August 1 is “Emancipation Day” in Ontario, Canada

August 1 is “Emancipation Day” in Ontario, Canada

Did you know that?
John Graves Simcoe, (25 February 1752 – 26 October 1806) the first lieutenant-governor of the new British colony of Upper Canada, (modern day Ontario), from 1791-1796 was responsible for changing laws about slavery that went from Ontario thru the British empire. As a British Member of Parliament, he had described slavery as an offence against Christianity And moved the world to abolish slavery. Simcoe passed the Act Against Slavery on 9 July 1793,
Simcoe was elected to the House of Commons for the Cornish borough of St Mawes in 1790. He was a Tory (modern group would be today’s Conservative Party) and tried to mix military and civilian paradigms into his political view. He was a landowner, speculator(?). And politics to him was a stepping stone on his career plan.
Simcoe seemed to have an ambiguous relationship with the Six Nations people. Bu re-negotiated one land claim and made 4 others. He preferred dealing with them in a militaristic way.
Since the Tories were Loyalists to the British Crown, there is little chance they’d like the current Conservatives view on many of their policies. Esp their apparent allegiance to the USA.



Even Trump Finds it’s Hard to Decide Who to Listen to It Seems….

Even Trump Finds it’s Hard to Decide Who to Listen to It Seems….

group of doctors (?) got together and said there is a cure for Covid 19. One that all the credible experts said awhile back causes more harm than good. One that POTUS claims he’s been taking for awhile now.

Some of the doctors (?) have no license, some are …. well less than credible in what they think a working theory on disease is.

But there is one that stands out, even on this dogpile of stupidity:. Hmmm is that the right word? I can’t actually USE the word I want to because that’d appear like a diagnosis. (I have a feeling you may know the word!)

We women need to know now that if we have any GYN issues, it’s because we’re having dream sex with demons and witches……O.o (facepalm!) . I mean what do you say to that??

Ok dear so and so, (body that supervises her license.)
I want one!! I can do better at a common theory or two and even come up with experts (no for real y’all) who have said it!!

So yeah, if she’s the water mark in what they want from a doctor in their college? I want a medical license too!! (temper tantrum!)

And POTUS? He says he doesn’t know the lady in question, but they seemed like smart doctors, worth listening to. UM about what? The drug that has been discounted? Or demon sperm?

This is def a moment that I hooted and howled over. You have to admire how often he succeeds in doing that for me. If he were a comedian on stage… But as the guy who has the red button? Geesh!! Anyone else have a bad case of cold shivers now? Or is that just me?

Branson, how we doing on that habitat on Mars these days?

It’s good to know that social media sites have pulled the doctors’ speech off the web though! Whew!! Something about spreading misinformation…

But they’re doctors, right? Right! Apparently even doctors can lose their minds and say stupid shit! (le sigh!)

#ODSP During the Pandemic – on Twitter

#ODSP During the Pandemic – on Twitter

The stories of hardship and feeling unsupported by the govt of their country (the ones I’ve seen are Canadian and USA) are heartbreaking. And each one has said that this pandemic has made it worse.

The govts say they’re putting relief packages out there, but people with disabilities (PWD) are feeling neglected. And they’re not wrong.

The worst plans that have seen no or little support in Canada are the provincial ones. If you think you risk your home, find getting food a challenge, and get next to no income, imagine being disabled in this time.

There are some who have given up and are taking the only way out they can think of. Suicide.

They feel shamed, neglected, isolated and hopeless.

And reading their stories, you can see why.

But maybe their hope in sharing them, and the self advocacy they have shown have helped them in some small way?

At least they know they aren’t alone. And sometimes that is a life or death realization. I hope it worked.

The newspapers are picking it up at least. Whether or not the premiers and PM are.

So Twitter may seem senseless, fun, vapid… But sometimes it has a lightning bolt moment.

Biden vs Trump….Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Leftist of them All?

Biden vs Trump….Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Leftist of them All?

Trump has been calling Biden a leftist on Twitter this week….

