August 1 is “Emancipation Day” in Ontario, Canada

August 1 is “Emancipation Day” in Ontario, Canada

Did you know that?
John Graves Simcoe, (25 February 1752 – 26 October 1806) the first lieutenant-governor of the new British colony of Upper Canada, (modern day Ontario), from 1791-1796 was responsible for changing laws about slavery that went from Ontario thru the British empire. As a British Member of Parliament, he had described slavery as an offence against Christianity And moved the world to abolish slavery. Simcoe passed the Act Against Slavery on 9 July 1793,
Simcoe was elected to the House of Commons for the Cornish borough of St Mawes in 1790. He was a Tory (modern group would be today’s Conservative Party) and tried to mix military and civilian paradigms into his political view. He was a landowner, speculator(?). And politics to him was a stepping stone on his career plan.
Simcoe seemed to have an ambiguous relationship with the Six Nations people. Bu re-negotiated one land claim and made 4 others. He preferred dealing with them in a militaristic way.
Since the Tories were Loyalists to the British Crown, there is little chance they’d like the current Conservatives view on many of their policies. Esp their apparent allegiance to the USA.



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