Sexual Assault’s Future Definitions: When AI turns against you…


Sexual Assault’s Future Definitions: When AI turns against you…

is the AI the tool or the perpetrator?
There were several reasons why I was curious about the show Century City . I do like shows that look at legal things from different POVs. And this particular one is set in 2030 and looks at more technological advances and their medico-legal ethics. I took a course in Sociology in that, so my ears perked up. And it had me hooked. It also has a lot of faces I recognized in the cast.

One show in particular really got me thinking… and as often as we discuss rape on the web, I have yet to see a discussion about the use of AI, robots, nanorobots specifically in stalking and sexual asssault.

The story went that a woman had dated a man 1-2 times and as happens wasn’t that into him. So she moved on to another relationship, and he obsessed about her. He met her new beau for drinks and fed him nanorobots. He was able to “view” and “experience” along with the new beau what sex was like with her. He was able to record it and repeatedly view it as if he wwere the new BF having sex with her

. If he had kept his mouth shut, she’d never have known. nor would her new BF. But being as predatory as he was, he had to brag, right? She charged/sued him with sexual assault. She and her new BF were sincerely and reasonably horrified.

I won’t tell you the outcome of the case, as you may want to watch it for yourself. And because it makes a really cool ethical series of questions…

  • to what degree do we blame the AI itself for the crime, and how can we as a society do so? Is it a tool, an entity, or a form of “person”? It has offended, but can it be blamed for it? Legally and morally? The person wouldn’t have been able to do this specific assault or attack without that AI’s capabilities. Can we sue or charge an AI?
  • do we blame the inventor of the AI or the service that provided it to the perpetrator for the capacity for it’s use in violent crimes? For taking no/insufficient safeguards or security measures? What does that blame look like? Would we put them in jail or would it be financial recompense?

I know we have issues with the current definitions and legal response, but soon we’re going to have to deal with AI as well. So how will we do that?

And as for the show? I really wish they had continued it! It was so smart re: medico-legal boundaries of person and agency! Highly recommended viewing!

Dommie and the Sex Emporium (a story)

Dommie and the Sex Emporium

Just walking in the door made Dommie’s hormones elevate. And that seemed to be true for a lot of the women here. It was ladies’ day at the alternative market. So most of the crowd were women. And of those who came with a man, most of the men were wearing a collar and chain.

There were all kinds of femdom sex toys and possibilities to explore. And Dommie was enjoying looking at them all.

And that was just the front rooms. Dommie heard music coming from a few back rooms. So she went exploring to see what was going on.

In the first room, there was a male strip act. And Dommie noted the ladies of the house were screaming and hooting. They were quite happily putting singles into jock straps and t-bags. Security was busy cuzz some of the ladies were a bit out of control. So Dommie didn’t stay long. Though it was a good vibe!

In another room, there was a CD cabaret. You had the fun of seeing them lipsync to Reba, Shania, Celine, Cher, Rhiannon, Bette, Babs… just to name a few. And Dommie noted that some of the guys actually looked like the stars they were emulating. So she sat and watched them hamming it up for the audience. It was a lot of fun!

And there was a back room where you could play with a few house slaves. The usual femdom equipment was there for people to enjoy and the slaves were quite cute. So the single ladies could enjoy their services. It seemed the spanking benches were the most utilized furniture of all of them. Dommie just wandered thru the room to see who was there. In case friends had shown up. But not atm. So she left the ladies to their play and wandered back to the main area.

They had a fashion show on now. And lady or slave could be seen in a full outfit. From leather, vinyl, pvc, pleather, fur, faux fur… and who knows what else was on display. So Dommie made note of a few special outfits, for her and a sub in her stable. He had been really good this month and deserved a treat. Dommie knew he didn’t have much money for kit. So she wanted to give him something he’d remember her by, long after their relationship was over. They were just exploring things of mutual interest, not really in it for the long haul.

