Chain of Command (a story)

Chain of Command

Considering how many of the peoples have armies in a good sci fi , you’d think things would be running tight, right? Or there’d be far more court martials. Though they might be the type to shoot the guy, on the spot.

But no. Just like in any home in any galaxy, there are minor rebellions, and some insurgencies. And there are some soldiers who are brats. They’ll toe the line of the order, but if there is anyway to break it, they will.

How do you break that tendency? Make them the leader. For some reason they have no problem remembering the rules then. lol

That was what George did when he had to manage a bunch of very smart, very wilful people. He’d find ways to make them a team leader, a mentor. Or give them some kind of command. Even when they appeared to be a grunt. What they refused to remember or follow for themselves, they would for those in their charge. Which got a good amount of obedience in the ranks. And made his job MUCH easier.

And though he couldn’t make everyone an officer, he could give them medals and awards, or treats. Shove them up the good conduct ladder as fast as they obeyed him. He cut his work in half by simply sending them a note with what their good behaviour had earned them and put a copy in their file. The folder had a list of potential awards and treats, and he simply put a check beside the right one when it was achieved. So he knew at a glance how cooperative this soldier was, before he assigned them any task. So he knew who to send, and with whom.

This type of leadership also had underlings who would follow George to the ends of the earth. And into any galaxy he chose. And saved George from half the ulcers he could have had. Most of his ulcers came from above.

Which also earned him loyalty from his underlings. They saw how often he went to bat for them. And they appreciated it. A LOT.

They trusted George. And that is the sign of a good leader. Well at least one of them. He had the best minds, the hardest bodies and people who obeyed his lead. And he knew without hesitating where he could lead them.

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