the rise and fall of a star

The rise and fall of a star

Whether you mean the star in the night sky or your fave rocker or sports star, there is a pattern they have to adhere to. And very few can bust out of it.
You begin with a young star that is full of hope and light. Vim and vigor. They haven’t had anything to really discourage them. With a little time in the space dust, they might waiver a bit. Not with anxiety, but with frustration.
Finally they reach their zenith and really hit their stride. Some realize at that point that there is no further to reach and become jaded by the travel dust they pick up on their journey. The gas of the planets that move near them in their galaxy. The changing of time and season. And the eyes on them. Fads, in the world of pop culture and trends and traditions in folk.
And then comes the wane . The star might get another shot at glory, but it’s not as they were. Some people are fascinated by youth, some by a star that starts to burn out, obviously. We all like to watch stars burn out, right?
Some stars explode.and become something else . A supernova or a black hole. Shining brighter or sucking everything into their vortex that comes too close.
And some stars fade away.
Just like some of the masters of the art world, the stars you can actually see in the sky are already dead .
When even the best lens can no longer see any stage of a stars evolution, we can mourn it’s passing and know it won’t return. No matter how hard it tries.
Unlike human stars, the ones in the sky cannot reinvent themselves to become relevant again.


ps. Blame all the sci fi I’ve been watching lately. My head is in the galaxy. Nooo it’s not always!! lol

Dommie at the bikers’ bar (a story)

Dommie at the Bikers’ Bar

Dommie had a friend she worked with. Her friend’s husband was in a biker’s club.
One night Dommie was invited to join them at a bar their club often hung out at. Dommie accepted.
Dommie had a few doubts about what to wear, but settled on her jean jacket and jeans with leather spiked heels. Sort of down dress, but not really when she added a silky top and some beaded cuffs for her wrists. Somewhat of a rocker chick vibe? And Dommie was def a rocker chick! Old school!
Her friend introduced Dommie to her husband and a couple of his friends when they got there. It seems her friend from work hung in the high echelon of the club, which surprised Dommie a bit. She seemed like such a giggle puss at work, but a straight shooter too. They always had a good time when they worked together. Sometimes they went for coffee to decompress afterwards as well.
There was a live band that night, and the guys were kind enough to ask Dommie to dance and things hit a new level of fun when one of the guys started dirty dancing with Dommie. She matched his steps and groove and they were getting sweatier and laughing as they danced. When the song was over, they noticed an audience had collected around them, who clapped when they moved off the floor. So they took their bows and smiled.
A few times during the evening, Dommie noticed packets being shifted hand to hand, and made a point of turning away. Not her house, not her business. She just stayed close to her friend and minded her own fun. Which included more dirty dancing with her new pal.
The band was good, the dancing was awesome and she and her table were having fun, telling ribald jokes and chatting, when they could hear above the music.
Dommie was introduced to the bar owner. An ex rider of the club. He looked like a pretty rough guy, but was nothing but a gentleman to Dommie. He said she was welcome to visit whenever she wanted to. Dommie thought she just might take him up on that. It was a fun bar and the music was awesome.
Dommie’s new pal gave her his phone number, if she wanted to dirty dance with him again. She was happy to know that he and his girlfriend hung out at the bar a lot.
It looked like Dommie had a new watering hole. The worst thing that happened to her was that she had a blister on her heel cuzz her shoes were still new. And she had done a lot of dancing.
Some places, people and music just set up a great night of fun. It seemed like Dommie had fit right in.
Dommie the biker chick? Not quite! But she could get along in a lot of different circles.

Dommie at a card table (a story)

