The Dis/advantage of Having a Really Dark Sense of Humour

The Dis/advantage of Having a Really Dark Sense of Humour

The advantage is that when the world is burning and crisis after crisis is coming at you, and most people are breaking under the strain, you aren’t in the same state of mind. So you can calm them down and help them think rather than feel.

The disadvantage is that you have to hide the fact that this shit is tickling your gallows’ humour at new levels and people look at you oddly now. Ooops I said that out loud? Um I really didn’t mean that snicker to be audible, sorry?

Up until the past week or so, I’ve had the comfort of watching really great comedic works. SO . MANY . OF . THEM!! And they stayed great till they decided to tell me how to vote, how to think. No no! Just do the rips, I’ll make the decisions thx!

I guess that is the difference between old style lampoons or social commentary and political agendas then?

….. Sighs!! …..

I’ve actually stopped watching some of my fave ones cuzz they got religion at the last minute (Pouts!!) So if you have some ideas? i’m ready to laugh again!!

One vision I have that I can’t seem to shake is:
(politics on my side of the border) Scheer, O’Toole and Singh’s barbershop routine of attacking Trudeau.


We think the P. M has lost his mind
No we cannot find a way to say something kind
So we’ll whine and cry, it’s do or die
Something must be found to remove his tie!
Oh what a tie!

We think the P. M has flipped his lid
No we cannot find a way to just get rid
Though we gnash our teeth and pull our hair out
All we have done is whine and shout
Oh how we shout!

There he stands, there he preens his locks
He croons his lady fans and us he mocks
We cannot find a way to get him out
Out damn spot! Out we must pout!
Oh how we pout!

At Trudeau the lout!
The lout! The lout!

DEM/REP History of Bigotry/Racism in the US Parties – Just Know Who You’re Getting in Bed with.

DEM/REP History of Bigotry/Racism in the US Parties – Just Know Who You’re Getting in Bed with

chats with web-cohorts


Racism keeps coming up in the USA elections. And I keep hearing that the REPs are racist, and more specifically Trump is. You’re right.

But so are the DEMs and Biden.

(Before you get mad, I come bearing citations! And they’re a little more credible than a news station or paper. Or the back and forth finger-pointing of the candidates or their fans/cults.)

Historically both parties have had their pristine white robes sullied by these racist associations.

In that context, times have changed. The country has gone from taking the land over from the first peoples and driving them onto reservations (wait! You say they’re still there?) And have stopped owning slaves, shut down Jim Crow and marched for civil rights (what do you mean you still get killed by cops, held in ICE and live in ghettos? I mean really?)

Sure, you could blame one party, but how do they keep getting away with such bad behaviour? Their sides are about equal, right?

They have the same backers, right?

Yeah, both their clowns out front have said and done some bad stuff, but you say Trump is worse? Maaaybe… or is Biden just better at playing the game? After 40 yrs in politics, you’d think he’d do better than he has though. (Excuse me sir, your robes are showing! Nah really, I saw them myself!)

  • Is it personal?
  • Is it party affiliation?
  • Is it following archaic laws and not changing them?
  • Is it caring more about money and tradition than people?
  • Is it about limiting the voices they don’t want to hear, the ones that make them think poorly of themselves?

At what point doesn’t why matter anymore?

Because if you have brown skin, your people are not served by the institutions and parties of the country you pay taxes to. And yet you get shamed for not supporting them and their candidates. Does it really matter?

Do you know what will force change?

Same things that always have – no it’s not voting or refusing to, nope those marches really don’t either, though you’d think they would at least shame them. Nah they just send the cops or armies to bust them up, and somehow leaders end up in jail or dead (both maybe?).

Historically the only thing that has changed the govt of the US has been the wave of where money and jobs goes. The only people who have gotten the parties to listen to them are their backers.

Some of whom are known racists.

The REPs and DEMs are just two heads of a hydra.


And it’s the hydra your vote really supports.

