Dommie Sing a Long to “three blind mice” revised

Dommie Sing a Long to “three blind mice” revised

Three blind Mice

Three tied subs, three tied subs,
See how they quake, see how they quake,
They all ran after the dommie’s strife,
Who threatened their cocks with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a thing in your life,
As three tied subs?

Dommie Sing a Long to “Oh where oh where has my little dog gone” revised

Dommie Sing a Long to “Oh where oh where has my little dog gone” revised

(slightly revised that is. Funny how some songs don’t take much editing?)

Oh where, oh where
Has my little sub gone?

Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his pants cut short
And his dong cut long
Oh where, oh where can he be?

I think he went down
To the spanking bench
To see what he could see
And in his butt
Was a plug so bright
I wonder’d if I’d see me!

Oh where, oh where
Has my little sub gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his pants cut short
And his dong cut long
Oh where, oh where can he be?

I last saw him by the St Andrew’s
Playing and running around
But I can’t see him there anymore
He just can’t seem to be found
Perhaps the Domme over there will know
She may have seen him go by
Who knows where
He might have decided to go
But we’ve got to give it a try

Oh where, oh where
Has my little sub gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his pants cut short
With his dong cut long
Oh where, oh where can he be?

Shutins aren’t like you and I

Shutins aren’t like you and I

In my career, I have “visited” people who find it really hard or impossible to get out of their residence. It could be a physical or monetary/transportation limitation, or psychological one like agoraphobia. But whichever it is, they find their front door is locked on the outside. And they can’t get out. Not on their own, anyways.

The world used to have a different response to these shutins. The neighbours’d pick up groceries or take them a plate over from their table. The pastor of their church’d call by and see if there was anything they needed. Someone checked up on them. And in a disaster, you often hear on the media a call to check on the people around them who might not be ok on their own. The elderly, the disabled, the young parents who don’t have a car. And might need a way to evacuate that they just cannot do on their own. This message also comes out when there is a blizzard or heat wave. To check on people who are known to have respiratory or cardiac issues. But then we forget about them again.

And the shut-in goes back to coping as well as they can. They find their fixes or do without. They find their self-soothing rituals, and grow really dependent on them. They watch TV, listen to the radio, now they use the internet. They read, books or a magazine or paper. They play cards. Whatever it is and they get into pretty close to ritualistic patterns. Their day is mapped out.

And along comes you, knocking on the door. Unexpected. Or their ISP or TV has a glitch and their usual routine is now off kilter. And what seems like nothing to you, but a mere nuisance, is to them a catastrophy. And rightly so! They’re dependent on it. Remember, it soothes them.

They’re not at the bar having a drink, they’re not med-reliant. Or drug or attention seeking. They just want their programs on when they’re supposed to be. Uninterrupted.

Is that too much to ask?

Well yes it is, apparently. Nobody thinks about these people when they set crazy prices. Or have sloths doing the repairs no sooner than a week down the road. Which might take several days. But on their fixed income, they must pay full price for a service they need and isn’t working right. Does that seem fair?

Most companies don’t grasp how reliant a shutin is on them. They cannot wrap their heads around it.

Same as solicitors (sales, charities) never grasp that yes, they can reach you at supper, but who the EFF wants them to intrude on your meal??

Same as repair guys give you a window of half a day when they might show up and might get things done right in one go. And damn you for thinking of things like school, work, sleep (if you’re on shifts). Shutins have their day planned and it soothes them better than meds do. Single parents might have been up all night and finally gotten baby and them to sleep, and here you are… Demanding their attention, at more squally levels than their newborn if you try to say no.

Shouldn’t they get a say in when you drop by? Or they get to turn their phone off? Yes they need support, but why is it always on your terms?

What they need in a day is just as important as those meds doctors keep trying to shove down their throats. Just as important as nutritional food and socialization.

A way to self soothe that they can rely on. Why is that too much to ask? And all it takes is a little thought and empathy. Because they’re still a person with thoughts, needs and feelings who is just wanting a heads up when you’re on the way, and things to go right with their time usages.