When i consider the concepts behind what leftist politics are, I don’t really think either the DEMs or REPs qualify. But I’m sure willing to be proven wrong.

They’re hardly anarchists. Both are the major forces for business and govt in not only the US, but also the world.

You can hardly call them socialists. They both seem to be high on law and order, when push comes to shove. Though Biden is at least picking up the lingo of the #BLM protests and spouting language about defunding the police. Can he claim partial credit for Obama care?

And I’d eat my hat if either Trump or Biden has read the Communist Manifesto.

Have either DEMs or REPs signed any environmental accord? Let alone an intl one?
As for social justice and equality, both their parade of backers, party and cabinet members will no doubt be white cis men of @50 yrs old! Maybe even 70 +?
They both have that ‘view that spew’ aspect as well. Racist and sexist comments seem to vomit easily from their mouths.

So what is it Trump sees that we don’t? Or at least I don’t?

Cuzz I have this horrible nightmare of Jan 2021 with Biden in the white house, and we’ve gone from the rock to the hard place, the devil to the deep blue sea. Then I realize I’m awake!

What do you think?

ACLU – If you’re protesting, know your rights!

ACLU – If you’re protesting, know your rights!

And look out for medics, media, and int’l observers. They’re who make it safe for you to be there! Yay you!

…. do NOT let them persuade you that you’re doing anything wrong or illegal.

The right to protest is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the US Constitution and the First Amendment.

… why are police there? (supposed to be)

The police’s main job during a protest is to protect your right to protest and de-escalate any threat of violence.

….. are you detained?

If you get stopped by police, ask if you’re free to go. If they say yes, calmly walk away.

…..right to council

If you get arrested, DON’T say anything.


Ask for a lawyer immediately.


Don’t sign anything.

Don’t agree to anything without a lawyer present.

….. local phone call

Demand your right to a local phone call.


If you call a lawyer, the police are not allowed to listen. If you call anyone else, they are likely to listen.

…. search

You never have to consent to a search of yourself or your belongings. Say that you don’t consent to the search.


If you do explicitly consent, it can affect you later in court.

…. photograph

When you are lawfully present in any public space, you have the right to photograph anything in plain view, including federal buildings and the police.


Police may not confiscate or demand to view your photographs or video without a warrant, nor may they delete data under any circumstances.

…. audio

Visual records are fully protected, but some states have tried to regulate the audio portion of videos under wiretapping laws.

…. notice to disperse

Individuals must receive clear and detailed notice of a dispersal order, including how much time they have to disperse, the consequences of failing to disperse, and what clear exit route they can follow, BEFORE they may be arrested or charged with any crime.

… journal

If you believe your rights have been violated, write down everything you remember, including the officers’ badge and patrol car numbers and the agency they work for.

…. contacts and injuries

Get contact information for witnesses and take photographs of any injuries.

Dear Next Door Neighbours – The Leaders of Two Nations – Trump vs Trudeau

Dear Next Door Neighbours – The Leaders of Two Nations – Trump vs Trudeau

Dear Mr Trump,

It has been brought to our attention that your actions are currently breaking int’l laws, as outlined by the UN Charter.

Whatever you think and how you run your country may not usually be our business in Canada, though we do exchange a LOT of trade, tourism and media as we have a border in common.

But recently, your actions have caused more than distress and worry. They have cost Cdn lives, and put more at risk. They have cost money for policing due to your failure to act properly about health and human rights issues. And they have cost money for our public health, hospitals, LTCs and congregate care facilities.

As you look for a scapegoat, so do Cdn citizens and the opposition parties of Canada. And in this case, they seem to be following your lead. In whom they hate, who they wish to blame, and what actions they want taken.

As the prime minister and his party stand against this wave coming from you, it has recently impacted a leader’s safety and that of his family. As well as that of the Governor General of Canada and her son.

We as a country have tried assauging your aggressions as we attempt to jockey negotiations over NAFTA, added tariffs, a pipeline, sending health workers and supplies to you, during your public health emergency, and border negotiations. Over and above normal trade. But nothing seems to be returned or sufficiently pleasing to you.

