In the search for saints, heroes and villains

In the search for saints, heroes and villains

Most of these searches take the person out of their context and blame them for everything going on at the time.

They get the blame for it all, whether or not they have any power or influence.

They are morphed into something superhuman. They never have a bad day, or have to reach a compromise with their adversaries.
It seems like they can snap their fingers and have their wishes (or more to the point, the wishes of their followers) come true today. Without a sweat.

And they can do it all alone. Because any added person it takes to complete their task lessens their heroism.

They must be all that and a bag of chips. All good, with no flaws. To the 7th generation. They must be as good today as they might have been in another era. Even if what you ask of them would be completely out of touch in another time.

And their whole family must be good too. They cannot take one step out of place.

Sighs. Don’t you just get tired of people that are that linear in their assessments of people?

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