It’s not depression or paranoia. They just have a different need than you do. So show a little grace and be reliable. And let them make their own time decisions. It’s all they have to control after all. Isn’t it?

how vamps are created @ the world – fact(?) sheet, collection

how vamps are created @ the world – fact(?) sheet, collection

Most of the tales lead to someone who was a demon and never human, had sold their soul to the devil (witch, sorceror), or had done heinous things, (Christian- unshriven or unbaptized. ) Many say that vampires can attack humans and humans can thwart them. Some ways more gruesome than others.
Here is a list and sources. If you know more, please do share them!

….. the story of the first vampire:

a series of blessings and curses transformed this young man into history’s first vampire. Legend traces him to the city of Florence (Firenze), where he creates the first Vampire Clan.


Vlad the Impaler from modern day Romania. A particularly vicious warrior. Base of Bram Stoker’s novel – Dracula


the fables


In terms of cultural anthropology, vampires reflect a couple of things. It is supposed that the idea of blood-thirsty undead came about when bodies were unearthed showing scratches on the inside of the coffin (from the occasional case of premature burial), long nails and hair (because both continue to grow after death), fang-like teeth (because dessicated gums pull away from the teeth), and blood around the mouth (leaking from gums as they recede).

Eastern Europeans

believed that vampires were the animate corpses of people who were evil in their lives. They might be those who died with unpardonable sins that prevented them from being acceptable to heaven, but who were baptized, so safe from hell. Other cultures have similar traditions, but they differ in their particulars, especially in the form of the vampire itself. From the semitic Lilith to the Roman lemia, the vampire is nearly always associated with the feminine (possibly because of menstruation), but is always a vengeful spirit creature that is obsessive and compulsive.


Original Romanian belief dictates that the males of the species can father children with human women, whose babies would consequently be born as moroi, live vampires, in comparison to so-called strigoi, dead vampires.


Greek beliefs of why vampirism takes hold of someone run the gamut from committing a serious crime or being excommunicated from the Orthodox Church to more random reasons, such as having the bad luck of a cat jumping across your grave.


In Australia, Get caught by a Yara-ma-yha-who too many times and say hello to life as a tree-dwelling vampire yourself.


In Germany, one is created by suicide or a fatal accident.


In China, they were originally ‘brought to life’ by necromancing priests as a cheap way of transporting Chinese who had died far from home back to their towns of birth. Instead of carrying them, they simply enchanted the bodies to hop their way home at night.



Slavic traditions say they are revenants — human corpses that are said to return from the grave to harm the living. Or supernatural, possibly demonic, entities that did not take human form.



Greeks also believed in empusai, the malicious daughters of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft.


In Chinese folklore, corpses could sometimes rise from the grave and walk again. These k’uei were created when a person’s p’o (lower spirit) did not pass onto the afterlife at death, usually because of bad deeds during life.


The most notable demon vampires were the Russian upir and the Greek vrykolakas. In these traditions, sinners, unbaptized babies and other people outside the Christian faith were more likely to be reanimated after death. Those who practiced witchcraft were particularly susceptible because they had already given their soul to the devil in life.


The vampires in Moldavia, Wallachia and Transylvania (now Romania) were commonly called strigoi. Strigoi were almost exclusively human spirits who had returned from the dead.
Strigoi viu were cursed living people who were doomed to become strigoi mort when they died. Babies born with abnormalities, such as a tail-like protrusion or a bit of fetal membrane tissue attached to the head (called a caul), were usually considered strigoi viu.


the medical
porphyria. Porphyria is a rare disease characterized by irregularities in production of heme, an iron-rich pigment in blood. People with the more severe forms of porphyria are highly sensitive to sunlight, experience severe abdominal pain and may suffer from acute delirium.


catalepsy, a peculiar physical condition associated with epilepsy, schizophrenia and other disorders that affect the central nervous system. During a cataleptic episode, a person essentially freezes up: The muscles become rigid, so that the body is very stiff, and the heart rate and respiration slow down. Someone suffering from acute catalepsy could very well be mistaken for a corpse.

Bait for Freshies… (a vampire story)

Bait for Freshies…

Alexander decided to open the club he and his friends had to the public. They were often running low on blood supplies. Much like the Red Cross often did in this area. It seems in a day of STDs, people weren’t as clean as they used to be. Which might be an issue for the Red Cross, but not so much for vampires. There were a lot of things vamps could process, but humans could not.

