I’d Like You to Meet My Daywalkers (a story)

I’d Like You to Meet My Daywalkers

I am one of the oldest vampires in existence. One of the rarer female ones. And most of how I have managed this is due to having daywalkers I can trust around me. And staying in my ancestral home, where I can manage those around me.

I can also change my appearance spell, so I can be my own niece, daughter, grandaughter even, when I walk in the village. They are quite happy that my family lives near there and patronizes the villages, rather than going to lands far off for our wares. So if they did suspect something was off, they’d put it down to us being blue-blood eccentrics. And laugh it off.

So let me introduce you to my daywalkers:

bedroom I have a lady who is blind to see to my baths and lotions. It’s easier for her, when she cannot see the blood or gore going down the drain.

And a deaf brute who carries my husks out when I am done with them. He is fiercely loyal to me and not that bright. So between my lady’s maid and I, we direct his every movement. He mostly sits outside my bedroom door, biding his time, till he is called for. There is a buzzer on his collar. He has been spelled to believe that the husks are “dollies” I play with. He’s not far away from the truth.

office I have a mute. Who transcribes my notes and takes messages, as well as attending all my meetings and keeping my schedules. He is quite strong and often acts as my security as well. For show more than anything. Nobody would suspect me of being able to outfight, out run most men and women. And if all else fails, I can “spell” them. It’s rare he has to step in, but he is a protective sort.

doorperson I hired someone unobtrusive to the household, whose sole job is to answer the door. So she sits in a chair there, because she has no legs. She wears long skirts to hide this from company. Her room is right beside the main door of my house. She has no reason or ability to come upstairs to my bedroom.

the rest of the staff families have been with my family for centuries. But they have no reason to associate with me to get their chores done. They work in the kitchen, which is in a separate building from the mainhouse. Or they work in the garden or fields. They have a shed for their ablutions and gather there for tea and chat when they want a break or company. As they never come into the house, they have no need to be spellbound or sensory deprived as my household staff mostly are.

the nearby villages have a few helpful friends who inform me when there is a weirdo who can’t be contained in the group, or a new person venturing into the village. Someone who can safely drop off the radar, with little upset.

the house has a receiving area far separated from my quarters. So there is no earthly reason why a guest would get that far unnoticed and redirected. There is even a bathhouse and bedroom for those who don’t know their own limits or take ill suddenly.

So I can play with my husks and my daywalkers rarely interact with guests. I hire a few villagers to serve when I have a party for the locals. It builds good will with the villagers.

All possible because I live in the Black Forest. I am a very contented vampire. and my daywalkers have a pretty nice life with me. So why would they try to change things? Even if they could?

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