She was getting so frustrated with him! He just could not seem to get from point A to B without getting into trouble or having an accident. And the young chits were always chasing after him as well. Ok so he was cute! FFS! That didn’t mean he was a scratching post for the local pussies! And even if they didn’t know better, why didn’t he?? He knew he was in a relationship, yet if they asked, he seemed to think like it was RUDE to say no.
He couldn’t hold down a job; couldn’t finish the chores she gave him so he was at least pulling his weight and keeping out of trouble; couldn’t manage money to save his life, and she swore he didn’t know how to tie his shoes on the right foot.
He had no clue about direction; didn’t remember names of streets to the point where she seriously considered putting a GPS tracker on him like a runaway dog!
He didn’t seem to have a clue what clothes he should wear and for what or what season either!
So at her whits end, she took him to the doctor. I mean there had to be something wrong, am I right?? But nope, doc said he was fine. So she had him assessed by a psychologist. Ok so he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer, but the PHD said he was fine. Able to make his own decisions. OMG if only he would!!
Fine then! She sent him to a domme friend of hers… Her friend said there aint no way in HELL she was keeping a dudemar like him!
She found a trainer for him. If he showed up at ALL, he was refusing to do the exercises or spending more time flirting than trying to work with the trainer. The gym was kind of glad to have eye candy that attracted the ladies, but they got sick of tripping over him! I mean, wouldn’t you??
But every time she got fed up enough to turf him out the door, he came home with flowers and gave her a back or foot rub. Such a sweet man-child. It was like he could read her. So she’d try again…
She considered getting him a chaperon! Despite the assessments, she wasn’t all that sure he had a brain between his ears. Or maybe he was a good actor? She’d seen women who could pull that off. So why not a man?
He wasn’t mean. She’d seen him with kids, animals and old people and he was so sweet.
So how was she supposed to take this?
The only thing that kept him in her life (though she insisted they use condoms!) was that he was an incredible pussy–licker!! I mean you put up with a LOT for that, right ladies??
But GEESH!!! Was this his savant skill?

Rage Boi

He was so sexy! The rough and ready kind she really got hot over. But more. It took a bit for her to put her finger on it. Then she cued in. He wasn’t assertive, like she had thought at first. He was angry. Everyone was challenging him, according to him. Everything was a test, a trial, a risk. He was always “on”. Do you know what I mean?
He was always a going concern too. She had no idea!! how he could do as much as he did in a day. And in a night. OMG He tired her out! If he was a woman, she’d call him a nympho. She actually had a friend who worked in a lab check his pee for drugs. She wanted to know what she was dealing with. But nope, no drugs. At least nothing known to the lab. And they did a lot of work for the police, so the lab would have known.
She talked to his parents when she met them. They said he had always been high energy, even as a baby.
He didn’t expect anyone to be like him though, and he seemed kind enough, so she started taking her vitamins and going to the gym to keep up with him better. He sweetly told her she was beautiful and didn’t need to work out. She smiled and said she wanted to amp up her energy, not lose weight. So he started helping train her. And their sex life improved exponentially.
He never actually took over for her, but he was always pushing her and her limits. Finding ways for her to improve, succeed or excel. So she made him proud. He waited for her lead, then supported her to do better. For her own sake. And he set a pace she had to be on her “A” game to keep up with.
But that was just with her. With others, he was ready to rumble. And it made her really uncomfortable. Too many men took him up on it. And she was starting to worry that she’d need money for a lawyer and bail soon. That was when they were done in her opinion. It just wasn’t who she wanted in a partner.
So she sat down with him and told him how she felt.
He was so upset and bent over backwards trying to get her to change her mind. But she said that a break was necessary at least. If he could show her that he was working on it, she’d reconsider.
He just shook his head and packed to go.


