#ODSP During the Pandemic – on Twitter

#ODSP During the Pandemic – on Twitter

The stories of hardship and feeling unsupported by the govt of their country (the ones I’ve seen are Canadian and USA) are heartbreaking. And each one has said that this pandemic has made it worse.

The govts say they’re putting relief packages out there, but people with disabilities (PWD) are feeling neglected. And they’re not wrong.

The worst plans that have seen no or little support in Canada are the provincial ones. If you think you risk your home, find getting food a challenge, and get next to no income, imagine being disabled in this time.

There are some who have given up and are taking the only way out they can think of. Suicide.

They feel shamed, neglected, isolated and hopeless.

And reading their stories, you can see why.

But maybe their hope in sharing them, and the self advocacy they have shown have helped them in some small way?

At least they know they aren’t alone. And sometimes that is a life or death realization. I hope it worked.

The newspapers are picking it up at least. Whether or not the premiers and PM are.

So Twitter may seem senseless, fun, vapid… But sometimes it has a lightning bolt moment.

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