Even Trump Finds it’s Hard to Decide Who to Listen to It Seems….

Even Trump Finds it’s Hard to Decide Who to Listen to It Seems….

group of doctors (?) got together and said there is a cure for Covid 19. One that all the credible experts said awhile back causes more harm than good. One that POTUS claims he’s been taking for awhile now.

Some of the doctors (?) have no license, some are …. well less than credible in what they think a working theory on disease is.

But there is one that stands out, even on this dogpile of stupidity:. Hmmm is that the right word? I can’t actually USE the word I want to because that’d appear like a diagnosis. (I have a feeling you may know the word!)

We women need to know now that if we have any GYN issues, it’s because we’re having dream sex with demons and witches……O.o (facepalm!) . I mean what do you say to that??

Ok dear so and so, (body that supervises her license.)
I want one!! I can do better at a common theory or two and even come up with experts (no for real y’all) who have said it!!

So yeah, if she’s the water mark in what they want from a doctor in their college? I want a medical license too!! (temper tantrum!)

And POTUS? He says he doesn’t know the lady in question, but they seemed like smart doctors, worth listening to. UM about what? The drug that has been discounted? Or demon sperm?

This is def a moment that I hooted and howled over. You have to admire how often he succeeds in doing that for me. If he were a comedian on stage… But as the guy who has the red button? Geesh!! Anyone else have a bad case of cold shivers now? Or is that just me?

Branson, how we doing on that habitat on Mars these days?

It’s good to know that social media sites have pulled the doctors’ speech off the web though! Whew!! Something about spreading misinformation…

But they’re doctors, right? Right! Apparently even doctors can lose their minds and say stupid shit! (le sigh!)

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