Finally when Dommie thought she had seen all she wanted to see, she gathered her purchases and went to the main cash desk to pay for them. Finally she met a friend, so they found a few chairs and chatted for a bit. Just to catch up.

Then Dommie left. It had been a fun few hours, and she was looking forward to using what she had bought. She loved events like this.

He Wanted Me to be His Queen (erotic?)

He Wanted Me to be His Queen

And he had shopped for just the perfect chairs for our play. But he wasn’t sure if he could actually do what he found was required for a subbie in that “game”. So I decided to start on lighter tasks. Introduce him slowly.

I wore a long loose skirt, since we weren’t that intimate. So all he could see looking up was my groin and anal areas. It detached him from me somewhat. And I felt less exposed.

He got underneath the chair. And I sat on it. And adjusted my skirts so he could access what was needed.

For his first lesson, I just made sure he had odours, vs fluids to work with. He was instructed to rim me after I had just used the toilet. So he might get a drop or two. But no actual flood. And I also had eaten some spicy beans recently, so I was pretty sure he’d get some wind. But no actual discharge.

I could hear him lapping away, and the occasional grunt. He was only hesitant for the first few laps. So I figured he was getting used to what he would endure. And yes, there was some wind. I couldn’t detect odour, so I figured it couldn’t be too horrific for him. And he was continuing. So he must be still enjoying his efforts. I know it was starting to excite me…

Then he gave the sign we had agreed to, when I would let the bit I had left in my bladder go. Not enough to drown him at all. I could still hear him lapping.

I could feel myself letting more than the urine go, as I was relaxed and getting his tonguework. And I heard him grunting more and lapping faster.

When I rose from the chair, I saw his face. He was smiling. So I had made his first journey pleasant for him. And not too bad for me either. He felt proud of his accomplishments and I was satisfied.queening chair collage

Renegade (the tv series) – the race of the rabbit and hare

Renegade (the tv series) – the race of the rabbit and hare

the show
the star – Lorenzo Lamas
best known for Falcon Crest

The plot –

An innocent man is being chased by people who frame him for murder. Reno Raines was military/from military family, cop, black belt in several disciplines, who had to run for his life. He was saved, supported by Bobby SixKiller, a bounty hunter who taught him the business.

And the student surpassed the teacher? Because Raines, or Vince Black as he was called when on the run, always remembered someone might be innocent. And he was willing to listen when there were good reasons for their crime. Or if they had turned their life around.

Bobby? Not always. He was a business man. He got frustrated with Raines quite often. Esp when Raines would be more interested in saving the girl, kissing the girl than catching the bounty. When he put himself in danger to save them.

Then there were the bad guys…

The ones who were chasing Raines. The cops who had framed him because he testified against them. The bounty hunters who were more concerned about money than truth. The criminals who wanted him off their trail. Local cops and criminals who were doing wrong things and didn’t know who he really was.

And Raines was chasing people who could clear his name. People were kind of ambiguous about whether or not they wanted to help him.

There were people who helped Raines because they knew him before and trusted him, and people who took him at his word, after he helped them, when he didn’t have to. When he risked his life to do so.

Does it matter if he was innocent?

He was found guilty in a court of law and escaped. Whether or not he killed the person/people he was accused of, he did “take down” criminals who never saw justice, and bad cops along the way. So if he had been caught and held, would he have been less violent?

Can you feel sympathy for him?

Well sure. He was trying to do the right thing… But does that excuse it when he got it wrong? And he did get by on his looks, talent and speed on his bike. (Harley btw!) Were he not as adept as he was, had he not had the help he did, he’d have been executed for murder.

Did I like the show?

Oh yes! It was full of conflict and drama. And I like different takes on the question of whether or not the law actually works.

Would I recommend it?

Sure! Some of the dialogue could use some work. Reduce the cheese a bit, but overall good stuff!