And don’t wait for the Electoral College to sort it out either, Cuzz their existance tells you that you’re too stupid to vote without ‘stuff in place’.

  • Who gets good machines, lots of ballot boxes, proper representation,
  • Who has the right paper work, the right address, is free, can pay the fees….
  • Whose faces do you see at the power table (the inner cabinet)?

And as for the play of whether DEMs or REPs are more left or right wing? Those take turns calling each other bottom, honey. There is no left or right. Not with them anyways.

But you don’t have to believe me….. check below 🔽🔽🔽🔽

resources ….

history- – claremont inst
ccis.ucsd. edu – KKK

Did you know the Residential Boarding Schools for Children were International?

Did you know the Residential Boarding Schools for Children were International?

Residential schools – or in some countries called boarding schools- where abuse, murder and suicide of their charges occurred (role of churches- racism).

They were located in USA, Canada, Latin Americas, Australia, NZ, Scandinavia, Russian Federation, Asia, Middle East, Africa
Their aim was to assimilate the children into the churches involved and into the culture of power for the govts involved.

They began about the time of the Reformation or Counter-Reformation when the church split apart and were fighting for the souls of mostly Europe. And they moved beyond that to become ‘missionaries’ to gather more souls around the world for their vision of what the church was.

People who had just been torturing and killing the dissenters in the name of saving their souls began teaching children with hardly a breath between.

Not that they were a homogenous group though…. I’m sure some were genuinely kind, caring, concerned care-takers. Some learned from their charges too. While others were zealots. And some? Were just sick, having no business being around children.

The school? It was meant to teach the children the languages ad beliefs of the church, the country, and to teach them life-skills they could use to fit into the cultures of their country. To engage with the people.

That’s not so bad an aim…. but boy did it turn out wrong!

resources and quotes

…… church schools

(spread out after the Reformation and Counter-Reformation)

  • Jesuits – In 1548, just a little over 450 years ago, ten members of the recently founded Society of Jesus opened the first Jesuit school in Messina in Sicily
    fairfield edu
  • Franciscan priests founded a series of missions in Florida after 1573, mainly along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The first missions in New Mexico were established by friars accompanying Oñate’s expedition of 1598; during the next 100 years Franciscan priests founded more than 40 additional missions, most of them along the Rio Grande
    1. In that year the Recollect Order of Franciscans (Roman Catholic) established a boarding school at Quebec, which they operated until 1629.
  • By 1636 the Jesuits established a boarding school at Quebec and accepted several students, including several orphans. Many parents refused to send their children to the school as it was too far away and the children would have “to live with strangers, quite different from them in their habits and customs”. The Aboriginal people were also concerned about how their children were treated while at school. By 1639 the Jesuits changed their idea about converting the Aboriginal people through the education of their children at a boarding school.
  • St. Lawrence River was made by the Ursuline Sisters, who had come to Quebec in 1639[4]. They established a school for girls within a few months after their arrival and recruited six female students in the first year. Tow years later there were 48 girls attending the school and the Sisters were able to move to a three-story convent in Quebec City in 1642. The school flourished under the direction of Sister Marie de l’Incarnation from 1640 to 1673.
  • the Capuchins educated French and Micmac students at separate institutions in Acadia during the early 1600s; the Congregation of Notre Dame, founded by Marguerite Bourgeoys, operated girls’ school in Montreal called “Le Montagne” in 1660; and the Sulpicians operated a boys’ school in Montreal until 1677. Most of these schools did not continue to operate for very long.

….. Upper Canada and the Churches

Upper Canada was the predecessor of modern-day Ontario. It was created in 1791 by the division of the old Province of Quebec into Lower Canada in the east and Upper Canada in the west. Upper Canada was a wilderness society settled largely by Loyalists and land-hungry farmers moving north from the United States.