Dommie at a Card Table

Dommie had that one guy pal, who once he realized that she could play a decent fourth at euchre or poker, kept calling her to be his partner when a guy friend had to beg out. Which was fine, cuzz Dommie liked to play cards, and she liked her guy pal. And mostly he had good taste in friends.
Dommie was never sure if her pal had a chat with them about minding their manners with her before she arrived though. Cuzz these red neck, blue collar guys never hit on her, drunk or sober. They treated her like one of the guys. So a fun evening was had by all, without anything weird to ruin it.
Or maybe it was about her outfit? She wore her scruffies when she went to his place for cards. Dommie wanted to be comfy sitting in a chair for hours, with beer swilling, cigar smoking, pizza stuffed men. And she didn’t want her good clothes to get that stench into them. Or even that memory attached to them. So she wore loose jeans that had a few paint splashes on them and a loose tee or sweat top that she didn’t have to wear a bra under. And her runners and socks. If she had a baseball cap on backwards, she’d look more guy than some of them did. So was that part of it?
And seriously, Dommie and her pal ruled the table when they played together. So maybe they were intimidated?
Maybe not quite intimidated enough though? Cuzz they had a nasty habit that Dommie had no idea how to curb, and she’d never tolerate in a sub. But she laughed off, cuzz you know…guy domain.
The habit? It seemed they thought it was funny to find a seam in their jeans that had popped a few stitches, near their butthole. For all Dommie knew, they had worked at it specifically to have that open area. Once the beer started flowing, the blue flames started popping.
One guy was so good, it sounded like more than wind was coming. Dommie avoided sitting too close to him. She was really glad she didn’t have any hair spray on and wore roller deodorant as well.
Oh well, Dommie had fun with the cards and her guy pal and she looked at the blue flames as the ill wind she’d endure for that fun night out together.

Dommie went to karaoke night (a story)

Dommie Went to Karaoke Night

Dommie was dragged out to a karaoke bar by a few friends who thought she needed a night out. Away from job and household responsibilities. Well, it didn’t take much dragging really. She thought a break and a girls’ night out sounded fun.
So they got dolled up and went to the club. Standard bar, really. Where work men go at the end of their week. There were a few college kids around as well. Not a big surprise since there was a campus up the road.
Dommie and her friends received some positive attention. And they started playing their game of which guy would give which pick up line. You know, the usuals right?
Well most of the guys came to the table, bought a round of drinks for everyone and hit on their choice of which friend they were into. Dommie and her friends were laughing. But they played along, harmlessly. Then sent them away having had their moment of attention.
About half way thru the night Dommie heard that a man was dedicating a song to her. She was curious. And out came… Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel . Dommie smiled and went back to talking to her friends. I mean it was a standard pick up line, right? He got points for singing it though. And in a register most men find hard. On key and in rhythm. Plus she liked the song. But still, a pick up line, and she wasn’t into him.
So she and her friends were back to chatting and paying loose attention to the rotation of singers. Waiting for their turns to get up and sing too.
When along came the guy again,.. Who dedicated another song to her. This time he sang Wish I Had an Angel , and Dommie was impressed. She liked the song and he did well. Dommie smiled and blew him a kiss. But shook her head no when he looked like he was heading over. Dommie waved her hand at her friends and herself. Like she preferred their company to his. Which she did. Especially if he was looking for an angel.
But this time, she decided to respond and show him he was barking up the wrong tree. Her request came in and she got up to sing, dedicating the song back to him Devil Woman .
Dommie saw his eyes light up at his name being called, then his face fell when he heard the choice…
Dommie guessed he was out looking for a good girl and had just found out that it wasn’t her.
When she got back to the table, Dommie’s friends were teasing her a bit about his efforts at getting her attention. They chatted for a few minutes and Dommie heard her name again. Different guy though. This time the dedication was Black Magic Woman .
Dommie looked him up and down and smiled at him. But refused his overture as well. But at least he was on the right wave length.
When her group was leaving at the end of the night though, he offered her his card. She graciously accepted it. And went out of the bar with her friends.
After all, he was cute and had read her right. It was a good start. You never know what the future holds, right?

In Need of a Lady’s Maid (covert bondage) – a story

[Leather and Lace][]

