The Musical Sounds Behind Web Comment Threads

The Musical Sounds Behind Web Comment Threads

Perhaps I’m a geek? Maybe just odd? (NO you don’t have to answer. No, really! I’m good with either :P)

I read a LOT in different discussion formats and this is what I hear when I’m reading. It makes it ever so much easier to keep my temper in check.

You have those who want to support their friend or someone who is going thru a rough patch. To them I give this sound .

There are people who, no matter how well you explain things, in the OP or comments, over and over, JUST. DON’T. GET. IT. #Amiright?? To them I dedicate this song

Some come in looking for a conflict and they deserve this song and a few sighs.

Some are on such a blue rage bent that no matter how positive the thread is they bring it down. Whine, cry, rant… so they get this song

And there are people who are just eternally in a sex mode. Like the tantric guy on SNL. I can’t find the sketch on youtube, sorry 😦 To them I assign this song

See it works, right? Are you still upset? 😛 Though sometimes it’s hard to get thru serious stuff without giggling. Cuzz on long threads, they ALL show up! :Pfft!

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