Election Day! Polls in Ontario are Closed Now

Election Day! Polls in Ontario are Closed Now

list of Prime Ministers of Canada –

As you’ll note, they are all Liberals and Conservatives (well iterations of, the CONs have done some mucking about with the curtains, thinking we don’t know who and what they are)

So far the Maritimes are starting the reports, and if they have their way, it’ll be a liberal majority. But Quebec is next and there are going to be some BQs and maybe even Liberals there.

Where we’ll really know who rules is when we hit Ontario and the prairies. They’re pretty much cons atm and usually. But how mad are the people at their current premiers? Do they separate the provinces and feds?

So many people voted in advance (which they can’t start counting till tomorrow to be sure no one voted twice) this year. I think i saw a leap of 57% used these tickets and mail in. So unless there is a real spike, where little doubt is left, we may not know till within the next few days who is running Canada. (At least we don’t have to wait till January!!)

Will we be Canada (LIB) or USA North (CON/REP) when it’s all said and done? Oh lord!!

5 thoughts on “Election Day! Polls in Ontario are Closed Now

  1. Yes but waiting for a couple of months leaves so much time for finger pointing, rants and interminable court cases as to who “really” won the election. (Said with tongue firmly in cheek!)
    Hope yours works out better than ours seems to be.

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