So Alexander put in a really awesome sound system, a cool dance floor and light system. And called some local bands that had a really good beat on their web page song samples. The first night there’d be a band-off. To get their fans in the door. And the back storage area was redecorated into a private area for the vamps and their hypnotized “guests”. Lots of cumfy couches for the freshies to recover on. And the vamps were encouraged to use condoms, so the freshies weren’t as likely to know if they’d been used sexually by the vamps. You know, after the spelling wore off. They’d consider themselves to have had fun at a private room party. A seemingly exclusive private party.

The night arrived, and the undead were as excited as they could be. Food is food, right? And some “remembered” tribal eras where the beat was all. The older vamps did anyways. So the music might be good even for a soulless blood sucker. The energy vamps would get the most out of the energy in the room. A gathering of young people dancing always worked for them.

But just in case, Alexander called for some assurance thru the local colleges. Offered their student body the first two drinks free, and free admission if they had a valid student card.

A lot of the vamps preferred more than a body to drain. More than any freshie bouncing off the walls. Or they could go out on the streets and lurk in alleys for passersby. They wanted some brain function/energy too. It seemed the soulless had higher standards than the average bear looking for food. Or even a young guy looking for a blow in the back alley. So he tried to provide.

Let’s see… freshie list.

  • hot
  • young
  • smart
  • engaged
  • not high on drugs or too sloppy drunk either
    and most of all
  • easily suggestible. I mean the hypnosis has to work, right? Can’t have a bloody running out the door and alerting the general public and the cops that this particular club had issues. Can you?

Alexander had some daywalkers act as security on the doors. They knew what to look for, and were used to most vamp needs. And knew when a freshie should be redirected. Before trouble started.

The plan was to have a weekends’ only dance club. With loud music and lots of youth, that wouldn’t draw heat from the county reps or cops. So lots of fresh fruit and veg and traditional bar snacks that were easily stored and cooked. Lots of water served between the booze or shots. SMART SERVE bartenders.

And the main draw was the music. Not drugs. So the cops might walk thru 1-2 x a night, but that’d be it. No after hours parties either. The vamps would all go to bed early or go home so the place was quiet on the off hours.

It sounded like everything was covered. So at the stroke of 10 pm, Alexander motioned for the daywalkers to open the doors. And the DJ he hired to kick the first hour of music off, before the contest, to start his turntable. The club was now open for it’s premiere.

Alexander crossed his fingers behind his back. And remembered a prayer he’d said as a child. “Heaven bless this gathering. Amen.”

the cock shot that went astray!

the cock shot that went astray!

the cock shot that went astray!

you sent your cock shot to a doctor’s office by mistake. You were thinking some woman has PMed you back. Instead you get a referral to:

an oncologist There is a suspicious growth on your penis, sir. We have an early booking for a biopsy. Please do contact us asap.


a urologist We have vacuum pumps now that can help your circulation increase. You might gain as much as an inch! Imagine that!


an endocrinologist With such an enlarged clitoris, you’ll be in our target study group. Our next group study begins in a month.


a dermatologist We see some browning on the tip of your penis, sir. We haven’t figured out from the angle if you need a shower or an appt with us. Would you please give it a wipe and send a second photo?


pediatrician Congratulations, young sir. You appear to be close to puberty. We have attached an info pkg to this email. Hope it helps! If not, please do book a consultation.


psychiatrist We always have spare bookings for urgent cases of erotomania. Please don’t feel enbarrassed. The days of hospitalizing someone and ice baths or shock therapy are long past. We can help you with better coping strategies.


surgeon Yes I have done a penis transplant successfully. You came to the right office. Your stump is a good base for our procedure. We’re happy to help!


neurologistWith the right plan, we can increase the sensitivity of your penile nerves so you can achieve a more sturdy arousal state. You don’t have to go further in life confined to a semi-flacid stage. We can help!

…. Oh dear!

You really might need reading glasses. Those URLs are long and too complicated when one hand is currently being used for masturbating.
Well at least:


your auntie in the nursing home won’t be calling you for a date again.


your Dean or boss won’t be sending you to yet another!! sensitivity seminar.


your mom’s pastor won’t be sending you strange Bible references about chastity and pure thoughts. Just how did all those Christians come to be??


your GF who accepted your chastity promise ring won’t be crying about empty promises and breaking up with you. Well hell, that might be worth it!