This seems to be impacting the safety, not only of our citizens, but also our leaders.
And we think it is time that you face the consequences of your attitude and leadership of your country. Please do not draw us further into your troubles. We would then be able to focus on our own governing. Instead of ameliorating your bad influence and aggression.


. . .

….conflicting issues

targeted voter suppression
amnesty intl – police brutality map
operation legend -fed troops in states, targeted cities
Trump withdrawing from WHO
council on foreign relations
Trump diverting data from CDC
medpagetoday – Trump and PPE profiteering
the natl – Trump and governors compete for PPE
Canada/USA border haggling
Trump and Trudeau – border haggling mth to mth

already hostile and threatening to Trudeau, it’s escalating

[The walrus- Con party][
global – yellow jackets

…… quotes

The Security Council can take action to maintain or restore international peace and security under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. Sanctions measures, under Article 41, encompass a broad range of enforcement options that do not involve the use of armed force.

C. Article 41 –

Measures not involving the use of armed force
Among the most common measures not involving the use of armed force, which the Council has at its disposal to enforce its decisions, are those measures that are known as sanctions. Sanctions can be imposed on any combination of states, groups or individuals. The range of sanctions has included comprehensive economic and trade sanctions and more targeted measures such as arms embargoes, travel bans, financial or diplomatic restrictions. Apart from sanctions, Article 41 includes measures such as the creation of international tribunals (such as those for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda in 1993 and 1994) or the creation of a fund to pay compensation for damage as a result of an invasion.
The Repertoire captures decisions of the Council imposing, modifying, exempting from or terminating measures under Article 41 and highlights issues that were raised in the Council’s deliberations in connection with Article 41.

All information regarding the committees established to oversee the implementation of measures adopted pursuant to Article 41 is covered under Sanctions and Other Committees monitoring mandatory measures. The Repertoire also covers the Council’s general discussion on the topic of sanctions.

The Security Council has applied sanctions to support peaceful transitions, deter non-constitutional changes, constrain terrorism, protect human rights and promote non-proliferation.
Possible sanctions include:

an arms embargo (ban on weapons, protective attire, military vehicles, etc.);
an embargo on the import and/or export of certain goods, software and technology. For example, equipment needed to develop missiles or atomic weapons. Embargos can also cover goods that generate money for a country’s leaders, like oil or timber;
an additional permit requirement for sensitive goods, software and technology, which could be used in arms programmes;
restrictions on loans and credit for certain people/companies;
freezing the assets of certain people/companies;
travel and visa restrictions (visa bans) for certain people.
Sanctions can be imposed by the UN Security Council, the European Union (EU) and individual states. In certain cases, the Netherlands will institute sanctions, without any prior action by either the UN or the EU. In these cases, the target of the sanctions is often an individual connected with terrorism in the Netherlands.

….. sources

un security council
un ch 7, art 41
un ch 7 art 41 & 42
netherlands gov- types of sanctions
un human rights

Sedition – It’s all in the Phrasing

Sedition – It’s all in the Phrasing

These days, people have a LOT to be angry about, most of which we could lay blame for at our govt’s door. And that is completely fair. It’s the right year for it. A LOT is going wrong.

And we could rant, we could whine, we could even call them names. At worst, they could say we’re hostile.

But when someone starts phrasing it as a threat; eg cuzz you stole my teddy bear, I’m gonna come take yours and tickle you till you’re sorry!, that is when the balance is turned.

Or if they actually plan a way together. they go to the registrar’s office and get your house drawings, and with a flashlight a group plan routes in and carry feathers to tickle you with, then again, the balance it turned.


Then there is inciting someone to act against you. Creating a hostile environment for you may get a really fragile person to act against you… But it’d take a bit more to get you arrested. (Presuming my understanding is correct) If you offer twinkies to the person who collects feathers to tickle you with, If you tell the person who gets the houseplan for you that they can be your leader. And be the first tickler.

