her full ascension pt 5

It was a perfect storm…

Her father, her abuser died with a whimper no one heard.
By her hand.
The entire guard was beaten by a ruffian at her roust, including the master of the guards.
She was there to see it and smile at the man.
She was there to frown at the master, and suggest he consider a new training program. She did manage to put her hand on his arm, after all they were known to be childhood friends. And he could save her life in the next hour.
The magician knew she had killed her father, but because he felt sorry for her, he might keep silent. Because he knew who she was, he understood.
And she met a man who finally attracted her…
She rose as a woman of her nature. Not like the other women here. But of her family line. Of her mother. Something only her mother could have told her happened, and in that second, she knew her mother would never have left her willingly. So she had avenged the wrong on her mother’s killer.
Scales formed on her spine, the back of her thighs, and the back of her arms. Thankfully she was wearing long sleeves! Her third eye opened and she saw the crowd around her as if thru a multi-hued lens. She had heard of auras before and had been schooled in their colours and meaning.  So she saw what people’s true intentions were and knew why her mother had said she was made to be the queen. No one could survive near her if they intended treachery.
She looked at the magician, and saw he knew as she did that she had come into her power and was now truly the queen. Ok her mother and the magician knew.  Her skin began to hum and since the magician knew what was happening, he grabbed her arm and dragged her behind the privacy screen. The crowd could not see this transformation. She would be stoned if they did.
Her breathing changed to a panting as her body responded to the change. She tried to strip, but the magician stopped her hands and held them. She hissed at him, but he gave her a warning look and even in the metamorphosis, she understood. If found nude she would end this day and her life. He could protect her as long as she was dressed during the change.
She realized the story that the royal line was an alien race was true. And she knew that the magician had a long story to tell her as soon as they were alone. She growled and he hushed her. But he would answer for this.  No one should have to go thru this unknowing that it was coming. Everything in her wanted to kill him at that moment, but she needed his answers and his protection. if she was to survive this day.
She felt the wave of pleasure next and her knees buckled.  The magician grabbed her and buried her face in his chest in case anyone entered. He could claim she was faint and had grabbed her to save her a fall. He felt the wall hit her and her tumble off the tip.  He couldn’t stop himself from grinning. How can you not?
Then the prickles and slashes began and it took seconds before his queen passed out in his arms. He laid her down on the couch until her spasms stopped and she was quiet. When she came around, he smiled and said “All is well, my queen.  Rest now, the matter is done.” She hissed at him again. How had he dared keep silent??

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