…..The Mohawk Institute

When did the first residential school in ‘Upper Canada’ open? The Mohawk Institute in Brantford, Ontario, accepted its first boarding students in 1831.

….. the schools

The Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches operated the majority of the residential schools even before the Indian Act of Canada made such schools the official government policy. These churches ran the two largest religious organizations behind the residential schools: the Roman Catholic Oblates Order of Mary Immaculate and the Church Missionary Society of the Anglican Church (the Church of England).
facing history

….Oblates of Mary Immaculate, (O.M.I.),

one of the largest missionary congregations of the Roman Catholic Church, inaugurated at Aix-en-Provence, Fr., on Jan. 25, 1816, as the Missionary Society of Provence by Charles-Joseph-Eugène de Mazenod. By preaching to the poor, especially in rural areas, Mazenod hoped to renew the life of the church after the French Revolution.

…….Church Missionary Society of the Anglican Church

society founded in London in 1799 as the Society for Missions in Africa and the East, by Evangelical clergy of the Church of England (those who stressed biblical faith, personal conversion, and piety). In 1812 it was renamed the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East.

….other Catholic orders involved

The Jesuit movement was founded by Ignatius de Loyola, a Spanish soldier turned priest, in August 1534. The first Jesuits–Ignatius and six of his students–took vows of poverty and chastity and made plans to work for the conversion of Muslims.


Franciscan, any member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded in the early 13th century by St. … Francis of Assisi. The Franciscan order is one of the four great mendicant orders of the church, and its members strive to cultivate the ideals of poverty and charity.


Récollets, a reformed branch of the Franciscan family, came to France at the end of the 16th century. The main objective of the Récollets was to observe more strictly the Rule of St Francis, and like other semiautonomous branches, they came under the minister general of the Franciscans. The Récollets came to New France in 1615 and were present at various times in Acadia, Newfoundland and Québec. Missionaries and preachers, they were known for their simple and austere life; however, in 1763 British authorities forbade them to receive novices, and thus the order disappeared in 1848 when the last Canadian Récollet died in Montréal.


The Capuchin Franciscan Order began in 1528 as a renewal of the Order of Friars Minor. The friars of this reform movement wanted a life more focused on prayer and a stricter observance of poverty.


Ursuline Sisters – Named in tribute to Saint Ursula, the Ursulines are a Roman Catholic female religious order devoted to the Catholic education of girls. Saint Angela Merici founded the order in 1535 in Brescia, then part of the Republic of Venice.


Population and the Planet – Eugenics and Leadership Changes

Population and the Planet – Eugenics and Leadership Changes

If we didn’t know before, this pandemic should be teaching us that there are too many people on earth and Gaia can’t handle the overload.

So given that, what do you think leaders should do to legislate that?

…. back in the day

Over the course of human time, when their world was over full, leaders used to send the young men off to fight a war.

Elders went off quietly to die if they thought they’d be a drag on their communities.

Women crossed their legs if they thought they had too many children. or gave the randy goat a BJ instead.

…. time changed, more people came, and came

A few years back, China tried to say that couples could only have two kids. There was an uproar!

The UN says that abortion and fertility care are int’l rights, but not every country or leader agrees. Some get right intrusive about it.

….. what now?

The science can stop you from being fertile, And it can also increase your fertility. The science can take your life, or extend it. Beyond all sense. Some accuse them of playing God, but those in need keep coming. And coming.

The religions can tell you what your faith means in terms of what bodily freedom you have in family planning. Or end-stage planning. And waves of people follow these, and waves call themselves liberal or non-practicing believers to do their own thing,

Countries legislate, leaders change the rules….

…. and the population grows.

And poor Gaia is slowing down, overheating, sending swarms of bugs, killing off her creatures she loves, and now with the pandemics too.

…. When will humanity see?

We can’t go on this way. And that is no longer a phantasma, a paranoid delusion. We will kill the planet and ourselves since we don’t have another one on standby. This time, it’s not the threat of a nuclear bomb that is making the doomsday clock tick faster. But it’s still us.