Then there is an incentive for the person to act toward you. Other than that they stole someone’s teddy. And I mean who does that?? So you’re a bad dude and should be called a teddy-kidnapper! But do you deserve to be tickled? Probably, but no one should call out and plan to participate in any plans or plots to do so.

They shouldn’t walk toward your house with a feather, or ask someone else to.


I think it’s also important to discuss the severity of the plan or actions being called out for. If you say they will be tickled for 5 min or till they pee their diaper, it’s one thing. They may deserve that.

But do you get to steal their teddy in retaliation? Morally, maybe. But legally? Probably not.

And the punishment for their misdeed on you needs to be weighed as well. Do you get to take not only their teddy, but also all their candy? NOOOO!! That’d make you the bad guy! So punishment has to be proportionate. And you need to remember, you aren’t their parent, guardian or a court, so what makes you think you are able or entitled to punish them? I mean, who are you to appoint yourself judge, jury and executioner? That is what civil law suits are for, right?

So write a letter to their mom and say ‘your kid stole my teddy and I want it back!!’ And wait to see what she does. If she’s a good mom, you’ll get your teddy back and an apology for your hurt and their being a bad bad kid.


I know this sounds stupid, but in the context of an assassination and apparent opposition party’s coercion or inciting of this behaviour, I played it really really light. On purpose.

The actual things would be sedition, plot or conspiracy, inciting assassination attempts, and possibly inciting the murder of a sitting leader and/or his family, Cuzz why? You don’t agree with him? You’re all jelly and want his job? His house?
No that really isn’t ok. I don’t care what your politics are.

But people do get to say they don’t like you, that what you have done upsets them. They get to call you a dufus or a mean man. They can even have a parade down the streets with placards saying the same thing.

And the govt cannot really do anything, under the law. But make a really sad pouty face.

My Government, My Country!…. Wait, They Did Whaaaaat??

My Government, My Country!…. Wait, They Did Whaaaaat??

I kind of like our flag. It’s elegant, simplisitc, reflects something in our nature. I’m not in the habit of treating it with disrespect. But if someone burned it who was in effect saying ‘my country and it’s government don’t serve me well’, would i get upset? Not really. Would i put them in jail? Oh God no! It’s just material.

Our national anthem is pretty cool. And we did edit it a bit to reflect that men AND women live here… so that’s cool too, right? Would I throw stones if someone made a parody of it? Hell no! I’d probably be laughing along.

Our PM is a pretty cool guy. But he’s not my idea of a god. I don’t think anyone sees him that way, nor do I think he presents himself as one either. I don’t think he’s even going for oligarch of the year. I can’t remember him doing that when he was running either. Not in either of his election campaigns. I remember when he was born, so I have a bit of a ‘aww shucks he’s such a cute kid. Look what he grew up to be!’ vibe lol

I feel a little protective when I hear that opposition parties seem to be inciting their voters, fans, party members to have him assassinated. Really? That happens in Canada? I’m saying this? Apparently yes! It does. I think they should lose their seats if that is what they think a politician is.

I’m kind of thinking we have better ways to spend our money these days than having an election half way thru a term as well. So it’d take more than the WE Conflict to get me to see that shell out as a good thing.

So you’d probably think i’m a bit of a Nationalist…. But really, what is the alternative?

I’m good with not being a Royalist. I think the monarchy is good for charity work and gossip mags. And not a whole lot else. These days, the cost of keeping them on their throne is a ridiculous expense.

I’m glad we are no longer under the thumb of the UK. I’m also glad we stay in the Commonwealth. It gives us some protection from the USA, and also gives us trade opp’s we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Or we could be more like the USA?…. lmao! Oh wait! You’re serious?? Ha! Yeah even before Trump came into power, I’d have never said THAT!! They take over on a LOT of Canada’s arts, media, sports, business and even guide our professional associations. I could have sworn we had beaten them back, when they tried to take over the country! (le sigh)

My family has been here since before it was a country, and it kind of sticks in my craw to be called a settler. But I can see how we might deserve that name. Well most of us anyways. We aren’t all….

