Make Him Pay (a story)

Make Him Pay

Things started clicking into place when Macy found a motel matchbook in her husband’s suit pocket. It was from the other side of town. A place Tim had no reason to go to. It was outside of his business district. They didn’t know anyone near there. It was outside of their life.
She sat stunned for a minute, then began to cry. She thought they had a good marriage. They smiled and laughed together. They had things in common and worked and played well together. Their sex life was regular and seemed exciting. So why??
Why now? There had been times in their marriage when she could have seen him cheating, but these days everything seemed fine. Good even.
Macy called up a friend and asked what she should do. Her friend asked what she wanted to do. Macy said she wanted to throw him out and take everything. So her friend told her to hire a forensic accountant first. Why not a lawyer? Or a PI?
Macy was sent to look in his home desk. To get his books and schedule. To get his credit card statements. And build a history of where he had been and when. To make copies of everything and send it to the accountant.
Then she was told to collect his social network traffic. So maybe she could find out who the other person was. To run a program and find everything he had deleted as well. There was so much to look thru. So Macy just glanced enough that she could keep track of which site she was on and keep the days in order.
Macy noted that Tim had a lot of female friends and followers, but there were a few who were emailing, DMing him and were chatting with him as often as he was online. She couldn’t figure out which one was the culprit. So she compiled a list of the most likely.
Then she looked to see if any of them were named on his credit card statements. Or checks.
Macy checked for gifts like flowers and chocolates or jewelry and there weren’t any. She looked thru Tim’s daily diary and started to see first names and blocks of appts, or initials. She matched them up to his credit card motel payments and found a few that were the same or similar enough that they could be the person. And Macy put a star beside them on her list.
So… some of them were coming from the internet. Was it one or many? She felt sick!
Macy made a copy file of everything she knew from this quick search and went looking for an accountant who seemed to have alot of internet presence and know-how. It seemed her strike area was the web. So she wanted someone who was savvy. She found one who looked right and booked an appt.
And she sent the dog on the hunt. She sent a copy of everything she collected to him and kept a copy for herself, which she put in her panty drawer.
A couple days later, he had an initial report. And he advised her to start to find out where Tim banked and who his financial advisers were. She looked thru his card file and saw who specialized in investments and any other financial matters. And sent that to the accountant. Who matched them to checks and credit card statements. So they knew who was handling the money. Who to subpoena.
He also asked if it was ok to call the police. Some of the chatter he had read was illegal where they lived. She said yes.
It would give her more time and the clout to access his financial records. Later that day, the accountant confirmed that Tim had been placed into custody. And had no idea it had come from her. The subpoenas were sent to the financial advisers while Tim was in custody. Macy turned off her phone so she didn’t receive Tim’s call. One of his web friends could bail him out.
Macy made an appt with her doctor’s office for STI tests. Since he was capable of lying, maybe he “forgot” to protect himself and her. That would mean more charges if she turned up with anything. Because he came home to her. The rat bastard!
Macy went over to her friend’s house that evening so she had a reason not to answer her phone, in case Tim managed to be released. But no. Apparently there was a long line up for night court and his case wasn’t a priority. So he was held till morning.
Tim came home and showered, then came to talk to her. All she asked was where he had been. He told her about jail, but not much about why. He said the cops must have a sting on the internet and he had got swept up in it. So she asked if there was anything she needed to know. He said no. She almost let herself hit him. But instead she went into the bathroom and showered till he left.
The accountant started to gather the accounts and amalgamate them into an account in her name. Their marital home was put onto the market. But it was with a firm that specialized in discreet listings. She made the appts for when Tim was at the office. And it sold quickly.
The doctor did a rapid test and she found out she was ok, for now anyway. Ok that could be put on the back burner for now. And she wasn’t pregnant either. That was good to know as well.
The accountant advised her to hire a PI and use the informaton they had gathered to track down the woman or women who met her husband at the hotel.
And he also had a forensic computer specialist from his office collect anything on the computer that could be linked to illegal activity or extramarital affairs. Anything illegal was turned over to the police.
Meanwhile Tim was meeting with his lawyer and answering questions at the station. He stilll had no clue that Macy was behind it. That he had outted himself.
The PI found the women and collected their email from the accountant’s office. And he advised Macy to hire that lawyer now. They were ready.
Macy gathered her clothes and memorabilia and left the house. Finally. Tim was in for a shock when he got home and read the note telling him she wanted a divorce.
In the note she told him about the matchbook she had found. That she had begun divorce procedings and there was no way she was going to take him back. His cheating had put her at risk for disease. She wanted nothing to do with him.
And Macy took off for Bali. He had no reason to track her there. And no money to do it with either. He was broke.
And if he ever grasped it or not, he had no one to blame but himself.

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