A Shaman Traversing the Galaxies (a story)

A Shaman Traversing the Galaxies

Janet had been thru medical school, and was a specialist in all things odd. New viruses, diseases, pathogens. It’s how she had attracted the attention of the military, then the air force.

And she had a PHD in anthropology. So she had some knowledge of how cultures were formed, the symbols and languages that shaped them. Which also attracted the attention of the military. Then the air force.

But what got them hooked for her being involved in their space exploration was her personal background. She had been raised in an area that had many cultures, some accepted and some not, by authority. She had always seemed to be on the side of authority, but she befriended and worked well with anyone. She was just that type of person. And having that type of character, it made things like listening, negotiating and just getting along with new people (no matter how they looked) that little bit easier.

And Janet was right with them. She was really interested when she found out that her job would be to treat and evaluate any alien races found, and to take part in any cultural events and greetings.

So Janet picked her team. People who were good at getting along was more important than their degrees, though those were among the world’s best. And even some among the galaxies’ best.

And they went out into the stars and planets, on a special ship that had a lab and surgery to beat any she’d ever seen on earth. Which was in part due to the fact she had people on her team who introduced her to alien technology. For eg, a bar that could scan someone inside out anywhere she needed them to be scanned. And send the results to her laptop and the ship’s computer. To be assessed and send back any critical data so she could act without moving her patient.

Janet also had access to interpreters from many planets and galaxies who were quickly able to translate what she didn’t know herself.

The inhabitants of many places who didn’t believe in science called her a shaman (or their name for that role) rather than a doctor. Not that she was, technically. But that was their schema. So she tolerated it. And she tried to work within their frame of reference, using plants where possible and making what had to be done seem magical rather than scientific.

Looking back at all her diligence and dreams that had led her to this moment, this job, this dream career, she was thrilled. Janet was doing something few people would ever be offered, let alone achieve. And along with awe, she felt gratitude.

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