How to Tell an Angel from a Demon (a story)

How to Tell an Angel from a Demon

Rafe and Gabe were walking across the courtyard, having a chat about their day, when they ran into Zeke. They hadn’t seen him for awhile, so they were glad to catch up with him as well. Talking about the hassles they faced, the hopes and goals they had for the near future. Hoping things would improve, but worried that they’d see worse before better.

The friends brought up people they missed, and shared happy memories. Sam joined them. He caught up quickly with the tone of their chat and was able to bring his POV into it.

The friends were kibitzing and joking, and sharing a fond humour. Lots of back slapping humour and dark irony with their exchange.

They sat down and continued their chatter. Each had a story, a joke, a friend to gossip about that the others hadn’t seen for awhile. Each had a woman to talk about that was getting more glorious in their power that they quite admired. And the others were happy to hear about.

So they were enjoying their conversation. Their laughter was easy and their banter was glorious to watch. Anyone watching them would never think of them as anything but four male friends having a relaxing afternoon of camaraderie. Something you could find in any pub or coffee shop anywhere.

And most people would smile and walk by them without a second thought.

Only those with ‘the sight’ would know that Raphael and Gabriel’s wings were white. And Azazel and Samael’s wings were black. The four had known each other since before human time began. Before the fall, they had been brothers in arms and they missed each other.

The only thing that separated them was the side they were on. They still had the same attitudes about nature, humanity and the angelic realms. They still followed the old ways. And they appreciated each others’ take on the whole thing. Nothing had really changed.

So now and then they got together to talk and see if there was something they could do to re-join the forces of the supernatural. But every time they did, they left feeling sad.

All that stood between them and their goals was the human race. And they were growing to hate us. Whichever side they were on.

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