cyberstalking in CANADA

To get advice, don’t listen to someone from another country. Even if they’re a lawyer, or even if they have been stalked.

– Go to your local police dept,

– most law offices give a free 1/2 hr consultation to see if they can help you, before accepting the case,

– or if you have a local univ or law college call them up and ask to speak to a prof. Get their advice on what you should do to win the case,

If you can afford a PI or lawyer, let **them** collect the evidence.  As an officer of the court, a lawyer  can notorize it and knows the rules of evidence and chain of custody.

Most sites will work with you, so ask them what kind of proof they need that someone is bothering you. Be sure you have read the site’s behaviour guidelines. So you know what they consider to be over the line behaviour.

General advice in Canada:

1) keep a log of events. Time, date, site, link to the comments or PM,

2) screen shots themselves/alone are not admissible in court. You have to make a hard copy as well.  Take the original contact(s) online, the electronic copy and a hard copy (paper) to the police.

3) you can work with the site, the police dept, a law office or PI, or all/some of the above. If the site is uncooperative, the police and courts can enforce compliance. (ie subpoena) but they’ll only do that if there are tangible threats made to you.  Please remember that once something is on the internet, it’s there. A forensic audit can uncover a lot of tricks to obscure evidence. And tbh most tech people aren’t good enough to cover their tracks.

4) the best way to protect yourself is to keep your info private. To PREVENT stalking from going past an online nuisance.  Hurtful yes, But no offline danger.

5) not all local police have a cyber crime unit. So contact your provincial police, which in Ontario is the [OPP][] or the federal police [RCMP][] and ask them who to contact to best help you.


## … Cdn resources

[Cdn Bar Association][]


since it can somtimes be about/thru work

[Cdn Council of health and safety][]

[Kingston Ontario Police Dept][]


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