….When will we learn?

Why First Nations/Indigenous People, Asian Descendents and African American/Canadians Should Work Together

Why First Nations/Indigenous People, Asian Descendents and African American/Canadians Should Work Together

I’ve been reading endlessly about these particular groups of people in the Americas. And taking the Indigenous People of Canada course (almost done Wee!!) and some similarities have popped up and keep making themselves clear.

All of the titled people were

  • treated as slaves to build the countries,
  • stuck into reservations, or ghettos,
  • told they have to stay there or lose their ‘status’
  • offered the military to gain rights they should have had anyways,
  • treated like the enemy of the country and it’s people by those in power (police, military, govt, Child protective services)
  • kept impoverished and blamed for it.

Imagine if these people got together and became an allied force?
If you wanted to, you could also get people who came here as indentured servants.
Imagine if you negotiated based on common harms done to you and what reparation you wanted for these. What would you ask for? Citizenship? Land? Money? A place in the history books that documents what you have done to build the land? All of the above and then some?

It might at least empty out a LOT of cells in the prisons and immigration centers.

…indentured servitude –

  • ‘redemptioner’ –
    applies to eighteenth-century immigrants, usually from Germany and Switzerland but also from England and Ireland,
  • ‘coolies’ –
    were recruited from India, China and from the Pacific
  • migrant workers –
    Mexico and Carribean

Canada – Tent City in Toronto Facing Court-Ordered Evictions in Wave 2.

Canada – Tent City in Toronto Facing Court-Ordered Evictions in Wave 2.

I am on the mailing list for Ontario Coalition Against Poverty OCAPToronto and received an email about a court decision today that disallows the tent cities in Toronto.

Homelessness in Canada, some of the major cities, Toronto specifically is a long standing problem that the pandemic is making worse. Wave 1 was bad enough, but with wave 2 hitting the country, there are more people who are desperate for housing here. This decision is going to affect more people than would normally be. It’s not a good thing.

If you are Canadian, if you live in a major city, please call your local MLAs, MPs, MPPs, mayors’ offices because now more than ever, this could be you or someone you love. And in some places more than others, winter is almost here. People die every. single. year. from weather here, in one of the richest nations on earth.

…… definitions

  • Hidden homelessness – couch-surfing at friends or family, moving back in with parents, staying at a hotel/motel between homes
  • Homeless – staying at a shelter or on the streets

…. who is homeless?

The largest number of street youths are in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Most street youth do not stay in shelters. They live on the street, “squat” in buildings, or “couch surf” at friends’ places.
Nearly 1 out of every 3 homeless young people in Canada identifies as LGBTQ2S+. Compared to the general population.


housing remains one of the leading barriers for women escaping violence and that domestic violence is one of the main causes of homelessness among Canadian families.


Veteran homelessness is a growing issue in Canada. The State of Homelessness in Canada 2016 reports that there are 2,950 veterans staying in shelters, making up 2.2% of annual shelter users. About 25% of the veteran population in Canada face difficulties transitioning from military service to civilian life and could face a risk of homelessness, mental illness and addictions. While veterans make up approximately 2% of the Canadian population, advocates are concerned with the overrepresentation of veterans in the homeless population.


The number of older people who are homeless is expected to rise as a result of population aging and the compound impacts of poverty, inequality, and rising housing costs


Having a disability is associated with hidden homelessness
Out of the 7.2 million Canadians aged 15 and over who reported having a disability, Note 11 13% also reported having experienced hidden homelessness, compared with 6% of Canadians without a disability




homelesshub – vets

Bigotry, or Reclaimed Language? Violence, or Acting Out Harm Done to You?

Bigotry, or Reclaimed Language? Violence, or Acting Out Harm Done to You?


Many words that have been historically used to harm women, LGBTQ and BIPOC by those in power and bigots are beng used by the members to each other to reduce the hurt within the words.


