Voices in the Left Wing – The Eve of the Election – Canadian Politics

Voices in the Left Wing – The Eve of the Election – Canadian Politics

Inclusion – Culture

Canada has it’s own founding people & those to consider

  • Indigenous People
  • French origin – Acadian, Metis, Quebecois
  • English – British Loyalists from the USA, UK
  • settlers and traders from HBC.
  • builders of the country-
    Chinese – railroads
    African American (slaves from USA- underground railway)
    WWII fascists as POWs
  • immigrants
  • gig workers

Gender, Sexuality

beyond the binary view and the ‘traditional’ family

  • LGBTQ+
  • single parent homes (divorced, NM, underaged/teen)


  • office
  • shop
  • carers (paid & unpaid)
  • factory
  • farm
  • teachers
  • civil servants & first responders

retired workers

  • pensioned off due to infirmity, age, illness, injury
  • ltd jobs available


  • veterans, first responders injured by war, service to country
  • injured workers
  • fire, car accidents
  • disabling disease (mental, physical)
  • addicts

right wing parties

with a hyper focus on the economy and the traditional family rather than the people who pay taxes and make the economy possible. With a divorce rate at over 50%.
Also prefer to control the people, so military, policing, CAS as costly systems rather than community led support initiatives pensions and social services by govt

left wing parties

with a focus on social justice and anti-govt. Self sustaining country rather than globalization. Local govt rather than federal. UBI, guaranteed income

the question remains –

who best represents you? Who actively includes you? Who has policies just for you?

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