adult games (a story)

Blind Man’s Buff at the orgy

Sometimes when their group got together, they wanted to create a playful atmosphere, rather than just sex. Not that sex isn’t fun, but… ya know?
Tonight was one of those nights.
A new member shouted out the idea of a tag game he knew and liked from his chldhood days. And those who knew it cheered, so the rest agreed to give it a shot. But they upgraded it to an adult version.
The first variance was that everyone took their clothes off. Then the person who was “it” was allowed to frisk or rub the person they tagged. A few people muttered that they just might be trying harder to get caught, than to stay away from that person. There was obv some giggling.
The game began by one of the members being blindfolded and everyone else picking a place to stand until he found them. Waiting… Shuffling… till they were caught and frisked or rubbed.
It didn’t take long for the temperature to rise in the room. Some of the people waiting started to pair off and were necking as they waited. Anticipation can make some people become overcome until they have to act. And if the game isn’t near them, they make their own entertainment.
As you can imagine, the game was often interupted by the orgy, once things got going. But somehow every person had a chance to be “it”. Just because sometimes changing their sensual experiences can be fun.
What do you think? Does that sound like fun?

Simon Says … at the sub training school

There was a new group of trainees at the school and the doms were trying to teach them to obey without thought. As reflex. So they came up with the idea of using Simon Says as a training tool.
First they made the new subs strip to their undies and gagged themselves. They had to obey without protest.
Then the dom leader put them thru their paces. They were made to touch the sub beside them. They were made to work together to keep a ball in their necks by working together. They were made to pass a spoon with an egg on it without dropping the egg. They had three legged races. And they were made to help each other squat without falling. They had to trust each other and follow directions. It sounds a lot easier than it was. And it was interesting for the dom leader to watch since they were almost nude. He didn’t mind the game at all.
Every time they succeeded the dom called out for hugs and kisses. He didn’t really care if it was lips or cheek. Just so long as they hugged full frontal.
By the time the game was over, one team of subs had completed every task and were flying high. The winners got a new teddy bear. And the dom leader was hard and ready. So he called his sub over for a blow job.
I think the new subs got the point of the object lesson, don’t you? Anyone want to play Simon Says?

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