And many people act out the situations and power-dynamics that have been part of their historic abuse to minimize the pain these patterns have caused.


Some people use these as a part of kink play. And like all other elements of kink and bdsm, consent is key.


So when a site is planning it’s terms of use, and enforcing it, they have to look at the context within which the words and roleplaying take place.

Because like CNC (rape and abduction play), there are educational and therapeutic ways in which these harmful things can be used, as an individual and in a group or community.

So how does a website differentiate between what a bigot would do or say, and what is a process of healing and reclamation?

Because the words and the roleplaying aren’t enough to make that distinction.

And an outsider may not always be aware of the backstory of each exchange. Their instinct to protect or protest may in fact be doing more harm than good.

As well, people who aren’t involved in the exchange may be harmed just by passing by. Someone who has been harmed may be triggered. And someone who is unaware of the context may consider these exchanges to be acceptable.

I am not a fan of words that are used about women. (You don’t need me to state them, do you?) My friends and I don’t call out to each other using them, my lovers don’t call me those words, and I do not engage in therapeutic roleplaying about abuse I have gone thru. That’s just not in my comfort zone.

But I know people who do that. Not often in public, or mixed company though.

As a site, do you allow kink play that can harm to be public? And at what point do you stop and tell people to walk away if they can’t tolerate something?

And at what point does a site react to changes in the world and decide to make changes, whether or not the members have asked for it? Or is it the better part of valour to give those harmed by site adult exchanges to have a place to discuss these harms away from the harm in question? Would you like a site moderated group where people discuss observing and being hurt by such exchanges? Or should it be kept to posts on individual members’ pages? But then, if the harmful exchanges are allowed free-roam on the site, shouldn’t the people hurt by that roam as well?

Social media is constantly evolving and the generations or iterations they have gone thru are many. But the world is changing as well. Ordinary citizens and institutional heads are taking note and having hard conversations at the moment. And that is to the good.

Do we leave this to time and duck our heads till things get better?

Or do we get involved, get angry, get hurt by the changes? Knowing they’re coming at us hard and heaby right now as the world changes?

Do we let our views be known to the right people, the movers and shakers of politics, religion, social media? Or do we hope they ask the right people for advice? They all have access to psychologists and philosophers from many fields that we don’t.

Where in this do we stand our ground? Or do we, outside our homes? Or off our pages on the web? Outside our groups, whether IRL or on the web?

Do we have the right to ask that our views be made law? That they even be heard? I’m not sure we do. Because the same word or exchange that I find so offensive may not bother the person beside me. That kink might be someone else’s yum. And who are we to try to be the ruler of all our domains?

It’s not just a word or bigoted roleplay though. It has caused much harm. Generations of harm. People have died as a result. So you and I can’t really blame someone who has been abused for being upset when they are truggered, can we? I don’t think so.

But my ears go back when they try to tell me what my thoughts and actions should be when I’m not the one who is hurt. I will respect them enough not to do whatever it is in their house, and I’ll even try my best not to do it in their presence.

But when do I get to live by my beliefs and values? When do I get to heal myself? To reclaim what has caused me harm? Where is my safe place?

Because where we ALL agree is that it’s not a meaningless word or exchange.

Cdn Politics – P.E.Trudeau and Justin: Legacy

Cdn Politics – P.E.Trudeau and Justin: Legacy

There are many things that father and son have in common and some things they differ on. Which is fine, after all no one expects JT to be a clone.

When he didn’t become a lawyer, did anyone really expect JT to become a politician? Ehhh. Could happen?

But here we are. And everyone underestimated him, esp the opposition parties. With posters showing off his good looks and being a teacher. With a primary position of legalizing cannabis?

Yeah party boy, right?

But if you look at the cost to the system in money and human lives that cannabis has, it was a really good call. Kind of snuck up on people though. So he flew under the radar, and got him a majority. And not just with the younger voters who were sick of the old guard.