Sighs. Just one number or letter wrong on those blasted URLs and all this aggro! Pfft!


Could it be that the woman was pulling your leg?? Time to check these doctors out!

Haven – the TV Show

Haven – the TV Show

NUMBERS 14:18 ‘The Lord is longsuffering and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.’

There once was a cute little town in Maine. Fishermen were out in their boats, I’m sure there were some farms near by. And on the seashore the town stood. It looked idyllic, as most small towns do. But it’s better if you stay away…

The locals? Well they have troubles. And I’m not just talking about DV, cheating and addictions in the family. The kind of things that go for generations. Each one of the townies could tell you the troubles you had just by you saying your last name.

Or kids running loose without supervision.

I’m not talking about the town families feuding either. Where they were so inter-related, they were dang near incestuous. Or the churches trying to steal parishioners from each other. Or some magical line of road, copse or hill that separates the poor folk from the rich. Or the races. With some weird scarcity principal that allows you to let a neighbour you’ve known all your life go without.

I’m not talking about the workers going on strike or leaving cuzz there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. Not even about the townies gossiping and keeping secrets from the away-folks.

Yes this town, like others had it’s gathering places (bars, schools, stores, churches, gyms, libraries…), it’s leaders and it’s jungle drums. Things were spread in that town that weren’t in others. I don’t mean outbreaks of measles or chicken pox. Or the gossip about who was in favour this week, and who was just too hot to handle. Or which jobs were going to be cut this week, and which couple were having a baby, rings on or off.

No this contagion was supernatural. Some beings decided to have a play date with Haven. And the people were left to deal with this, on top of just basic living in a small town.

Did the town folk persevere? … Hmmmm I’m going to have to let this be a cliff hanger. But I could relate to a lot of what went on in Haven. Cuzz I grew up in a small town. And I swear, I saw some of my neighbours!

the show

A smallish town (pop @ 25,000) in Maine, USA.
The show is loosely based on Stephen King’s book The Colorado Kid
An unsolved mystery of a man who turns up in Maine, with very little known about him, and larger unanswered questions.

main cast –

do-gooder/evil doer – creates troubles just to be hero, saint
Emily Rose
town bad boy from family of bad boys – heart of gold
Eric Balfour
unfeeling authority –
numb adopted son – Lucas Bryant
stone adopted dad Nicholas Campbell
authority/trouble cleaner who “caught” all the bullets – PTSD/survivor’s guilt
“Edge” – Adam Copeland
adopted brothers/ town news-historians/ gossips/as a cover for underground work
John Dunsworth
Richard Donat

a carrot is a carrot… a dildo is a dildo.

a carrot is a carrot… a dildo is a dildo.

(images attached are mentioned in the piece)

carrot is a carrot
unless it’s a carat . But a carrot isn’t always a veg.

… a dildo is a dildo. It can vibrate , it can squirt but not all vibrators are dildos, not all dildos vibrate or squirt but they’re still dildos.

We can change the spelling and the veg becomes a weight of a diamond. We can change it’s function but a dildo is still a dildo. A vibrator can come in many forms and can be used anywhere on the body.

Sometimes we need to remember the word changes to mean what you think it does. And sometimes the word is very simple and direct.

Sometimes the word is more like a phrase or umbrella term rather than a word. Then what it means for you. doesn’t mean that for someone else. And you have to wonder if you should spend your day bickering about the definition. When they’re talking carrots, don’t think about dildos. Though a carrot might be able to do the same thing as a dildo, so long as you don’t ask it to vibrate or squirt!

How Does a Christian Justify Things like the Undead and Aliens?

How Does a Christian Justify Things like the Undead and Aliens?

Now I grew up in a very insular, conservative, dang near incestuous, Christian group. Very cultish in it’s aspects.

  • Separation from the evil world
  • Separation of church and govt
  • The Bible and the church rules all.
  • Excommunication if you pissed off the elders, bishops or pastors (Never mind if you adhered to the Bible’s teachings or not. Cuzz hypocrisy was def a thing! Just go to church and tithe!! FFS!)

So if the Bible only mentions demons, specifically as archangels who fell from heaven. Where did vampires, werebeasts, zombies (though you COULD argue Lazarus, Dorcas and even Jesus?) etc came from? Well if you were literal, if the Bible didn’t mention them, they didn’t exist right?

