‘The Great Reset’ Conspiracy and the Flaws Inherent in Globalization – US vs Canada

‘The Great Reset’ Conspiracy and the Flaws Inherent in Globalization – US vs Canada

Justin Trudeau has been taking flack for a lot of things, some of it has merit and some of it is dumb and dumber. JT has made it pretty clear that he wants Canada to have a seat at the world tables of power. As he should, if Canada wants to grow as a nation. We do, don’t we?

And in comparison to Trump, who keeps acting like a lone, growly wolf, JT does everything he can to put us forward as a team player.

That seems to be the direction Biden intends to take as well, but there is a clear distinction between JT and Biden. JT’s base of thought is a feminist approach. Inclusion. And that is just not and never has been Biden’s approach. In fact, he’s shown just the opposite.

A good example of this is the Covid stimulus Canada has put forward. JT’s first instincts were to protect and serve the people who most needed it. The seniors, the disabled, the reserves (where some of the indigenous people still have very little interaction outside their own people and they are most at risk of Canadians for a viral outbreak), the small businesses.

And i do get that Biden had to get elected first, but where were the DEMs when it came time to vote in stimulus? (crickets)

Yesterday, I got a chance to read Biden’s plan (and you can too! Specially if a Canadian can, right?)

It looks good till you see his plan for housing includes gentrification principles. Which is racist, paternalistic, and will kill the communities it’s meant to ‘help’ faster than you can say ‘Momma the bank has the sheriff outside our house. They say it’s not ours now and we gotta leave’. Or more specifically for some of the poorest who live in tenements, ‘Momma there’s a sign on the door that says the landlord sold the building and we gotta leave at the end of the month’. Before he is even in the White House, the guy is putting his racism and elitism on full display.
When gentrification goes into a neighbourhood, there are shops for eg, but they aren’t the kind poor folk can use. There are businesses and loans to the poor, but trust me, they aren’t for multi-cultural projects to diversify the nation. Only the well and truly assimilated rise.

And that folks is the guy who WILL join the Iluminati and take control of the world. After all this past year of wannabe oligarch trying to MAGA you to death, it’ll be Biden who actually does it.

But yes, don’t he speak good y’all? Yay! There won’t be any midnight rage tweeting!

Bullies come in different forms. j/s And I think either way, you had a devil to vote for. So you got one.

my previous writing – Globalization and it’s Impact on Little Ole Us.


6 thoughts on “‘The Great Reset’ Conspiracy and the Flaws Inherent in Globalization – US vs Canada

  1. You are so right on this one! At least everybody knew what his predecessor was when he was elected. Biden on the other hand…
    Didn’t he say during a campaign speech that “You’re government has failed you.” Nobody paid attention that he has been in various government positions for 40+ years. This is going to be another long 4 years of nothing gets done unless it lines their pockets.

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      1. The only ones who can clean up the system are the voters. They won’t because they believe politicians. Yet the average voter doesn’t pay attention to their favored ‘flavor of the day’ who says “things need to change, elect me”, then once in office don’t actually vote in favor of changing things. It’s time to look at actual voting records instead off following the pointing fingers. (Part of why Scott Brown only served 1 term as a (R) senator from Massachussetts. Promised to help veterans, then proceeded to vote against bills that would help vets, but it was the (D’s) fault he voted against the bills! I know I voted for him the first time and against him 6 years later.)

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