Kevin saw the invitation for the charity event and brought it to Elena’s attention. It gave him a chance to do something he knew they’d both enjoy and would work around some hard limits of hers. Elena was horribly claustrophobic, so she never allowed him to tie her up for sex or even just to tie her up.
Unless there was a way she was free to move and tied as well? That was her out clause. Which he managed to encompass by buying her the gloves and shoes. And she had a tie up set of lingerie. So they were all set.
It also worked around their both being dominants. She would be tied, he could help her dress and do the tying. And she could feel like she had a lady’s maid.
The rest of the night was all about Kev seeing her bound and feeling like he had a slave and Elena had her courtly male escort. Which meant they could both enjoy the evening. As well, they had the feel like they were doing something naughty in a crowd. They both liked that feeling.
The evening began with Kev tying Elena into her lingerie. He was thrilled to be tying her. If only in this small a way. He gave her a break to feel free as he got her shoes and gloves ready next. Elena put her make up on and picked a long black dress out of the closet and put it on. Then Kev knelt at her feet and put her shoes on and tied them up. Kneeling before her and putting each foot by turn right in the junction of his groin and thigh. If she got spooked she could seriously injure him, so Kev put on some soft music and sang along, so Elena remained calm.
When the shoes were securely on, Kev helped her to her feet and danced her around the room a bit, so Elena felt free again. Kev was getting turned on at all these knots on his lady. And he had one more thing to go.
Elena sat in a chair when she felt ready for the gloves. And again, Kev was kneeling at her feet, so she felt like she was the one in control. He put the hand that wasn’t being tied on his shoulder and the other on his thigh as he worked at the ties. And again, he sang to her to keep her calm.
When every tie was tied and Elena was roaming freely around the room again, Kev put his suit coat on and they got ready to leave the house…when Elena handed him her surprise. The remote for her egg.
Kev grinned and kissed her cheek. The evening was going to be even more fun than he had been anticipating!
When they arrived at the event, Kev made sure they were in a back area away from the main crowd. When the waiters were a bit away and the crowd was occupied, Kev and Elena were the only ones aware of the buzzing egg. Boy was she aware!
And when they danced, Elena buried her head in Kev’s neck. So they were the only ones who knew she was moaning softly.
Almost at the end of the night, Kev took Elena out to the garden, where they found an obscure corner. And he took her up against a wall. He had thought to bring a condom along so she wouldn’t be dripping his fluids in a formal event.
Both Kev and Elena were flying on the night’s fun and everyone in the room thought it was so cute that they were so happy in their love.
Everything had gone off without a hitch.
And when they got home again, Kev helped Elena out of the ties. And they made love again. It was perfect.lace_tie_up_shoe_glove_and_und_original

the alien woman and the equilizers (a story)

The alien woman and the equilizers

The alien woman decided to return to earth one last time.

She found a smart, sassy, independent woman and asked her about the state of the world. The Domme said she thought women should have a chance at running the show. Maybe it was our turn. And all. The alien woman thought about that … and thought about that. I mean how could it go wrong? 😛

She found another woman and asked her. This woman said she thought men and women had strengths and weaknesses, and maybe they should just learn to share power and control. She sent the alien woman to a male friend and he agreed. The two switches had often had this very discussion. The alien woman thought that might be a better way, more like her world at least.

She ran into a man who seemed such a clever and polite guy, and so happy to help her, when she expressed her doubts. The male sub explained that what she had seen so far was one interpretation of how the real world ran, but she needed to go beyond the BDSM crowd. He sent her to a fetishist, an exhibitionist and voyeur, and a kinkster who was just exploring. They were pretty sure the alien woman had caught the extremists and she needed a broader view of the world before she went back home.

So the alien woman decided to stay for a bit and ask a few more people.

She went into the vanilla world and asked who had the power, a man or a woman? Their responses varied, but they all said at the end of the day, it didn’t matter. They still were sent to war; paid their taxes; died at the hands of a spouse or family member with an agenda; bowed to the icons; had babies for the temple, even though many women died in child birth; and shuffled thru their long days. Only to hear about a dream that meant nothing when they only had pence left in their pocket at the end of the week. Maybe it was the illuminati who had control? The alien woman looked over her shoulder quick… and almost ran away.

The nervous alien woman ran into the law breaker and felt all out fear in his hands. He told her about a bad childhood. He told her about the drugs he took just to cope. And though she had some sympathy, she started to shake. When their eyes met, his seemed to be filled with rage. She checked her dress was over her knees and her boobs were covered. She stole his porn books about how to do sex and bdsm wrong, then she did run away!

The alien woman met a victim and sat and cried with her for awhile. Then her friend, a man who had been thru much of her shame. They said they never felt like they belonged. The crowd couldn’t grasp what their pain was and were always begging for kink! Calling them liars and cowards. Then hiding them in the closet again.

And the alien woman ran into the rep of the LGBTQ club and heard about misinterpretations, misgendering, and the definitions of gender, ID and sexuality. Heard about the het feuds and silliness and how maybe things would be better if they ran the world, instead of the breeders, ya know? I mean there’d be less overcrowding anyways. The alien woman gawked and thought about that… gave it equal weight of thought to the dominant woman’s view. And walked slowly away.

