they say if you don’t report it, then you weren’t raped

Why people who are sexually assaulted do not report it to the police/courts:

Bottomline because they don’t think they’ll be:

– supported as they need

– or believed as they should be.

And tbh sometimes you have to consider **who** they are reporting to, whether they chose a doctor, a police officer or a crown attorney. A man. In 99% of the cases, the perpetrator is a man. When you’re sitting there in shock, horrified at what just happened to you by a man, could you sit across from a man and tell them everything that just happened?

Only to walk out somewhere thru this process and realize that only 1/1000 perpetrators actually end up in jail. And it’ll be a matter of **months** before they’re free. (min standards of sentence vary by place and cultural view of rape – [sentences av up to approx 5 yrs][] demographics depend on race, class, gender etc and behaviour up to trial and once incarcerated as to what they actually serve.)


(So is it really a case of they’re innocent, if not proven guilty in a court of law? Yet that is the law)

I mean, would you tell?

So stop telling someone if they didn’t report it, it’s a lie. You are grossly misinformed and need an education.

Start here:



## …
[why don’t children “tell”][]


## ….
then there’s [rape culture][]

NB I’m not saying don’t report. But I sure understand why, if you don’t.
CAVEAT – The numbers/statistics as a method may bother you. But the motives of the victims is coming from people who deal with these issues everyday. As are their guestimates of the demographics.

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