Dommie and the Road Crew (a story)

Dommie and the Road Crew

Dommie was having a sleep issue these days. There was work being done on her street and she was sooo tired of their trucks beeping and the drills and jack hammers. Dommie seriously considered going out there with her whip and showing the guys how displeased she was. But she figured that might land her in jail. And she wasn’t too sure that she’d get sleep there. Plus she had a thread count requirement she doubted the prison would tolerate ;P
And she’d miss out on her treats and fave meals. Plus much as she liked women, she had no wish to share a room or a shower with them.
If the noise weren’t bad enough, the guys were a bit rough and tumble for her tastes. She tended to like metrosexual looks. You know, put together.
And the only prison nearby was no place Martha Stewart would be caught dead in. Or Imelda Marcos. Not that she was that spoiled but… she sure would like some niceties. Even in prison.
Back to the road crew though.
And rude men too? I mean!… Dommie was sick of having them whistle whenever she hit the parking lot or the side walk. She wondered if they knew what century it was? Dommie actually started wearing a coat for the short sprint to her car.
It was going to be a long summer šŸ˜¦
Until Dommie had had enough. She decided to teach them a lesson or two.
When Dommie got home at night, she played some tricks on the guys. Tricks that made their start up a bit more interesting. She put vaseline and cling film on their porta-potty seats. The boss often found pads and tampons on his trailer. She had found out that he often had the inspectors or shareholders in first thing. She hung a line of bras and panties between the machines, so they had to untie it before they could start up. She laughed when she heard them swearing over her gifts. Then she rolled over and went back to sleep.
But she did notice that they stopped the whistling. They got the hint that a woman was a bit POed with them. Finally. And Dommie could go back to wearing cute cotton tops and light skirts again. Blessed relief!
Playing pranks was faaaar better than yelling at them anyway šŸ˜›

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