The alien woman ran into a misogynist and a misandrist. They kept fussing and screaming at each other about how the other had privilege. How they had power. How they ought to have their genitals mutilated or be sterilized cuzz they were the problem in the world. Oh for the day when we could annihilate the other gender… The alien woman asked if science here was so advanced they could have sex and babies without the other? It got them to go back to snarling for a bit, til they got heated up again. The alien woman sadly shook her head and walked away.

She’d had enough.

Just as she was climbing back into her spaceship, the site owner called her back and asked if she had paid her membership fee, cuzz kink don’t cum cheap! Gotta keep it real yo! No drama queens! Or snark! Well then again, they are good click bait! Bring it on please!
If she had no money, could she leave a picture of her boobs, butt or vajay? Please?? She slapped his face and slammed the door of the spaceship on his peen!

The alien woman looked at her coordinates and realized… stunned and confused … she had somehow teleported into a website! It was all just fantasy!

So the alien woman went home and explained what had happened. It may be likethe world, but it wasn’t the whole thing! (whew!!)

The Princess, the Brat, the Twue subbie and the Primal Prey met an Alien Woman (a story)

The Princess, the Brat, the Twue subbie and the Primal Prey met an Alien Woman

The alien woman came back to earth and decided she had to talk to the women of earth.

She pulled aside the one who had pearls and high heels on. Princess and the alien woman had quite a good chat when they were alone. Princess said her man was quite good to her. He liked to see her dress well and be good eye candy when they went out. Ok, the alien woman was fine with that. So long as the woman got what she wanted.

Then the alien woman pulled aside the one who was playing a prank on her man, and all he did was swat her bum and laugh at her antics. Brat told the alien woman that her man understood her and they had a good thing going. They both shared a sense of play and humour. Ok, the alien woman was fine with that. So long as the woman got what she wanted.

Next the alien woman pulled aside the one who was kneeling at her man’s feet, occupying herself with a colouring book and crayons, while he chatted with his mates. While he rested his hand on her head. Twue subbie said that her man took care of her so she could just have fun, without responsibility. She had enough of that while navigating the harsh world. Ok, the alien woman was fine with that. So long as the woman got what she wanted.

And finally, the alien woman found the woman who seemed to be strongest in her aggression, at first… She and her man were having a fight and it became physical. The primal prey snarled, hissed, scratched, bit and slapped to defend herself. And the man restrained and blocked, but still came away with a few battle wounds, though they both had smiles on their faces. Primal prey said she loved the conflict and the rutting with a strong man. Ok, the alien woman was fine with that. So long as the woman got what she wanted.

The alien woman gathered the women to tell the story of what she had noticed on earth. She barely got it out, before they started snarling, scratching, pulling hair out. They called out each other, with vicious names and the alien woman was appalled! She looked to see where the dominant men were who controlled these women? They were gathered at the edge of the room, laughing. One got jello out and another went for mud. The alien woman asked why they let the women fight so? The dominant men said if they fought each other, they had less energy for their man. And he had a less stressed life.

The face of the alien woman fell. It seemed like the men were getting the benefit after all.

She went back to her planet, crying. She told her alien friends that men will never cede power and they will let the women fight among themselves as entertainment, so they can keep ruling the world.

the master, the dom, the primal guy and the alien woman (a story)

The Master, The Dom, The Primal Guy and the Alien Woman

The Master met an alien woman and tried to enslave her. She looked at his rules and said they made no sense to her. Why would he be able to enslave her if she had better tech, a more advanced society and she was way out of his league as well? The Master looked at her for a second and walked away from her. There were way too many women on earth for him to miss this alien.

The Dom met an alien woman and tried to gain her submission. She looked at his protocol and said they made no sense to her. Why should she submit to his will, when she could beat his army, seduce his leader and make him bend to her will? The Dom looked at her for a second and walked away from her. There were way too many women on earth for him to miss this alien.

The Primal Guy met an alien woman and asked to mate with her. She evaluated his strength and endurance, his brawn and his beauty and decided the risk wasn’t worth the effort. Interspecies mating aint such a good idea after all. The Primal Guy looked at her for a second and walked away from her. There were way too many women on earth for him to miss this alien.

The alien woman went back to her planet and told them of her encounters. One of the men said he understood now why the women of earth were never given power… the men refused to cede it.