Globalization and it’s Impact on Little Ole Us.

Globalization and it’s Impact on Little Ole Us.

It seems like a good idea to centralize power and wealth beyond our borders…. Till you realize that when someone decides to act wrongly, there really aren’t that many agencies that have the power to coral them. The biggest groups of the world are only able to act against their members. Can only control those who sign their charters. And cannot force them to remain members. (As we have recently found when the USA dropped it’s membership in a few of them when Trump took office).

And we also know that groups that are built on trade alliances can be severed easily. (Brexit and the UK)

Groups that are built on religious grounds might be more tenacious, but that is only as good as the wealth, influence and power of the group. Few others can stand against the Christian church, especially the Catholics and Anglicans. So someone who wants to act outside their own group can allign themselves with another more powerful and there is little control the first will have over the wrong-doer.

  • But who holds the reins strong enough to capture and hold a despot?
    Whether it is a governor or a trans-national company?
  • Who can impose the rule of law on them to act responsibly?
  • In a world that is spinning out of control on issues that affect the health and safety of the entire planet, who can give the law-makers guidance?
    In war crimes, we’d go to the The Hague and the ICC
  • But who prosecutes a sex slave trader? Or a country that becomes a haven for them?
  • Who goes after TNCs who buy and sell their pollution credits so they’re never over max? Yet the ozone layer has more holes than a sieve.
  • Who chases a drug company down when they get banned from the first world, so they sell them in the thirld world?
  • Who prosecutes a country that allows practices that create a pandemic to run unchecked?
  • Who shifts the political balances so extreme poverty is considered inhumane and govts must act to mitigate their dire circumstance and bring them into a better state?

Sure you could say that never happens…. (well Helloooo Pollyanna! How are you these days? Haven’t seen you in some time! Where ya been hiding??) But that would be delusional, now wouldn’t it?
And thing is you don’t have to believe in the Illuminati either to see where power is in the hands of very few who have very few limits either, do you? (Or is that me being an anarchist again? )

So who is in charge of these issues?

  • It’s supposed to be the business themselves. They are supposed to want to act like a “good neighbour” right?
  • It’s supposed to be the governors of our nations themselves. When they want to be elected, they never seem to have trouble finding some priest, temple-head or guru to vouch for their character so they can win, right? (Funny how that is the only time you see them with the guy, innit?)
  • It’s supposed to be the media, but they seem to be caught up in sensationalism and it’s rare you can find more than 4-5 reporters actually at the scene of the international story. So how are they getting a good coverage of the facts and their meanings then? (I mean Paul, John, George and Ringo were good story tellers in their own right, but The Beattles weren’t much to crush over, #Amiright???)

So here is me, the anarchist pointing at the world and flipping them the bird again. And there is my neighnour Chicken Little, (who makes more sense some days than t’others…) and Lazy Larry (who is too busy partying and sleeping to notice much of anything really). And 9/10 times it’s up to us to see that “summat is up that needs to be set to rights ‘fore we all die!!” But i mean, how much say do we have??
(We’d really rather not leave it up to those end-timers who are way too ready with cyanide and juice for our comfort. Feel me?)

So what do we do?
(sits waiting for either the answer or the world to blow up, betting the explosion will come first)

… resources

(if’n you want to read up on the factors. I gotta pick my teeth and strum some guitar here. Yee haw!!)
the conversation
world population review
central college
health and environment
world trade org
UN and World Bank
the guardian
business insider

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