And yes God created the firmament and the universe, sun moon and stars. BUT nowhere in the Bible does it say any of the other planets in the sky were populated… so where and when did Aliens come from? Or did they? Cuzz again, if you were literal, if the Bible didn’t mention them, they didn’t exist right?

And the evil world, where God is questioned, may or may not be believed in and will most def be erased in the 2nd coming and the rapture. They will have to fight the devil himself, well actually his son.

Things like science and math must have come from a demon or that pesky tree that had apples on it in the garden of Eden. Where Adam and Eve found out the knowledge of good and evil. (Is that where linear thought comes from as well?) Can scientists believe in something they cannot see? (psst Marie and Pierre Curie thought so about radiation!) Can they believe in God?

And how far does this separation have to go??
No electricity, no gas, no indoor plumbing, kids left school at @ gr 8. Cuzz they had to help on the farm ya know! Breeding lots of barely literate cousin-grunts who bowed to the elders was a good thing! According to them…


If i had dared ask such things at the church of my rearing, I’d have had a stern chat minimum! j/s

But I wanna know!!

The Stampede (a story)

The Stampede
Beth and her friends had decided to visit the stampede to look for themselves, after reading several animal rights’ stories on the place. They looked at the barns and paddocks where the animals for sale were being kept. Everything looked clean and the animals were alert, energetic and engaging.  And seemed well fed.
Then they went to the stalls where the show’s animals were being prepped for the day. A vet was making his rounds.  And had stopped to check the knees and hooves of one horse, that had appeared to be limping.  He knocked  a stone out of the hoof and cleaned it out. Then gave the animal a shot. Good!  The animals seemed to being cared for.
 A wrangler noted their concern, so he came over to say there were a lot of checks and balances now. Nobody treats animals badly, when some are worth a hefty mortgage, Beth and her friends smiled.  Good point!
There was a shed where feed was being sold that local farmers had grown and mixed for livestock and pets.  Even the shed was really clean.  But then this was a show day.  They were expecting people to be walking thru.  Right?
Beth asked the vet about the stampede’s policies. He said that they drew labs when the livestock came thru the gates. Testing for all kinds of things. So if the beast weren’t being cared for, they’d know.  Good to hear!
The ladies went over to the farmer’s market next. There was a cute petting zoo of babies for the kids. And lots of fresh fruit and veg.  And the baked goods were smelling like manna. It was a good thing no one was on a diet today.  I mean, how do you not eat when there are so many goodies!  Pies, bread, cakes, rolls, squares, brownies and cookies.  And there were even some international foods to round things out.  Beth saw some gluten free and keto baking too. Times were certainly changing, right?
One of the farmers had a sign out front of their booth that said certified organic.  Beth asked what that meant. The soil, manure, seeds were all certified and inspected.  All kinds of tests were done.  What they paid out for that, they got back in cachet. Respect. They were making quite a brand out of it. Even getting some restaurants to buy their product for their fancy dinners.  Beth knew it was a huge thing now to have farm to table menus. So really this wasn’t surprising to her.
There were some craft tables set by the gates. And Beth went over to talk to one of the sellers.  The lady was a farm wife and made some pocket money by sewing some pretty fine garments and making some pottery. She was quite excited that a local gallery was gathering a farmer’s show.  Where the wives’ art was going to be displayed.  She knew of some that did paintings and some that did photography. Beth made sure to get a brochure for the event for her friends.  Of course there would be wine and nibbles. And some music. Kind of a folk rock/pop vibe. Sounded good! Beth marked the date on her phone.
The next step was to go to the stadium and see the show.
There was a parade.  Riders, dancers, and flags.  People showing off some of the better trained animals. Those that crowds didn’t spook. Not easily anyways.  Lots of colours and pageantry. Which is always fun.
And finally the show itself.  There were barrel races and jumps. And cowboys riding wild animals out of gates. And bulls being teased.  Beth noted that the vet was just back of the stalls and checking the animals when they were done with them.  Which she really appreciated.  If they were hurt or upset, they’d have immediate attention. Perfect!
So there didn’t really seem to be any obvious signs of distress or bad care or management of the animals.
It had turned out to be a tempest in a tea pot. Which Beth and  her friends were quite happy to see. And they relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the show. It was a lovely day!  They planned to return the next year.