JT also promised to change the gun laws. And he’s been working at that for a few years. With some big issues in the US and Canada paving the way for him. Colleges and primary schools, private clubs shot up.

And then he started ignoring the old guard LIBs….

And began taking meetings with his ‘youth council’ and attending reconciliation meetings with First Nations’ elders and chiefs.

JT was making his own path.

I do remember his father though. I was in my late teens early 20s when PET was the PM. And he was a considered, informed, polite man on a mission. Which he did. And i think his strongest legacy was bring the Constitution of Canada home and incorporating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms within it. It became the framework, that with the Criminal Code superceded all other laws of Canada. Including the Indian Act which has caused so much trouble. And changes began.

So that is where we are at now.


Due to the pandemic, much information has come out about the treatment of the First Nations by authority in Canada and conditions on reserves as well.

In many ways, you have to wonder how things would have been if PET’s work hadn’t been there though? It could have been so much worse.

And in midst of crisis the feds have been trying to cosset and protect the reserves. Money, supplies, medical support…


Which makes JT’s other interest a stronger need too. He seems to want to assure the FN that they have more autonomy (so he said in the Throne Speech of 2020.) And do it in such a way that it can’t be taken back by future govts. So how could this go?

JT could pray for time enough to get all the treaty negotiations done, have the Indian Act re-written, &/or undo his father’s legacy.

Or he could try something else. Knowing he has this minority govt to do it in…. In the Throne Speech JT mentioned that he wants to make Canada in practice more of a bi-cultural/bi-lingual country as it is on paper and have the First Nations be more autonomous. And do it in such a way that future govts cannot undo it. And maybe further the Trudeau legacy?

JT has the aim of changing the govt structure, revising the Parliament of Canada Act which might be the shorter way to get his aims met and secure the future away from politics. You can see how having a more independent Senate with less party politics might achieve a stronger country, can’t you?

If it were me, having a more people rep view than land mass would be one way to go. As of now, each province and territory has a voice in the Senate.


  • In the beginning, when the first immigrants/settlers came to Canada, the treaties with the FN’s were intended to be as equal partners, sharing the land.
  • And at times the French Cdns have felt under-represented, to the point where Quebec has held a referendum on separating from Canada.
  • Off and on, the westerm provinces have talked of separating, and right now Alberta seems to be the crying child.
  • And due to a treaty being ratified, Nunavut was ‘born’.
  • JT claims to have a feminist view of govt…Do you think he can sneak more women in by legislation as well?


So if ever there was a time to make certain all the children at the table were heard fairly, and knowing how poorly some of them have faired during the pandemic, and before, now seems like a good time. At least they’d feel heard? At least they’d be at the table where they couldn’t be forgotten or pushed aside so easily?

It just needs to be done in such a way that the other parties can’t stop him, or they agree to his plan, (which 3/5 of the party leaders are French Cdn) and once done they cannot rescind it. Hell of a job. I think he’s got a tough road ahead. But I also think he’ll have a LOT of people on his side if he needs another term to do it. So long as he begins soon!


And if it gets done, the name Trudeau will be a much more significant one in Canada. (Which the other parties now will totally hate and JT has his hands full dealing with them as it is!) I think it’s time though. Don’t you?

Oct 18, 1929, hey Canadian Women! We’re People!! #Woop! #Woop!

Oct 18, 1929, hey Canadian Women! We’re People!! #Woop! #Woop!

swc . Nice change from being chattel, right?
UNWomen has some ‘small chores’ for us to do…. sighs! Well they are important and all 😋 Ok so who’s in?

…. the persons’ case

The Persons Case (officially Edwards v. A.G. of Canada) was a constitutional ruling that established the right of women to be appointed to the Senate.

…… members – famous five

Alberta’ s “Famous Five” were petitioners in the groundbreaking Persons Case, a case brought before the Supreme Court of Canada in 1927 and later decided by the Judicial Council of Britain’s Privy Council (1929), Canada’s highest court at the time.