He never wanted to meet her friends or family. He refused to go out for meals, partly due to his anxiety and partly due to his reading or work. He was always in the middle of something. Something that just could not wait. She honestly wondered why he tolerated her in his life. Well she had made all the moves. And she was almost as much of a neat-freak as he was. So he barely had to redo stuff she did. Which meant he could focus more on his reading and work.
He rarely ever slept more than 5 hours, made meals that took less than 1/2 hour to make and eat. It wasn’t for ethical or health reasons that when he made a meal, they were vegan. It was that he didn’t want to get food poisoning. Most were stir fry, sandwich, salad or stew. He used a food processor for the chopping. Now and then she talked him into a crock pot roast. All he had to do was add a few herbs and spices. But she had to call and remind him to begin the prep and put it in the crock pot.
He computer-commuted to save time. His bills were all on auto-pay services and all his pay was direct-deposited into his accounts. He even got his groceries delivered. He did NOT go out for coffee or tea.
You have to wonder how she met him?
She was the owner of a restaurant on his block. He walked briskly for half an hour twice a day to oxygenate his brain. She had been exiting her place when he walked by and struck up a chat with him. Mind you she did do most of the talking. And she started making herself available when he took his walks. She figured he must like her since he kept walking that way. She practically had to stalk him to get him to let her in. She made herself a nuisance, but only when he was taking a break from work or books. She fit into his windows. She made him at ease. She never asked him to put the stuff down. She knew he would evict her.
At night, he meditated for half an hour to reduce his brain noise so he could sleep. He mentioned that when they were walking and she basically invited herself up when the next night arrived.
Then she offered another way for him to quiet his mind and get some blood to his brain…You guessed it. Well he had been masturbating before. So she found out after a while. She did have to teach him some technique, but he was eager and inventive. Definitely most of the battle. He was also fit, so he could endure.
He might be a bit OCD and boring for her tastes. But after her past boyfriends, it was a pleasant change.


You know this guy, I’m sure?
He has never been without a gf since he left his mama’s house. Not so much because he’s a lady’s man or even that he’s hot. It’s more due to the fact that he needs to eat every few hours; get his bed changed; the apt needs to be cleaned; the laundry needs to get done; he hates masturbating, so he needs a cocksucker and cumdump. That kind of thing. (His mama would be so proud…NOT!!)
She fetches his slippers and makes his sandwiches. She runs out for smokes and beer he forgot to get on his way home. She calls his friends to invite them over for poker or football nights. Makes food and serves the group. Then she disappears, only to be right there when he calls “Hey stupid cunt” or “fuckin’ whore get over here will ya”
Wait, she has needs??? Not if she wants to stay with him she doesn’t!! Yeah well buddy you aren’t married and never had a relationship longer than a few weeks. Um, buy a clue would ya?
When current girl is starting to get uppity, he starts stepping out with next girl to be sure he gets his list done, without a lag. Pffft.
Seriously does she feed him too? I mean spoon by spoon? Does she wipe his butt and shake his cock after he pees? Or does she hand him a urinal so he doesn’t even have to roll over, let alone take a step or stand up. You’d think…He slaps around his gf if she gets uppity too. In an NC kind of “corrective” way. Her daddy shoulda spanked her more when she was coming up. Must have been a weak man!
She can hold a job for pocket money or go to school, but nothing that interferes with his schedule or needs. He aint havin’ none of that shit!!

He has “real men’s work”. Construction, trades, guilds, mechanics, transport, … And he won’t work under an uppity woman. He won’t even work with a woman. Fucking bitches don’t know their place!

He won’t vote for a woman. He’d rather abstain than vote against a conservative party though. So he’ll even vote Christian Heritage rather than a liberal party or for a woman. But he hasn’t gone into a church since that morning when a woman read from the Bible. From behind the pulpit!! He got up and walked out!! She wasn’t wearing a covering either! Didn’t she have any modesty before God, in God’s house??

And when his bareback fucking gets a git knocked up, he throws her whatever he has in his wallet and throws her out, screaming about knowing her cycle or some such shit. He quits his job and does the midnight address shuffle so she can’t chase him down. He warns his buddies that he has a crazy stalker chick after him.

His pass-times are “real men’s play” like football, poker, pool,wrestling, boxing, hockey… Nothing girly like dancing. And no son of his will ever!! Presuming he claims one??

He’s the kind of treasure that makes you believe in birth-control… Mama should have swallowed.