The Master 10 list of what men can do to reduce the ## of abortions


The Master 10 list of what men can do to reduce the ## of abortions

1. don’t have sex with a woman…

I mean I could go on, but what else would be so effective?
But being men… there has to be a 2nd choice, right? (sighs)

2. have a vasectomy

yeah yeah men’ll be wimps and hold their peepees right? And what if they want to someday they’ll say? It’ll still be less traumatic for you to do it and have it reversed, than a woman goes thru for such things as tubal ligation…j/s Good thing women are the ones giving birth, right? 😛

3. use a condom!

You should anyways, right? Have you heard of STDs?

4. come to bed, rank

with alcohol, sweat, and your days’ odours and it’ll put most of us off. Promise!

5. sit there all day watching sports and playing video games

while we do all the work. Pretty sure we’ll be more likely to put a diaper on you and give you the bubba you’ve been calling for than give you sex.

6. remember

all the words of your fave musician or all the stats of your fave athlete and forget our b-day or your other kids’ or our anniversary… and ask us how you were supposed to remember that too. Srsly??

7. flirt, cheat on us

and promise we won’t be taking your leftover interests. We’ll be finding our own.

8. most women

would rather have anal or oral than PIV if it means they need an abortion and considering how often I get asked for those, woulldn’t most men too? Or have I got it wrong?

9. if you’re at all an incel

can we revisit ## 1 option?

10. if you’re at all heteroflexible…

can we revisit ## 1 option?

cuzz tbh, you don’t really have a say in what a woman does, if you won’t watch where you’re spewing your words and seed.

Life is sacred, seed is sacred? Then be a fucking grown up for a change and prevent the issue in the first place! Or just stfu!! and let the women talk about our own bodies and choices

el petardo (fireworks) : A psychopath’s funeral (a story)


el petardo (fireworks) : A psychopath’s funeral

Everyone was expecting a sweet, simple eulogy when she stood up at the funeral. After all, she was a sweet, simple girl, or so they thought? But today they saw the last of the chains he had put on her fall off. As every word was a complex note of how he used her, lied to her and manipulated her. Till she was more him, than her.

The people had wanted to think of him as such a caring and wonderful person. But maybe he wasn’t after all. Maybe he was a villain, rather than a hero.

But how do you incorporate that with the moments of charm and kindness? How do you put evil, sin with grace and charm? So many were confused, cuzz they thought they knew him well. He had always been nice to them, right?

Though people are complex and you never know what goes on between two people, right? But as an outsider you never want to believe the worst, do you?

But how much was she at fault for the way she was treated?

Until someone else stepped up, who told a very similar story. Then another. And another. People who had made a note for themselves. People who had never met each other were saying the same things. About him.

Now the crowd was talking… Was he a good, decent man they should be praising? Should they really say ill of the dead? Maybe not.

But from that day on, they called him “el petardo”. In their heads they heard her say….

I’m in such a deep trench, I can’t sort out my emotion. I can’t even separate me and you anymore. All I can think about is you. I love you, I hate you. I miss you, I feel such great relief that you’re gone. I feel guilty, I am so pissed off at you. It was your fault, it was mine. I cannot stop crying, unless it’s to rage. I am afraid I will never love agian, yet I am looking for a calmer love. One that supports me for a change. You were my soul mate, but it was for the darker shade of my soul. For my fear, not my love. Not what I wanted it to be, at all. You hurt far more than you loved.

And they saw him rise above the ground because his name was called over and over again during the service. . Against all sense and contrition. He had the first signs of becoming a demon, and it might be their fault.

How could they settle this spirit before it wandered the earth and wreaked havoc, vengeance among the villagers? Yes he was going to be a challenge.

Spinwheel Corpse Dance (a story)

Spinwheel Corpse Dance

Outside the town of people who thought they were alive and living was an unusual graveyard. In it were corpses that responded everytime a song theme was noted. The corpses were great romantics. Seemed odd. Because in life, they had been pragmatists, skeptics and people who were so jaded, it was ridiculous.

So how did they become such romantics in their states of decay and decomposition? Someone must have cast a spell… Because as each layer of skin was removed by rot, they seemed to lose that defensiveness and become what they should have been.