And we are free. YAY! But then most of us always were. I can’t remember any family stories of being indentured, in a work house, or a debtor’s prison. But there are a few of losing farms during the Great Depression. And there were a couple bad apples who did time as criminals (no really it wasn’t me!!).

It seems i have reason to be proud. I’ve had decent opportunities in my country, even as a woman. Not as great as my brothers… And my daughter has a better shot than I did. I raised her in a sober home, and she didn’t have a criminal dad influencing her. I encouraged her to try, even if it didn’t always work out.

And that is what most people look for when they consider what it means to live in Canada. Isn’t it? I can travel most places in the world and no one will shoot me just because i have a Cdn passport. I have a free vote and several parties to choose from. There are few places where I cannot safely walk down the street, There are organizations that look out for those who are frail, poor, disenfranchised. We seem for the most part to have a sense of moral guidance in our society and it’s systems. And mostly that stretches beyond the English and French, the Jews and the Christians.

Don’t get me wrong, I do know there are things to do and achieve, even outside of a pandemic. And even inside one, I’m happy that the bailouts are mostly going to those who actually need it. And the current govt is happy to shell most of them out. Less so the Provincial ones than the feds.

I’m also fairly sure that the army and the cops aren’t going to be breaking down my apt door while i’m in the shower or asleep….

So yeah over all, I think Canada does pass the litmus test of what a good country has.

Until you look at conditions on a REZ, any REZ…. Then I get the feeling we live in a separate country. And I want more from the parties and politicians running this land than a bunch of pissy little boys. My level of pride just dropped.

I think you might dream of that for your country as well. Well most of it.

BIPOC – Slavery, Indentured Servitude

BIPOC – Slavery, Indentured Servitude

We keep talking about slavery and colonialism like they were monostatic conditions. One party did to the other. And no matter how you look at it, that’s just not so.
And we think slavery was over when the Civil War in the USA was ended. Also not true.

We think the only slaves were black people from Africa. Again, not true.
And we consider it to have begun and ended with white trader grabbing up black person and running off with them. Really not true.

And there is also the myth that white people are always the master in this. So leaving facts out.
And that blacks were always the slave. Def not true.

And actually, the British Empire was last in, first out, yet take a LOT of the heat for slavery.

So other than dates, and lack of freedom killing those on the wrong side of the chains, what did we get right?

I’m going to let you read the links, cuzz after the discussions I’ve seen this week, I’d hate to be called a bigot. People I love would be shocked. So yeah, really, have a soothing cuppa tea and read the history.
(runs and hides!)

……. First Nations

The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was issued by King George III on 7 October 1763. It established the basis for governing the North American territories surrendered by France to Britain in the Treaty of Paris, 1763, following the Seven Years’ War. It introduced policies meant to assimilate the French population to British rule. These policies ultimately failed and were replaced by the Quebec Act of 1774


In total, over 130 residential schools operated in Canada between 1831 and 1996.


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u-shistory 1784 JAMcD – Norse, Portugese, Spanish, French, English
nwac – Indian Act

……… Africans

Anti-slavery legislation was introduced in Britain and received Royal Assent on 28 August 1833. The Slavery Abolition Act came into effect on 1 August 1834, abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire, including British North America. The Act made enslavement officially illegal in every province and freed the last remaining enslaved people in Canada. – mutiple Euro settlers – @1440 slaves to Portugal to 1619 slaves to Jamestown?/usa
gilderlehrman- Africa to Portugal, Spain then USA – civil war in US
thecdnencyclopedia – Brit empire stopped slavery in Canada
opendemocracy – African slavery till 20thC
vox – to 2008

…… Chinese

Chinese labour was used to build the railroad, and later to maintain it. Over 17,000 Chinese came to Canada from 1881 through 1884. Several thousand came from the coastal areas of the United States where they helped build the American transcontinental railroad, but the majority arrived directly from southern China.

…… indentured servants from Europe and Asia – 1620