Mrs Farmer


It was her land. Her family had been farming it for generations. But everyone looked to her husband or eldest son to be the spokesperson for the farm. So she just gritted her teeth and told them what she wanted said away from the idiot who refused to catch on. She read all the contracts and had her husband sign them when she agreed they were for the good of the farm and family. If her husband or eldest son weren’t there, she got nothing more than a cup of tea and a cookie. There were some who asked her to leave first, so “us menfolk can do what your pretty little head should never be bothered by”. If her husband wasn’t so trustworthy, she would be in a horrible situation. She knew of many women in her time who were.
You’d think she would be more grateful, but she was just so angry. Felt so impotent. By noon, she had usually begun drinking and slapping her husband. By supper, she was drunk and slapping him harder. By bedtime, she was rubbing up against him and begging for sex. When he wasn’t into it, she would take what was owed anyway. He owed her the very roof over his head after all. Then she beat him. If she didn’t know he was needed as a farm worker, he would have been more broken and bloodied. Possibly dead as much rage as she had inside her. But she managed to restrain herself. She wasn’t sure she could have otherwise.
She felt like a whore, always breeding more children for the good of the farm. She had lost a few too. Always spreading her legs so the farm had what it needed. Yet never being wealthy as a result of her efforts. She was so tired and hurt between her hips every day. She was so angry every day. There was just no getting away from that anger or fatigue either.
Her eldest son left to go to his new wife’s family farm. mostly to get away from her anger. So she started relying on the second son to be the spokesperson. Her husband was getting too old to be taken seriously by the businessmen and bankers. Funny how they would take a teenager’s word over a woman’s or a man with experience. And she became even more angry. She had no idea it was even possible.
Finally her brain betrayed her. She had a stroke. Her kids helped their dad take care of her till she was more independent. But then she had another stroke. And died.
When she walked to the other side, she found herself on the farm, pregnant, and surrounded by business men and bankers who refused to let her make any decisions. NOOOOO!! Yep her life had really been hell after all.

The Ladies’ Guild

Guilds were and are associations of artisans or merchants who control the practice of their craft in a particular town. The earliest types of guild were formed as confraternities of tradesmen. They were organized in a manner something between a professional association, trade union, a cartel, and a secret society.

the story I wrote

She kept her head down as she sewed till her fingers bled. The needle flashed thru the linens and silks of the undergarments. Each piece meant more for her children so she worked hard, as did her friends.
It wasn’t the only reason though that they kept their heads down.
Their boss was a pig. Every time he caught them looking up in his direction, he considered it to be flirting. So he would come over and rub against their back and hips with his front.
They were getting sick of it, so they had hatched a plan. It was dangerous, but they were hedging their bets on him not wanting it known by his wife.
After work, they met at one of the worker’s houses. She was a widow, so no one would interrupt them. They often went there to study their dark arts together. Today though, they wanted to plan his take down. He would pay for this.
The next day, one of the ladies took the hit for the team. She went up to ask him a question and cringed as he kept rubbing her hip and arm. Two other women came up behind him, very quietly and grabbed his wrists, then tied them together.
For a couple heartbeats, he was stunned. Then he grinned and said, ” I had no idea you girls were so debauched.”
They tied him to the table and unfastened his pants. He thought he was going to have a very happy time and his face showed his excitement. Until he saw the knife. “Oh now! What’s going on here?”
Now it was their turn to smile, a few giggled.
They used his body as an altar. They poured chicken blood and guts over him. They lit wax candles and made sure to spill the hot wax on his bared body. He would have burns he might have to explain to his wife, if they were still intimate. And they pulled out a dead suckling pig. He looked at it like he had just seen a macabre show at the theater.
“What is that for??”
“You want to use a piece of meat, don’t you? Well the pig’s flesh is most similar to human flesh.”
They rubbed it over his genitals and he was upset that he was getting excited. It didn’t take long for his orgasm and there were tears in his eyes as he shot his load. The ladies kept rubbing till he had another. Then they stood around him and laughed and mocked him. He obviously wasn’t well used to such stimulation, so he had no way of stopping the spasms.
He was very embarrassed. They let him loose and he went running for the washroom. They could hear him vomiting in the sink.
They waited till he returned and pushed him around a bit. Then they made it clear that if he continued his behaviour, the next time, they would let a demon take his body. He actually believed them. He ran out of the building, All they could do was laugh. Then they sobered up for a moment…well it was the time for this superstition.