Yet there was no soul in them… So how? Had a spell been cast? Was there a ley line nearby?

What were the themes? I was curious enough to go down to the graveyard and take along some CDs to see for myself.

As the music came to life, the corpses lay there undisturbed thru dance hits, even ones that were a bit macabre. They didn’t seem to be a huge fan of pop iconic classics either. There was a rustling in some of the deeper metal and classic rock stuff. Ok not dancing, but they were listening now. It was like they were getting ready…

I could see the shades of three figures, one man and two women who deferred to his judgment, as the music became more and more romantic. About love lost and heartbreak. They weren’t really into quests, wars or heroes. They wanted passion and loss, to hear from the forlorn.

So finally I gave them what they wanted…

Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep
Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat
I hope it’s gonna make you notice
I hope it’s gonna make you notice
Someone like me
Someone like me (Kings of Leon)

The shades of the other corpses finally rose where I could see them, and tbh it kinda spooked me. But the three primary shades were dancing. A bit of shuck and jive, dips and thrusts, and the occasional cheek to cheek. Even though they never really lasted long together, they kept coming back to the man. You could see the passion in their moves. Well, the women anyways. He was a bit of a lech and standoffish. It seemed like he was cruising for another to take their place, really. He was making time with them.

How blue can I get, you could ask my heart
Just like a jigsaw puzzle it’s been torn all apart
A million words couldn’t say just how I feel
A million years from now, you know, I’ll be loving you still
The night are lonely, the days are so sad
And I just keep thinkin’ about the love that we had
And I’m missing you and nobody knows it but me (The Tony Rich Project)

The crowd of corpses were rustling. And honestly, the air was beginning to stink. How could it not, with all that rot shaking about? I put my scarf over my mouth and nose, just so I could breathe.

One more song,.. just to see what they would do with it?

Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I’d done
But I don’t wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know (Gotye)

A third woman came up behind the male of the three, and grabbed him. Dragged him underground and held him. The crowd of corpses finally started grooving, like this was the cue they had been waiting for.

And out of the ground, came shoots of green, Each seed had a root, each root a plant, each plant a flower and a bee who spread the pollen. And there arose a poem of nionsense and trite dismay like someone who was clinically depressed wrote it.

There were rules and miters, there were flourishes and obsessions. But the crowd of corpses ate it up. Literally.
And the two women who loved him turned the words into something a learned ear could enjoy instead.

It seemed like they were the ones who would be what the man had best done. He became a memory for their artistry instead. A male muse, but nothing else remained of him.

But the crowd was gone. Only the two women who had felt the love were left dancing.

I went back several times, but from that night on, the two women were the stars of the dance. I never saw him again.

CBT in tune… (erotica)


CBT in tune…

He always knew it was on the way…

First we went to the grocery store. Bought all the ingredients we’d need for a lovely Asian stir fry. You know, lemon grass, chili, ginger, some veg and sweet rice. And whatever meat we were in the mood for with it. Usually seafood.

Much as he loved the food and me cooking for him, he started to sweat. His hands shook a bit. And he ground his teeth a bit. I was never quite sure which was worse for him? The anticipation, the memory or the actual thing?

I was very patient with chopping every thing into tiny pieces, as you should when doing veg in a screaming hot wok. You want it to cook evenly, right? But he thought I was taking my time just to torture him. Well … that was a perk!

As the rest of the foodstuffs cooked, I peeled a ginger root and cut one piece so it looked like a but plug. Leaving a bulb so I could grab it quick. He actually winced once the root was shaped for his needs.

We ate first and even had some tea to be sure his tummy was nice and calm. Last thing we wanted was the pain making him lose his dinner, after all.
Finally I gave the sign… and he dropped trou. He pulled the foreskin back, and inserted the fig.

I turned on the song that made me laugh, having a somewhat twisted sense of humour. It surely had nothing to do with the intention of the author. But it fit perfectly…

Your sex is on fire
With what’s to transpire
Hot as a fever
Rattle of bones
I could just taste it
Taste it (Kings of Leon)

The song made me smile whenever I heard it. Maybe not him though?

