Doctor Says, Insurance Says, Budget Says…. Help I Feel like Crap!

Doctor Says, Insurance Says, Budget Says…. Help I Feel like Crap!

Even in Canada where we are supposed to have universal health care, many people cannot manage the care plans their doctors think should be so simple.

Prevention – diet and exercise.

It’s recommended that we get three squares a day of 2 veg, a grain and a protein. But how do you do that when money is tight? And supplements aren’t cheap, nor are they really recommended.

chronic pain

Things like physio therapy, massage, acupressure, Reiki are known to help and often recommended by even Western medicine. But (at least in Canada) they aren’t covered. And these days, it’s getting harder to get medicine for pain relief other than Tylenol Ibuprofin or Aspirin.


We know that pain and obesity are common, and cause long term issues with health and mental health too. Yet no matter what the doctor recommends, the insurance plans won’t cover it.

If we could fix or provide supports for even these two things, people would be a lot healthier and we’d have to spend a LOT less on health care. On bandaids for our neglect of these issues.

Mostly because the govt doesn’t think like we do. They want cheap, they want now to get the votes they need to stay in office, and they want their backers and corporations to profit. And one of those corporation prototypes is Big Pharma. So the focus will be toward taking blood pressure pills, insulin, opioids…. rather than things like diet and exercise.

Which leaves it to the poor person who cannot be compliant to what seems like common sense, yet gets blamed for that lack of compliance.


And you can tell that this is the way it will stay when you talk to a doctor about what standard medicine is, and they tell you to eat right and exercise. Sure doc, but how do I pay for what you tell me to do?

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