steve, now looked like she had thought him when she ended their relationship. He was a gibbon. With a puffer throat for his lousy false words to grow in. He would never again lie to a woman.

Moral of the story? Thing is, if you’re going to spread muck, be sure your own ass is clean.

birds of a feather (a mythical story)

albatross, grebesBirds of a Feather

J.C and Stacey were that couple. They either cooed at each other or fought. Squabbling was their passtime. There was no substance to anything they did. And they hardly seemed like they had sex either.

They seemed to be really into each other. But you weren’t quite sure why. They didn’t seem to have anything real, or shared. But every five minutes, they took a selfie. Of one of them air smooching the other. It was annoying when you were with them.

Everything else took a back seat to their pictures. They fluffed their hair, checked their makeup (yes I said their. JC was so metrosexual) and Vogued . Which made it hard to have a conversation or an activity that had any meaning.

They wore the latest fashions. No one was quite sure how they managed, since neither was really working at a high end job or anything. Maybe credit cards? Gambling? Day trading? Who knows…

Nobody was sure how they managed to stay together though. Their tiffs seemed like they were end-of-the-world fights. Nobody was quite sure if they’d break out in slaps, scratches or if they’d start a musical. But maybe they stayed together cuzz their selfies always made it onto the leaderboard of any website they were on. If only they could make that a career. 😛

Finally the day came (and noone was really sad about it, trust me) when they arrived at the pearly gates and were judged. Asked if they had given time or money to charity, they said no. Asked if they had worked for people or pet to make their lives better, they said no. Asked if they had loved or trusted others, they said no. Asked if they had been loyal to spouse, friend or lover, they said no.

St Peter looked their lives over and finally came to a decision… He sent them back to live another life. But not as a person. He sent them back as birds.

It just seemed like the right fit somehow.




Everything for Love (a mystic story)

Everything for Love

It was like going to a nude beach or being a doctor who sees people’s genitals all day everyday, then has no interest when someone flashes theirs at home. I mean it’s hardly sexy when that is work. When you’re inundated with flesh.

And that is what Inid felt when she looked at the humans. Here was another one. Ho hum! She didn’t remember ever feeling that spark of interest.

Until she saw him. The parts that bored her otherwise were now in the right place and time. In just the right mood. And her jaw dropped, her palms began to sweat and drool formed in her mouth. She was in lust with Angwyn the second she laid eyes on him!

It wasn’t that he was handsome like Adonis. But he just oozed sex appreal. He moved like a jungle cat. He was alert, and high voltage. He noticed everything. And he smiled gently at others, and grinned at their mischief. Everything seemed to catch his humour. Inid liked that! A lot!

So she followed Angwyn around like a puppy dog. Watching and watching as he had bright conversations, and tender moments. And fell in love with him.

So she showed herself in his dreams, and he seemed to like her as well. But he saw her as imaginary, so his feelings never attached to her. It wasn’t a pop song after all.

Inid knew the only way she’d ever get him to fall for her was to be real. Human.

So she went off for a bit to think about whether she was willing to give up her powers, her friends, everything to be with him.

Call her an idiot or say this is romance, therefore she must choose love. It’s never that easy when it’s you. Because much as love may be a treaure, it more often burns or fizzles out than lasts from meeting to death and beyond.

But fool as she felt, Inid chose Angwyn. She stripped her powers and went to him as a human woman. Praying he’d fall for her. Holding her breath…

And sick as it made her to trust in love, she left the choice up to him.

Much as she wanted to blame him, she couldn’t. Whatever the reason, Angwyn wasn’t ready to fall for her. He was ready for sex though.

Inid felt her heart shrink and her powers beg for her to take them back, and forget him. But there is no fool like a fool in love. She gave him her all for what little he would return. And then walked away heartbroken.

Ready to be angry, but all she felt was sad. Hurt. Angwyn had no clue what he had just turned down.

And Inid swore he never would.