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and consent


The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and consent

on the eve of the show’s finale… (so sad!! I’m a huge fan!)

One of the biggest conflicts in the show has been Sheldon’s difficulty with intimacy and social engagement. Whether or not he was diagnosed as having Asperger’s, he def had challenges reading social cues. And understanding motivations.
So Sheldon went over board. He did things like making up relationship contracts, asking questions that many thought were inappropriate, he was very detail oriented. And if he truly didn’t know, he asked. He never assumed anything.
This permeated every relationship he had. Which we also see on Young Sheldon.

He was full on… never understood boundaries. Got caught being intrusive with scifi heroes and scientists he admired, if they were alive. To the point of having restraining orders on him. He literally could not buy a clue.
And along comes Amy who works with primates, as a neurobiologist. And even Leonard’s mom has a huge impact on Sheldon, as a psychiatrist who Sheldon admires.
With all that, Sheldon manages to ask consent of Amy when he wants to finally have sex with her. YAY!


So why is it so hard to understand that it can be done?
And that it doesn’t have to be a big production? Or even verbal?
Sexual consent can be sought by defining your relationship definitions and intentions, by being clear in your expectations, and signalling your intentions using physical cues (ie leaning in when you want to kiss)

Do you remember the days when if you went out on a date, some guys made you feel like you were with an octopus? And they came at you like they were a freight train?
Or did you ever deal with a drunk who was smothering you with his/her fetid breath and wanted you, to kiss, cuddle and/or have sex? How gross that was, with their horrible breath? And was genuinely confused to hear the word “no”?
So how hard is it, to soberly and seriously make eye contact and lean in before you start the ball rolling? To check for micro-expressions in their face and posture?
And here is the link… if Sheldon knows it’s a good thing to do, and does it, why don’t you? I mean, how hard can it be if he gets it?


The Big Bang Theory
Does Sheldon have Asperger’s?

relationship contracts
Big Bang Theory

consent- RAINN
Positive consent can look like this:
Communicating when you change the type or degree of sexual activity with phrases like “Is this OK?”
Explicitly agreeing to certain activities, either by saying “yes” or another affirmative statement, like “I’m open to trying.”
Using physical cues to let the other person know you’re comfortable taking things to the next level

Big Bang Theory

Lie to Me
Dr Paul Ekman: micro-expressions
Big Bang Theory

Dear Denier,

head desk bang V4my

Dear Denier,
I keep stumbling into you, in some form or another. History or science has proven something occurred, and the world sees the evidence each day on the news. But you know better… Holy mofo!  Really??
So I wonder if it’s a brain issue? Acuity or mental health? Was all that money your folks paid on taxes and education wasted? Do you wear rose coloured glasses? Or are you literally blind? Maybe even deprived of all your senses?
Because no matter what you know to be true, the rest of us get that there really is evil. It does exist!  People don’t always get along. They can be cruel, mean, and selfish.  No diagnosis required!
Ok so if it’s not the theories everyone else says it is, please tell us what your explanation is for this?  Or is the world really that piece of heaven you claim it is? If so, could you please give me your address? Cuzz I think you live in a bubble and I want to move there. I’m about to hand in my notice! If it’s another country, will you sponser me so I can become a citizen?
Hey new neighbour!  I’m gonna like getting to know you better! But one final check… are you SURE you got your facts right?  Google disagrees with you and I’m confused now.  (sighs)
 I know, I know. Google isn’t  the Bible, esp if you look for info from wikipedia and youtube. But they do have pro sources too, ya know? Science, math, law  and history have been put online too now! (no NOT on wiki dammit!)
And even from Canada, i can see into your back yard.  (waves across the fence)
Well you’re right!  You do have a hugely different POV from mine, and maybe I am wrong. Then again, all that’s wrong with my head is… I have a migraine from banging it on my desk… anyone got some Tylenol??