hippie chick

She was sitting there, head swaying, feet tapping, her hands almost doing the Hawaiian hula thing. But not quite. The band was good, so she just wanted to enjoy them. But out of the corner of her eye, she kept seeing the man looking at her. He was starting to intrude on her vibe.
She kicked off her sandals and curled her toes onto the lawn. He inched a bit closer , so she rubbed one foot on the other foot and leg. And he inched even closer.
She seemed to draw foot fetishists.
So she waved at him and motioned to the bushes. Where she could still hear the music and they could have some privacy. She didn’t think anyone else wanted to watch him suck her toes, any more than she would if it were another couple.
In the bushes, he proved what she had thought of him and sucked her toes for an hour. Finally, he had to leave and she went back to her previous spot.
Another band was on and she was more on a bounce and jive vibe with their music. Just grooving.
She clued into another guy checking her out. She ran a hand over her arm, up and down a few times. Whenever her hand got close to her breast, he lit up like a Christmas tree. Just as she thought, a boob man.
So she waved him into the bushes as well. He wanted to lay his head on her boobs and just stroke them over her caftan. She was cool with that for a bit, until he had to leave. And she returned to the music.
This band had a dance groove so she twirled and whirled, she twisted and jived. Only to see another man checking her out. She pulled her skirt tighter over her flanks and he practically swooned. Aha! An ass man. She waved him over to the bushes. He wanted to cuddle her and feel her buttocks for a while. She was game for that. When he was done, she went back to her original spot.
The final band was the best of the set. They always did it that way at festivals. She was doing her best steps and hip shakers. Showing them what her mama gave her. Then she noticed another man looking. She ran her hands thru her hair and he almost tripped in his hurry to get to her and say hello. She graciously said hello back and motioned him to sit with her. All he wanted to do was touch her hair. So she gave him a ribbon and let him braid it. He really spent time getting it gently un-tatted and gathered properly. Then he quietly left her.
The next day, there was an article in the paper that was supposed to be about the excellent festival and it’s turn out. Instead, they were describing four men who were last seen with this hippie chick and were found later with blue lips and no signs of life. She was the only thing in common at the festival and in their lives. The police wanted to talk to her, but even at a very small event in a small town, no one knew who she was.

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