Nellie Letitia McClung, née Mooney, suffragist, reformer, legislator, author (born 20 October 1873 in Chatsworth, ON; died 1 September 1951 in Victoria, BC)


Emily Murphy (née Ferguson, pen name Janey Canuck), writer, journalist, magistrate, political and legal reformer (born 14 March 1868 in Cookstown, ON; died 27 October 1933 in Edmonton, AB).


Mary Irene Parlby (née Marryat), Alberta MLA (1921–35), women’s rights advocate, activist (born 9 January 1868 in London, UK; died 12 July 1965 in Red Deer, AB)


Henrietta Louise Edwards (née Muir), women’s rights activist, reformer, artist (born 18 December 1849 in Montreal, Canada East; died 9 November 1931 in Fort Macleod, AB).


Louise McKinney (née Crummy), Alberta MLA 1917–21, women’s rights activist, lay preacher (born 22 September 1868 in Frankville, ON; died 10 July 1931 in Claresholm, AB).


1918, c. 20, women in Canada were granted the federal franchise. It would be another 10 years before the Famous Five won the Persons Case Victory, and it was not until 1940 that Quebec women won the right to vote in provincial elections. In 1960 First Nations were allowed to vote without giving up treaty rights.

The Snake and the Hunter – The Evolution of a Myth. (a story/ish)

The Snake and the Hunter – The Evolution of a Myth. (a story/ish)

From the beginning of time there is a story of a 🐍 hunter who goes out into the woods or fields to chase out all the 🐍🐍 so the children can play safely without fear of 🐍🐍 biting them. But whatever they tried, there was always a 🐍 left who bit the ankles of the children. Too many children died.

At first the 🐍 hunters tried 🔪 and 🏹 . But they found they had to get too close to the 🐍 🐍 . Often when the 🐍 was protecting their 🥚🥚 which never worked well for the hunter. Too many hunters died.

The hunters started wearing 🥾 and leaving ➰ where they knew 🐍 🐍 had 🥚🥚 . Then they left ☣️ . Then they tried 🔫 .

The children were finding the ➰ ☣️ 🔫 🔪 first and too many children died. The 👭 were getting mad at the hunters for their bad ideas on 🐍 🐍 hunting.

The 🐍 🐍 were getting mad at the hunters for endangering their 🥚🥚 and they were 💦 at the children. The 🐍 🐍 were done hiding from the hunters.

The game had turned. Too many people died, 👬 👭 and children.

So the 👬 👭 put their heads together and thought of 🚧 but the 🐍 🐍 came thru the pipes and it took so much work to 🚧 🔧 the buildings and pipes. So much 💰💰 so the 👬 👭 🧨🧨 them up. And went back to their earlier ways.

But now the 👬 👭 knew the 🐍 🐍 better. And the 🐍 🐍 knew they had to change. If they wanted to survive. If they wanted their 🥚🥚 to survive as well. And they did.

So over the next generations, the 🐍 🐍 mated and changed their 🥚🥚 till one day the 🐍 🐍 saw they now had two heads on the same tail. And they knew they had outsmarted the hunters.

Wherever they turned there would now be a 🐍 facng them, ready to bite.

When the 👬 👭 saw this, they knew it was time to leave their village. The 🐍 🐍 had won.

When the 🐍 🐍 had their woods and fields back to raise their
🥚🥚 in peace, they thought they’d be happy and safe.

But the world had changed. Never to be the same again. And even when you think you have all the power in your hands, or tails, you need a hunter or a 🐍 to make paradise worthwhlle.

Slowly the 👬 👭 returned and the 🐍🐍 hid under the rocks in the fields and woods again. And this time? The 👬 👭 told the story of the two-headed snake to the children and warned them to stay away from the 🥚🥚 instead of killing the 🐍🐍 .