How a Vampire Travels (a story)

How a Vampire Travels

Remember the good old days?

Well a lot of people say that, but these days are much better for my travels than a coach and four, or a boat ever will be. Cars eat up the distance, and for a while there, we had the Concord. You could get to another continent in a day.

And black drapes didn’t work as well then as tinted glass does now. Cloth is always porous.

Shops are absolutely everywhere! I mean, why pack your own trunks? When you can go to a mall and get most anything your heart desires.

It’s much nicer for us vampires now. We can visit our shrines, then travel between our sires and our children. Lovely! Mostly in a day!

There are so many gatherings of vampires now. I get to see all my friends and nobody is the wiser that there is basically a convention of the undead in town. Imagine!

And because of that, my staff don’t have to be spelled to deal with coffins of earth from the homeland. Nor do they need to get assistance from the locals, wherever we go. We can be there, spend a few days, and home within a week! Only the youngest of vampires cannot manage that, without their sire to assist their powers.

So we go to the biggest metropolises and have a hunting party, then go home. And only the most skilled hunters or wizards could track us. Or TBH even know that we were there! Some cities have a crime wave so bad, that they put our hunting parties to shame. And humanity call us predators? lol

Times have certainly changed for us. Very few vampires would disagree. Just the newest of the new and the oldest of the old. Those who cannot tolerate change.

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