Ms Cave Woman’s Rules

Her husband had been acting like a brat lately. And she was getting sick and tired of it. Her arm had started spasming from hitting him so often with her club. And whenever she hit him, he was lazy for two days afterwards, claiming he was too sore to work.
He tried getting out of work too, with his wily masculine ways. But she was on to him. Things were going to change around here, she grunted. She was pretty sure he smirked, but he would soon see.
He had been spending too much money lately, so she sent him out with enough pelts and stones for dinner. He came back with half of what she had asked for. So he had the pleasure of sitting there while she gobbled it all up. She asked what he bought and he finally showed her. It was a useless trifle, and she asked if it was worth going hungry. He sniffled and shook his head. Next time he’d know. Things were changing.
That happened a few times, till it dawned on him that she meant it now, She noticed that the new budget was working and was pleased. So she gave him a pelt for a treat. He grinned, he was so thrilled with himself.
His parents sent word that they were coming to visit. She thought about it for a while, then sent word back that he didn’t deserve company these days, They had not taught their son enough skills to be a good husband and she was fed up with it now. They could visit when he checked his attitude and was showing improvement.
His parents came anyway, thinking there was some error. His mother had quite a row with her when they weren’t let inside the cave. Finally, she dragged his mother around and showed her the conditions he left his children, her grand babies in. His mother’s face was so red with shame and anger, she thought her mother-in-law was going to have a stroke.
His parents left after giving her husband a stern lecture and his mother hit him several times with her club. Her husband was so embarrassed. And frankly, quite sore too. His mother had a lot of strength for an older woman.
The children were starting to take a certain tone with her, and she blamed their father’s attitude. So she made sure they saw what his attitude earned him. Every infraction of tone and respect got his ear pulled or his shin kicked. He started to behave. And the kids’ eyes grew larger. But they got the lesson without her once laying hands on them. She started to smile again.
The kids were getting older, so her husband asked about getting a part-time job. She said she wanted them to have one more child first. And he needed more training first. She wasn’t sending a brat out into the world.
She put some potent herbs into his mash that night and rolled onto him to get things started. When he didn’t perform right away, she stuck a finger inside until he was ready to spew, then rode him to victory. Several weeks of this and his winging at being used in such a manner, and they had results.
Her husband wandered around the house in a funk.
She looked around the cave and it dawned on her that it was a bit small, so she went out looking for a new one. After a few days, she found one that was uninhabited and packed the kids up. Her husband protested, but she said he could come or he wouldn’t be able to see his kids again. So he shuffled behind them to the new cave.
Soon after they had moved to the new cave, she caught her son hitting his sister. She took him aside and told him that wasn’t his place. Then she beat his father because he hadn’t raised his son right. She told him she wished he had remained behind after all. Her husband apologized and promised it would never happen again. But that wasn’t enough. She sent word to his mother who came to see her son and beat him herself. She howled at him too. Guilting him about how she had raised him better than that and he was shaming her and his father. His father was in bed with a malaise over how his son had turned out.
Finally her husband got the point that he couldn’t be a brat anymore. Now and then it was cute, if he followed the rules and did all his chores. But never again would her club rest (or his mother’s) if he didn’t behave.
He had to be a responsible husband and father, whatever else he wanted. It took awhile, but he came around and their new cave was quite happy by the time the new baby was born. She allowed his parents to visit so they could meet their new grandchild.


  1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
    “they were convicted of treason”
    synonyms: treacherydisloyalty, betrayal, faithlessness; More

    • the action of betraying someone or something.
      plural noun: treasons
      “doubt is the ultimate treason against faith”
      synonyms: treacherydisloyalty, betrayal, faithlessness;

      sedition, subversion,mutinyrebellion;
      high treason, lèse-majesté;
      “the treason of Benedict Arnold will be recounted for centuries”
    • historical
      the crime of murdering someone to whom the murderer owed allegiance, such as a master or husband.
      noun: petty treason; plural noun: petty treasonsdeath-scythe-raster-49385585