how to begin

Is this the child who binds you to love and hope? Or the one that you break in the journey? As the world they grow up in, we hope you teach your children well
But many things can go wrong and often do.
One of their parents might die and they can be left destitute. Having to become an adult long before they should. Like patches . They might be sent out to survive on the mean streets and may or may not make good. Like fancy .
You might decide you hate something within them, or fear for them in a way you can’t imagine in your home. Like georgie . They might get them self in trouble and ask you to please papa don’t preach . Or take drastic measures to manage something they’re too young to cope with and they feel they can’t come to you. Like billie joe . We want them to have a good life, we want to do our best for them. Yet sometmes we hurt them, or the world does. We just know that hell is for children more often than not.


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